The Black Queen: Unexpected Resistance (Part IV)

Humiliation and Servitude

Two days had gone by and the morning was a shiny one. David Mulder sat still, relaxed and comfortable.

He was back at the Special Room, but the decoration was no longer the same. The majority of the torture devices had been moved elsewhere, leaving a wide space in the center of the room. The computer console was dormant, inactive: the plug had been pulled off – special effects wouldn’t play any part in what was about to happen. The big door was also open: once more, there were no hired servants in the house.

In front of David’s chair, there were three satin cushions, side by side, each one with a significant object. On the first one, there was a whip with fresh new strings; the second exhibited a golden collar and a strong, unbreakable leash; On the last, one could see a silver gun.

Beyond this line of objects, was The Black Queen herself, sitting in another throne… a bigger and ultimately flashier throne that corresponded to her greatness! She was all dressed in violet that day – the color lived in her leather corset, on her tight mini-skirt, and on her high-heeled boots. Small speckles of it could also be found on the gemstones that were engraved on the surface of a tiara that made her black hair shine.

She had never looked more enticing or magnetic. David’s attention was locked on her, drawn to her eyes like a moth to a flame. His arms were stiff in contrast with the softness in the legs. The Black Queen smiled at him, enrapturing his senses.

She spoke to him in a seductive and firm tone, the tone of power and control. Her voice could rival a mermaid’s bewitching chant – even such a fantastic creature would be powerless before her.

“You are here today before my glorious presence, not to withstand my wishes, not to oppose my intentions, but to show me how well humiliation suits you, how much your mind changed under the supremacy of my mesmeric charms. I’ll put your devotion to the test and you must prove yourself worthy of being so close to me. There’s only one path to follow, the one that leads your will into mine to be engulfed forever and ever. If you understand this, you may start your journey by answering this simple question: who am I to you, now?”

“You are The Black Queen.” David’s broken soul answered, never breaking eye contact. “You are the woman who owns me, my Mistress, my Goddess, the angel to whom I must submit in every way.”

“That’s a very good answer, very good indeed. What else have you to tell me on such a radiant morning?”

“Your thoughts are my thoughts, the right ones. If I listen to your voice and do exactly as I’m told, I’m fulfilling the true meaning of my life. Being free is being servile to you.”

“You’re absolutely right! I’m your happiness, your love, your Queen. You must obey me no matter what, only obedience makes sense in your… no, my world!”

The Queen’s smile grew bigger, towering over him. He was thinking of dropping to the floor and never raise his knees again… but he couldn’t do it, just yet. He had to wait… for her instructions… her irresistible commands.

“I can tell by your body movements that you’re eager to accept your new fate. Yes… very anxious to be mine… You have come a long way since the first time you saw my face and turned your back on my hypnotic suggestions, but before I let you sink to the floor so you can worship me, I want you to listen to my words very carefully. Keep looking at my eyes as they arouse you even more… A horny boy such as yourself must pay attention at all times, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Our relationship began in a most unusual way, remember? You tried to deceive me, said your name was Jeremiah and laughed at my power. Later, I found out that your real name was David and that you knew in living colors one of my many pets. When you were brought here and had a glimpse of my dominating influence, still you sought to discredit me: you kept resisting instead of accepting me as your rightful ruler. For that, I’m sure you’re very ashamed right now…”

“Yes, my Queen. I’m ashamed and embarrassed for being such a fool. I ask for your forgiveness…”

“Be silent! I did not give you permission to speak!” she ordered.

David bowed his head but didn’t escape her gaze. She was right. He had to obey and shut up until she allowed him to utter any more words.

“Since you decided to hide your true name from me, I have no choice but to deprive you of it. As long as I control you, your name will be just one. I made sure in my programming that you would know what I’m talking about and now you’re going to say your new name to me… Say it now! I demand that you comply!”

“My name is Slave!” David responded.

“I want to hear you say that again…”

“My name is Slave, my Queen!”

“Yes… it is. You’re my slave. You belong to me and because of that, you should know better that I only appreciate a naked subject. Your position isn’t the proper one, either. As my sub, you must show me your adoration with both knees on the ground. So, without further ado, I hereby command you to disrobe and let your legs encounter the pleasure of being bent down! All men must kneel… you’re no exception!”

The Queen’s newly acquired submitting machine took off his garments and exposed his throbbing dick. It was really big and hard. Some seminal fluid was looking for a breach in the layers of swollen skin… His knees came in contact with the cold marble, sending a small chill to a more sensitive area in the brain.

“No fondling either, slave! Only when I tell you, like everything else! Masturbation is a lonely pleasure and all your pleasure must go through me! Save all of that sexual rage you hold incarcerated for the time I see fit and say it again Yes, my Queen. I can’t get enough of those words of surrendering.”

“Yes, my Queen.”

She moved on the throne, crossing her legs and uncrossing them again. Then, told her new pet to admire her boots.

“They’re so beautiful and enthralling… just like my eyes. It’s because of their color, you know? I’ve always liked violet, for as long as I can remember. It seems all of my majesty is ten times released into the world when I wear it, even though I’m The Black Queen. Of course, I have the obligation of looking good in every color, being as perfect as I am… so alluring… so fascinating and dominant…”

Slave David understood her perfectly. His breath was suspended when she crossed her legs for the second time, at the precise moment her boots signaled him what he was expected to do. She used her powerful voice on his subdued mind again, and he couldn’t break free from it.

“It looks like my boots want to enslave your tongue. They’re a bit dusty… It’s been a long time since I used them last and that simply won’t do. Lick them clean until I command you to stop!”

Slave David’s new instructions had an immediate effect on him. The will of The Black Queen was beyond any dispute and every time he obeyed, giving himself more and more to her, the delight of one hundred orgasms rushed in like a tornado coming in from the sea. Oh… it really felt good to have his knees weak and his life cocooned by her! Her boots had the taste and the smell of ambrosia and he was addicted to it like a priest becomes addicted to the Holy Scripture when he finishes making his vows of reverence to God.

He had been Catholic for the majority of his life, not because his parents wanted him to—the rationality that governed them had led them to atheism – but for the sake of his own soul, in case there was really something that could be called an afterlife. As he cleaned her boots and the flavor intensified, the hypnotic conditioning began making permanent damage throughout every mental connection, changing the flow of information.

Laws were broken into pieces, principles of morality slipped into oblivion and they were never seen again. The image he had of the Trinity blurred and faded away; The Black Queen took its place and a never-ending set of violet bonds muffled the scattered threads of Gay-Yee’s Eastern dreams.

He was more than pleased with this new imposed religion; at the same time, she was getting more confident – everything was going the way she wanted, unveiling the harmony that was the key to her universe.

“Ah, you’re quite good with that tongue! I don’t know how you learned to use it like that but the truth is you’ll never use it on anyone else again. Every time I decide to wear these boots, you’ll be willing to worship them, the same way you will now worship my cunt and drink whatever comes out of it!” She pulled her skirt down, rubbing it in his nose and then gently guided him to the right submissive pose of adoration.

David had had his share of girls in the years before his enrollment in the Navy and all of them had given him the satisfaction of a blow-job. Of course, he never returned the favor, as his masculinity didn’t exactly go hand in hand in with the prospect of eating slime, as he so often repeated to himself. In the presence of the perfect ruler, the roles had changed: The Black Queen would never suck his dick to please him, but he would eat her out alive, making her climax in the best way possible; he would dive in her vulva and glue his tongue to her clitoris, describing circles of undeniable commitment.

She moaned… and shrieked… and asked for more! God, how much pleasure had he to offer her? It was the tribute of a lifetime, doubtful to be overthrown by the ineptitude of the next thousand of sixteen-year-old boys that played her video game. Slave David fitted the profile of a genuine drudge… why had he treated her so badly in the first place? Why couldn’t he be a natural, obedient toy, the man she was still looking amidst the shadows of the world? Had he been that man, she wouldn’t have felt the need to punish him, to break him even further just to forget those nasty moments of chaos he had brought to her life.

There was no other choice now, but to stick to the original plan. The objects would be used on him.

“Yes… yes… you please your Queen in the most exquisite way, the only way my grandeur deserves! Stop now and let me get up! We have more important things to do now…”

Slave David got away from her throne, observing her sweaty legs and genitals. The Queen pulled her skirt up, hiding from him the glorious sight of her palace of sex. “Remain on your knees and follow me!” she instructed.

He trailed her like a dog too much dependent on a human hand. The Black Queen stopped by the three cushions, breathing malice.

“Give me that whip alongside with the collar and leash, slave!”

Slave David placed them on her hands. Immediately, she placed the collar on him and pulled the leash with a vigorous snap, hurting him in the neck. Then, she started a long speech that meant the beginning of a new stage of treatment.

“As your Queen, I’m entitled to supreme delight and supreme revenge. This applies to all who serve my biddings and since your name has been added to the list, you know that it applies to you as well. No other slave of mine ever put up the fight you did, a fight that disturbed my beauty sleep and had me thinking the most awful things. I hated that… I still do.

“You wreaked havoc too many elements of my personality to be left unpunished by your actions. Sure, I did the same thing to you and even more by replacing your love and hope of happiness with an ongoing desire to submit. The meaningful concepts of your life were rewritten by my improved programming, but that’s not good enough for me. I want to hear you scream of pain for your daring attempt to destroy everything that is right and acceptable! I want to set your flesh on fire… and burn it crisp! I want to unleash all of my divine fury on your body, starting with your ass! And you want this to happen too because your ass is mine, don’t you?! Answer me, slave! ”

“Yes, my Queen… I want what you want… I’ll always obey…”

“You’ve asked for my forgiveness earlier. I’ve decided not to forgive you. I will never forgive such abuse! You will have to suffer the consequences. It’s a simple matter of Physics, slave: for every action, there’s a reaction…”

She pulled the leash again, causing his head to fall helplessly and hit the ground. It hurt like hell. His sensitivity was on a high peak.

The Queen moved next to him. Now, it was the time for the Amazon to ride her trusty steed with her slashing whip.

“You have been demoted to a stallion, now! I forbid you to speak, I forbid you to think! This leash represents your reins, this whip is my will and it will crush you to the limit! You will take me on a ride through every division of my house. I’ve counted them: they’re forty-seven so you will have a long path to travel… You will absorb the pain of every blow without making a sound! The memory of that pain will reside in your brain and only when I dismount, you’ll be allowed to release it with your voice! The Black Queen is power… The Black Queen is control… you know this is true and you can’t resist… Now ride, horsy! Ride for your Queen!”

The slave-beast received the first whipping and soon it was galloping away. To make it move left, she would simply tilt the leash in that direction and it would comply with her desires; the same could be said about going right, of course.

Moving forward soon became associated with two powerful hits. Backwards was a whole different story: rapid blows on the hands, now transformed into paws. He never complained during the forty-five minutes of the journey around the house. By the end of it, there were so many marks of the beating that David was red all over, and needing of rest and a good treatment.

The Queen didn’t pay attention to that. All she cared about was the completion of the ritual, and there was another object for her to play with.

She dismounted the lingering, wounded horse and heard it scream, squeal and then squeak when its vocal cords choked. Tears were running down Slave David’s eyes, he was shattered, almost passing out. The pain was so intense, but the pleasure of having obeyed her hung over him like a cloak, awakening an unseen reserve of strength that kept him breathing.

Before losing him to an almost certain deadly collapse, The Queen touched him very smoothly. Her divine hands were almost balsamic.

“It seems your body is not going to resist much longer, slave, unless you do exactly what I tell you! Look deep into my eyes and relax your muscles. Travel deeper into my eyes like you’ve never traveled before. I have been endowed with the power to twist all logic, to control reality. Lose yourself in them…You’ll feel renewed, revived. Whether you knew it or not, pain is nothing but a delusion of the brain – if the brain is frozen, there is no pain! Sink deeper… yes… relax… relax… you can already feel it abandoning you… going away to the limbo that lies between space and time…”

As she spoke, her hands remained fixed on his face. Slave David succumbed to the hidden beauties of her eyes. He, who had thought she wore special contact lenses, was now convinced of his ignorance and stupidity about them. They were real and natural, the result of an eerie combination of pigments… and infinite.

“Good… very good, my slave! There is no pain. Your body has accepted the truth of my words, the truth of my eyes and your hemorrhages have stopped. You’re ready to continue obeying me… You want to keep obeying The Black Queen!”

“Yes… yes, I do. Thank you, my Queen! I understand everything now… and will bathe forever in the enlightenment you have granted me…”

“Really?! Forever, you say? Well, what if I’m not interested in forever? What if I tell you to reach for the gun and pull the trigger? I would lose a slave, but I can program others… What if I command you to take your own life: die for me as the ultimate proof of obedience? What would you do, slave?”

“Your will is my will. If that is indeed your decision, I will submit to you, in life… and in death!”

“I’m afraid I can’t believe your words alone. Although you have obeyed me so far, I will never be completely sure. If your life is on the line, won’t that stop you from following my order?”

“No. The life you speak of, my Queen, isn’t mine anymore… it is yours! You can have me do whatever you like.”

“In that case, I order you to take it and shoot yourself in the head! Wait ‘til I’m on my throne and then… do it!”

“As you wish…” Slave David’s left hand picked the gun up. It was a Smith & Wesson’s, very well balanced: a single shot would have his brains splattered across every corner of the room.

The Queen took her place and waved him goodbye. His slave pulled the trigger and…

… nothing happened. He continued to try to carry out his assignment, pulling it, again and again, waiting silently for the bullet to end his life, but it never came.

“There seems to be a problem with this gun, my Queen. I want to obey, but I can’t…” he muttered, feeling quite scared.

“That’s because the gun’s empty, slave! You can’t fire a gun without rounds…” she declared.

“Where can I get the bullets, my Queen?”

She gave him a welcoming smile.

“Nowhere. I never wished your death, only your complete devotion. You have just proven yourself worthy of having me as your Mistress!”

“So, it was a test…”

“Naturally! The Black Queen is power, the Black Queen is control, but I’m not careless or entirely devoid of feelings. I will never love you the way your mind will love me, but you are a part of my universe now, a promise has been made. You promised to obey me, and I want you to uphold that promise until the day one of us dies, preferably of old age. I have so many things to teach you… we’ve only just begun…”

“I see… you are indeed a true ruler.”

“Yes, I am. That’s why I’ve just decided to give you back your name. I know now you’ll be mine, no matter what I call you. Am I right, David?”

“Of course you are, my Queen…”

“Then come please me with your tongue again!” She instructed as her eyes glimmered.

He went to her: the beast, the slave, and the everlasting lover. David Mulder’s domination was now complete.

* * *

The next day, he was back in his house, with no recollection of any of his experiences under The Black Queen’s control. The whipping marks were healing really fast, but they still scared him. I guess that’s why he did his best to conceal them from curious eyes.

Over and over again, he tried to find an explanation for it all, but the blank in his mind wouldn’t go away unless she entranced him again, something which she did a lot and, as a matter of fact, still does today….

During the time he was conscious, David maintained contact with his Asian love, but after six months he stopped writing. All the beautiful words had worn out, feelings had changed and the separation became inevitable. Nevertheless, he kept her pictures on the computer’s hard drive, as a memory of a dream that could never come true.

It’s strange, though: about those pictures… Sometimes, when he’s not looking… they seem to be alive… and crying….

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