The First Day

This piece was written upon request by Rosie, using the words “Cyprus” and “swimsuit” as the source of inspiration.

Alexandros and Ioannis were having a normal day at the pool bar of their father’s hotel, doing absolutely nothing, when something sparkly caught their eyes. Instinctively, they turned their heads to the source of light and became dumbfounded by what they saw.

“Is that a…?” began Alexandros, finding himself suddenly incapable of finishing the sentence.

“It seems so, but it can’t be!” concluded Ioannis who had clearly understood what his younger brother was trying to say.

“Are you sure?”

“Hmmm… Frankly, I’m not sure of anything except one thing…”

“And what’s that?”

“Wow!” he said, drinking his cocktail in one sip.

“My thoughts exactly! This certainly deserves a thorough examination!”

“Most definitely!” and both of them sprang to action, drawn to a vision that was so fantastic that no other reaction seemed possible.

What they were gazing at was a drop dead gorgeous young woman that clearly hadn’t been born in Limassol. The intensity of her eyes and the wild flames of her hair suggested a Celtic origin of sorts. That alone wasn’t particularly impressive because the hotel was used to tourists from all over the globe, but no one had ever come down to the pool wearing something as seductive as a green latex swimsuit before. The glossy material heightened the sensuality of her curves, inevitably making her the center of attention.

The two brothers watched her jump into the water and immediately did the same, and swam in her direction. What they wanted was obvious to the eye, but what they would get in return was sure to be an unforgettable experience.

“Hello. I’m Ioannis.” he said as he positioned himself to her right, with lustful eyes.

“And I’m Alexandros. How are you?” asked the other brother, approaching from the left with a similar expression upon his face.

“Hello, boys. My name’s Rose. I’m doing great, actually. Thanks for asking.” responded the fetish beauty with a flirting smile.

“I love your swimsuit.” They both said in unison, their mouths slightly agape, but trying hard not to make a fool of themselves.

“I love it too. It’s so shiny and skin-tight that it makes me feel all-powerful, you know?”

“Not surprising.” Alexandros had to agree. “That accent of yours… you’re Irish, right?”

“Very good… Indeed, I am.”

“What brings you to Cyprus?” inquired Ioannis. “I bet you came for a photo-shoot. I mean, with that killer body of yours and, you’re obviously a model, right?”

Rose batted her eyelashes and giggled.

“Model?! Hmmm… Nope, sorry to disappoint you. I’m just a normal girl enjoying a well-deserved rest. I arrived yesterday evening. This is my first day of holidays.”

“I never saw a normal girl wearing something like that!” Ioannis exclaimed.

“That’s because I’m a very confident person. Before we even consider trusting in others, we have to trust ourselves, don’t you agree?”

“Hot, smart and with an impeccable taste! You know, you’re just my kind of woman, Rose.” Alexandros confided, leaning closer and closer clearly looking to get lucky.

“You’re not so bad yourself. And the same goes to you, Ioannis.” The fiery woman teased before dancing in the water like a mermaid and splashing them both.

“If there’s anything we can do to make your stay here more agreeable…”

“… Please, let us know. After all, we practically own the place.”

“Really?! That must be nice. Now, that you mention it, there’s something I definitely wouldn’t say ‘no’ to…”

“Anything, Rose. Just name it!” Alexandros retorted, glancing at his brother in a way that was the same as saying: “She seems to like us both. Shall we share?” Knowing it would probably be too hard to win her over on his own, Ioannis nodded.

“I’m feeling kind of hot at the moment. Could you please get me an ice-cream or two to cool off?” she cooed.

“Do you have any specific flavour in mind?” Ioannis inquired, already envisioning the most sensual combinations possible in his mind.

“I like just about anything. Surprise me, will you?”

“As you wish.” They both said, eagerly jumping off the pool to comply with her desires and make her as happy as possible. They didn’t exchange any words as they disappeared into a door to the right that led straight into the hotel kitchen, but then again they didn’t really have to.

Less than five minutes later, they were back in her presence, each one of them holding a colourful cup filled with exotic promises. Ioannis’ treat was a rich combination of saffron, passion fruit and white chocolate that, due to its uncanny bittersweetness was guaranteed to make her taste buds melt in delight. As for Alexandros’, he thought there would be nothing better to celebrate her name and beauty than a rose petal ice cream with fresh cherries and chopped pistachio nuts in-between. As if they were sacred offerings, they presented them to her in a highly ritualized way, and waited rather impatiently for her opinion.

“Oh, wow! These are amongst the most strange, yet delicious things I’ve ever eaten!” she said as she alternated between the cups, and her eyes glimmered making them feel quite soft above their waist and very hard below.

“We’re glad you approve.” Ioannis smiled, his eyes fixed on the corners of her perfect mouth as she ate.

“Oops…” Rose said all of a sudden as her fingers twitched and the spoon she was holding slid across her legs and left a visible trail of ice-cream that only ended in the sole of her feet. “I’m such a klutz, sometimes. My hands are rather busy at the moment so would you mind cleaning me up?”

Alexandros immediately swiped a towel from one the pool attendants and moved towards her, but saw his efforts immediately invalidated by a simple observation.

“Oh, I’m sure you can think of a better way, dear.” Rose purred and, at the exact same moment, he had a strange vision of bowing down to lick it all clean. The same thing happened to Ioannis and, though none of them understood what was going on, they felt compelled to make that vision come alive. Only the awareness that they would definitely be ridiculed by all the other guests and employees by the pool broke the attraction momentarily, enough for them to take a step back and shake their heads in disbelief.

“You felt it too, didn’t you?” Ioannis asked and Alexandros concurred.

“That sure was strange…”

“Well?” Rose asked in the most captivating tone they had ever heard, as another ball of ice-cream strangely fell from one of the cups and onto her gorgeous legs. “I’m waiting, boys.” The same image of sensual surrender invaded their thoughts, drawing them in like a giant magnet. As they sought to resist its appeal, a series of broken sentences escaped their lips.

“What the…?”

“There’s no way we’re doing that…”


“… Watching…”

Rose raised her eyebrows and her spellbinding smile widened.

“I think you’re mistaken, pets… Look around you, there’s no one here but us…”

The moment she said this, they both watched reality dissolve in a series of ghostly ripples. Every single element in the background faded into absolute nothingness. Only she remained, with her green latex swimsuit, and mysterious powers from the days of Ireland’s Old Religion.

“There’s nothing but me, my voice, my will… It pleases me to be obeyed and you want so much to please me… in fact, that’s all you’ve ever wanted, no matter how much you try to convince yourselves otherwise. Come, now. Come and obey. I command it so!”

The two brothers heard the mystic decree reverberating across Space and Time, and delicate strings of seduction imprisoned their will-power with ease. As they sank to the ground in front of her, it was uncertain if they would ever be able to get up again.

* * *

The events by the pool were only the beginning of her concupiscent fantasies. If anyone could unite Cyprus under the banner of Lust, Rose was the obvious choice.

“Not bad for a first day.” She thought as she reclined against a massage chair in her bedroom whilst the two naked studs explored every inch of her body in slavish devotion.

The ones to follow would be even better but that… well… that’s a whole different story…

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