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Power Girl cosplayer pointing at her eyes 0

Her Eyes?

A humorous piece I made today in response to a thread at the Hypnopics-Collective. Given that the caption is exactly 55 words long as well, I’ll be adding it to my corresponding photo-stories gallery, too. If you haven’t checked those out yet, why don’t you do so now? Have fun. Read More

Mummification 0

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 174

Today’s piece is partially born of a request. Earlier today, I received a message from someone that prefers to remain unidentified asking me if I could write one of these shorties with some form of mummification at the core of it. Although not something I’m particularly fond of, I accepted Read More


2015-2016 Pieces

Here, you can find the pictures I worked with during the years of 2015 and 2016. Please enjoy.


Classics (A-H)

Classic pieces refers to the work I’ve produced between 2006 and 2012. This page is for the pieces from A to H. Please use the links below to navigate to the other two galleries in this section. Classics (I-P)     Classics (Q-Z) Classics (I-P)     Classics (Q-Z)

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