Sapphire’s Will

A little something I cooked up for my friend Wrider a few years ago after he started talking about sapphires and strippers. I added another “S” to the mix, even though I never mention it explicitly in the story. However, should you read it, I’m sure you won’t have a problem knowing what that “S” stands for.”

“And now, for your pleasure and entertainment alone, I give you the Angel of Temptation that will have your hormones running helplessly wild. She’s our club’s main attraction and, undoubtedly, one of the most tantalizing women upon the face of the Earth! Hold your breaths before she takes them away, and try to keep your legs still even though you’re bound to fail because when she dances, everything bows to Sapphire’s will!” announced The Red Rose’s proprietor with the rough voice of one who had had too many drinks already.

The stage was lit from all directions with tints of blue and she practically tore the curtains down upon making her entrance, wearing a stretch velvet mini-dress and lace-up coat, complete with patent crotch boots and feathered, heavenly wings on her back. Sexy, blonde, and unbelievably voluptuous, the color of her eyes had been the deciding factor in choosing her alias as an “exotic dancer”, and every piece of clothing she wore in her performances had been personally designed to replicate as much as possible the unmistakable allure of her penetrating gaze.

It was rumored for a long time that a single sway of her hips could bring about anyone to their knees. Man or woman, it didn’t really matter, for the way she played with her body and rubbed herself against the pole was nothing short of mesmerizing. Whenever she was performing, only the music was heard in the background; everything else faded into silence, enveloped by her magnetic aura.

Of all the people in the audience that night, it’s safe to say that the one most impressed by her erotic tease was Walter Mitchell, the youngest CEO of the notoriously famous advertising company VetroMarket. Because of his job and the company’s reputation, he wasn’t supposed to be there at all. However, he couldn’t resist the hormone rage of his mid-twenties, especially after hearing so many stories about Sapphire’s beauty and sexiness. Now that she was dancing feverishly so close to him, he could attest the veracity of those tales, and he certainly knew what he wanted:

“How much for a private session?” he dared to ask her when she rolled on the stage like a tigress and the proximity of her bountiful breasts made his mouth dry.

She started crawling towards him, enthralling eyes fixed on him, her entire body oozing irrefutable seduction. Then, in a fast and almost incomprehensible torsion of her legs, her boots became so very close to his nose and he could smell the power in them.

“I don’t do private sessions, sweetie,” she answered, in a kind and yet disdainful way, as if he was way out of her league, which wasn’t exactly a lie.

“I’ll pay whatever you want!” Walter mumbled and opened his wallet, revealing dozens upon dozens of one hundred dollar bills stacked upon one another. “And there’s more where this came from….”

“Is that so?” she purred as her interest was spiked. She contorted herself again until her lovely face was so close to him he couldn’t see anything else. “Hmmm… Perhaps, I can make an exception for you, then, if you’ll be so kind to put some of those right here, right now…” and she showed him more of her cleavage while her luscious lips blew him a kiss.

“S-sure….” Walter said, trembling like a teenager. He took a handful of notes and placed them right between her breasts but without ever touching them.

“My show ends in twenty minutes,” she whispered as she moved away from him once more. “I’ll ask someone to take you to my dressing room and then we can talk about the full price for what you’re asking….”

He found himself simply nodding, completely in awe in the presence of her godlike charms and as her clothes began to come undone in the most provoking ways imaginable, only a couple of Vodka shots kept him reasonably sane during the rest of the show.

As promised, shortly after she left the stage and thunderous applause echoed in the room, a brawny bouncer dressed in black from head to toe came to him and told him that “Miss Sapphire requested his presence immediately.” Walter got up, drank the last shot on the table and pathetically tried to adjust his tie and hair as he was led backstage, across a series of intersecting corridors with a labyrinthine-like structure. Her dressing room was in the dead center of it, spreading its sexual attraction all around.

The bouncer knocked on the door, announcing that “her guest had arrived” and was quickly dismissed when she opened the door. She had already changed into a different outfit, although the color of it was pretty much the same. Now she was wearing a vinyl back lace-up corset dress with front belt detail, front zipper, boning, and detachable garters combined with a pair of 6″ spike heel ankle boots. Around her neck, one could see a very elegant and expensive 14k solid white gold pendant with a top-grade trilliant concave-cut authentic Swiss blue sapphire in its center.

“Why don’t you sit?” she suggested, even though it felt more like a command than anything else.

Walter complied as he admired the beauty and luxury of her dressing room, from the make-up desk with the oversized mirror above it where she could admire her good- looks and become even more enticing, to the open closet where her extravagant attires of enticement were carefully aligned against each other, each one designed to target all areas of human libido at the same time.

“So you want a private session, huh?” she asked circling him. She was holding something in her hands, but he couldn’t really see what it was. “You can have it, but only for 20 Grand. What do you say?”

“I said I’d pay anything you wanted and I intend to do just that. I don’t have that much money on me right now, though. Only a little over 8.000 dollars, but I can get you the rest the moment we’re done, I promise.”

“Hmmm…” she muttered leaning toward him from behind. There was a “click” and, suddenly, Walter found himself handcuffed to the chair. “I’m going to take your word for it, dear, because you’re actually quite handsome and all. Of course, you know how this goes: I can touch you, but you can’t touch me, hence the cuffs, understood?”

“Of course, whatever you say,” he replied automatically, his arousal building.

“Good. Please tell me your name. If this is going to be a private session, it’s only fair I get to know some things about you.” she said, delicately, her voice a pure joy to hear.

“My name is Walter Mitchell and I was recently appointed CEO of VetroMarket.”

“Oh… how fascinating! No wonder you’re willing to pay whatever price I ask of you. You’re loaded, aren’t you, Wally?” she asked, giggling.

“It’s Walter,” he replied.

Sapphire placed one of her long legs around his stomach, moving soundlessly into another of her uncanny positions that seemed impossible for a mere mortal to do without breaking a bone or two. Soon, she was wrapped around him, her gorgeous ass pressed hard against his ever-growing and throbbing erection, her hands rubbing the skin-tight dress in a sultry fashion. The gem around her neck sparkled and so did her eyes, in what was clearly something else other than a trick of the light.

“Sapphire’s will says it’s Wally, dear. And surely you don’t want to go against Sapphire’s will, do you?”

Walter was completely taken aback by the glint he saw, and even more so by the way her voice became deeper and seeped into his mind with the strength of a rampaging hurricane. Mouth slightly agape, he tried to come to terms with the weirdness of the feeling, yet neither logic nor reason could explain the sudden loss of control that overcame him.

“I… what…?” he asked, dazed by the contradictory mesh of impulses now roaming through his brain.

“Sapphire’s will is everything.” she continued, now caressing his face with her golden hair. Her eyes kept on shimmering from inside out and her hands started playing idly next to his thighs, occasionally moving towards his crotch. The strangest thing was that, even though he could only see two of them, he felt as if they were three and the third one was slinking inside his shirt and tickling his back. “That’s why you’re here. You have come to bow down to it!”

“That’s not true… I…”

Walter couldn’t do a thing to escape her kiss. When their lips touched and their tongues were intertwined in fervent passion, there was more than an exchange of saliva going on. Power was also transferred; energy was unleashed and absorbed whilst a hint of fire on the tips of her fingers gave the dressing room a yellow-orange afterglow.

“It is your will to become Sapphire’s pet….” she cooed, as he grew weaker and powerless, but also more aware of the true nature of the creature before him.

The description of Angel of Temptation the club proprietor had used to announce her stage entrance was truly befitting, for she combined the celestial beauty of what’s usually deemed as a vision of Heaven with the majestic and overflowing power of sin and Hell. For a brief fraction of a second, no more, no less, he saw the small pointy horns underneath her hair, the shadowed wings wide open in front of him and knew that the third hand was, in fact, a tail. Immediately, he knew what she was, though he couldn’t remember the canonical designation of those of her kind. It started with a T, no… an S… she was a… a…

“… Demon,” he eventually said when the proper word failed to roll out of his tongue.

“No, no, no… nasty words like that aren’t allowed, here! I am a Princess of The Netherworld, Mistress, Owner and you are now slave, toy, pet… Sapphire’s words are true, and they’ll be obeyed!” she instructed, channeling one last charge of mental force onto the remaining barriers that protected his free will.

They were shattered instantly and, at that exact moment, Walter’s manliness gave into the rush of overwhelming pleasure and he came, fast and furious, each drop of milky semen signaling his descent into complete thraldom. When he spoke again, his words were ingrained with the aching need to serve.

“Sapphire’s will controls me….”

“You’re a fast learner! Excellent!” she declared upon removing the cuffs from his wrists and having him kneel before her. “You’re so young and vibrant that your sexual vigor will ensure my sustenance for a very long time. From now on, servicing my needs is all you’ll ever do, isn’t that right, slave?”

“Yes, my Mistress.”

With a snap of her fingers, the dressing room decoration dissolved in a series of surrealistic brush strokes, the same ones that came to paint a new scenario where red and black were the predominant colors and an ivory throne awaited its rightful occupant.

Sapphire sat, her beauty surpassing even the one of the royal seat, as she looked down at Walter with lustful eyes. Crossing her legs once, she gave him a sneak peak of her unearthly most precious treasure and the serf panted with an excitement hard to contain. A final display of magic power turned the whole division soundproof and then her tail grabbed him by the neck like a living whip, reeling him into the sacred place of ecstatic devotion that would become his addiction until the end of his mortal days.

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