The Order of Hakat: Remnants

A dark piece concerning a Femdom secret society and the mysterious powers that govern it from the shadows.

It was written back in 2007, if I’m not mistaken, and spawned one sequel.

I know some people write to remember, seeking a way to preserve their memories for posterity, but I’m not one of them – I write to forget! If you want to find out what I eagerly seek to expel from my mind, tread carefully on these lines and never let your guard down: the events I’ll describe, despite their strangeness, did indeed occur, not so long ago, in the busy city of Los Angeles.

I used to have a life there, built on two pillars I thought unbreakable: a highly remunerated job at a prestigious law firm and a beautiful wife with whom I had already shared ten years of my existence. These two elements combined were a promise of a future free of worries, doing everything I always wanted without any hindrance or hesitation. Nowadays, I feel more insignificant than my own shadow, locked in a gloomy motel room, as I try to put back together all of the pieces of my shattered self.

If there’s someone to blame for my downfall, that someone is definitely Diana Connors. When I first met her, approximately six months ago, I was far from realizing what a dangerous and menacing creature she was. My boss introduced her as the newest associate of the firm at a boring meeting on a Wednesday morning. In a long and winding speech, the kind of statement that awakens a yawn in our mouth every ten seconds of each minute, he praised her unique qualities as a lawyer, emphasizing more than once that hiring her was one of the best moves in the company’s recent history. Apparently, with Diana on our side, success would knock on our door more often, and that was more than guaranteed.

I listened to his never-ending set of compliments with a shadowy expression on my face. We all had heard of Diana’s qualities back in the days when she was working in the District Attorney’s office, destroying elaborate strategies of defence with a few well-directed questions that could disarm even the most prepared of witnesses, but the truth is I never saw in her the embodiment of a saviour, the Messiah of Law we all sought, to make us earn even more money and fulfil our wildest dreams. To me, she was just another skilled woman, nothing more.

At the end of the meeting, she reached for all her new colleagues greeting them with vigorous hand-shakes and open-wide smiles. I was trying to leave the room when she intercepted me by putting her slim body between myself and the door. A small hand adorned with a simple, golden bracelet was placed in front of me and I had to return the gesture.

“You’re Mark, right?” she asked. “Mark Atkinson? Jonah has told me all about you. It’s going to be wonderful working with you.”

Jonah, the man she brought about to the conversation, was in fact, Jonah Collingswood Sr., the company’s President, the very same who had hired me seven years before. I never had the audacity of referring to him on a first name basis, but Diana was very quick at finding ways to defy well-established conventions. I’m not sure exactly what I answered back but constrained by the unwritten rules of delicacy, it was bound to be something very similar to this:

“Thank you, Miss Connors. Most certainly, I’ll enjoy it as well…”

Her hand fell graciously upon my shoulder.

“Please… drop the Miss Connors thing, okay? My name is Diana. Feel free to call me that.”

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to doing such a thing after a minute or two of unrequited conversation, so I tried to make a polite stand.

“We’ve only just met. Are you sure that’s appropriate?”

“Of course it is. I don’t like it when people use my last name to talk to me. It makes me feel… old.”

“I’ll remember that the next time we talk… Diana.” I eventually said something which seemed to please her. “Now, you’re going to have to excuse me as I have to be in court in less than an hour.”

“That’s right… you’re the one in charge of the McKinley case… I saw the last session with Jonah before he convinced me to join the firm. If I may say so, I think you did a great job discrediting that police officer, but you really think you can exonerate the Congressman from all the charges and restore his image of a defender of good American values after he was caught in a ritualistic orgy at a brothel house?”

“As far as I’m concerned, that never happened. Congressman McKinley was never in the vicinities of such a place. The man the police saw sneaking away through the back had just some notorious similarities to him… therefore this accusation is nothing a vile act of slander. In the end, I hope to get my client a hefty compensation for the damages this wicked rumor has brought upon his reputation.”

“Good luck on that, then…” she replied, releasing my arm at the same time “We’ll have other opportunities to talk so we can to get to know each other better.”

“I’m sure we will.”

She moved away from the door and I plunged into the corridor that led to my office. I looked back once, to catch her chit-chatting happily with two other men of some importance in the firm: young rebel Collingswood Jr. who dreamed of having his own business away from his father’s clutches, and Andrew Doyle, the eldest son of Vincent Doyle, the Texan oil tycoon. Diana was already surrounding herself of those with influence, using some of her charms as leverage.

All in all, I can’t really say she was an utterly dazzling woman, yet had quite a strong presence in sexual terms: It’s true that her face wasn’t a perfect model of symmetry… that her eyes were small and not very colorful… and the fact is, I never really appreciated women with short, almost man-like blonde hair. Still, the combination of sexy lips, relatively large breasts and curvy hips made her very desirable indeed. But I was married and unlike some of my closest friends, fidelity was number one on my values list. Having an affair with Diana was never an option for me.

We worked really well for a month or so. After I won the McKinley case, Jonah decided that we should combine forces on the defense of a promising baseball player who had been accused of beating his fiancée to the death. The preparation for the trial involved extenuating hours of investigation, late sessions at the office and a great deal of patience looking for a consistent way to avoid jail time. On one occasion, Diana suggested we finished the work in her place that was far more comfortable than both of our offices together. I declined and went home to my wife, shortly after.

Two days later, she repeated the invitation and once again I said no. This time, she asked for an explanation.

“Why not? I live just around the corner. We take the files and I fix us a real pot of coffee and some nice butter cookies. Then, we can get rid of these awful clothes and have sex together all night long…”

The moment she said this, I knew she was for real. Diana’s left hand had just rubbed on my crotch and it hadn’t been by accident.

“Please, don’t do it again. I’m happily married and I don’t see any reason to change the situation.”

My refusal wasn’t taken lightly. Diana wasted no time asking me that notorious question women like to ask often:

“You don’t find me attractive?”

“I didn’t say that. You are attractive, but my wife is more. I love her with all my heart. In ten years of marriage, I never, not even once, betrayed her trust. You’re not the one who’s going to change my mind.”

“That’s too bad… you’re the most handsome man around here, you know that? I’ve been thinking of all the things we could do in bed together ever since we met.”

“Well… your thoughts are your thoughts and no one can forbid them but unless you stop making me propositions just like the one you made right now, I’m not sure we can continue to work together.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider my offer? I’m really good between the sheets… hell… I’m really good anywhere you like!” She retorted leaning towards me. Her breasts were pressed towards my chest and a wet tongue licked my lips lusciously. I didn’t open my mouth to receive her frenzied kiss and both of my hands shoved her away against the desk.

“Enough! It’s clear you haven’t been listening to me! I’m not interested in your moves, Diana and as such I’m not staying here a minute longer. Goodbye!”

I left her completely frustrated but I’m sure it was the right thing to do, even though the aftermath ended up being terrible. That night dictated my upcoming damnation.

I was one of the first to arrive at work the following morning. I asked for a minute with the boss to inform him that due to irreconcilable differences in the way of approaching the case, Diana and I could no longer work together. He was a bit apprehensive with the fact but didn’t object. Early in the morning, I was free from all of the obligations I had in the defense of the murdering batter but as the sun began to set in the horizon, so did my freedom of choice.

Diana came to my office in a beautiful black suit when threads of orange and red dying sunbeams were already glowing behind me.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Go away!” I said harshly.

She made no intention of exiting the room.

“I came to apologise. It wasn’t right to act the way I did yesterday…”

At least now we were agreeing on something.

“Yeah, it wasn’t, but you did it anyway and any trust I might have had regarding you will never be repaired. I trust the boss has already told you I don’t want to work with you anymore…”

“He did. I just don’t know why you let me keep the case instead of claiming it for yourself…”

“The truth is I think you’ll do better than me on this one.”

“Honestly?” It was clear my selflessness had surprised her.

“Of course… Why else would I give away such a promising case? You have more chances of being successful because you’re walking on dangerous ground and you work better whilst under pressure.”

“Thank you. You have no idea how it feels good to hear you say those words. It almost makes me feel sorry for you…” her voice changed its intonation, almost imperceptibly.

“What do you mean? Sorry about what?”

“We’ll come to that. In the meantime, can I show you something? It won’t take long, I promise…”

“What is it?”

Pulling up one of the sleeves of her suit, she showed me the golden bracelet I had seen her wearing the first time we shook hands.

“Do you notice anything different in my bracelet?”

I sure did. Some runic signs had been engraved on its surface and in-between them my name was there as well. Unknowingly, my brain read all of the letters and I was trapped. A powerful headache made all of the veins of my forehead throb at the same time. I looked at Diana and strangely I realized that a rainbow-coloured aura was glimmering around her skin, although no one else took notice of this uncanny phenomenon. Her bracelet appeared to increase in size before my eyes but that was an illusion caused by the rapid diminishment of my mental capabilities. My mind whirled, my senses ached and some of the light involving her was passed on to me, its spectrum penetrating my pores as I was being drained away of my personality.

Diana pulled her sleeve down and sat quietly on the chair in front of my secretary. Simultaneously, my hands trembled and fell heavily on top of the case file I was studying. I bit my tongue as an abrupt flow of bile to my mouth almost resulted in a green vomit. Then, the pain subsided, my body softened and I could feel my heart going back to its normal rate of beats. Whatever she had done to me, it was over… the physical part of it, at least.

“What the hell just happened now?” I asked nervously. Diana giggled softly before providing me with an answer.

“You were baptized and now you’re part of the Order of Hakat. This means that our relationship will work differently from now on…”

“What in God’s name are you talking about? And why did you carve my name on that bracelet of yours?”

“Because that was the only way to ensure you would become completely devoted to me. You know… all of this could have been avoided if you had agreed to consensual sex. Now, you must pay the price for rejecting me!”

“I’m lost here. Could you please stop talking in riddles?”

“Okay, Mark. No more of this cryptic mumbo-jumbo. I hereby claim your mind and body as my possession. Your wife is no longer important to you and neither is this job. I’m the only thing that matters in your life now and you will serve me.”

The bracelet was revealed again and my spirit sank in its power. All of her words gained a new meaning that very same instant. I had been left helpless, befogged and pliable, a mere remnant of a man, attentive only to what she had to say. The holiness of her name was imprinted on the shambles of my dying self disclosing my future path of subordination. I had only a small amount of consciousness in me, enough to realize I had been enslaved but ultimately insufficient to do anything against it. Every muscle in my body told me I was hers now. She didn’t have to repeat the last statement to condition me even more but she did it anyway. First of all, she was aiming at the control of my voice…

“You will serve me! Say it!”

It was the first of many times I said these five hated words:

“I will serve you, Diana.”

“Then finish what you were doing and come to my house as soon as your working hours are over. I’m not going to bother giving you my address. You can look it up in my personal records. Ring the bell three times so I know it’s you. I’ll be waiting, Mark.”

“As you wish, Diana… I will go to you!”

And so I was left alone in my office, gathering the necessary knowledge to go through the papers in what was to be my last hour of work as a lawyer. Before leaving, I made sure everything was neat and tidy, downloaded her address from the firm’s intranet and set on my mission to please her, my new love and fixation.

I rang the bell three times, anxious to see her again. Diana came to the door wearing nothing but an outrageous small piece of white lingerie that no man would be indifferent to, even if not under the weight of an obedience hex. A marathon of crazy and wild sex was what lay in store for me as soon as she told me to go in.

Upon closing the door, I was ordered to rip away my clothes as I wasn’t going to need them for a very long time. Diana’s eager hands rapidly took hold of my masculinity, rubbing and squeezing it until all of its potential bloomed. “Get down of the floor”, I heard her say before she jumped to devour me.

The first time we did it, it was right in the middle of the living room, our sweaty naked bodies firmly entwined as two pieces of an ensemble that should have never been separated. As the domineering figure of the house, she was on top the whole time, riding my cock and controlling the intensity of the penetration as she saw fit. I nibbled her neck and ears when she told me to and never complained when her sharp fingernails drew passionate patterns on my chest and torso. A fierce kiss left me begging for more, as I uncontrollably erupted inside her.

Afterwards, I followed her into her bedroom where my wrists and ankles were chained to the bed. She sat her ass on my face so I would lick it until the flow of blood allowed me to have another erection.

“Serve me again.” hummed my luscious idol the moment I started to grow bigger once more. Vaginal fluids dripped on my testicles almost burning them crisp with enjoyment. The feeling that took over us both was primitive and intense, and as her bracelet reflected the lamplight into my eyes, I was even more subdued and completely thrilled with the ramifications of my new role as her trusted sex slave. It took only two hours for me to understand that Diana had other intentions lurking in her mind, some of them were revealed after a phone call she had me do.

I called my wife stating I had to go on an urgent trip because of the case I was working on,  and that I wasn’t sure when I would be back in town. She was very gentle and comprehensive as always, told me she loved me and I repeated her words, although I no longer believed them. When the call was over, Diana surprised me with a strange request:

“Tell me about your wife.”

“What do you want to know?”

“First of all, what’s her name?”

“Mary Ann”


“Dawson. She decided to keep her family name.”

“What’s she like? What does she do? Tell me how you ended up together. I want to know what kind of woman made you deny my advances in the name of the so-called sanctity of marriage.”

I told her all of the details I could think of: how we met in high school during a basketball game, our first kiss at a drive-in in the middle of a slash horror movie, our going to different colleges but still maintaining a strong connection, followed by my promise to wed her as soon as I had enough money to pay for a flashy ceremony. I recalled all of the wedding details and the shock of the post honey-moon discovery about her ovary deficiency that prevented her from ever having children, the invitation by Jonah Collingswood to move to Los Angeles and her passion for interior decoration that resulted in the setting of her own company.

“Is she any good at it?” Diana asked.

“Yes, she is.”

“Show me her picture. You have one in your wallet, don’t you?”

“Yes, Diana. I’ll go get it.”

My wallet was lying forgotten in the living-room. I opened it, grabbed the picture where she looked loveliest and gave her away.

“She’s kind of pretty, but not as pretty as me… right?”

“Yes, Diana. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. There can be no comparison between you two.”

“You’re just saying that now because of my power over you. You’d be in her arms right now if I hadn’t used the enchantment that bended your will to mine. How would you like for me to do the same thing to your wife? Wouldn’t that be interesting to watch?”

As I recall these dreadful words of her and the cynicism in her expression I can only regret not being capable of feeling horrified. I was already so deeply controlled by that woman that I agreed with her right away. If the thought of yoking my wife’s will satisfied her, then it made me happy as well. My blind compliance made her horny once again and so she used all of my body to awaken her hidden centres of delight until I had no more strength left in me for another attempt of penetration.

“We’re going to have to work on your stamina,” she said while releasing me from my confinement “but for the time being, you weren’t so bad at all. Now, let’s get started with the ritual to ensnare your wife…”

I was ordered to go get some objects from a pantry near the entrance to the basement: a crystal bowl, a set of black and silver candles, and a small statue of a naked woman with what appeared to be a pair of dragon wings growing from her back and shoulders. I took it all to the bedroom and saw my mistress toying with an exact duplicate of the golden bracelet she had used against me, this one without any markings.

Following her instructions, I placed the statue on a small shrine built inside a closet, three candles on the left and right of it and two more in front. These were the first to be lit. The bowl was filled with water, to which she added a gluey dark substance I had never seen before.

“Move away.” She commanded. “Inferior life forms cannot partake in this sacred ritual.”

I crawled my way into the door and squatted on a place where I could see exactly what was going on without interfering. Diana began chanting some incomprehensible words that made the candles flicker, projecting shadows onto the statue and from the statue into the bowl. The statue’s eyes turned red and hot bubbles appeared on the surface of the water… inexplicably, it had began boiling without ever being heated in the first place.

The bracelet my owner had been playing with was submerged in the burning liquid. Diana intensified her chanting unleashing demonic perversions into this world. I saw the same multicoloured light surrounding her body and then she began floating. In the midst of the incantation my wife’s name was pronounced five times in a row followed by a sort of supplicant plea. An unnatural wind blew all of the candles at once and everything was over. Gently, gravity enveloped her body.

Diana removed the bracelet from the bowl. The symbols of ascendancy were inscribed in it and the moment my wife saw them, she would be inevitably doomed to a life of obedience.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to call your wife and give a new purpose to her existence. Doesn’t that please you, Mark?”

“Yes, Diana. It does.”

“Very well… it’s time for you to go to sleep. I’ll lead you to your quarters…”

I trailed behind her into a small division that had no furniture, no light and no windows: only a stack of hay for an animal like me to sleep in. I wasn’t fed and water was a privilege she wasn’t willing to give me at the moment.

“Dream of me.” She purred as she closed the door and so I did.

At seven a.m. of the next day I was already being summoned by her to take care of her personal hygiene. I bathed her, washed her hair and cleaned the bathroom with my tongue afterwards as she whipped my ass with a wet towel, moaning with pleasure each time my body quivered.

For breakfast, I got to eat a pair of crunchy dog biscuits and a couple drops of milk she spilled at the kitchen table. After that, I was presented with a visit to another room of her house. It was a huge space with a little table and a phone on one end and tons of frames hanging on the walls displaying pictures of her in sexy, controlling outfits that exerted almost as much pressure in me as the real thing.

“You’ll be here worshipping these images of me whenever I’m away. That phone over there is connected to a private line. Only I know the number. There will be times when I will call you with special instructions. When the phone rings, you’ll answer it pronto and serve me!”

“As you wish, Diana!”

I stayed in that room watching her every pose, longing for her return. The hours passed by and when she entered the house, my lifeless wife was with her, enthralled by the glow of the bracelet. I came to learn later that the two of them have had lunch together, after Diana called her store using my name as a reference to persuade Mary Ann to do some remodelling in her house. It was in the ladies’ room of the restaurant that she succumbed to the evil spell. Thankfully, it was quick and a lot less painful than my own seduction. I knelt next to my proprietor and my wife did the same.

Mary Ann only stayed in the house for half an hour. That was the time needed for Diana to transform her in a despicable creature. Unlike some members of the Order of Hakat who fairly enjoyed having lesbian slut slaves to boss around, the woman who had imprisoned me had no plans of that sort for her. In fact, the only reason why she had taken over my wife’s soul was very petty: she was looking for another way to have her revenge on me and to that extent, she was quite successful.

By the time Mary Ann left us, all of her hopes and talents regarding interior decoration had vanished. She was now convinced that there was no better job in the world than the one of a hooker, who could have all the sex she wanted and still get paid for it. Her task was to earn the most she could and hand over every week’s profits to her owner. That was the last time I ever saw her alive, but I’m getting ahead of myself… let me pause one bit and regroup my thoughts…

Where was I? Ah, yes… I remember now… after Mary Ann’s metamorphosis, Diana decided to celebrate her magnificence by taking pictures of me in the most degrading positions she could think of and then assembling them on an album as a fetish souvenir… I’m not sure if she still has that album hidden somewhere but I bet she does, as she’s not the type of woman to throw away such a bargaining chip, a precaution in case anything went wrong.

A month passed pretty quickly in my life of servitude. I followed all of Diana’s instructions without any sort of complaint, including the one about writing a letter of resignation to my firm. In-between the formal presentation of such a letter, I had no choice but to include a set of violent insults to its chairman and all of the major stock-holders… that way, she was making sure no one would ever bother worrying about me, whilst consolidating her position even more, as she would undoubtedly keep all of my cases and clients in a single blink of an eye…

During this period, nothing happened worth mentioning except the sole day when she welcomed in her house a group of four women, all of which were also members of the secret society (and religious group) known as the Order of Hakat. Two of them were in her late sixties, old women with grey hair and wrinkled faces, yet with an undeniable power flowing out of their every movement as I soon realized the moment Diana presented me to them and ordered me to kiss both their hands and toes and never raise my head while they were in the house. The other two were younger versions of the first pair of women, presumably their daughters, much more attractive to the common eye but equally authoritative.

The four of them had come to bestow upon my mistress the honour of being able to participate in the next Gathering of the Order as a full-fledged member with a seat in the front rows next to where the real power was situated. When they finally left the house, I was given the first few insights of what was really the nature of the so-called Order of Hakat and what that meant for a lot of innocent people unaware of the existence of such a faction and their ultimate ends.

I came to know that Hakat was the name of a female type of demon from the farthest regions of the Netherworld, who existed since the dawn of Time. Such creature, to whom worshipping rituals were first conducted in Western Europe circa 2.200 B.C., fed on sexual energy and lust, offering great mystic powers to those who contributed to her nourishment throughout the ages. Even as he spoke, Hakat was aiming at gathering enough strength to rip a fissure between the Under Regions and the Upper Reality, so that it could come to our world and feed frenetically without anyone being able to stop it.

The powers bestowed upon the followers of the Order were, simply putting it, ways of binding one’s soul and free will to inanimate objects, traditionally bracelets or necklaces… only women could be members of the Order and the one and the only criteria of real admission was being capable of wielding Hakat’s power on two creatures at the same time. A great deal of mental strength was needed to maintain the control of two different lives and only a select few had the necessary discipline to engage on more enslavement rituals and sustain them indefinitely. The two older women, as Diana whispered me in secret, had more than fifteen different slaves a piece and their daughters, even though they were still very young, had already broken the barrier of the decade and soon would take their mother’s place as the High Priestesses of Hakat.

“Someday, I’ll be just like them and even bigger.” I heard her say “I’m a devotee of the mysteries of Hakat, a real practitioner of the ways of putting human life under complete domain. You were my first conquest and your wife the second. That enabled me to present myself to the Council and receive the honour you have witnessed today. From now on, my path will always be an ascending one and soon I’ll be ready to take actions against your former boss and have him kiss the floor I walk on the same way you do… Rejoice, pet! This is a grandiose day!”

I remember smiling but I wasn’t happy at all. Frozen feelings and continuous conditioning had produced such effect…

“Now you’re going to lick me dry” she instructed opening her legs in front of me…

“Yes, Diana. I will serve you!” I said robotically, unable to resist.

The Gathering of The Order of Hakat took place in the prestigious Los Angeles Convention Centre and it was a celebration unlike anything I had ever seen. More than six-hundred women participated in the event, each one bringing their broken captives into the fray and enjoying themselves in the process of making fun of them. Diana gave me a luxurious tuxedo to present at the party, but as soon as the doors were closed, I was forced to remove all of my garments and face the utmost degradation of being paraded around, wearing nothing but a tight cock ring that made me scream of anguish every time I had an erection. Eventually, my body became accustomed to the pain, but my pride would never recover from that day.

A lot of rituals took place during the ceremony, most of them I can’t really recall for Diana had me service all of her needs during the process and so I spent half of the time under her feet, showing complete meekness towards her malice. The only exception came in the form of something my mistress referred to as The Exchange: for a period of no less than an hour, the newly acknowledged members of the Order would have to relinquish their spellbound captives to one of the most domineering figures of the order, receiving in return, the opportunity to control one of their own slaves. The Exchange occurred when the pieces of jewellery containing each submissive soul passed from one hand to the other… during that period, allegiances were shifted and I had no choice but to accept another woman’s impositions over me…

Diana made The Exchange with Rebecca, the daughter of one of The High Priestesses, and also one of the women who had been to my goddess’ house not so long ago. She was exceedingly stunning, with magnificent black hair and intense blue eyes, a woman who could definitely get all the attention she wanted from men without resorting to black magic. As she pierced my innermost emotions with her tormenting gaze, my utter inferiority surfaced again, and every gesture of her was processed by my intellect as an irresistible command.

Diana’s grip over me was already strong enough, yet Rebecca’s presence was infinitely greater… It’s very hard to express it in words, but it was like she could contract and expand the universe all around with a single twitch of her eyelids… I could almost feel the mystical energy of Hakat dancing in her fingertips and its power was too much for me to handle without feeling dirty and fragile, a pathetic excuse of a living creature to whom any type of free will was an unworthy gift.

As she pressed my head against her voluptuous breasts to grant me the ecstatic satisfaction of sucking them, my breath was suspended, my body and soul completely diminished as my erection gained a life of its own growing fiercely until the cock ring was expelled with brute force, a circular-shaped missile covered in blood, urine and semen that flew into the farthest wall, making a huge noise at the moment of impact before finally stopping for good.

Almost instantly I felt a warm pool of fluids sliding down my legs and Rebecca pushed my head violently into the ground. There were no words exchanged, just a small flick of her delicately potent wrist as she contemplated the bubbling cornucopia of sexual fulfilment my cock had become and I found myself strangely compelled to eat my own seminal discharges as a way of thanking her for such an extraordinary orgasmic thrill. It was only then I truly understood the awesome power emanating from her. I had understood her wishes in the utmost silence, for they had been directly placed in my cerebellum through some sort of process I can only describe as telepathy.

My eager tongue started licking the gooey substance my penis had just produced, as Rebecca continued exerting her mind pressure on my completely helpless self, sharing her satisfactory rapture with me. Adrift in the never ending flow of erotic stimuli that enveloped me like a cloak, I closed my eyes at her feet whispering oaths of obedience to her supreme majesty and I eventually fell asleep.

Next thing I knew, I was awakened by a cold slap on my face. The period for the Exchange was over and Diana had come to claim her property. I could immediately tell she was angry at Rebecca for her display of control, but the daughter of The High Priestess ignored her furious look and placed her right hand in front of me so I would kiss it one last time. I did what she expected me to do, responding soundlessly to the countless subliminal triggers still lingering in my mind. A surge of electricity burned my lips and I exploded in yet another orgasm. Diana quickly grabbed the bracelet with my name on it raising her voice as she spoke to me.

“We’re leaving now, slave!”

“Yes, Diana.” I mumbled, as her will took control of me once more.

Although the Gathering wasn’t over, there was no rule that prevented the members from exiting after the main ceremonies took place, but even if it were I’m sure Diana would have ignored the regulations just to get out of there as soon as possible. She felt humiliated by Rebecca’s skills, a clear reminder that Hakat’s almost limitless powers were still miles away from her grasp. She didn’t say or do anything during the ride home, but as soon as we entered her domains, I was kicked around like a piece of furniture, as she repeatedly screamed I was hers alone and no else’s. Even though I really wasn’t to blame for anything (How could I have resisted Rebecca’s magnificence during the Exchange?), it was clear I would never set foot in a Gathering of the Order of Hakat for the rest of my life and that my mistress was sure to treat me differently in the days to come.

I was deprived of solid food for a week and had to content myself with a scanty bowl of water every day before sleeping in my bed of hay that was also the only bathroom I was entitled to use. The smell of urine and liquid faeces soon became unbearable and I began having a hard time breathing in my confined space. I can still sense the nauseating scents of my cage and it was no short of a miracle that allowed me to continue living.

Diana’s fury eventually subsided but our relationship had changed for good. She was no longer happy with her control over my will… she wanted more… she wanted to be able to do the things Rebecca did… and surpass The High Priestess to be. My humiliation as her pet was no longer important… what really mattered was studying the Mysteries of Hakat as hard as possible… to train the manipulation of minds in a subtle, yet resolute way.

The months that followed weren’t that bad, all things considered. Sure, I kept servicing her every time she wanted me to, but her request soon became more bearable, and most importantly, scarce. There were days when she didn’t even look and locked herself in her bedroom, surrounded by mystical books and candles, humming mantras of eternal devotion to the Mistress of the Underworld. As time went by, her confidence increased but her power remained practically stationery. Of course, she was too blind to see that and decided to attempt the impossible: to create two new slaves at the same time and feel like a true goddess once more.

Samuel Collingswood Jr. and Andrew Doyle were the chosen victims and the ritual of ensnarement was swift and, against all odds, successful. The two young millionaires fell under the power of the golden bracelets becoming feeble worshippers such as myself in a matter of seconds. Diana was so pleased with her new two fuck toys that dedicated all of her attention to them, leaving me alone in the period that led to my liberation.

You see, even though she would never admit it, the mental strain required to impose her thoughts to four slaves at the same time (my wife included…) was simply too much for her untrained mind. Her ambition of achieving a rapid increase of her capabilities in the harnessing of Hakat’s hidden powers was nothing but an illusion of grandeur and the more slaves she tried to enlist the more her influence over me dwindled.

One day, as I watched her pussy being licked by the son of my former boss, I noticed that the runic inscriptions in the bracelet she had used to enthral me were slowly beginning to fade away and I can only speculate that the same thing was happening to my wife as well. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to know that for sure…

Exactly five months after the downfall of Mary Ann into the world of sexual slavery and prostitution, I was confronted with the horrifying news of her death. The story of the fourth victim of “Los Angeles Jack”, a modern serial killer specialized in the slaying of hookers just like his nineteenth century British counterpart known as The Ripper, appeared in every media from radio to newspapers and TV. I saw the gruesome images of the corpse found in a gutter, completely eviscerated and the photograph shown to identify the victim was no other than the one of my precious wife.

That was the deciding moment in my escape from Diana’s clutches. With the death of one of her slaves, part of her energy was allocated to strengthen the bond that connected me to her, yet even that was insufficient to appease my own sadness, rage and anger. Using a small piece of wire I had collected in one of my bathroom clean-ups with my tongue, for several nights I tried to pick the lock of my prison. Unlike the heroes in the action movies, it took me forever to adjust the wire in order to be able to open the door, but I finally succeeded and then…

That night I climbed to Diana’s bedroom, hoping to kill her in her sleep and put an end to our infamous relation. Shame on me, I couldn’t descend the pillow to smother her and it was with great cost that I managed to pull myself together and get away before the reminiscences of Hakat’s power forced me to kneel before her bed and await for her instructions when the sun rose. Before leaving, I picked up some clothes which I’m sure belonged to young Collingswood Jr. and a pair of one hundred dollar bills that represented my ticket out of that forsaken town, and afterwards, I escaped into the night, uncertain of my destiny.

It’s been a while since my miraculous getaway took place and Diana is more than two thousand miles away now. I don’t know if she’s looking for me, but assuming she is, I’ve been lucky so far to escape her attempts to locate me and I can only hope luck continues to favour me.

The binding of the bracelet still exists and there are times when I feel an urge to pick up the phone and call her. In reality, I have no desire of serving her again, but her conditioning is still very fresh in my memory and it’s difficult to maintain my strengths in order to resist it. Adding to that, some of Rebecca’s telepathic instructions still haunt my dreams and every woman I see walking down the streets scares me. I feel like a junky longing for a fix, but knowing at the same time that same fix will kill him.

This is my story. Remnants and shadows are all I have left now. Everything else has vanished from the face of the earth and it’s as if my life before Diana Connors and her religious cult never existed. Despite the fact I’m free at the moment to put down my experiences in words, I cannot help to recognize that if the Order of Hakat ever crosses my way again, most likely I’ll end up succumbing to its rules and principles, embracing servitude until my days are finally done… and that’s my greatest fear!

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