Just a little something that came to me on a day I was feeling particularly sad, that’s all.

You won’t miss me when I’m gone. I made sure of that. As soon as I leave it will be as if we never crossed paths. My face will become a blur, my words will fade away, and the years you spent serving me will simply cease to exist in your memory.

Now, please understand I’m not doing this to punish you. This is no retribution for a less than adequate behavior on your part. On the contrary, my dear. The truth is you’ve always been the perfect subject, dutiful and compliant, anything I could have hoped for. Even now, you still are. Others would have probably snapped out of trance already upon realizing what’s happening, but not you. You want to please me so badly that you just sit there, perfectly still, as I prepare to tear your world asunder. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

Forgive me, sweetie, but I’ve changed. I’m no longer the sweet and mischievous girl you met at the campus, my fantasies of mind control don’t satisfy me anymore. I can no longer be the Mistress you deserve, and that’s why I must go. You need someone willing to guide you all the way, someone to make you happy like you made me. I’m sorry, but it’s really for the best.

Don’t worry, though. I’ve taken great care in choosing my successor. I know she’ll be strict but respectful, and her triggers will always be blissful to you. She’s on her way here right now and…

Oh… did you hear that? It seems she’s already at the door. Time to go, then. I love you and I’ll always will, but this is goodbye.

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