Diamond Reflections

This is the first erotic mind-control story of mine I ever made public, back in 2003.

I wrote a few drafts earlier but nothing came of them and I, in fact, eventually ended up losing those writings. It’s not the best tale out there, it’s certainly not the best I’ve ever written, but it means something seeing it brought S.B. out into the open. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for it. Enjoy.

Police officer Jeffrey Ryan was not in a good mood that day. His wife had called early in the shift, just before sunset, to say she was divorcing him after twelve years of marital life. It wasn’t at all surprising, considering the last few months of their decaying relationship: every day seemed a good day for a fight, and every petty situation a motive to start one.

The truth was they had come to know each other so well that there was no room left for surprises. Due to that, romance had turned into frustration, and, sooner or later, someone would have to make the first move. Well, she had taken the initiative, and, by the time he had hung up the phone, the whole world seemed to collapse around him.

As time slipped by, the agreeable face all the other officers were used to seeing became a grotesque mask with lines carved in real hatred. Anger took control when he hit the streets. In his mind, a single line of reasoning: whoever had the nerve to break the law on his beat that night was going to pay dearly, without a shadow of a doubt.

Or so he thought…

After ten minutes on patrol, a speeding car passed right in front of his nose: it was a blue Chevy with a twisted fender and a broken tail light. It was traveling at least thirty miles above the speed limit as if to give him a chance to let out some of his aggression. Immediately, he drove in pursuit of the perpetrator, flashing red and blue lights throughout the main arteries of the sleeping town.

The car eventually came to a stop near a dark alley. Jeffrey Ryan stepped out of his vehicle, holding a small flashlight high above his waist and approached the Chevy. The driver was a mid-forties man wearing a tuxedo. He sat very still, both hands on the steering wheel, his eyes transfixed on some imaginary point beyond the infinite.

“Good evening”, said Jeffrey. “I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but the speed limit around here is forty miles per hour, not seventy. Could I see your license and registration, please?”

The man remained motionless. He didn’t even blink when the halo of light fell onto his pupils. Although he was breathing, he sat like a statue, totally stiff.

“Very well…” continued the officer. “Will you please step out of the vehicle?”

Once again, the man gave no signs of compliance. His mind seemed to be somewhere else, and Jeffrey had run out of patience. He drew his gun, pointing it at the driver’s head.


“It’s useless to scream, you know”, said a soft voice coming out of the back seat. “He won’t do a thing unless I tell him to.”

Jeffrey was quite shocked at what he heard. He hadn’t noticed anyone else in the car, but now he could clearly see a feminine silhouette lurking in the shadows, a puff of smoke from the cigarette she had just lit, and the eerie glow coming from the huge diamond hanging from her necklace. He lowered the gun and focused on her.

“Is that so? In that case, step out of the car, madam, and tell your friend to do the same.”

“He’s not my friend.”

“I don’t care what he is. GET OUT!”

“You’ve heard the officer, Dick”, she said to her unaware driver. “Out of the car.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, the man opened the door and rose out of his seat. Then, he went to the back and opened her door, tilting his head forward as if bowing, when she finally decided to come out.

Jeffrey was immediately dazzled by the beauty of the woman. She had long, silky, red, curly hair falling above her shoulders, mesmerizing dark-blue eyes, and an open smile, which was as much angelic as diabolic. She wore a mink coat and high-heeled leather boots, and, of course, that diamond necklace, capable of reflecting even the smallest particle of light. The police officer wondered who that mysterious woman was and what kind of relationship she had with that man.

At the same time, the more rational part of his brain noticed something quite bizarre. The quiet man, whom she had called Dick, stood next to her, his eyes low. He wasn’t gazing at the round lines of her breasts beneath the coat, but at the diamond itself, as if the rhombus-shaped stone exerted some strange influence upon his senses. He looked like a statue once more, somehow enthralled by the precious gem.

“Now, what exactly is the problem, officer?” the woman asked, in a mellow, seductive tone.

“I thought you heard me the first time”, answered Jeffrey, pulling himself together. “You were way past the speed limit. I would like to check your license and registration, please.”

“Of course… Dick, show them to the officer.”

“I’m afraid I don’t have them with me, Mistress”, the man replied, hanging his head once more, in a sign of submission.

“This guy has some serious attitude problems”, Jeffrey thought. “She is really gorgeous, but why on earth is he acting like a puppy?”

There was a moment of silence, after which the officer looked at him with a stern face and barked: “Driving without a license is a serious offense. Do you have any documents at all with you?”

The man remained silent.

“Well?” exploded the woman. “Answer, God damn it!”

“No. It appears I’ve left them behind…”

“Great. Just great, Dick! You have greatly displeased me, and you know what that means don’t you?” Her eyes seemed to grow all of a sudden, falling onto his face like a blazing meteor shower. The man shivered and started crying like a baby.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t mean to upset you. Please, forgive me…”

“Oh, SHUT UP! Now, I’m going to have to set things straight, won’t I?”

“What exactly is going on around here?” asked Jeffrey, raising his gun once more, this time aiming at her head. The woman approached him and her eyes seemed to twinkle.

“He’s just a little emotional right now,” she answered. “That’s the way he is, you know? Pay no attention to him.”

“He seems to be drugged or something.”

“But he’s not. He’s fine, and you’re going to be, too, real soon…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Why don’t you put down that gun so we can talk more openly, officer?” Slowly, she raised one hand and started caressing the diamond around her neck. Her ivory-polished nails began to move the stone very gently, creating pinpoints of golden light that flashed in front of his eyes. She reached forward once again.

“Stand back, madam. And stop messing with that necklace…” he ordered, his trigger finger twitching.

“Why? Don’t you like it, officer? Isn’t this a wonderful rock? Look how all the light surrounding this stone seems to be focusing on it. It absorbs light, you know? And as it spins, it produces beautiful intertwined patterns. Can’t you see them?

“Madam, I’m warning you; stop that right now, or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what…? Are you going to arrest me, officer? But if you do that, you won’t be able to see the light anymore, and the light is so beautiful … The patterns that it weaves are so peaceful. It makes you just want to look at them, over and over again, doesn’t it?”

Jeffrey didn’t quite understand what she was trying to accomplish. He stood firmly, holding his gun, but, in his subconscious, something wicked was awakening. Her voice was so sweet that it was almost intoxicating, and her sweetness was being channeled through that stone. The voice wanted him to look at it, look at the pouring rings of light. His eyes rolled nervously, catching the repeating flickers that penetrated his mind.

“Keep looking…” she muttered softly. “Focus all your thoughts on the stone, on the feeling of peace and relaxation that emanates from within it. At every turn of the diamond, at every band of light that glimmers before you, you feel all your worries fading away… the whole world is melting in front of your eyes and the only thing solid … real … important … is my necklace.”

Her face took on a twisted smile. She had already managed to capture his attention and knew that the rest of the process would be quite easy. It was always the same thing: once the stone started spinning, its reflections had the power to freeze anyone’s mind. For someone trained in the arts of hypnosis, such as her, it was now just a matter of time until she could put him under her spell…

Usually, she would need only five minutes to get the job done, but some cases were either a lot easier or a lot tougher. Senator Richard Jenkins, now known as Dick, had been the easiest catch of them all, having fallen into a deep trance after only sixty seconds. The man dreamed of being the next President of the United States, but he wasn’t at all strong-willed. A single flash of the diamond and three or four words whispered softly in his ear had broken him completely. She was right about him not being her friend at all: her slave would be more appropriate.

As she continued to speak tenderly to the now completely enthralled police officer Jeffrey Ryan, a yawn slipped out. She had hoped he would put up a proper fight so that her satisfaction at taking full control could be more intense, but his initial anger had disappeared the minute he saw her. Beautiful women do those sorts of things to men, you know, and when one listens more to his dick than his brain, everything else becomes vulnerable.

“You are feeling very relaxed now,” she continued as the final step to his enchantment drew near. “So relaxed … nothing else matters … everything is falling under the power of the stone. Your fears have long since disappeared inside its glow, and now the stone is beckoning you to close your eyes … look at her spinning and feel your eyelids getting heavier … as you plunge deeper into the grasp of its light …”

She stopped touching the rock and looked at him, still holding the gun but looking rather harmless now. Then, she whispered…

“When I count to three, you’ll fall into a deep sleep. The stone will keep on spinning in your mind, deepening the state of complete relaxation you are now in. You will be wide open to everything I tell you and feel pleased upon hearing my voice. Ready? One…two…three!”

Unable to resist the power of her suggestion, Jeffrey closed his eyes. His arms turned loose as if they were made of jelly, and his gun fell to the ground. Immediately, she ordered Dick to pick it up, which he did without hesitating, and she continued the ritual of programming her new hypno-slave.

“You are now under my hypnotic power. Tell me, what’s your name?”

“Jeffrey Ryan”, he mumbled, almost mechanically.

“Jeffrey, do you see my diamond spinning in your mind?”


“Good. I want you to keep on staring at it, feeling totally relaxed in the process, but at the same time, I want you to create the picture of an elevator in your brain. A glass elevator, to be more accurate, with geometric walls that resemble the shape of the stone you like so much. Are you seeing what I’ve just described you?”


“Excellent. Right now, you’re outside the elevator, but you’re going to get in. Walk two steps forward and enter the elevator, Jeffrey.”

Like a sleepwalker, Jeffrey Ryan placed one foot in front of the other and walked the steps she had just ordered. He was now very close to her. She touched his left cheek with her manicured hand, and purred…

“Now that you’re inside the elevator, look at the far-left wall. You’ll see a large set of buttons aligned against each other, numbered from 100 to 0, and a display screen right above them. The buttons themselves are transparent and eye-catching like my diamond. You’re on the one-hundredth floor and you want to reach ground level. Which button would you have to press to do that?”

“The 0 button.”

“Exactly! You want to press that button, but before you do that, look at the screen and know this: when you do press it and start your descent, you will not only be coming down in an elevator but also giving yourself to me. As you pass each floor, a few more threads of consciousness will go away, until they are all gone. You’ll lose your ability to make decisions; your free will, which has ruled your life until this moment, will abandon you completely… Simultaneously, the power of the stone will heighten, making you completely obedient to me. When the number hits 0, you will open your eyes and become my slave, just like Dick here. Do you understand everything I’ve just told you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“One last thing: after you press the button, I want you to speak the floor numbers aloud as you pass by, from the first to the last. This will strengthen my power over you even further until you reach the true meaning of your life, which is total submission. Say ‘Yes, Mistress’ if everything I’ve said so far makes sense to you.”

“Yes, Mistress”, answered Jeffrey, unaware that those were the exact same words he was going to use for most of his future.

“In that case, it is time to press the button and surrender to me. DO IT, NOW!”

Jeffrey raised his left hand, and with his index finger, he pointed to the air, as if indeed he was pressing a button. The countdown to obedience began all at once:


She listened quietly as the numbers grew smaller and smaller, bringing him closer to the true extent of her hypnotic control. Soon, he would open his eyes and become her pet, willing to die for her, if need be. His main purpose would be to perform the duties of a living sex toy, but there were other activities in which she could use his sole desire to obey her and she was going to enjoy every moment of them.


Jeffrey opened his eyes, gazing at her mysterious dark-blue eyes once again. The diamond reflected a single strip of light this time, but that was more than enough. Her twisted smile emerged from her lips once again.

“Welcome, slave Jeffrey. My name is Rachel, but you will address me as Mistress, Mistress Rachel, or Goddess. Your police days are over. You will live to carry out my every command, starting right now. GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND WORSHIP ME BY KISSING MY BOOTS!”

“Yes, Mistress Rachel”, he replied without so much of a thought. It was a direct order, and he had to obey. He fell to the ground so naturally, that one might think he had been a submissive male all his life such was the magnitude of the enchantment she had created. He pressed his lips firmly and repeatedly against the shiny surface of the leather boots, as a wave of intense pleasure traveled through every pore of his body, creating the most powerful, sexually binding emotions. He truly belonged to her now, and the spell would only be broken if she decided to do so.

Rachel looked at Dick from the corner of her eye. She was still mad at him and now the time of his punishment had come. “Dick, although everything is settled now, I can’t stop wondering whether this whole situation could have been prevented if you hadn’t been so careless about your documents. You’ve made me waste my precious time and energies on the creation of this new servant. Therefore I’m going to make you pay for all these worries. You are to go home by foot right now and when you get there, I want you to lock yourself in the bathroom and masturbate until your cock bleeds. At the sight of that blood, you’ll awaken from this trance, without any recollection of the past few days, except the power of my stone over you. The next time you see this diamond you’ll be hypnotized once more and continue to serve me as a devoted slave. Are we clear, Dick?”

“Yes, Mistress”, answered the Senator, just like a robot from one those sci-fi movies.

“Your new orders have an immediate effect. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!”

He started walking in the direction from which they came. Thirty miles separated him from his apartment, but that was something he was not programmed to think about at the moment. He had to reach it by foot just as she had ordered, for she was the true ruler of all his actions.

“As for you, slave Jeffrey…” she said in a sultry voice, holding him by the hair and forcing him to encounter the glow of the stone that had enraptured his mind. “Get up and take the driver’s seat. We are going to my house, to continue the worshipping rituals. You’re going to learn in no time the many ways in which you can please your goddess…”

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