Practice Makes Perfect

A story for my friend Rosie, written at a time when holiday ideas were abundant. It’s a fun little romp about a lady that’s definitely much more than meets the eye, and let’s just say her practices are quite appealing to me when it comes to fantasy scenarios, so… enjoy.

The three girls sitting at the bar were a sight for the eyes, sore or not. Like a magnet, their table drew anyone’s attention even though one seat was vacant and, as long as that remained, their plans couldn’t come to fruition.

“Where on earth is she?” finally asked one of them as she looked outside and then sighed.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting….” said a gentle voice almost immediately in return. As if she had materialized out of thin air, the beautiful redhead who wore a stunningly short emerald dress took her rightful place and ordered herself a pint of Guinness. “Even though I tried, I couldn’t escape the conference sooner.”

“That’s okay. At least, now you’re here.” replied another girl, a petite blonde with a smile as big as the world.

“Have you decided upon something, yet?” the newcomer asked, taking a glance at the holiday brochures scattered all over the table.

“Cyprus seems to be everyone’s favorite destination, Claire.” said the one sitting next to the blonde and the others nodded. “Still, we would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.”

Claire grabbed the corresponding brochure whilst taking a sip of her beer and couldn’t help but feel delighted at the sight of pristine beaches combined with impressive architecture. It wasn’t hard to understand where all the attraction had come from.

“Well, it sure looks inviting. I’m not going to object, Alana. I say we should definitely paint the island red!”

“Great!” exclaimed the blonde girl whose name, Niamh, suited her just perfectly. “Let’s make a toast on that, then!”

Caitlin, the impatient one, was the first to raise her glass.

“I second that!”

Imbued with nothing more than happiness, the four friends managed to capture even more everyone’s stare with their frantic giggles at the prospect of a wonderful, relaxing time. However, no one was more interested in them than the bartender himself, a handsome man in his late twenties who had never seen a group of more alluring women in his life before. As he played with his four-leaf clover keychain behind the counter, he wondered if he would get to be lucky that day.

“Have you noticed how he’s ogling us?” asked Claire in-between laughs.

“Hard not to see, don’t you think?” retorted Alana. “He’s been at it ever since we got here.”

“And you still haven’t done anything about it? Shame on you, girls!”

“I’m cutting back on men at the moment.” confided Caitlin.

“Me too,” agreed Niamh. “I need to save my energies for when we reach Cyprus, after all!”

“What’s your excuse, Alana?”

“I… hmmm… Actually, I haven’t got one. So, how do you want to settle this?”

“The usual way….” Claire took a coin out of her purse. “Heads or tails?”

“Heads all the way for me…”

The coin whirled and twirled in the air, and bounced off one of the corners of the table before falling to the ground.

“Looks like I get to win this one,” declared Claire, cheerfully.

“Why am I not surprised?”

“Wish me luck, Alana!”

“As if you need it… Go easy on him, will you?”

“I can’t make any promises about that….” she winked and left the table, her hips swaying graciously as her green eyes twinkled.

To write she took his breath away upon getting close is most certainly an understatement but, at the lack of better words, these have to suffice. There was something irresistible about her confident ways, a powerful force that rendered all thoughts impossible except the ones dictated by the libido. When confronted with it, Brad never stood a chance.

“Could I have another pint, please?” she asked, her red-painted fingernails tapping the counter rhythmically as if dancing to the sound of an ethereal tune.

“S-sure,” he said cursing himself silently for the sudden stutter. That was a first and a most embarrassing situation. He poured her drink and for a moment got lost in the radiance emanating from her.

“Thanks. I’m Claire, by the way. Some people say my middle name is trouble but, quite frankly, I prefer mischief….”

“Is t-that so? I’m Brad. P-pleased to meet you….”

“Then how come you seem so nervous?” she asked, leaning over the counter so he could get a clear view of her bosom along with her smoldering eyes.

“I… haven’t got a clue,” he answered in good honesty. Picking up a conversation with women had never been a problem for him, yet she was different, somehow. The more he looked at her, the more he felt his legs trembling. It was against all the house rules, but a drink was in order for him as well and he wasted no time in quenching his needs.

“Can I ask you a personal question, Brad?”

“Hmmm… s-sure?” he said, between sips.

“How do you measure a woman’s attractiveness? What’s the scale you use?”

“The most common one, I t-think, numeric values from one to ten.

She bit her lower lip naughtily, never averting eye contact.

“Am I a ten to you?”

“No. You’re d-definitely more than that. My… my scale is in dire need of a revision….”

“Oh, aren’t you the sweetest thing?” Claire said as she blew him a kiss. “Sweet and pliable….”

“Hmmm… what did you just say?”

“I think it’s about time we leave this place. There’s a storage room in the back, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, but I… I c-can’t leave the counter unattended….”

“Of course you can, Brad. You can and you will, dear. Show me the way.”

“Claire, I… I’m afraid I’ll have to d-decline your suggestion….”

“It wasn’t a suggestion….” Her eyes twinkled once more, and a spark of power was promptly conveyed. “Obey me, Brad.” she cooed.

The use of that particular verb caused something in his mind to shrink whilst another something in his pants grew out of proportions. His legs buckled almost immediately and his actions soon ceased to be his own, as the hardness below took full control of the softness above.

With vacant eyes, he led her unthinkingly to the storage room and locked the door from within the moment he was instructed to do so.

“You’re very good at following orders just like I imagined you would be, Brad. Now, strip and pin yourself against that wall over there.”

“As you wish, Claire.” he droned, all of his nervousness from before replaced by complete subservience and an ardent desire to carry out her every instruction. He took all of his clothes in a flash and saluted her with his stiff manhood as he marched towards the only wall in the division that was free of alcoholic beverages.

“Spread your legs and raise your arms, pet!”

Once again, he complied with utmost precision. Already a prisoner of the mind, he was about to have his body trapped as well.

It was then that Claire’s right index finger did the impossible, revealing a glimpse of her true nature. By simply pointing it to designated places, she made four rainbow-colored shackles appear out of nowhere, leaving him completely helpless and even more aroused.

“Well then, now that I’ve done my magic, it’s time you do yours….” she purred as she slid her panties down and gave him a peek at the delicacies underneath her dress. When the two bodies finally met, a wave of overwhelming ecstasy engulfed the whole room.

* * *

Half an hour later, Claire returned to the table, visibly pleased. Obedient sex slaves weren’t exactly a novelty to her, but Brad had certainly lived up to her most ambitious expectations.

“Did you have fun?” Alana asked the moment she saw her delighted smile

“Oh, definitely… tell me, girls, you don’t have anything planned for tonight, do you?”

All of them said “no”.

“Good, because I have a surprise for you…. Meet me at our place after dinner, okay?”

Caitlin immediately raised a curious eyebrow.

“What have you been up to this time?”

“Like I said, it’s a surprise, but don’t worry, you’re bound to enjoy it.”

And no matter how much they tried, none of them was capable of having Claire reveal her secret. However, since the bartender had never returned to his post, a couple of speculations were in order and a strange anticipation pretty much haunted them until the sun started to set.

* * *

Their place was a cleary in the middle of the nearby woods, a place always infused with mesmerizing light and where all dreams were said to come alive.

Alana, Caitlin, and Niamh arrived there at the same time, only to found out that Claire was already there, accompanied by four naked studs whose foreheads touched the ground in highest devotion.

“You may raise your heads now, slaves, but remain on your knees,” she commanded.

In unison, the four thralls gladly followed the sound of her voice.

“Welcome to the party!” Claire said to the other girls. “You already know Brad from the bar, and tonight you’ll get to know his closest friends as well. I’ve already prepared them for you, so take your pick….”

“So this was your big surprise, huh? Oh, Claire, if you continue like this, one of these days you’re going to blow your covers away and I happen to enjoy living amongst humans, you know?” declared Niamh.

“Since they’re not going to remember any of this in the morning, you have nothing to worry about, my dear.”

“Didn’t I tell you I was cutting back on men?” protested Caitlin.

“Yes, you did, but are you really going to let an opportunity like this pass you by? Just look at them: I brought nothing more than the finest male specimens of this part of Ireland and they’re all so very anxious to be our toys! Since we’re only leaving for Cyprus in a month’s time, I say we should definitely play for a while until then! After all, practice makes perfect, right?”

It didn’t take long to convince them. The moment their eyes glimmered at the same time, Claire knew for a fact the night would be an unforgettable one.

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