Welcome to my services/requests/commissions page. Want a shortie just for you? Have a concept for a story you’re unable to put into words? Looking for a bit of image fun, a photo-story/manip to suit your fetish desires? Perhaps I can help.

Creativity drives me as a person and I’m always looking for new ways to exercise it. On occasions in the past, I’ve written and created specific imagery for others – mostly friends. You can find examples of such spread throughout other pages of this site. Now, I’m branching out, opening things up a little more. Feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you have in mind. I can write light, I can write dark, and everything in-between. If I’m able to work with your thoughts, I will, and we’ll both benefit from it. If I can’t, perhaps someone else out there can fulfill your aspirations.

And now you’re probably wondering how much will I be charging for things like these. The answer is:

  • 1,5€ for a personalized short story/caption/photo-story up to 500 words;
  • 4€ for each 1000 words worth of writing;

Smaller enterprises will usually be delivered in 24 hours or less. Longer ones will vary, depending on the concept, length desired, etc. Payments are to made to my Paypal account. Look for the button at the end of every page in this site.

That’s the gist of it. Other ways in which you can apply to make use of my creativity are the following:

1 – Social Media Promotion

I love creating things but I’ve never been much for heavily promoting them. I’ve improved a lot in that department ever since Spell… B-O-U-N-D came to be but still feel I’m not good at it. Why don’t you give me a hand? Follow me on social media, share some of my work there via the share buttons attached to my posts and pages, help raise the awareness levels regarding my creations. Comments are always appreciated too. Below are the links to my social accounts:

2 – Purchase any of my E-books at Smashwords or Amazon

It’s affordable entertainment and also helps me and Spell… B-O-U-N-D grow in visibility too. I get more royalties out of Smashwords but Amazon’s exposure and reach are way superior overall. Reviews are also more than welcome so you can consider “gifting” me with some as well, but only if you genuinely like my work.

3 – Help with the site’s maintenance costs

You can also use the Paypal donation button for this purpose. Should you wish to contribute – the value is up to you – your gesture will not go unappreciated. Funds will revert to keeping this site afloat and maybe add more functionalities to it in the future.

And that’s it. If you know of any other way in which you can assist in exchange for a slice of my creativity, let me know. Contact me with your requests and ideas and we’ll see what can be done. If I can help you in any way as well, I will. In the meantime, always remember to have fun. S.B. over and out.

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