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Photo-Stories Collage 0

Photo-Stories and Manips 2018 #1

The pieces included are entitled The Year of Your Slavery, Something Delicious, Snow White’s Untold Story, and The Hard Way. Have fun.

Pixie Dust 0

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 224

Time to be silly once more. Today’s idea is inspired by the world of Peter Pan but, as usual, some things are quite different in nature. They’re still good though… I think. I hope you like it. Until tomorrow. Pixie Dust “Now that I have my hook on you there’s Read More


In 55 Words – 2017 (August)

Below are the short stories of the eighth month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy. Party Night (August 1st) “What a migraine…” Jeremy mumbled. “Party night?” Oliver inquired. “Not sure.” “Ah… hangover.” “I do recall being hung at some point.” “Are those rope marks on your wrists?” “I guess.” “It looks Read More

Beauty and the Beast 0

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 171

It’s time for another familiar story to become something else within my secret box of deviant thoughts. After my recent folly with the world of Aladdin, I began thinking of other tales I could subvert. The following was the first that came to mind. I suspect others will follow, eventually. Read More

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