What She Really Wanted

 Another piece for my friend Rosie, written around Valentine’s Day a while ago.

William had no doubt that Rosalind was the woman of his dreams, but she was far from perfect. Perhaps her greatest flaw was that, when she got mad, it was very hard for anyone to calm her down and he knew he had done something downright silly upon agreeing to help out his ex-girlfriend, Bianca, with her move. Jealousy had reared its ugly in her otherwise lovely visage and now, the red-haired, hot-blooded lady felt the need for some form of compensation.

“Rosalind, please… Bianca and I are just friends, now, and I did what every friend usually does in this sort of thing… be reasonable!”

“I am being reasonable!” she exclaimed, even though that was far from the truth. “You know I don’t like her one bit and you still went out to help her when you could have spent that precious time with me, instead!”

“Well, I’m here now, aren’t I? And you’re the one I love and want more than anything in this world! How can I make it up to you?”

She stopped eating from her oversized box of chocolates and smiled rather wickedly. He immediately regretted the question as she leaned over and cupped his chin with her long, delicate finger.

“You know what I really want from you when you disappoint me…” and her eyes glanced at the single red rose that adorned the center of the living-room. It was a hybrid of her own design, one that never withered and had some special… properties.

Yes, William knew too well what would happen if she were to take the rose up to his nostrils and have him inhale its addictive perfume once again. At first, losing control to her and being a slavish toy had been quite liberating and fun but, with every whiff, he seemed to be losing more and more of his true self in the process and he was afraid to eventually be reduced to a simulacrum of a willful human being and no love in the universe justified that.

Nonetheless, it seemed he didn’t have a choice.

“Okay, then,” he sighed and looked down as she glided across the room to pick up her wonderful botanic creation.

The rose was protected by a spiraling, transparent glass case that made sure its odor remained ever fresh. For all she knew, it had been a while since the last time it had been out in the open but, for once, she was wrong.

The moment she lifted the case, Rosalind felt queasy and somewhat ticklish, temporary side-effects of the combination of hormones, pheromones and synthetic drugs used to make its perfume irresistible. It was meant to only work on male brains according to her experiments, but the formula had been tampered with, and the new aphrodisiac properties were the best medicine against her arrogant attitudes.

William stopped pretending as soon as she froze and mentally thanked Bianca for all the help she had given him in identifying the components of the mind-altering substances and replacing them accordingly. For you see, on the day of her alleged move out of town, the only thing that had been in transit was the red rose whilst her rightful owner was out shopping to calm herself. Things had been returned to its proper place in a nick of time and now, well… now, it was time to fool around a bit….

What she really wanted out of life was to be constantly pampered, he knew that. He also knew that if they were to be together for eternity and a day, she would have to learn a thing or two about pleasing others instead of always waiting for him to succumb to her every whim. True love meant sharing after all, and he too was entitled to have his own fantasies fulfilled.

He would never hurt her of course, but he would definitely teach her all the things she had never learned or had purposively forgotten in the course of her grown-up life. In the end, they would both be enriched by it all, and the songs of the heart would be heard loud and clear.

Holding her in his arms, he kissed her so passionately that he felt her whole body quiver, getting wet. The lessons began shortly after, and are still going on at the moment.

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