The Black Queen: Unexpected Resistance (Part II)

Learning a Few Secrets

Amber Watkins was about to explode. Everything seemed to be going wrong on that date, and her stupid boyfriend was the only one who didn’t seem to realize that.

Not only he had arrived fifteen minutes late, but he had failed to notice the new dress, the new shoes, the new purse and the new hair. If she had been dressed in rags, he wouldn’t have noticed it, either.

He took her to an Italian restaurant to make her happy, but since when did Pasta become a grammatically correct synonym for happiness? Pasta means chubby hips, two or three pounds added to a perfect silhouette overnight! Could he not see that? The two eyes the Good Lord had given him had ceased functioning, alongside with the last neuron in his brain?

Ah… she wanted to scream! Or hit him! No, she really wanted to do both and then… dump him!

“I still can’t believe you made a reservation in this place!” she protested. Her nails were scratching the linen cloth. “I can’t eat any of these things.”

“I thought you liked it…” Sean mumbled.

“Liking has got nothing to do with it! I’m on a diet, D-I-E-T, you know what that is? I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Italian fat food!”

“Calm down, people may hear you!”

“So what if they do? Can’t I show my anger? You heard it correctly, Sean. I’m angry at you like I’ve never been before. You’re this close to becoming an ex-boyfriend…”

Sean looked at her, both shocked and confused. The sheer thought of losing her was a catastrophe, the kind that hits you in the face over and over again withering everything it touches. If there was one person to blame, it had to be David with his stupid story about hypnosis in a game. A guy who didn’t like conspiracies, who had turned his back on The X-Files, probably the best TV show in recent American television history, had come up with quite an extravaganza altogether! How ironic was that? Pretty much, to say the least! If there was a scale for measuring irony, David’s tale would blow it to smithereens, that’s for sure!

Now, how on earth was he going to calm her down? He could take her to another restaurant, but he had already paid for the reservation and it was raining cats and dogs outside. Sean had a driver’s license but no car since the day he decided to do a little, illegal night race two months before and turned a perfectly smooth red Pontiac into a pile of scrap. Maybe he should call a taxi, and let her choose where they should go next. Most women like those kinds of attitudes, the moments where men give them the opportunity to take the reins and lead the way – Amber was a bit bossy herself; that should please her.

“Amber, listen to me, please!” he began, trying to appease her mind. “I know you’re upset, and you know how much that worries me. I don’t want this night to be a failure and I sure don’t want to be just another ex for you. Tell you what: I’ll give you the privilege of deciding how this is going to end. Choose a place, my love, and I’ll take you there. You want low-fat food? I’ll give you that, as well as the sun, the moon, and the stars. You know this is true.”

She sighed, bit her lip and stopped scratching the table. Her nails were sharp enough and yes… she could forgive him…again. Though she didn’t like to admit it, Sean was, in fact, one of the nicest guys she had met: the way he looked at her didn’t say “I’m only doing this to get into your panties” but “I love you, Amber, and I’m trying my best to prove it.”

“Very well, Sean Prescott.: I want you to take me to that salad bar near my place. I’m dying for some fresh vegetables.”

“Let’s go then. May I help you with your coat?”

“You may.”

At this very moment, Sean’s cell phone rang. There was no number displayed on the screen, but still, he answered the call. The Black Queen reached out for him with a simple question:

“Sean Prescott?”

The voice made him tremble. Deep inside him, his soul stirred.

“Yes. Who’s calling?”

“Someone with a special message for you, one I’m sure you’ll remember in no time: The Black Queen is power, The Black Queen is control…”

Sean’s mind immediately sank into the world of hypnotic surrender. Words started fighting his way into his lips, he felt the need to kneel, but before he could do any of those things, The Queen was already talking again, toying with his subservience.

“If you’re in someplace public, don’t make a scene. Just act normally, you don’t want to draw people’s attention; I don’t want that. Be a good slave like I know you can be and meet me at the Docks, on the warehouse where you gave yourself to me. I have a job for you. Say simply yes if you understand and obey me.”


“Remember: this is our little secret. Don’t tell a soul or I’ll hurt you. Come quickly: time is very precious to me, especially today!”

She hung up the phone. Sean had understood her instructions and was ready to act accordingly. Amber was looking at him, suspecting something had troubled him.

“Who were you talking to? What happened?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He sounded cold and distant. “I must leave you, now.”

“Leave me? And go where? What about the promise you made to me just now?”

“It is no longer important. I have other things to do, and I’m getting late already.”

“Other things more important than being with me?! Sean Prescott, you don’t want to go that way!” Her nails were beginning to mutate into claws…

“No, I don’t. Goodbye, Amber!”

He left her talking to herself, praying to every creature of the underworld that he would die for that foolish twist of heart. This time, she did scream… and broke two glasses in the process.

* * *

Sean reached the warehouse twenty minutes later and proceeded to the larger room. The Black Queen awaited his arrival on her velvet throne. He knelt in front of her and kissed her shoes, never looking directly at her ensnaring eyes.

“I have come as you commanded, my Queen. How can I be of service?”

“You can start by looking at me. Feast your eyes on my feminine splendor, slave!”

He raised his head and was overwhelmed with delight. The quintessence philosophers sought in vain for ages was now at plain sight. Sean loved Amber but not as much as he worshipped The Black Queen. Nothing could surpass the ongoing devotion and necessity to be her human chattel.

She was very pleased with the changes planted in his personality. Controlling teenagers wasn’t as satisfactory as controlling a more mature male and seeing his incapacity to resist her every whim. She often wondered what would happen if she placed a gun in the hands of one of her subs and told him to shoot himself in the head. Would he do it without hesitation? The instinct of self-preservation is the strongest one in the ranks of Nature: would her imposed sexual enlightenment prevail over that? Frank, the night-watchman, would surely kill for her. Would he die for her, too?

There was a time and a place for such questions, but that wasn’t it. The Queen knew that. Padding Sean in the head, she asked:

“You do know how to drive, don’t you?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Good. I’m going to need your strength to carry that sleepy piece of trash over there and your driving skills to take me home. Get up and obey!”

Sean bowed his head once more, rose to his feet and walked to his drugged friend. The small portion of his being that recognized him was soon crushed by the reverberation of the Queen’s words: his friend was merely a sleepy piece of trash for only truth came out of her lips.

David had really grown heavy. The intense training in the Navy had turned him into a powerful fighting machine. If he wasn’t under the effect of that narcotic, he would have been a very difficult adversary in a loyal fight. Sean grabbed him by his torso, placed him on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and followed the Queen who had started moving to the main door of the warehouse.

The fierce, stormy clouds had disappeared from the sky as if they too recognized her grandeur. Standing by the open door, hypno-slave Frank continued his dutiful vigilance in order to assure nothing interfered with the Queen’s will.

She had no need for him anymore that night, so she could free his mind and let him carry on the illusion that he lived the way he wanted to. With her right index pointing to the ground, she brought him to his knees.

“Once again, you have proven yourself worthy of me. Even though it is natural that the inferior respect the ruling of the strong, I’ll grant you a reward for the way in which you handled this dangerous situation for me. You may kiss my hand and then release the seeds of your existence into your legs. I can tell by the bulge screaming in your pants that you long to submit me in that way as well.”

Frank’s eyes couldn’t keep the tears from running down his face. Such happiness was beyond his wildest dreams, but the ruler had been very clear and her generosity was as spellbinding as her malice. He kissed her hand, savoring the moment where his frozen lips merged with the embodiment of lust and sensuality. His blood boiled, he felt his submission growing and his swollen penis gave into the milky rush of sperm.

Dirty, violated in his integrity by a force that subdued him, Frank was all smiles. The intensity of the pleasure shared the characteristics of a virus, attacking him at a genetic level, changing the protein sequence thus forming the basis for efficient replication. It lifted him to a peak of ecstasy, and then brought him back to the awareness of his manipulated condition, the thrill and desire to let her skin him alive, if need be.

“Thank you, my Queen.” He muttered. “I’ll remember and treasure this experience for the rest of my life.”

“I know you will, but right now I want you to forget. I want you to stand up, continue your rounds and snap out of the trance you’re now in when you see me pass by you in my car. Seeing my face once more will awaken you to your former self-consciousness. You’ll not remember a thing of what transpired here today, you’ll not remember how your uniform got so sticky. I’ll be gone from your mind, but my hypnotic triggers will remain buried there, like always, waiting for me to activate them, whenever I please. Since you are truly my servant, you will not think of disobeying me. Go now, your patrol awaits you.”

Frank’s subconscious accepted her will as his own. He got up and started walking the other way, his flashlight shedding light over the shadows of the world, yet unable to do the same for his mind.

The Black Queen walked to her car, a superb dark-blue Maserati which she had bought with the money of half a dozen of her human toys alone. Long were the days of second-hand cheap Volvos and gloomy apartments where the cockroaches threw parties for the mice. Now she was wealthy: the game was selling more and more, and the money kept flowing into her bank account.

She also owned the software company where everything had started, after breaking the mental barriers of the major stockholders, who were more than happy to have the chance of diving into her pubic hairs. With all this power gathered around her, a limousine and a permanent chauffeur would seem an obvious choice, but what is obvious to the majority of mortals is the laughing stock at Mount Olympus. That car had been one of her many dreams and it was more fun to have a rotating batch of horny followers drive her heavenly carriage through the city’s streets than the same old face in a dark suit.

David was placed in the back seat and The Black Queen sat beside him, admiring his many attributes with libidinous touches that he wouldn’t remember when he woke up but would learn to enjoy as much as he would enjoy having his mind looted and plundered, completely naked in her presence.

Sean passively received the directions he should follow in order to reach her mansion and grabbed the wheel. A minute later, they passed by Frank who glanced at her violet eyes and woke up, oblivious to it all. The semen had already dried up in his legs and there was a massive stain all around the zipper and by the left pocket.

He looked down, amazed on how much had been expelled from his body. He was withered and flaccid, like overcooked spaghetti in a burning pan. All of his thoughts resumed to one:

“I sure don’t know what happened to me, but it must have been really something! I wonder if it will happen again…”

He didn’t know it, but the answer was definitely yes: many more times until the final moment of his life. The Black Queen would make sure of that when the world of men became her sexual playground.

* * *

It was the first time a slave entered her house, the first time a man walked the marble halls of her adoration. The Black Queen had bought an ancient mansion, Victorian style, just on the outskirts of the big city, for the symbolic price of a one-hour hypnotic spell and a kiss on the forehead of a baldy salesman.

All the people that looked after the house were women who received a real salary for their work and left the premises to herself at 7 p.m. sharp. A group of men walking the house naked would look suspicious to the neighborhood (there were a dozen of other houses in a three-mile radius…), and keeping a low profile prevented a lot of troubles.

The monarch pointed to a large room that was always locked up. It was the Special Room, as she liked to call it, a private dungeon she was building with the most refined instruments imported from all over the world. It wasn’t finished yet, but that was irrelevant: the technological equipment she required to analyze every portion of David’s brain was already there and ready to embrace the task of reprogramming him.

Sean sat his fainted friend on a stainless steel rotating chair. His hands and ankles were held tight by black chains. On his head, the Queen placed a futuristic helmet with a series of electrodes connected to a computer console on the far end of the room and waited for him to wake up.

* * *

David’s first impression of his return to the world of consciousness was a streak of light, a white light that was neither cold nor hot; it stood in the intermediate limbo between those two sensations as if trying to maintain the aspiration of neutrality.

The light was also an expression of silence, an empty, deafening void. It told him nothing of where he was, or what had happened. For that, he had to rely on his memory that was taking longer to awaken than the rest of his body. He could already feel the blood being pumped into his heart, the burning leftovers of the needle’s invasion still making his skin sweat more than it should. His head weighed a ton with the helmet on, but the main picture was still blurry.

He blinked, two maybe three times in a row and the colors made their appearance in the scenario. At first, he only saw random grey dots and some splashes of red and violet outlining some solid objects, like an Impressionist painting. As his blinking reduced the narcoleptic state into nothingness, the torture devices became coherent, three-dimensional constructions. The wood and iron hit his eyes.

Taking a good look at his surroundings, he was impressed with the size of the room and the obvious amount of work someone had placed in it in order to assemble such a vast collection of mind-blowing pieces. History was alive there, probably not the History he loved and cherished, but History still.

“Ah, look who’s finally awake!” a voice said. It came from behind him. Being chained to the chair didn’t prevent him from making it spin. He faced the direction the voice had come from and there she was again, the beautiful woman from the warehouse. Things were starting to come back, to assume their places in the correspondent memory slots. Her beauty had frozen him in place after the second failed attempt of hypnosis. Yes… The Black Queen, as she liked to call herself, had come out of the ground, a she-devil from the nether regions of time and space… she was the one to blame for the situation he was now involved!

“Wait…” he thought. “She’s not alone this time! Who’s that with her? A naked guy being leashed around and quite happy with the fact… Am I having a very bad dream? No… it seems so real, the pain and the chains are real… it’s… Oh, my God! That’s Sean!”

“I’m glad you finally decided to join us, Jeremiah Smith.” The Queen spoke. “Of course, that’s not your real name at all, is it? You tried to deceive me, but your wallet told me a few things about you, let me in on a few… secrets. David Mulder is a much better name, but not good enough, I’m afraid. Slave would be the perfect name for you.”

“What’s the meaning of this? Where am I and what have you done to my friend’s head?”

“You mean this pet here? He’s not your friend anymore. While he’s under my control, that part of him is simply put aside, and only my needs become important. He is what you should be as well by now… if only you had behaved properly during my hypnotic treatment!”

So, it was really true! Sean had been trapped by the game and brainwashed afterward. He looked like his old self at his house, but he had been changed and The Black Queen was entangling him still…

“Why are you doing this? Why him?” The question was plain ridiculous because he already knew deep inside what the answer would be. The Queen laughed out loud, and her eyes challenged him, urging an erection on his behalf.

“I’m doing this because I can. Because it must be done! Power should be in the hands of someone who knows how to deal with it, and the ones who don’t must suffer the consequences and be properly tamed!”

David was terrified. He wanted to move, say something in return, but the chains were just too strong…

“I didn’t like the way you treated me before. Your words were cruel and meaningless. Since I cannot exert my absolute dominium over you yet, I’m going to do it on him.”

She slapped Sean in the face and then threw the leash onto the floor. The mesmerized male remained with his hands and feet on the ground, utterly silent, the same goofy smile on his face.

“Head down and ass in the air, slave!” she ordered. At the same time, David closed his eyes.

Next thing he knew, he was the one being slapped, for not wanting to see the controlling ritual. The Queen reached for another needle.

“Since you don’t seem interested in watching, I’m going to make sure you can’t look away. This compound I’m holding is capable of paralyzing your optical nerves. Your eyes will be wide open for the next fifteen minutes, enabling you to see and assimilate the triumph of my will.”

She injected the drug into a furious vein in his neck and broke the chair’s spinning mechanism. David had no other option but to witness the humiliation of Sean Prescott.

“Slave Sean, soon you’ll feel the weight of my left heel upon your flesh. Every time I dig deeper, you will remain still and feel nothing but pleasure; you will scream I belong to The Black Queen!, so that David can hear you loud and clear, and understand on his own that my ruling is supreme. Do you have any doubts?”

“No, my Queen. I’m always ready to obey.” Sean answered.

“Sean…” David whispered. Above his nose, he was paralyzed but the veins and arteries went down to his lips. Trying to talk was an effort that made him look red and choke himself with the words. “Think of Amber… the girl you love… you’ve been in love with her for years…”

“The Black Queen has instructed, and The Black Queen is power, The Black Queen is control…”

Her high-heeled shoe came down for the first time.

“I belong to The Black Queen!” Sean shouted.

“That’s not true. She’s just…”

It went a little further the second time. Sean’s voice got out, stronger too.

“I belong to The Black Queen!”

The feeling of pleasure was channeled through his body, but the pain wasn’t totally forgotten. A frown clouded his smile.

“Say it louder this time!” The Queen instructed.


“Yes, you do” she kept on saying. “David will belong to me, too! One more time!”


Sean’s face was now a mask of contradictory emotions: ultimate pleasure for being obedient; ultimate discomfort because his body was clearly looking for a way out of her tentacles of power.

The Queen stopped tormenting him. She could continue at will as her rightful owner, but her slave would eventually be crippled, become useless, and all of them had to be in perfect conditions in order to please her. In this game of give and take, she took more than what she gave, but not to the point of no return, where her world of fantasy could come very close to the verge of extinction.

The truth is she was a woman of many faces. She could be all-powerful and commanding, sweet as a small bunny when satisfied or vengeful as a scorpion when hit real bad. If there was something that genuinely disturbed her, was the possibility of being exposed like a freak before having the opportunity to conclude her plans. David had scared her more than she would ever say out loud when the hypnotic script didn’t work. He still scared her whilst watching the whole scene. His strength, his pose… The drug hadn’t shaken them completely. Trapped like an animal, he was still fighting her and her small victory at the warehouse was just a consolation prize, not the trophy for reaching the highest place in the podium.

Another thing was also starting to affect her: Sean’s body had jerked a little bit in the last few seconds of her session. That went against what she had told him: was she losing control? Or was it David’s attitude of defiance spreading out like a glowing aura of redemption and freedom? There had been an empathy of some kind… what could it mean in the end?

To regain total control over Sean she made him sink into her breasts. Her body exuded potent pheromones that ransacked his nostrils, driving him mad. She whispered the induction very slowly in his ears again, captivating him with the clever way in which she pronounced every syllable in a rhythmical voice.

Touching his intumesced member, she told him that was alright to let it all out, just like Frank had done. He was worshipping her as well in that way… yes… such a good boy…

Sean ejaculated and was completely hers again: now, he would always scream his allegiance, his obedience, his submission…

The Black Queen lulled him to sleep with a single suggestion and concentrated on David. He wasn’t hard for her: wasn’t that a disrespectful behavior again?

She sat on his legs. In that position, her short dress said no to the laws of gravity and went up. Her panties were wet; she had fluids dripping on her thighs. She leaned against him, with an insatiable hunger for sex. His soul was still in place, but she could play with his body and force an involuntary response.

“You saw what I just did to your friend. I’m going to do the same to you or maybe worse. All of this muscle you got will be mine, sooner or later.”

“You… won’t… get me!”

“I will, David. That helmet you have in your head is measuring your brainwaves as we speak so I can understand what needs to be changed in my hypnotic patterns in order to engulf your mind. The process doesn’t take long – it will be over soon; when I interpret the data, I can make the necessary adjustments to the program, feed them into the computer and you will break…”

“You’re wrong. You… won’t find… anything… in my brain… to use against me.”

The Queen pushed both her legs into his dick, squeezing it really tight. He protested, yet he grew in size; just the way she wanted.

“I’m already conditioning you, don’t you see? Your cock wants to obey me…”

David’s face twitched. The paralysis was wearing off: he could talk more openly without having a hard time to breathe.

“You’re only getting that because I’m chained. I feel nothing for you but contempt.” He said, spitting on her face.

The angry Queen kicked him in the chest and got up, her eyes darting in his direction like heat-seeking missiles.

“That was your last mistake!” she grabbed a very large dildo and waved it around like a club. “You’re lucky I don’t stick this up your ass and leave it there as an ornament for days to come. Know this, David Mulder: if I’m incapable of reducing you to my slave, I will kill you!”

“Feeling insecure again, Black Bitch?! You might as well kill me now, and end this charade of yours!”

She was about to hit him again when the computer console cried out. His brainwaves had been analyzed. Leaving him trapped in the chair, she started looking for the reason of his unexpected resistance.

The results were puzzling, not at all what she had hoped for. In the time of her early experiments at the software company, she had conducted a study on neurological phenomena, discovering that a normal male’s brain was more susceptible to accept hypnotic suggestions than a woman’s, nature’s way of saying who should be in charge of the situation.

David’s brain had the same characteristics of a brain that could be brainwashed. Everything was in place… except the fact that he hadn’t slipped into a trance. The reason why remained a mystery.

Fuming, almost ready to scream, The Black Queen put him to sleep with a large dose of the most powerful narcotic she could find and then hurried to awaken her hypnotized pet.

“Follow me to my bedroom!” she ordered Sean. “I’m in a dire need of having my ass licked by a horny toady!”

* * *

She was on the bed and Sean on the ground so that the sheets wouldn’t become repulsive to her. It was late, almost two in the morning and Amber Watkins had called him a million times without success.

The Black Queen was holding David’s wallet, looking for something, although she couldn’t be certain of what that something was. So he had been in the Navy – probably received special training for an eventual war scenario. Did the sailors have to go through mind reinforcement programs too, just like in the Marines, to allow them to resist torture and such? She had no idea whatsoever and was running out of options.

When all hope was lost, fate decided to give her a hand. She dropped the wallet, which rolled behind a pillow and into the warmth of a bear-skin rug. Some of David’s documents gained a life of their own and moved aside. A folded paper she had inexplicably missed opened wide and a small picture was revealed.

“Slave, stop what you’re doing right now and give me that picture that fell off!” she immediately instructed.

“Here you go, my Queen.”

The picture was of a young Asian girl. A man would find her pretty. As for The Queen, she didn’t like her anorectic face and simply despised those small, oval eyes.

“Slave, take a good look at this picture and tell me: do you have any idea who this girl is?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it is David’s passion, the woman he thinks about every day for quite some time. Her name is Gay-Yee and I think he’s in completely in love with her, my Queen…”

“Is that so? Well… that’s very interesting. In love?! That could explain a lot… I bet he holds onto her in his thoughts, constantly… If he’s concentrated in her image, his brain automatically blocks other sorts of representations, just like the power of my hypnotic patterns. Yes, it’s a possibility worth considering…”

“Do you have a plan, my Queen? Have you found a way to break his spirit?”

“I may have found a piece of an intricate jigsaw. If real love can maintain a man’s will and strengthen his resistance to the imposition of others, then real love must be used against him. Where does this girl live?”

“In South Korea, my Queen…”

“Then flying her here is out of the question. I guess I’ll have to make her speak to him in some other way… oh my God, look at the time! David’s asleep and I should be, too. You should be on your way as well. You’ll have to walk home, though. My car is safe in the garage and it will remain there.”

“I understand and obey.”

“Like always, you’ll snap out of the trance when you enter your bedroom, remembering only what a wonderful night you had with your girlfriend. You have been with her the whole time, is that clear?”

Sean nodded. When you hear a suggestion too often, it never leaves you and works like a charm. Sean would forget his real life, leaving to the imagination the task of filling in the blanks. He got dressed, kissed her hand in respect and left the house, facing the darkness of the road in a quick pace.

Of the three main characters in this plot, The Black Queen was the one who didn’t sleep properly that night, which was something that had never happened since she started her plans of dominating men.

She had a lot on her mind and some of the things she thought about are far too gruesome to be written here. Nevertheless, they turned out to be the foundations of a new plan, a plan where love and obedience went hand in hand….


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