The Black Queen: Principles of Obedience (Part IV)

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Amber didn’t know what to expect from her first online learning session with The Black Queen about the rules and principles of a truly dominant female. She had thought of many things, devised a lot of scenarios as the hours became shorter and the moment was finally at hand, but not once did a history lesson ever cross her mind. Still, that’s exactly that fate had in store for her.

At the predetermined hour, the young girl turned her computer on and, upon activating the webcam, a connection to her teacher was promptly established. As she looked into the camera, a melodious voice greeted her.

“Good evening, my pupil. Are you ready to enter the fantastic world of female domination?”

“Good evening, my Queen,” Amber replied tilting her head slightly forward. “Yes, I am. I’m very excited about your lesson.”

“That’s good. This will be your very first step into understanding the beauty and righteousness of this way of life. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it as much as I do.”

“Yes, my Queen. I hope so, too.”

The angle in which the webcam was placed permitted a clear view of the scenery in which her monarch reigned supreme. The Black Queen was addressing her from one of largest rooms of her mansion. Unlike the previous space Amber had seen, this one had all the ingredients pertaining to luxury: exotic tapestries, velvety drapes with strings of pearls, and multi-colored paintings in expensive framesets. The walls were painted in various tones of purple and violet. As for the ruler herself, she stood tall and proud, by the single window in the division. She wore an asymmetric white dress that exposed her left shoulder, thus revealing the soft purity of her skin. In-between her raven hair, a tiara with engraved amethysts that almost matched the color of her eyes, glimmered eerily.

“As you can see…” continued the Black Queen, “…today is just you and me. My little pet David won’t be joining us. The reason for this is very simple: before you get to learn how to properly exert your influence and natural authority over a subdued male slave, you need to understand how it all began. You see, even though history has always been written by men, there are numerous written records and other types of valuable testimonies of ancient civilizations where the true value of women was acknowledged and no representative of the true weaker sex dared to defy the order of things. You may have heard of the Amazons before… Unlike what some male historians tend to proclaim, they did exist and their civilization is just the tip of the iceberg. In every one of the five continents of the world, there have always been tribes, clans and somewhat obscure religious cults that revered the dominance of women and they will be the subject of our first lesson. By understanding the evolution of ancient societies where the principles of femdom were law, you’ll come to realize this movement of power and control shouldn’t be hindered There can’t be any real progress for mankind unless we annihilate its sources of corruption and replace them with the real might of nature. Remember this well, Amber… Men are nothing, women are everything! All gods are false, for the true pantheon has always been of the feminine kind…”

Amber listened attentively to her words, so mellifluously interwoven in one another. The speech wasn’t convoluted at all, but rather simple, and that simplicity contributed to heighten the motivation of the listener. The Black Queen spoke like a true politician conveying her thoughts of right and wrong in a way that was hard for the younger girl to see the flaws concealed within.

As her instructor began unraveling some of History’s forgotten episodes with her silver tongue, Amber’s arms became increasingly heavier and a sudden headache affected her judgment. The more she listened to her teacher, the drowsier she became, her eyelids beginning to close even though she didn’t want to. Random flashes of light emanating from the computer screen penetrated her pupils, slowly entangling her in a web of relaxation. The moment she realized some form of covert hypnosis was being used on her to make her more passive to the teachings conveyed, Amber’s natural resilience surfaced from within, and the class was over in a blink of an eye.

“Meditate on what I told you, Amber. I’ll see you again in two days.” Said the Black Queen before the screen turned black.

“I shall do that, my Queen. Thank you for your lesson.” was the answer.

Alone in the bedroom, Amber did indeed meditate, but not on the subjects instructed. Instead, she spent most of the night wondering what would be the necessary steps to prevent situations like that from ever happening again. It was obvious The Black Queen didn’t trust her enough yet, and that explained all of the security measures installed in her house, as well as that subliminal form of mind control she had managed to resist. All things considered, Amber didn’t have much room to maneuver yet that was necessary if she wanted to come out successful in the end. She fell asleep still thinking of ways to counter strike, but not a single one convinced her.

When morning came, the blank of ideas was still hovering over her head like an ominous cloud, a sign of impending doom.

* * *

While Amber tried desperately to fight her own inaction, fate was preparing a bold move to assist her. David Mulder had just awakened from a dramatic dream on an airplane cockpit in which violet was the dominating color and a striking lady controlled his every action. Despite the fact that some of the details depicted in his dream were pure fantasies, he was more than certain the woman existed and that she knew how to twist him around her finger.

It had taken a long, long time but now he was starting to remember all the things that had occurred before falling under The Black Queen’s influence: the warehouse by the docks, where he had seen her in person for the first time; the sessions in her house where Sean had been abused in front of his eyes; Gay-Yee’s image being used to divert his attention whilst the triggers of hypnosis were set in motion….

But there was more. In a couple of months, he had also learned to retain memories from those moments where her control was a given fact. Despite the fact that his mind had been broken into a thousand pieces, there were parts of his conscious self that never faded away. Most of the times they were dormant, but they were still there, hiding beneath the masks of complete submission and undeniable devotion.

At first, his awakenings had been short and somewhat conspicuous and, as a precaution, The Black Queen had reinforced his training with a series of more powerful inductions during a very frantic week. The new set of brainwashing techniques would have been enough to shatter anyone else’s spirit in a matter of seconds, but even in the midst of everlasting despair, David lingered on, managing, piece by piece, to reconstruct his former character, and most importantly, doing so without being noticed.

With enough mental discipline, David soon realized he could pretend being totally enslaved to his mistress even when he wasn’t. He could breathe, talk and obey like a drone, even though he knew exactly what was going on around him. The only thing he couldn’t do for the time being was to rebel physically against the Black Queen. Plotting in the shadows against her sacrilegious dominion over so many innocent minds was one thing, but being able to express that desire in her presence was another. Too many aspects of his personality, namely the ones that allowed his brain to fully control his muscles for a much-needed act of violence, were still very frail. Although he wanted to hurt her so badly, he simply couldn’t; his arms became weak when she spoke, and his fingers still didn’t remember how to assume the shape of a fist.

It would seem his newly-acquired self-assurance was useless in the end, but everything had changed dramatically when Amber had joined the equation. Oh… what a wonderful moment that had been! When she said “I’m with you… My Queen!” the other day, David knew for sure she was lying as she wasn’t the kind of woman to accept the imposition of another will so lightly. She too was a natural born fighter and undoubtedly would do anything possible to overthrow the so-called monarch that had entered her life. And he would help her accomplish that ultimate goal.

In the months following his downfall into the depths of The Black Queen’s retorted view of the world, David had been allowed to know much more about her plans than any other slave. Because she enjoyed humiliating him so much, he had been called to serve her in numerous times. Only he had seen the steaming electronic bowels of Omicron and what they meant in terms of massive supremacy, and he was also aware of all of the developments regarding simpler forms of mind control. Some of these new methods were so powerful that even The Black Queen didn’t quite know how to handle them.

On one occasion, he had witnessed the precarious moment when she almost slipped into a trance, victim to one of her hideous creations, which would have meant the end of her sovereignty but not the just deliverance of all of her victims. This obviously meant that she wasn’t at all immune to her nefarious schemes; with the necessary amount of patience, she could be vanquished using her own weapons.

In David’s mind, only Amber could hope to accomplish the victory he so desperately desired but, in order to do that, he had to find a way to even the odds and then make the balance tip to her side when the moment was right. He already knew The Black Queen was going to play dirty during the remaining online training sessions in the hope of completely breaking her mind. It was the fear of failure that led to this compulsive behavior, and fear can be a powerful instrument of persuasion when used properly, although it can also backfire and make our own life a living hell.

“There’s got to be something I can do to assist Amber in her struggle without compromising my own position in The Black Queen’s ranks.” he thought still looking at an imaginary point in the ceiling, and beyond it. “Think, David, think.”

“May I be of assistance?” whispered another voice in a very small portion of his brain, a metamorphosed voice he hadn’t heard in a long time. As he fought to reach the surface and the dry land of freedom, it was comforting to know that the flame of passion for Gay-Yee was beginning to burn again. Her imaginary words had always produced excellent advice and if he had listened to them in the first place….

“What do you suggest?” he asked without ever opening his mouth.

“From what I’ve managed to retain from your stray feelings about Amber, she’s a very tough woman, both mentally and physically, isn’t that right?”

“Yes. She always had a strong personality and that’s why Sean fell madly in love with her. Strong women were always his type, but the new techniques her nemesis devised are too powerful. I don’t think she’ll be able to resist them for long without some backstage help….”

“I know. That anxiety is the only thing holding your thoughts together, right now. The answer is staring you right in the face, David. Focus on that moment when The Black Queen nearly lost her own individuality in the midst of her experiments. What did she do next, in order to prevent that from ever happening again?”

“I don’t remember….”

“Of course you do, just like you remember everything else. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and try to go back to that moment. You were there. You should be able to see everything unfolding as if you were witnessing it for the first time…”

His body trembled.

“I don’t want to do it!”

“Why not? ”

“I’m afraid. What if I go in too deep and can’t find my way back? Those fragments of my existence are part of her world; they’re in a very scary place. How can I descend into it out of my own free accord?”

“You can because no memory can smash you to smithereens. You can because what’s in the past stays in the past. You can because you have already faced that moment and came back alive and kicking. Believe in your own might, my dearest. Go find the key that unlocks the glimpse you need to see and if you need help finding a way out of that madness, just think of me. I’ll be here waiting for you to return.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yes. I’ve always been with you. I shouted your name to the darkness when you were still one with it and believe me; I’m not going to let you slip away into that never-ending labyrinth again. The Black Queen is just a woman, a woman with too much power in her hands but nothing more than that. She may think she’s a goddess incarnated, but the gods have long stopped wasting their precious time with the world of men and merely peek into our dimension every once and a while. However, even if she was from another plane of reality and had real power and not some technological apparatus to support her, I would still be here to help you. We may be responsible for a lot of disasters in this world, but free will and self-government are amongst our grandest achievements and no god or demon has any right to seek out its destruction.”

“Neither a woman or a man…”

“Exactly. Her imposition is the true crime against the universe and you can punish her by traveling into your mind… go now, David!”

“Yes… I’m going… I’m…”

The leap into the emptiness below was swift. David entered an altered state of consciousness where only he had the power to dictate the rules and saw himself looking at The Black Queen from across a room full of computer screens. They were inside one of the main rooms of Lockwood Studios, and the information being processed on the main monitor was a core element of the technology behind Project Omicron.

As she analyzed line upon line of code looking for the easiest way to bypass the annoying bug that led the system to crash after less than a minute of run, David’s memory persona was kneeling next to her, his hands and feet restrained by two sets of silver chains, waiting passively for her next commands.

While she was working, The Black Queen was quite easy to please. A wet tongue sliding across her legs would usually do the trick. Only rarely, did she require special attention and ordered him to lower her panties with his eager mouth, simply commanding:

“Lick me whole!”

One of those instants had just been created when she jumped from her seat after what appeared to be an Archimedean breakthrough. The abruptness of the movement caused David to bang his head on the table. He looked up and saw the Black Queen getting ready to put the program to another test of stability. The lights in the room dimmed until they were considered acceptable for the experience at hand and Omicron’s most disturbing feature was unleashed. To put it simply, it was the next step in virtual reality, a 3D living model of a fantasy world that overlapped the real tangible objects completely without the user needing a helmet in order to experience it. Think of The Matrix, if you will, but eliminate the need of tubes, uploads, and downloads. Omicron could generate a fully organic environment in which every single sensation was possible using little more than a series of interlinked processors and half a dozen video projectors and speakers. With the right triggers placed in its central components, this beauty of progress was the perfect brainwashing machine as all programs lead to the same conclusion: irresistible addiction and total slavery to the programmer’s will. The events that followed were weird, to say the least, but ultimately true. The Black Queen was confronted with an Omicron generated image of herself, as perfect as the original. The only thing different was the eyes of the computer’s creation: more vivid than their own, more captivating and spellbinding… those violet pools were like massive black holes sucking everything around… David closed his eyes, but The Black Queen faced the offensive of hypnotic power coming her way and her legs faltered when she heard her own voice, one hundred times more devastating, issuing a single order: “Surrender to me!”

In the battle of wills that followed, the real Black Queen managed to come out victorious, but it was a close call. She suspended the program with a click of a button before it had the opportunity to lodge deep inside her brain, imprisoning her will in an illusion made flesh. When David opened his eyes, the ordeal was over and she was stark raving mad for being so stupid. Immediately, she started devising a piece of machinery that would allow her to interact freely with the subliminal patterns of her program without being overtaken by them.

Emerging from his sphere of memories, he suddenly shouted:

“The earpiece! She designed the earpiece!”

“So she did…” smiled Gay-Yee inside his mind.

The earpiece was a very small transmitter that was to be placed inside an earlobe. It produced a small current of energy that was transmitted directly into the nervous central system at regular intervals, thus enabling the brain to stay awake even if being bombarded by all sorts of paraphernalia designed to freeze it completely. The Black Queen only wore it when she wanted to go deep into the roots of her most singular software creation and, until that moment, it had never let her down. After that experience, Omicron had succumbed once again to a series of critical errors and was being reconstructed from scratch, which was a real luck. Had it been working properly, and if The Black Queen really wanted to break down Amber, she would have done it in a flash.

David visualized the small black cylinder that could be the key to it all. “If it works against Omicron…” he thought, “… it will work against whatever she tries to throw at Amber as well!” completed Gay-Yee. Finally, a glimpse of hope could be seen at the bottom of this postmodern Pandora’s Box. All he had to do was find a way to swipe it and safely hand it to the red-haired girl as soon as possible. Diving once again into the dark pool of recollections, he took note that there were three working devices. One was with The Black Queen all the time and was, therefore, unattainable. As for the other two, one was secured in a vault at the software company responsible for the conception of her game, and the last one was at the lab inside Lockwood Studios.

“That is probably the best location….”

“I agree. If I were you, I would head there immediately. You know the access codes and how to bypass all the security protocols. And besides, her leash is a bit loose right now. If she decides to call you to serve her, you may not have another chance like this so soon….”

“You’re right as always. I’ll just get dressed and be on my way,” he said the moment Gay-Yee’s voice drifted away into silence.

One hour later, David was already finding his way out of The Black Queen’s private experiment room at Lockwood Studios. The mission had been simpler than he had anticipated, and since he had been careful enough to not leave any evidence of his presence, there was no way he was to be blamed, should she discover that the device had disappeared. Still, for the sake of precaution, he had trashed the place a bit to make it look like some night prowler had discovered some unexpected riches in the middle of nowhere. Since he couldn’t harm her directly, destroying some of her prized computers was the closest thing to revenge possible at that moment.

With the earpiece hidden in the inside pocket of his denim Jacket, David went to the nearest post-office center and prepared a small package for Amber that was to be delivered within the following forty-eight hours. It was too risky for him to simply leave the gadget on her mailbox as The Black Queen’s spies were sure to be in the neighborhood looking for something unusual. Inside the small card box, he left an equally small note with six plain words written in capital letters:


He signed it with an X inside a circle, the symbol of the TV show he simply loathed. Amber was sure to understand its meaning and act accordingly (or at least, that’s what he hoped…). He wished her luck and went home, waiting for the next call of his hypnotic mistress that was bound to occur soon.

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