Something quick and dirty that came to me one day. You’ll understand why I describe it this way soon enough.

“The choice is yours, Richard: your submission or hers!” exclaimed the latex-clad Mistress whilst pointing at the silver, surgery-like table to which Sharon, his fiancée, was tied to. Above her, coming down from the ceiling, was an elongated metal tube with multiple antennas contorting creepily as if they were hungry creatures, desperate for a meal.

“How do I know you’ll release her if I do as you say?” asked Richard, his voice revealing a mix of anger, frustration, and dread. His eyes were fixed on the console that was right beside the Mistress’ golden throne. If she pressed that red button, Sharon’s personality would be completely obliterated and that was something he just couldn’t conceive, even if it meant losing his own individuality in the process.

You know because I say so and my word is law!” declared the dominant woman, dark-green eyes glimmering with undeniable power. “Agree to submit to me and I’ll let her walk out of this room with her freedom of mind intact!”

“Very well… I’ll do as you wish” he said in resignation. “I love her and I told her I would give my life for her if ever need be… I’m keeping my promise!”

“Richard… don’t do this! Please…” cried out Sharon as she realized the tremendous sacrifice he was about to do for her.

“I’ve made up my mind, sweetheart. Your life is more important than mine and it will always be so! Just remember I love you, okay?”

“I… I love you too.”

“Enough with the affection displays, already!” shouted the Mistress, crossing her legs and pressing a white button just below the feared red one. Immediately, Sharon’s bindings were retracted so that she could move again. It was time for him to take her place. “Sharon, that green door over there is your way out of here. Go now and don’t even bother calling the authorities when you’re finally in the clear. By the time they reach here, we’ll be long gone! Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do,” she responded, still sobbing as she got up and kissed the man she loved one last time. In his ear, she whispered: “I’ll never forget you… thank you!”

He broke the contact between them before the grief of eternal separation became unbearable and watched her move towards the green door. Standing guard, a couple of naked men and women, all devoid of any thoughts or emotions stepped aside to let her pass. After she was gone, two of the male servants, the most robust ones, approached Richard at the command of their Mistress to make sure he didn’t try anything stupid.

“I’ve kept my end of the bargain. Now, keep yours!” she instructed.

Defeated, Richard lay down on the cold table and didn’t protest when the metal latches were locked tight to his wrists and ankles. In utmost silence, he saw the antennas above him spring to life, executing a mechanical dance that was beyond his comprehension. There was a humming sound and then a spectacle of flashing lights illuminated his entire body, invading his pupils and taking control of his brain.

Ten minutes later, he was no more than a mindless thrall and obedient servant to the will of his Mistress, no different than the others. As he rose from the table, he heard her powerful voice:

“Strip, kneel and kiss my boots, slave!” she commanded.

He complied at once for he no longer knew the meaning of “denial” and “resistance”. Only real people knew that and he wasn’t a part of their world anymore.

“I live to obey you, Mistress!” he droned the moment he carried out her commands. “In what other ways can I be of service?”

She rubbed the tip of one of her shiny boots in his bare chest, a curl of platinum blonde hair falling mischievously upon her lips.

“You can start by going through that green door over there,” she ordered. “Inside, you won’t find a direct way out of here but instead a very complex and winding labyrinth whose paths only lead to one dead end after another. The only real way out is the way in. Go there and capture the one that was once the love of your life for me! She needs to be properly trained to fulfill my every whim as well!”

“Your will shall be done, Mistress!” announced the servant now imbued with the spirit of a hunter and seeking only to please. Sharon could be easily betrayed but not the one that now owned his body and mind and would do so forever and ever.

Standing tall and proud of his unquestioning devotion, he marched towards the door.

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