The Black Queen: Principles of Obedience (Part V)

The Queen and the Princess

Amber sure was surprised when, two days later, she received the strange package and the even stranger device contained within. Only David could have signed like that but he was one of her minions… Her first impression was that she was in the presence of another carefully designed trap from that treacherous woman who thought of herself as the greatest wonder of all known Universe and almost gave in to the temptation of crushing the device with the sole of her shoe. One of the hidden cameras in her house captured her astonishment as she opened the package, but didn’t register its content and, luckily for her, the mechanical sentry’s images weren’t being monitored by actual human eyes at the time.

After careful reasoning she decided to keep the atypical object, concealing it inside her favourite purse, though consciously refusing to use it. If it was indeed a trap it was best if the Queen believed she had taken the bait as she continued her undying struggle to find a way to oppose her in a swift and effective way. Unfortunately for her, as the classes proceeded, Amber discovered that it was becoming harder and harder for her to think about anything else than the ideas of dominance and female superiority that were being conveyed online. The Black Queen’s influence was growing out of proportions, slowly convincing her mind that the path she had laid out in front of her was the only one possible.

This decline in Amber’s resistance coincided with The Black Queen’s loosening of the surveillance web built around her. Some of the hidden cameras within the house were disconnected; slaves stopped following her every time she went outside; there was no point in using so many means against her now that things were going exactly the way the hypnotic ruler wanted.

Two weeks gone by rather quickly and Sean’s ex-girlfriend was now on the verge of being totally brainwashed… Around her, things weren’t going on the right track, either. Her mother was on the verge of losing her job at the company where she had worked the last ten years and Veronica’s dreams of happiness were also shattered with a phrase that, within its simplicity, hid a gruesome truth: “I believe we’re too different in order for this to work!” With such a convergence of miseries, Amber’s spirit withered. In her dreams, reality and imagination intertwined: she was drowning in the pool of everlasting control, looking at her Goddess with a smile on her face. It was useless to struggle. All she had to do was let the sweet liquid infiltrate her lungs and everything would be over: it was so easy to open her mouth underwater and drink the fluids of subservience: so unproblematic to be ruler and ruled at the same time….

“NO!” shouted Amber one morning as she drove her right hand into one of the legs of the kitchen table. The pain was intense and blood started flowing, a few drops first, and then like a death tainted waterfall… “NO! NO! NO! That is not going to happen!”

It was time for a desperate measure, time to trust in the present received. If the earpiece couldn’t save her, then may be it would allow her to drift into mindless subservience more easily, she thought. One thing was for certain: she couldn’t resist it much longer all alone…

On that night, Amber faced the computer screen and the Queen’s image with a mix of anger and resignation, already anticipating the closing stages of her personality. She didn’t believe she could win the battle, yet the truth is she did. The end of the class didn’t signal her demise but only a new stage of her struggle. The Black Queen’s lies reached her ears exactly as they sounded: misrepresentations of reality, forged principles and equations that couldn’t support any theory whatsoever—a universe so poorly constructed was bound to collapse at any time….

“I’m still me!” she said to herself before falling asleep. “And as long I know this, she can never win! She’s not going to convince me otherwise… I’m still me!”

Yes, Amber was still the sole owner of her consciousness, exactly the way it should be. If at any moment, she wanted to surrender her decision capabilities to another, she had to choose for herself to do it. That was her freedom, the basis of her character and trying to change that by artificial means was outrageous and insulting. Now, she had yet another reason to keep going….

A few more weeks went by and the red-haired girl regained all of her inner and outer strength, fuelled by both love and hate. The hidden device increased her resistance to hypnotic indoctrination and enhanced her tenacity. She learned how to fake properly when necessary, saying every little thing The Black Queen wanted to hear and acting as if she was already her devoted subject in the arts of mind controlling men. There could only be one reward for her efforts and it finally came:

“I believe you’re ready to see me again in person, Amber!” said the Queen one night. “You’ve assimilated all there is to know about the functioning of a society for the dominant females and it’s time for you to earn your title in my world. Tomorrow you’ll be given your very own slave and everyone in my kingdom shall call you Princess!”

“Thank you, My Queen. It is a great honor for me…”

“I know, but one you deserve fully. After all, now there’s no doubt in your mind about your place in this world, or is there?”

“No, my Queen. You have shown me the real light. I shall never go back to the cave from where you rescued me. My previous life is but a shadow on a wall. I don’t want it anymore! All I care about is how I can serve you the way you see fit and help you reduce the male population to obedient servants for your pleasure… ”

“I like the metaphor. I see you know your Plato… Very good, Princess Amber! You’ll be receiving a special gift from me first thing in the morning, as well as my final instructions regarding our meeting place. Now, go to sleep and dream about our final victory! That’s an order from your Queen.”

“One I shall comply without hesitating… Good night, my Queen!” Amber replied as she knelt. Her head remained fixed on the ground until the link was severed at which point it was lifted high in the air. The Black Queen had no longer any power over her and in the next few hours, she was going to prove just that.

Amber slept like a baby. Her night was so full of pleasant dreams that she had a hard time waking the next day. All sounds emanating from the outside world somehow became a part of the colorful landscapes of her fruitful imagination and not even the calls of her mother urging her to have breakfast did any good in bringing her back to the world of the living. That feat was only accomplished one hour later by a constant ringing on the doorbell.

She got up from bed and came downstairs surprised to see everyone was gone. Then, she looked at the kitchen clock and figured it out everything. It was late and her family had moved on to their daily operational routine. She had overslept, which was unusual, although nothing too serious considering she didn’t have any classes that morning.

When she opened the front door in her pink robe, bewilderment was increased twofold. David Mulder himself was there, holding a silver envelope as if the most important thing in the world was contained within. He had the look of someone who was completely enthralled by a force far superior to his own, something which was also particularly noticeable in his monotonous, dull voice.

“The Black Queen has instructed me to give you this.” He said as Amber reached out for the envelope.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, but you are to use it today.”

Amber opened the shiny sachet and gazed upon a credit card from one of the most – if not the utmost – expensive boutiques in town. It was all black with the words “Excelsus” engraved in gold. A small note was attached to it written in the Black Queen’s calligraphy. It said: “Buy what you want so you can look ravishing today. All is permitted with the exception of anything violet. That’s my colour!”

Amber didn’t quite know what to say but some nice words of appreciation were in order and she allowed them to flow out unsurprisingly:

“Tell our Queen I’m very thankful for her generous offer and will do what she commanded right away.”

“Very well,” responded David. “One more thing…”


“I’ve also been ordered to tell you that today’s’ ceremony will take place in the same place where you first discovered the power of female supremacy. A driver will pick you up here at six p.m. You are to have everything ready by then.”

“I understand. I shall do what our Queen desires…”

David nodded mindlessly as he prepared to be on his way, back to The Black Queen’s realm. It is safe to say that during the short period of time they were face to face, Amber always expected for him to show some sort of human emotion, but he failed to do so. The time for that revelation was yet to arrive.

* * *

There are stores directed for people with low incomes that fall under the category of ‘poor’, others aimed directly at the middle-class, in-between the common world and the stylish one and then there’s “Excelsus”, the gateway into luxury to be crossed over only by the exceedingly wealthy who have no problems whatsoever in spending little fortunes in a matter of seconds. Even in her best outfit and most shiny shoes, Amber looked like an outsider in this dimension, something which was immediately emphasized by one of the young and over-produced blond petite girls that dwelled inside the store like Marylyn Monroe clones that tried to bar her way the moment she walked in:

“Are you sure you’re in the right place, Miss? She asked, her golden eyelids flashing.

Amber had heard many stories about the female workers of “Excelsus” in the past, of how they were trained to be arrogant to anyone who didn’t enter their province wearing a fur-coat made of an endangered animal species or didn’t exhibit a diamond necklace more valuable than a Third World Country’s national income, but had always assumed they were vastly exaggerated. As she looked into the eyes of this uptight specimen, she wasn’t so sure of it anymore.

“Miss?” insisted the little caretaker of fashion with the face of an angel and the mood of a demon.

“I’m in the right place, all right… and I have this to prove it!” responded Amber showing her a glimpse of the black credit card. This simple act made the girl plunge into a deep chasm of embarrassment.

“Oh, pardon me, Miss… I didn’t know… I…”

“Is there a problem, Gretchen?” asked a voluptuous voice all of a sudden. The young woman looked to her right and saw a fifty-year-old dark-haired vixen coming her way and looking anything but affable… Her eyes saw the glimmer in the card’s surface even before noticing Amber’s amused expression:

“No problem at all, Mrs. Pendelton… I…” gasped the blonde now totally deprived of her haughty manners.

“I’ll take it from here, girl! Why don’t you disappear into one of the last collection’s corridors so I don’t have to see that pathetic expression on your face again?” suggested the older woman.

“Of course, Mrs. Pendelton… I’m sorry…”

Amber followed the employee’s hesitant steps into an aisle of dark fabric clothes as the supreme force of nature running “Excelsus” continued to admire the splendour exuded by the rectangle of plastic she was firmly holding:

“We don’t see a lot of those around here…” she said her fingers deeply intertwined across her chest. “Only our most special clients are entitled to one and I could almost swear I knew them all. Apparently, that’s not the case… My name is Caroline Pendelton and this little piece of Heaven is under my direct supervision. Will you be so kind to introduce yourself so I can attend to your needs in the most personalized way possible?”

“My name is Amber Watkins and I was given this card earlier in the morning, to use at my discretion…”

“Ah, Miss Watkins, of course!” exclaimed Caroline Pendelton, looking rather pleased with the announcement. She fitted the description perfectly. “The one who asked me to issue that card is the best client this store has ever seen and a personal friend of mine. She’s a very generous person. With this card, you can access all of our services and since there’s no limit to it, you don’t have to worry about price tags. Are you interested in examining the displays in the upper floors or shall we proceed directly to our Exclusive Sector?”

“Exclusive Sector?” asked Amber. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by that!”

“Oh… I see you haven’t been told all of the details concerning our extravagant emporium… “Excelsus” has five main sections, each one distributed by its five floors. Four of them are above ground and are known to the majority of our clients. The fifth one – the Exclusive Sector – is directly below us and only the owners of black cards like the one you have can enter it.”

“And what do you sell in this Exclusive Sector of yours?”

“Why don’t I show you? Please follow me, Miss Watkins.”

The two women walked side by side for two minutes, going deeper and deeper inside the magnificence that was “Excelsus”. At the far end of the floor, there was an elevator door without any visible buttons to open it, only a key card slot. Amber immediately comprehended what needed to be done but Caroline Pendelton insisted in explaining everything to her as if she wasn’t clever enough to reach the same conclusions.

“The alphanumeric code embedded in the microchip inside your card is the only way to make the elevator work. Please insert the card into the slot so we can be on our way.”

She did as asked and stepped right inside the elevator the moment the wide and hoary door opened. The descent was swift and silent. When the metallic panel slid once more, Amber found herself in every sex shop’s paradise. The glistening shelves and glass displays harmonically arranged to form a series of interconnected squares and circles were a feast for the eyes.

“This is our Exclusive Sector.” began explaining Caroline Pendelton to the bewildered red-haired girl. “In here, we have everything that’s required for a dominant woman to exert control over men in the most exquisite ways imaginable. There are many places where you can find useful paraphernalia to show our natural inclination to command others that are inferior to us but only here you can find the means to do so with the style and grandeur befitting of royalty. Your benefactor does all of her shopping here, and she has a wonderful taste, if I may say so myself.”

Amber stood silent, hoping that her jaw wouldn’t drop. The anticipating tingle of sexual satisfaction was taking in, irradiating from her vulva and clitoris into every orifice of her body. Every time she thought of something she could do with all those riches at her disposal, the orgasmic feeling just seemed to become stronger and stronger, pushing all other thoughts aside… “Get a grip, Amber!” she thought. “What in blazes is happening to you right now?” In spite of her attempts to dissimulate the rapture sensation that was building up inside her, by no means the events would pass unnoticed to someone with such an acute eye as Caroline Pendelton, who seized the opportunity to resume her little speech:

“It seems you like what you see, Miss Watkins… I’m pleased and I’m sure our mutual friend will be too. We have every single deluxe item available in the market, including some precious objects purposely manufactured for our unique clientele. If you look to your right, you’ll see the clothing section where you can find dresses, corsets, skirts, you name it, all of them with luxury written all over it… Ever wanted to have a latex dress with emeralds or diamonds incrusted? Even if you didn’t, we have it—we’re that kind of store! Shoes and boots of all sorts are right here in the middle area and on the left you, can find all the necessary accessories and the largest assortment of sexual toys to make sure all of your wishes are fulfilled. We supply dungeon materials in whatever quantity required and we can also have your private dominance playground built according to a group of pre-determined models or following your unique specifications… In “Excelsus”, your excellence is a given fact all the time, Miss Watkins!”

“I can see that…” Amber gasped. “There are so many things in here, I don’t know where to start…”

“I shall call out our best assistant to help you choose. Welcome to our world, Miss Watkins. I hope to see you here often…”

There was no response, for the awe was still too much. The Black Queen wasn’t trying to hypnotize her this time, but the sumptuousness that surrounded her was as mesmerizing as any other form of mind-control. Once again, she was feeling weak, unsure of what to do… oh, how she hated herself! The encounter that was to decide everything in her life was just a few hours away and she couldn’t afford to falter now, she couldn’t be the instrument of her own destruction! Or could she? Was Amber Watkins really so important a person? Princess Amber sounded a lot better… and the power… the power felt so good… the inconstancy of her mind was at a new peak and now the prospects for the future were becoming bleak once again… violet clouds enshrouding Sean and David’s only hope for deliverance….

The hours passed but the doubts remained, deeply imprinted in her mind. Amber tried hard to convince herself that what she was experiencing at that time was nothing more than a by-product of The Black Queen’s attempt to slowly change her mind, remnants of those learning sessions before she had come into possession of the earpiece yet, the more she thought of it, the less persuaded she was of the fact. The crueler aspects of her character were winning… the image of Sean respectfully licking her toes and legs was being constantly renewed in her thoughts patterns….

At six p.m. sharp, she left her house with two black bags from “Excelsus” in her hands and got into a limousine that was parked just around the corner. The driver, a man in his early thirties with a tendency to go bald very rapidly, wasn’t anyone she knew and didn’t talk much either. His words were insignificant… only the words of his Mistress mattered and they had been very clear and easy to understand: “Bring her to me and then go home and forget everything that happened”. Yes… so very easy to obey… he had no intention of doing anything to the contrary… his programming was just perfect…

On the outside, Lockwood Studios continued to look like an abandoned, decaying building, the perfect cover-up for the extravagant reunion that was about to take place. This time, Amber didn’t have to look for an alternate entrance as the main door was open. Another hypnotized servant was there, a brawny individual with lifeless eyes dressed as a security guard. Only seven words had been included in his repertoire for the evening, the ones he used when he pointed her in the direction to follow:

“The Black Queen awaits you, Princess Amber!”

And so she moved, down the corridor, praying that her qualms would end for good.

When she came to the room where everything had started for her, she immediately perceived the differences. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling showering the whole scenario with while light. Purple drapes and other colorful cloths covered most of the surrounding walls. What appeared to be a little boudoir had been built by the entrance and, at the center, there were two thrones instead of one, although the one to the right was a bit smaller and not so eye-catching. In-between them there was a crystal table with a bottle of absinth and two empty glasses.

The Black Queen was sitting in her place of power, a long violet latex dress glued to her body, the knee-high glossy boots rested upon the back of David Mulder. On one hand, a marvelously crafted scepter with a huge gem shining on top, on the other a royal ring any submissive man would be happy to kiss. As usual, a dominant tiara shone amidst her dark hair. There was no other person in sight but surely Amber’s slave to be was to appear from the door behind the thrones….

The highest figure of authority spoke first:

“Welcome, my Princess. I trust you like the new decoration I provided especially for you!”

“It’s lovely, My Queen…” answered Amber with a small bow of her head.

“Caroline told me all about your visit to “Excelsus” this morning and I see you brought your purchases with you. You can get changed in that cozy little room there: I arranged for a full-sized mirror and a make-up cabinet to be placed therein so you have everything you need. Don’t take too long so we can start this gala. In the meantime, I’ll play a bit with my trusted slave.”

“Yes, My Queen!”

Amber disappeared almost instantly inside the boudoir, but still caught a glimpse of David being kicked in the ass to change his position. Inside the room, she emptied the contents of the two bags on top of a small mahogany like dresser and got dressed. The outfit she had picked for the occasion was relatively simple but very fashionable: a black leather corset with embroidered silver threads and a matching mini-skirt; around her neck, a subtle choker with small diamonds and for her feet, a beautiful pair of platform shoes that made her look like she was on top of the world. As for the toys acquired, there were many things worth mentioning, like the three different horse-tail whips, each one designed for a different type of pain or the spiked collar with the appropriate engraving: Property of Amber Watkins (a small courtesy from “Excelsus”’ Exclusive Sector services, by suggestion of Caroline Pendelton). There was also a taser gun the size of a lipstick case, a golden cock ring and other objects that perhaps wouldn’t be used that day at all, but were always worth having.

In terms of make-up, only a small freshen up was in order and when Amber exited that small sanctuary she felt just like a Princess, but of the Amazon type. She held one of the whips in the right hand and the desire to bring about mayhem in a useless man burned intensely in her eyes. Even without being ordered to do so, she knelt in front of The Black Queen, saying:

“Ready to serve you in whatever way you desire, My Queen!”

“Good to hear that.” said the monarch smiling with genuine contentment. “In that case, we may begin. Are you ready to accept the honor I’m about to give you and then show me the fruits of our lessons? Are you ready to forever put behind any feelings you might have had against the natural superiority of women over men and dedicate the remainder of your life in the pursuit of enslaving them all, under my direct control?”

“Yes, My Queen. I’m ready and anxious to begin my mission…”

“So be it, then. Rise, Princess Amber! Rise as my right arm in this struggle for a perfect society and be ready to receive your first slave!”

Amber rose, her eyes meeting David’s in his subservient position at The Queen’s feet. There was nothing in his expression. The body was there, but not the soul. Worries began to fade away in her head… acquiescence sinking in… “I can’t do anything to stop her on my own!” she thought “Might as well get used to being a bitch all the time!”

“You may enter now, slave!” shouted The Black Queen. “Enter now and come to me!”

The door behind her opened far and wide and Sean Prescott came crawling, no clothes, always obedient to the voice of command like a well-trained dog. Amber had seen that moment coming a million of times. It was only natural that he had been the chosen one. Things were coming to full circle. The beginning and the end were one and the same. The book of Destiny was already written…

Sean stopped in front of The Queen, looked her in the eyes and melted even more. Whatever she asked of him would be done. He had to obey her!”

“Slave Sean, you have served me well these past few months, following my orders exactly, bringing in new followers to our cause… you’ll continue to do so but on a different scale for today, I’m transferring you to the control of Princess Amber. You know who she is for you have loved in another life… henceforth, you’ll love her meekly the same way you have loved me, you’ll respond to her commands the same way you have responded to mine in the past… Princess Amber will control your body and your mind and you’ll enjoy being controlled by her just as you enjoyed servicing me! Are my instructions clear to you?”

“Yes, my Queen… I will serve Princess Amber!”

“That’s right, you will serve her! Of course, if I want anything of you as well, I’m sure your new owner will allow me to use you from time to time. After all, I’m still a Queen… you don’t have any objections do you, Princess Amber?”

Even if she did, it would have been foolish of her to speak them out loud. The Princess’ sole reply was:

“He will always be your servant, My Queen! You can use him for whatever you like and I say the same thing about myself…”

Once more, she looked at David’s eyes. A single spark of recognition would be enough to instill a new hope in her but still, there was absolutely nothing worthy of being seen—just a cold veil of compliance, hypnotic conformity at its best. And now she had to abuse of Sean, to mistreat him without remorse. The Black Queen had to be pleased with her performance, no matter what it took… Amber had to become exactly like her…

“Princess Amber…” said the Black Queen majestically. “The transfer of power has been consummated and Sean is now your personal slave! Dominate him for me!”

“As you command, My Queen…” she said, cracking the whip mercilessly into the air.

Looking down at her entranced ex-boyfriend she pictured he wasn’t really there, that the groveling creature in front of her was a stranger and spoke to him as if he was a piece of trash, unworthy of being in the presence of such perfect females:

“The Black Queen has spoken and her words are law. Now you are mine, disgusting filth! I’m your Mistress, your Princess! You can’t do anything except obey me! You must obey me and you will! You will obey me! Look at me and say it! Say you will obey!”

Sean raised his chin to his new owner, the one who now had full ascendancy over his ruined will-power. A new stage in subservience was already in progress.

“I will obey you, Princess Amber!”

Amber placed the whip gently on his naked back.

“Show your new Mistress how much you worship her! Kiss my feet, slave! Now!”

With his head sunk deep into his shoulders, like a turtle hiding inside its shell, Sean crept into her stunning feet, as powerful as the rest of her body and kissed them eagerly. Having done the same thing to The Black Queen countless times, he already knew how to look for the correct spots in which his lips were sure to produce more pleasure.

“Good. You’re going to experience some pain as you keep on kissing my feet. You’re not to stop until I command you to! You’ll receive my blows with sheer delight all over your body…”

The whip came down to him and his ribs felt a little sting followed by a flow of electrical signals his brain now mistook for pleasure… then it fell again, again, again… each time in a place slightly apart from the last. Amber didn’t want to apply too much pressure at that moment, only enough to look real at the eyes of the woman sitting in front of her… knowing the full extent of her force she could mentally calculate how to swing the torture instrument in a way that its speed decreased dramatically prior to the contact with the bare skin. After twenty meticulously precise blows, the damages to the superficial layers of Sean’s epidermis appeared to be intense and excruciating but the bruises and scars would barely be visible after twenty-four hours and the risk of internal bleeding due to the strain was minimal.

“You may stop now. I’m satisfied with your work so far! Get up, slave! I want to see your entire body in a stiff, upright position, just as if you were in the Army, ready for an inspection… Your cock is to be completely erect all the time! If I see it wither in some way, you’ll repent it! Obey!”

Sean got up and turned himself rigid from top to bottom, his biceps and triceps becoming more visible, the flow of blood accumulating inside his dick, the hanging genitalia so full of promises. Amber examined his position, admired how he had grown in size and asked:

“Whose cock is this? Yours or mine?”

“It’s yours, My Princess.”

“Then I can do whatever I want with it, isn’t that right?”

“That’s correct, Princess Amber. All of my body is yours to control.”

“My thoughts exactly…”

The kick was as swift as unexpected, hitting Sean in the groins. He bit his tongue, legs twitching but didn’t fall forward. In a matter of seconds, he was back in his original position for she still hadn’t given the necessary order for him to do anything else. Behind him, The Black Queen was laughing, noticeably cheerful. David remained motionless, impassive.

Amber kicked Sean a second time, her aura totally effulgent. It was time to try something else, to control him in a different way… What could she do? A wicked thought soon emerged: “Ah… This could work… she’s going to enjoy this…” Squeezing the balls of her slave with her two hands, she forced his head to tilt slightly, interlocking his vacant gaze with her powerful eyes.

“Do you wish to be my dog, Sean?” she asked.

“I wish whatever you wish… I have no will, Mistress! If you want me to your dog, then I’ll be your dog…”

“That’s exactly what I want… Down into the floor you go… get on your fours, wag your ass around as if you do have a tail and bark like mad!… You’re a dog, now! In the meanwhile, I’m going to get you the collar I bought…” She turned to The Black Queen and asked her permission to go get some new toys.

“Permission granted, Princess Amber! Bring whatever you need but before you go, tell me: is the rest of the show going to be as entertaining as it’s been so far?”

“Even more, My Queen… even more… I still have plenty of things I want to try out today…”

“I look forward to the rest, then! David, why don’t you join doggy Sean there… I want to see who barks best…”

“Yes, My Queen…” David retorted a grin outlined in his face that only a certain Princess saw. The signal she had been waiting all along had finally appeared and there was only one interpretation of it:

“Ready when you are!”

Whilst the two beasts barked to each other just a few meters away from The Black Queen’s throne, Amber walked back into the boudoir with her head clear at last, grabbed the collar as well as the tiny taser gun (so small she could easily conceal it inside her panties without looking conspicuous…) and rejoined the party with the intent of putting an end to it forever and ever. David growled at her, silently saying that Sean wouldn’t be a problem.

“They’re such perfect doggies…” she declared to her mighty ruler. “My Queen, may I take my place at your side and rest for a little while they play? I still haven’t tried my throne and it sure looks comfortable…”

The Black Queen invited her with her regal hands.

“Please do, Princess!” Amber sat in a piece of Heaven and heard the proposal: “Let’s have a drink together and toast to our successful relationship. Have you ever tasted absinth?”

“No, My Queen… I can’t say that I have!”

“It’s a bit on the strong side so I better serve you a small dose for now.” She held the bottle up high and commanded: “Hand me a glass!”

Amber obeyed and the forbidden green aniseed-flavored liqueur poured. Her glass was less than half-full, but The Black Queen’s was dangerously close to the rim. The red-haired girl took a small sip to the lips; it was potent but fresh and absolutely wonderful…

“To power over all men!” exclaimed The Queen. The sound of glass hitting glass echoed in the room.

Amber’s free hand slid under her skirt and grabbed the taser gun. Because they were in a parallel position to one another and the throne’s arms were made of solid dark wood, only someone with an X-ray vision could notice her gesture. She rose the glass once more, a bit of liquid swirling on the inside and announced the toast David was anxious to hear:

“To the end of your realm, Queen!”

“What…?” blabbered the monarch turning her head to the side as the shadow of an arm reached out for her.

Everything happened at the same time, and very fast. David jumped on Sean and hit him with two devastating punches on the face. Amber knocked down the crystal table with the swift movement of the hand holding the taser and managed to hit The Black Queen with the first discharge of electricity right in her breasts. This left her even more dazzled and panting… a second jolt applied in the same region caused her to spasm, jumping off the throne and onto the floor like a ragged doll being kicked around by an angry child. Seeing Sean unconscious and David’s mad expression of defiance haunting her like a nightmare, she tried to move but her muscles were completely unresponsive. Amber loomed over her and spat green molecules of alcohol into her eyes, just before administering the third and final shock, the one that sapped her of her strength and transformed the well-lit room into a depression of dark.

“Thank God.” muttered David.

“Are you alright, David?” Amber asked.

“I am now… Thank you!”

“No. I’m the one who should thank you for getting me that device. I wouldn’t have been able to do this today if it weren’t for you…”

“You’re welcome, Amber!”

“It took you long enough to reveal yourself!” she protested.

“I know. To be honest, I was having some doubts if you were going to do anything at all. You looked so focused, so interested and pleased that I…”

“Never mind about that, now! We need to tie her down and Sean too before they wake up. There’s also that guard by the main door that needs to be taken care of. Is there any rope around here that you know of?”

“Rope? I don’t think so, but I think I remember seeing a room where there are a few rolls of industrial duck tape. I can go look for it, and if you manage to keep things covered here for a bit I can dispose of that guard as well…”

“Okay, be on your way. After restraining them, we’ll see what we can do to destroy her influence once and for all.”

“I’m with you all the way… Princess!” laughed David, feeling as if the air all around had suddenly become richer, brimming with pure oxygen. Was that the smell of freedom coming to his nostrils? It sure felt that way!

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