The Lover

When I first wrote this story, I wasn’t completely satisfied with how it turned out.

I remember losing track of the original idea after a while and then doing a rush job just to get it out of my system and start something more appealing to me. After a couple of years, I regretted my actions and revised it a bit, especially the end section. This is the revised version. It’s a bit on the dark side, but I hope you like it.

Joseph Landers laid down his pair of silver binoculars as he felt the sudden mist of rage and confusion pervading his thoughts. After months of suspicions and ill-slept nights wondering if his wife was having an affair, the truth had finally been revealed and it was dumbfounding.

Megan was indeed walking down the aisles of infidelity with a smile on her face but her partner in crime was of a very special kind. Joseph expected to see a pseudo-macho man, probably a Latino with a greasy tan and a pony-tail, a guy that looked tough on the outside although could easily be knocked out with a pair of upper jabs. Instead, he saw a rather gorgeous five foot eight Scandinavian blonde who had no problem whatsoever in revealing her lesbian lust and passion as her purple-painted lips avidly devoured her wife’s breasts.

“What the…?” he muttered, suddenly choking before he could finish the sentence. The idea of betrayal was bad enough on its own but the realization that the culprit was another woman was a far more devastating blow to his manliness. As he opened the glove compartment of his precious BMW, he found the dark angel of revenge waiting for him in the form of a 9 millimeter with a silencer attached to it and decided to take action.

If you think he was planning to kill them, rest assured that his anger wasn’t strong enough to induce such a stupid behavior. A double homicide would only get him a life sentence in a shady prison and he loved his freedom way more than he loved his wife. No, the idea was just to scare them and then be on his way.

He approached the bedroom window holding the gun firmly in his right hand, looked one last time at the repulsive show that was taking place and… out of the blue, a black cat jumped his way, determined to thwart his plans. In a single heartbeat, he lost both his focus and balance, falling helplessly into a group of trash cans. He hit his head on the ground and passed out instantly, without ever having the opportunity to take the shot.

* * *

He woke up inside the bedroom where his wife and her lover had been expressing their passion, tied to a chair like some sort of criminal. Both women sat in bed, wearing sexy satin black negligees and looking sultrily at each other. Megan held his gun in one hand and, as she looked at him, one could see she was everything but pleased.

“Hello, Joseph,” she said, her voice cold as ice. “Glad to see you’ve regained your consciousness. It seems we have a lot to talk about!”

“You’re right about that, Meg. Where should we start…? I know, why don’t you introduce me to your lesbian companion and then explain to me why I’ve been tied to this chair!” He responded, bitterly.

“My companion’s name is Ingrid. She’s from Finland and we’re not lesbians… We both like men—she’s married to a software engineer…—but we feel equally comfortable with women. It’s called bisexuality. Ever heard of it, Joseph, or is your mind as thick as a concrete wall?”

“You can stop with the professorial attitude, Meg! I’m not one of your students! So you’re bisexual?!! I wish you had told me that before we got married!”

“I didn’t know it back then. It was only after our honeymoon that I started realizing I enjoyed exploring sexual alternatives. I suppose I could have told you, but you’re so stiff and uptight that you would never understand my needs.”

“Whatever…” Joseph said, disdainfully. “You still haven’t told me why I’m tied to this chair!”

“Tying you up was my idea,” Ingrid declared. Her voice was as warm and voluptuous as her body and her English was perfect, completely accent-free. “You made quite a ruckus outside when you fell over those cans. We came out to see what was going on and guess what was the first thing we saw? A loaded gun on the ground! The way I see it, a man who carries around such an instrument of death is a dangerous one. It’s nothing personal, really, but we had to consider our safety.”

“You thought I was going to kill you?”

“You weren’t?” She asked, in a taunting way.

“Please… I’m no killer, that’s for sure! I can’t believe you agreed to this, Meg! Hell, but I can’t believe you actually enjoy kissing other women either! I guess I don’t know you anymore…”

“You never did,” she replied, a hint of pity and sorrow in her voice.

“Well, if you want to keep on cuddling with this European bitch, be my guest! Just untie me and I’ll be on my way. You may even keep the gun!”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that just yet…” It was Ingrid talking again, this time hissing like a snake. She got out of bed parading her naked long legs in front of him to see how he responded. “Despite the fact that you’re clearly dangerous, you seem like a fine specimen of a man… How would you like to fool around with the two of us?”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Joseph exclaimed, raising both eyebrows in disbelief.

“What’s the matter?” She asked as continued to tantalize him with a series of sexy hip movements. “You’re not aroused by the idea of a threesome?”

“Of course he isn’t!” Megan retorted. “He’s a religious freak, my love! Everything related to sexual fantasies is a taboo to him.”

“Really?! Absolutely everything?! Then I guess he’s not interested in my other proposition then.”

Joseph’s attention fell upon the blonde vixen.

“And what would that proposition be?”

Ingrid stopped moving her hips and ass and sat in his lap, locking her beautiful blue eyes in his, a strange smile twisting her otherwise angelical face.

“I was thinking we could play some domination games. Your wife and I would be the Mistresses and you would grovel at our feet like a good sex slave for the rest of the night! How about it? Shall I release you from your confinement so you can start worshipping us?”

“Why don’t you worship this, you crazy bitch?” Joseph growled before spitting in her face. Immediately, Ingrid’s hands responded to the offense with a powerful pair of slaps that left his cheeks burning.

“Forget it, dear!” Megan intervened. “I think it’s best if we let him go for good! I hate to admit it but my husband doesn’t know how to have fun.”

“Then I suggest we teach him,” Ingrid replied, cleaning the spit from her face with his shirt. “I can make him a little more open-minded if you want me to.”

“You can? How?”

“Oh, I learned a few things about how a mind works back in Finland. Will you help me hypnotize your husband and mold him into something more agreeable and compliant?”

Joseph laughed out loud at this suggestion.

Hypnotize me?!! Oh boy, someone has been watching too many T.V. shows!”

“I thought that couldn’t be done for real!” Megan stated.

“Of course it can, but you’re going to have to do exactly what I tell you. If you do so without hesitating, I guarantee you that, in less than an hour, we can have a real blast with your spouse. Trust me. I’ve done this to my husband before, you know.”

Megan looked at her lover with luscious eyes. Ingrid’s assertiveness had already made her smile countless times in the past and if she was so confident herself at the moment, it’s because she knew for sure what to do. Looking at Joseph, who kept on laughing ear-splittingly as if he had just heard the world’s greatest joke, a single question came out of her perfect red lips:

“What do you want me to do?”

“You can start by crouching in front of your husband and unzip his pants,” Ingrid responded as she rose seductively. “We need to expose a certain part of his anatomy if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do,” Megan, avidly taking hold of her husband’s cock.

She started toying around with it like it was made of clay, shaping its initial inert softness into a rock-hard rosy protuberance in no time. Joseph had never been masturbated by his wife before and didn’t know what to think. As her soft hands worked on his arousal, he realized Ingrid had positioned herself behind his wife almost as if she was going to penetrate her. The beautiful Finnish leaned forward, her full, taut breasts completely exposed, allowing its erect nipples to gently kiss the long and flowing russet hair of the woman he had sworn to love for the rest of his life. Her blue eyes were fixated on him, two breathtaking sapphires of intense beauty, glistening with a mystical radiance.

“Joseph…” she whispered. “I want you to focus your attention on two things: the first is the intense erotic feeling that’s coursing through your veins right now as your wife gently strokes your cock… notice how these movements are so relaxing and uplifting, filling you with promises of pleasure with each passing moment…; the second, which is as important as the first, if not even more significant, is this beautiful gaze of mine with which I’ll pierce your mind’s armor. I know you don’t believe it can be done, that you think I’m crazy, but you’re wrong… just look into my eyes to find out the truth…”

“You’re even more bizarre of a person than I thought! Seriously, what do you think you’ll accomplish with that gibberish of yours?” Joseph responded, unwilling to participate in any mind games.

“Exactly what I said to your wife… now stop talking and pay attention only to the blissful wave we’re offering… your wife’s hands soothe your body, loosen it up… my eyes calm down your brain… The two of them combined still your judgment… we’re about to take you on a very comfortable journey to the depths of what’s beyond both fantasy and reality… feel the warmth and generosity of our offer… look into my eyes, Joseph… only into my eyes…”

“Forget it!” He tried to move his head but the penetrating gaze of the blonde woman felt like a sharp blade in his head. The laughing sounds were gone, the silence was rushing in.

“No Joseph, I won’t forget it. It is you who will learn to forget everything else and trust only in my eyes… look at me and start relinquishing your thoughts… my eyes want to engulf them all and you want them to take you in as well… that’s the only way you’ll continue to feel the satisfaction that’s enveloping you right now… it started in your penis and testicles, took control of the muscles in your legs and is now sliding upwards… slowly making its presence noticed in your lungs and in your heart… your breathing is slowing down almost imperceptibly but slowing down nonetheless … your heart rate is not as swift as it was a minute ago and it’s going to keep on decreasing… we’re already altering your perception of the surrounding world, lulling your senses one by one…look into my eyes and go deeper into relaxation for me… for us… the ones who will dominate your individuality…”

“Shut up already! I… mmm…” Joseph moaned as Megan’s fingernails caressed his genitalia with great care. Ingrid’s eyes grew larger, prisms of mesmerizing blue… was her voice getting louder too, its melody beginning to deafen all the sounds of the outside world?

“You’re doing so well, Joseph, just like I hoped you would. Your initial desire to ignore everything I’m saying is fading away… you want to keep on listening… you want to keep on looking… the rapture of masturbation has silenced your defiance… the threads of your soul melt before my eyes… look closer… look deeper… my eyes are now twice as big, aren’t they? Everything about me has been heightened and you know why? It’s because of my superiority… I’m much more powerful than you and you’re experiencing that undeniable power right now… Look at me, Joseph… look at me and listen hard… you’re not capable of breaking eye contact… you’re vulnerable… you’re weak… we’re stealing your will to resist us because you’re helping us do so… the ecstatic enjoyment is now whirling in your neck and moving straight into the filaments of your brain… soon, we’ll have control over everything you are… body and spirit will bow down to our commands…”

“Stop this! I don’t… I… hmmm… it feels so good…” Joseph mumbled, moving one step closer to the gleaming threshold of hypnotic surrender.

“I can’t stop it now, even if I wanted to. My words have gained a life of their own and my eyes won’t rest until they’ve trapped you inside their labyrinths of seduction… We’ve already erased portions of your personality but we must go all the way down… Think only of the contentment we’ve given you… we shook the foundations of your character as if they were a bottle of champagne and now we’re going to make it burst… can you feel the stream of semen already wanting to be released from your body? Do you want this to happen?”

“I… mmm… Yes… let it flow… please… let it flow…”

“We will,” Ingrid said as she signaled Megan to start stroking him faster and faster. “But you’re going to have to give us something in return. You’re going to close your eyelids and imagine you’re still staring deeply at my striking eyes… close them now, yes… that’s it… feel the pressure rising in your lower muscles and know this… you can no longer open your eyes… we don’t allow it… the spiraling ejaculation that’s about to consume you will plunge you into an irresistible trance… when the swell in your penis disappears you’ll be completely asleep, completely hypnotized… Repeat my last words if you understand…”

“I’ll be completely asleep… hmm… and completely hypnotized…”

“That’s right… asleep and hypnotized… asleep and hypnotized… I will keep on talking but only to your subconscious mind which will be susceptible to everything I say… You will not resist my words, Joseph! Now, feel the bottle of champagne bursting and the liquid pouring down your pants… It’s time to let the gush of servitude come out to play! Sleep!”

Ingrid’s last words coincided with the ultimate explosion of ravenous white. The ferocity of the eruption caused Megan’s hands to get all sticky with semen. Raising her head at Joseph, she was surprised to see him as sound asleep as he had been told to.

“I can’t believe it actually worked!”

“Of course it worked. I told you, it’s not the first time I’ve done this.”

“How come you never shared this ability of yours with me, Ingrid?”

The Finnish’s beauty reply was accompanied by a shrug.

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t feel the timing was right.”

“And today was?”

“Undoubtedly! He came to us with a loaded gun, my love! He had to be properly punished for his hasty behavior and now that he’s been put under we can pretty much mess with his life in any way we want…”

“What’s our next move?”

“We’re going to program his subconscious mind much like we would program a computer. We’ll give him a series of simple commands and add some routines to them so that he may respond to our wishes without questioning if they’re right or wrong. It’s my favorite part of the process. Just pay attention, Meg. When I finish, it will be your turn to add a few ideas to the mix.”

Ingrid reassumed her original position on top of the bed, both palms of her hands gently rubbing Megan’s legs. She spoke to the entranced man like a true Amazon:

“Joseph… This is Ingrid. I’m speaking directly to the innermost regions of your mind. Can you hear my voice? Nod or simply say ‘yes’ if you are listening and, most importantly, if you understand what I’m saying to you.”

His lips parted smoothly, allowing the trapped voice inside to escape its confinement and fill the room.


“That’s good. I’m pleased. You’ve been hypnotized, Joseph. Right now, all of your primary functions are shut down; you cannot react to any other stimuli except the ones connected to my voice or Megan’s. As such, I’m going to tell you a few things and you will listen to them very attentively, assimilating every word until they’re a part of your personality and then I’m going to give you a series of instructions for you to comply with. Is that clear? Again, just nod or say ‘yes’ if you understood everything I said so far.”

“Yes.” repeated the man whose mind was about to be turned into mush.

“Excellent. What I have to tell you is very simple. In fact, it’s so very simple that you won’t have any trouble whatsoever in accepting it as an indisputable truth. You’re hypnotized and hypnotized men don’t think on their own… you can’t think on your own… try as it may, that brain of yours is nothing more than a vegetable… you can’t think on your own… that’s right, you just can’t… you need someone else to think for you now and that’s where Megan and I come in! We will be so very happy to do all of your thinking for you, to tell you exactly what to do and then seeing you do it! We know what you want and we can make it all happen… there’s only one thing you have to do for us… you need to tell us you want to be controlled… you need to tell us you want to obey… you need to tell us you want to be our slave… and you will do it, won’t you? You will say what we want to hear so we can dominate you completely… Go on Joseph! Tell us these three little phrases… I’m going to whisper them one more time and you’re going to repeat them afterward, feeling their power wash over you the moment you hear them, in your own voice, the moment you recognize that the truth lies in servitude… Say them now: ‘I want to be controlled!”

“I… I…” Joseph could feel the words building, rising to his throat like boiling water but he was still aware that saying them would be the same as sentencing him to a life that was against everything he believed in.

“I want to be controlled!” Ingrid repeated, somewhat astounded by the fact that he wasn’t already begging to serve them forever and ever. Perhaps he needed another form of stimulation before his mind drifted helplessly into subservience and she knew exactly what to do.

“I… I…” Joseph continued to mumble, fighting the suggestion of power with every fiber of his being.

“You’re hypnotized, Joseph… you can’t resist. Open your eyes and look at me… Look at the one that made you fall into this state…”

This command was simple enough for him to abide without questioning but when he gazed at Ingrid’s beautiful eyes once again, he realized it had been a mistake… by looking straight at her, he felt his will-power dissolving like a sugar-cube under his tongue. If only he could cover his ears and not listen to the inevitable words that were to follow…

“Say it now, Joseph: ‘I want to be controlled!’” said Ingrid one last time with a queen-like authority.

His mind shattered on the inside, leaving him with no other alternative, but to agree to whatever she wanted and say the words that would bind his soul with a smile upon his lips.

“I want to be controlled!”

“Good. Next is: ‘I want to obey your every command!’ Let me hear you say it and enjoying it…”

Nothing could stop him now from surrendering completely. Ideas of self-sufficiency evaporated from his brain as he heard the echo of his own voice screaming:

“I want to obey your every command!”

“Of course you do… one last sentence, now. Megan, why don’t you tell him again what he’s supposed to say next so we can move on to more serious matters?”

Completely exhilarated and excited with the opportunity to break her husband’s spirit for good, Megan didn’t waste any time and spoke with the most spellbinding intonation she possessed:

“The time of submission is now. Just say ‘I want to be your slave!’ Say it!”

There was a pause and the atmosphere was filled with static electricity as if Time itself had frozen over, eagerly anticipating his final declaration in order to resume its natural course. Ingrid smiled wickedly, her long fingers caressing a secret spot in Megan’s right thigh that she was sure to drive her mad with ecstatic pleasure. Her lover did something very similar, discovering a sensitive zone in the back of her neck and scratching it ever so slightly with her fingernails… Finally, Joseph’s mouth opened up to let a breath of air come out, as the words that were now an imperial directive rolled out flawlessly:

“I want to be your slave!”

“Well… if that’s what you want…” giggled Ingrid like a teenager. “… Who are we to deny you your most inner wishes? I’ll be glad to control your body and mind as I’m sure Megan will too. Believe me when I tell you I’m very happy with your progress, Joseph… very happy, indeed… why don’t you thank us for enslaving you just like you wanted?”

“Thank you…” Joseph said, now utterly overwhelmed with the joy of being the subject of such skillful manipulation by two gorgeous women. He didn’t move when Megan untied him from the chair, simply because he had forgotten how to activate the necessary muscles to do so without receiving a specific instruction first and by the accomplice looks exchanged by the two of them, orders sure weren’t going to be scarce as long as the hypnotic trance was in effect. The first one had something to do with the way he was supposed to address them now that he was their spellbound property… Obviously, Ingrid and Megan wouldn’t suffice for the use of just of the proper names when referring to them was an insult to their dominance.

“Slave, acknowledge this. From now on, I want to be treated as Goddess Ingrid… or you can skip my name entirely and use only the title.” said the striking Finnish.

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid. I shall do as you say…”

“As for me…” began Megan wondering to herself what words would suit her best… “I’ve always wanted to be a Lady. You can also call me Mistress from time to time, but don’t overdo it! Lady Megan is the most respectful way to treat me and each time you use these words, you’ll feel as if I’m stroking you all over again, filling your senses with satisfaction and leaving you even more helpless and open to my commands…”

“Yes, Lady Megan,” Joseph responded, head and dick throbbing at the same time.

Ingrid’s applauses were heard loud and clear.

“My, you’re adjusting yourself to this situation rather well!” she said. “That last suggestion of yours was a stroke of genius…”

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not! After all, he’s your husband so it’s only fair you use every technique at your disposal to make sure he’s completely aroused and obedient to you whenever you want but I think it’s time we start thinking about some very powerful post-hypnotic suggestions.”

“What do you mean?”

“Right now he’s totally at our mercy, but that won’t last. For some reason I’m yet to comprehend, the human mind has some sort of compensation method to escape a trance if it lasts too long. Each mind has a different threshold but, in the end, the outcome is always the same… After a while, the conscious self emerges no matter what and then the fun is over… We need to do something similar to what you did just now to put him under more easily the next time… think of a word or phrase you like and then let me know so I can program him to respond to it…”

“I see… A word or phrase, hmmm… can it be anything I want?”

“Yes, but try not to come up with something that’s either too common (so he doesn’t fall into a trance all the time…) or too far-fetched to remember… something simple but catchy enough for you…”

“In that case, use these two words: ‘Blue Lotus’. That’s the name of the restaurant where he proposed to me.”

“Blue Lotus…? I like the irony of it… the name of the place where he gave the first step to love, honor and obey you will forever be the trigger to remind him of his service obligations toward you…”

“And towards you as well, Ingrid. You’re the one who did all the work to make this happen. I’m not going to let you lose the opportunity to reap the fruits of your labor.”

“How nice of you, my dear.”

Ingrid rose up from the bed and started walking around Joseph. She stopped in front of him, touched his forehead and with her right index pointing down, instructed:

“Kneel on the carpet, servant!”

Joseph’s response was immediate and affirmative. The trance was still very fresh and vivid, and its intensity wasn’t going to wear off that soon but as the saying goes: “better safe than sorry” especially given the highly unstable nature of the processes capable of producing hypnosis.

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid,” were Joseph’s only words before sinking into the ground as ordered.

“Good boy… obeying us is such a rewarding and pleasurable experience, isn’t it? I bet you can’t even imagine any other experience that satisfies you more than being utterly vulnerable to our ever-growing influence… because if you can’t think, you can’t imagine as well, isn’t that right? Our thoughts are your thoughts. Our will is your will. You belong to us now and you want to continue being under our spell… you’ve said it already: you want to be our slave so you’ll agree to anything we tell you in order to make sure you’ll continue to be our hypnotic puppet even after this night is done, right?”

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid. I’ll agree with anything you say. I’m your slave as well as Lady Megan’s…”

“Then agree to this: I’m now going to transfer the intense pleasure you’re experiencing right now into two little words. These words, when spoken by me or by your wife, mistresses of your mind, will transport you back into this relaxing limbo where being told what to do is the sole purpose of your existence. If you snap out of the trance you’re in at the moment, whether by our suggestion or by the natural disposition of your brain to escape hypnosis, hearing these words will immediately plunge you deeper and deeper under our control… you’ll fall effortlessly into our feminine power, wanting to worship us on your knees… needing desperately to hear our instructions and act solely upon them… nothing else. Are you ready to know what these words are?”

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid.”

“The words are Blue Lotus. I repeat Blue Lotus. Whenever you hear them, your subconscious will override the regular functions of your independent self and you’ll revert to being nothing more than our toy to play with… incapable of withstanding our might… Blue Lotus means complete objectification… Blue Lotus equals perpetual slavery… even if instructed to forget every detail of our mesmerizing encounters, you’ll never erase these words from your mind… I’ve written them with a very special ink, an indelible ink, and now they’re forever engraved in the recesses of your persona: they’re a part of you, the most important one for they’re the key to the perfection that is to obey us… obey us… obey us… you’ll always obey, Joseph! You have no other choice!”

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid.”

“I think this is about enough, but if you want to add anything, Megan, this is the best time to do so! His mind will never more receptive than now.”

Megan simply shrugged. After listening to Ingrid’s clever use of words to further condition her husband, effectively draining him of all possibilities to resist, it was fairly noticeable she still had a lot to learn. She tried to memorize as much information about the induction procedures as possible to experiment on her own as soon as she had the chance.

“In that case, he’s all yours now! What do you want your hypnotized husband to do? Remember, he’s no longer capable of articulating the word ‘no’ so he’ll do whatever you desire… Do you want him to lick your pussy? To masturbate relentlessly while you laugh at how pathetic he looks? To dress your clothes and parade himself in front of the bathroom mirror? Be as kinky as you want, Megan! That’s the best part of it all!”

“I want to induce him pain.” Megan declared with such conviction that it was almost scary.

“Sure. I love a good spanking!” Ingrid laughed. Ah, the endless nights of satisfaction inside her house watching her husband adjust his body so that the soreness in his ass could be even more intense…

“Not physical pain,” Megan continued, bursting Ingrid’s dreams like a balloon right on the spot. “I want something deeper. I want to go psychological on him.”

The Finnish raised her left eyebrow, definitively intrigued by whatever she was concocting.

“Tell me more.”

Megan began exposing her ideas with a series of questions.

“We can use hypnosis to make him forget about things, right? But I’m betting we can make it work the other way around too… if we want, we can heighten some of his memories, isn’t that a fact?”

“Of course, but what’s your point? Do you want him to remember something? That’s what’s going to cause him pain?”

“Yes. I’ll try to convey exactly what I want to him, but if you see I’m not doing things right, please step in. After all, I’m not as gifted as you when it comes to this… not yet, at least.”

“Don’t worry, my love! Do what you want to do and I’m sure you’ll do just fine!”

Ingrid’s vote of confidence was all she needed to feel more secure about her own agenda.

“Okay… let’s get this show on the road. Joseph, you’ve heard and accepted the trigger Goddess Ingrid planted in your brain, the trigger that will always make sure you’re willing to carry out our instructions in the future, but now I want you to absorb my words… they too will exert absolute control over you. You know you must do what Lady Megan tells you!”

“Yes, Lady Megan. I have to obey you!”

“This is how you’re going to obey me now: I want you to search deep within your memories for the day when we got married. Remember how happy you were at the church when you saw me walking down the aisle in my long, flowing wedding dress. At the time, your face was beaming and totally radiant… the most beautiful woman you had ever seen was a few moments away from becoming your wife and the love inside you burned into the very core of your soul… Do you remember this, Joseph? Awaken that feeling… let it be inside you once again…”

“I… I remember… Lady Megan…”

“Hold on to those memories, then. There was never a time when you loved me so much as in that day… you should have been able to maintain that love forever… We were supposed to be the perfect couple, but guess what happened? The moment you got that ring on my finger and the priest united us in matrimony, that’s when everything started to go wrong. It didn’t take long for you to take me for granted, to spend more time ignoring me than listening to me. Your career became more important than I had ever been, our bonds weakened, our hopes dwindled and I was forced to turn to someone else for affection. The same thing happened to Ingrid, you know? I guess men really are all alike! Luckily, we found each other and the connection we have now is stronger than our marriage… you’re about to see how strong it is! Are you ready for my ultimate command, slave?”

What else was Joseph to say except the only thing he was allowed to? Goddess Ingrid had said it all when she had so thoroughly explained that hypnotized men don’t think on their own… everything resumed to blind obedience… these two women couldn’t be denied… they would never be contradicted…

“Yes, Lady Megan. At your service… always at your service!

“You are to remain there on your knees, imbued with the memories of the love you used to feel about me whilst Ingrid and I make love here in this bed. Because you adore me so much, this will cause you extreme anguish and jealousy will practically drive you insane but the worst part is you won’t be able to do anything to stop it. Your legs are stiff now, heavier than a ton of concrete and the same goes for your arms… Immobility in the face of seeing your wife surrender completely to the hands of another is your punishment for all the moments of neglect that led to this day… This new command is to take immediate effect in what’s left of your mind, and since you thanked Goddess Ingrid for being hypnotized, I think you should thank me as well for treating you this way. Say the words, Joseph, Loud and clear!”

“Thank you, Lady Megan. Thank you so much!”

Completely stationary, a kneeling statue in the motel room, Joseph witnessed a frantic kiss between the two women after which he heard Lady Megan ask Goddess Ingrid what were her thoughts about her suggestions:

“I like them a lot. You really are a quick learner, but if I may suggest a little something extra, my dear… I’m going to whisper it in your ear…”

The secret was exchanged and otherworldly smiles were lit at once.

“Does that mean you accept my proposal?” asked Ingrid. “Can I give him the instructions?”

“Be my guest, but try not to take long. I’m really in the mood for some sex!”

“I’ll be brief. Slave Joseph, listen to me once more! Everything Lady Megan ordered you is to be carried out but so is this… when you see us enjoying total rapture on this bed, you’ll feel something more than just passion for your wife and the suffering of losing her to another person… you’ll also be incapable of controlling the arousal that derives from watching us explore each other’s bodies to the fullest extent… This will increase your agony ten times… the constant stream of sexual hormones will devastate you and although you’ll experience the increasing desire to masturbate for our delight, you’ll never be able to do so because your arms have been deprived of movements… it’s a triple torture, see? Torture for seeing us walking the avenues of pleasure, torture for hating and enjoying this at the same time and torture for not being capable of doing anything whatsoever to end the show… this is poetic justice of the highest caliber possible! Aren’t we just perfect?”

“Yes, Goddess Ingrid. Nothing more than perfect…”

“Have fun watching us, dear!” Megan exclaimed. Who would have ever thought she could feel so alive from resorting to some real cruel schemes to get what she wanted? Revenge was sweet if dutifully prepared and the world of hypnotic conditioning Ingrid had shown her was a master key for doors that would have remained locked otherwise. Oh, the wonder of it all…

As ordered, Joseph helplessly suffered the traumatic experience of a lifetime. He saw the two women intertwine in ways he never thought feasible, sweaty legs and juicy pubic hairs caught up in a devilish dance, a Tango of nightmare. He heard the shrieks, the moans and the screams of enchantment signaling the impending orgasms while wishing he too could partake in the sensual outburst… on one single occasion, a primeval form of anger manifested itself in his face and muscles and, against all odds, he almost managed to move one of his legs hoping to break the control that bound him but Megan, who made sure to look at him every now and then saw it all and simply uttered the trigger phrase: Blue Lotus which caused the world to go black again. With the trance deepened and his soul spiraling down into a mental ditch where no light could penetrate, it is safe to say that he became as harmless as a vegetal, and withered until the sun rose up in the sky.

* * *

At the dawn of the new day, Megan finally allowed him to come back to the world of will-powered and sentient creatures. In the few minutes he was out of her control, Joseph cried like a baby as he remembered everything he had witnessed. Ingrid watched it all from a safe distance ready to say the controlling words if he tried to do something foolish.

“How could you do this to me?” He asked with his head low, arms firmly wrapped around her wife’s legs. “I may have been a neglectful husband, but surely I didn’t deserve such punishment. Please make these images go away! I’ll do anything you say, Meg! Please!”

“Oh, stop with the whining!” said the Finnish goddess. “She already knows you’ll do anything she wants. Begging won’t do you any good.”

Megan looked at her and then at the broken man at her feet. Bathed in the morning light, she felt powerful, but dirty at the same time, imbued with the aching awareness that she had allowed herself to get carried away. Suddenly, all of her previous actions seemed plain wrong, behavioral deviations brought about by a sexual frenzy intertwined with feverish control. He had caused her great pain in the past, but was that enough of a reason for the suffering she was inflicting him in the present? Looking at the tear-filled eyes of the shadow that used to be her husband, regrets permeated the very core of her soul and she knew right on the spot there was only one possible answer:

“I can’t do this anymore, Ingrid!”

Her lover was awe-struck by her words but even more by the change of heart they entailed.

“What do you mean?”

“What happened here… this whole thing of mind control? Yesterday, I thought it made sense, but I was wrong.”

Ingrid just couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Are you serious?!” She asked jumping out of bed. The look in her eyes revealed the utmost contempt regarding the one that was prostrating on the ground.

“Yes. I mean… what exactly did we accomplish in this room?”

“Oh, that’s simple. We gave ourselves pleasure beyond compare and offered your husband a new chance at life.”

“No. We didn’t offer him anything. We imposed our will upon him in a rather despicable way. We forced him into becoming a mindless pet, subject to our whims, but he’s a human being and regardless of what he did to me, he deserves to be treated with respect. I can’t believe how excited I was in face of such a horrific truth! What happened yesterday was one big mistake and it needs to be fixed!”

“Oh, thank you!” Joseph sobbed. Those were the exact words he wanted to hear and he was genuinely grateful for them.

Blue Lotus!” Ingrid yelled. In a second, Joseph, the distressed man disappeared and was replaced by Joseph, the subservient hypnoslave that eagerly waited for a command. It came in the form of a declaration of silence: “Shut up, inferior creature! You’re not to speak again until ordered!” He complied, just like he was supposed to.

“Why did you do that for?” Megan asked, visibly annoyed.

“To be perfectly honest, I was tired of hearing him beg. At least, this way we get to talk about this without being disturbed.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Ingrid. I’ve already made up my mind!”

“But you’re not thinking straight, my dear! Now that you’ve had a taste of true power, I can’t possibly understand why you want to give it up just like that… You agreed to this right from the start… You’re the one that wanted to cause him pain, remember? And now you feel sorry?! It’s a bit too late for that, Megan! What’s done is done!”

“I know I can’t change the past, but I sure don’t want this to become my future either! What I did was immoral and now it’s time to set things straight and, if you really love me like you say you do, you’re going to help me!”

Ingrid approached her with an open hand and caressed her gently on her left cheek, a naughty finger slightly touching her creamy lips.

“Oh, Megan… my sweet Megan… I do love you, but I’m afraid we don’t see eye to eye on this one!”

“What exactly are you trying to say, Ingrid?” Megan retorted as she shoved her hand aside.

“I like being in charge, sweetheart I enjoy having others carry out my bidding and, because of that, I’m not willing to let go of your husband that easily. I want to see how far I can go with his docile little mind and that’s why I think I’m going to keep him. One can never have too many toys…” Ingrid was smiling but there was nothing welcoming in her expression. In fact, her half-parted lips were now a sign of imminent danger.

“You’re playing a very cruel game, Ingrid! Stop that already!”

“Oh, but I can assure you I’m not. This is no game but the pure, honest truth… I’m not going to help you reverse what happened yesterday and in a matter of seconds you won’t want that to happen either.”

An alarm sounded inside Megan’s head. It played like a siren, yet louder and even noisier which made her body assume a defensive stance.

“What? Ingrid, I don’t understand…”

“Of course you do, my dear. Remember when you asked me why I hadn’t shared my abilities with you before? Who says I didn’t? As a matter of fact, I showed them to you many times in the past. The first one was when we met: when your eyes met mine and you suddenly started having strange desires about me. That’s right, Megan. I hypnotized you that day though you don’t remember it ever happening because you were instructed not to! Your bisexuality doesn’t date back to your honeymoon days like you told your husband. I created it! And it happened so fast… you’re very easy to manipulate, you know?” The smile was now an ever-changing smirk with as much of insolence as of fascination.

“You’re lying!” Megan screamed, realizing that her eyes were slowly filling with tears. She had to be because if she wasn’t then their whole story had been nothing more than an elaborate charade comprised of smoke, mirrors and hypnotic triggers. Ingrid’s eyes locked onto hers and the veil of deception was lifted.

“Not this time and deep down inside you know it… It’s been a while since I last used your triggers because after the initial conditioning you were pretty much everything I could hope for in a lover… However, things have changed. You weren’t supposed to wish for the liberation of your husband and advocate freedom instead of submission. Yesterday, I was hundred percent sure that you were entirely devoted to me even when not in trance but today a spark of defiance came rushing in and one leads to another and another… that’s going to have to be fixed and I’ll start doing right now… Listen to my words, Megan: frozen ballerina!

Almost immediately, Megan found herself completely immobile as the dormant trigger was reactivated once again. It was a terrible feeling to lose complete control of her bodily motions but an even more dreadful one to be conscious of it happening. She had been played right from the start and now the path ahead was one of utter helplessness. “This is how Joseph must have felt last night… God, I’m so stupid!” she thought. Though she really wanted to cry, now the tears wouldn’t fall—they too had been stopped in their tracks.

“This will be all over soon, I promise…” Ingrid declared. “In just a few moments, you will lose the recollections of this morning. All it will take is a kiss, a simple kiss. When my lips touch yours, everything will be erased and we’ll continue to have fun together. You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours!”

Despite the fact that a part of her wanted to believe her, Megan knew it was too late. “Who’s to say you won’t treat me as your slave whenever you feel like it?” she thought. “No one… you’ll continue to mess around with people the way you see fit… Oh, Ingrid, if only I could tell you how much I hate you right now!”

But she couldn’t. All that was allowed was the stiffness of muscles, the freezing of joints… She was a statue of flesh soon to be redesigned. Powerlessly, she saw Ingrid leaning over her and then the reality she knew ceased to exist.

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