Winter and Summer

Just a flash I felt like writing one day. It’s nothing special, but it was fun while it lasted.

The young blonde woman, and only client at that moment, approached the store counter with a quizzical expression on her face and asked:

“Could you give me some information, please?”

The late-twenties man on the other side, a guy that liked to chew gum loudly and tell silly jokes all day long rose from his chair and looked at her in a flirting manner. Since the boss wasn’t around, he was forward enough to ask for something completely out of line in return.

“I’ll give you anything you wish if you tell me your name first, sweet pie.”

“Is that something you ask all of your customers?” the woman retorted, intrigued.

“No. Only the ones that are as good-looking as you, my dear.”

“And does it ever work?” she insisted, taking a good look at the name printed on his badge: Aaron Thomason. He noticed that and responded on the fly.

“You’d be amazed. I’m already at a disadvantage, here. What do you say?”

“My name’s Summer”, she said with a smile of difficult interpretation.

Now, at this point, Aaron’s mind was confronted with the choice of trying to steer the conservation into an agreeable middle-ground for both of them, or allowing it to derail with an idiotic remark He glanced at the window half-covered with tiny particles of snow, saw the people outside walking along with their massive coats, warm scarves and gloves and went with the second option for no rational reason at all.

“Summer, eh? Winter began less than a week ago, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait approximately six months for your answer, sunshine. House policy, you know.”

“That’s not funny”, she admitted, with icy eyes.

He laughed out loud to contradict her.

“I thought it was. Come on, I’m sure you had never heard this one before!”

“You’d be amazed,” she said mimicking the way he had said that very same sentence less than a minute before. At the same time, she was thinking she was entitled to have a little bit of fun with him.

“Okay, moving on: what can I do for you?”

Her original intention was to ask him where she could find the right type of shampoo to help maintain the natural radiance of her hair, but she had a change of heart in a flash. Her question turned out to be the strangest thing Aaron would ever hear in his life.

“Answer me this, if you please: in what section of the store can I find some mind- controlled slaves?”

“Huh… what?” he asked as the bubblegum whirled inside his mouth. He was very close to swallowing it but ended up spitting it and hitting her straight in the left cheek.

Summer removed the gooey pink substance from her lovely face and continued her private game.

“You heard me.”

“Now, you’re the one pulling my chain! Ah, ah, very amusing, I have to say… I got the point, okay? Let’s move on to business, shall we?”

“Oh, my question is as serious as it gets, but since you’re not answering me straight, I think it’s time for an extra… incentive….

Her lips parted seductively and a faint glow enveloped her face. It began to grow exponentially, and the light was warm, just like the one emanating from the sun. All of a sudden, Aaron realized one of the primary reasons why her name was Summer, as the warmth turned into heat, and the heat danced around his skin, infiltrated his pores and moved along the bloodstream until it lodged itself deep inside his central nervous system, where it expanded once more and melted away every single one of his conscious thoughts. Only one of her hands, the one that touched his right shoulder very gently, prevented him from losing complete bodily balance and keel over the counter.

“Now, then, about my question: where can I find some mind-controlled slaves around here?” Summer enquired as if she didn’t know the answer already.

“There’s only me,” Aaron replied, drowsily.

“Isn’t that sweet? And I bet you’re more than willing to do anything I ask of you, right now…. I bet you want to kneel, lick my heels, and suck my breasts like an obedient little pet… That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I…” a bit of drool slid down his chin.

“Beg, then. Beg for the chance to serve me!”

“Summer, I… I’m your slave and I want to please you in every way! Let me serve you right here, right now, I beg you!”

She smiled enigmatically once more, put a ten-dollar bill on the counter to pay for all the products she had inside the plastic red basket, and waltzed towards the door. As she was leaving, she blew him a kiss and winked, saying:

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait approximately six months for your wish to come true, Aaron. That’s my policy, you know. Don’t forget to think and dream of me, and masturbate whenever you get the chance, in-between!”

You can be sure he didn’t.

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