Perfect For Each Other

A small, quasi-romantic piece I very much enjoy. I thought of expanding it into something else many times in the past but never got to it and I don’t think I ever will. Why ruin a perfect thing? Enjoy.

After many months of almost daily online chatting, Sam Barnes finally made his move. Putting aside all reservations for a moment, he typed sincerely on the keyboard.

“I think we should meet.”

The response took a while, far more than he initially hoped for, but finally came through. Enclosed in a series of surprised smileys, Annabelle wrote:

“That’s funny, I was about to suggest the same.”

“Perfect. I’m very pleased to know that…. So, how shall we do this?”

“You live near New York, right? Well, I’ll be flying there in a week from now on business. How about Monday afternoon, on the 102nd-floor Observatory of the Empire State Building?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“It’s a done deal, then. I’ll be the brunette wearing a purple raincoat. See you there, then, Sam. Bye for now.”

He was about to ask her to wait a little longer but didn’t get the chance to. She was gone in a flash, and he was left to his thoughts, staring at the computer screen. Things had certainly gone well, and he started dreamily anticipating the moment when they were finally face to face. In the wake of so many naughty conversations about hypnosis and the prospect of mind-control, he longed to show her some of the techniques his recent studies had taught him. New York, The Big Apple, would be the perfect stage for unfolding temptation, the place where he would claim his first sex slave.

* * *

The week went by in a flash as they say and, just before leaving for the big city, Sam mentally reviewed his favorite induction over and over again, to make sure everything turned out perfectly in the end. The car ride was quite pleasant, despite the not so friendly weather, and he arrived just in time to grab lunch at his friend Pete’s pizza place, before rushing to meet the feisty companion of wordy X-rated nights.

Only a handful of people were at the Observatory when he stepped out of the elevator, and Annabelle was easy to spot in her glossy attire and knee-high matching boots. He liked everything about her, from the long black hair caught in a ponytail, to her big, sapphire eyes and gorgeous smile. He couldn’t wait to get her under and explore every inch of her body while she knelt blissfully, filled with the desire of tasting his rod.

“Annabelle? Hi, I’m Sam,” he said, smiling as he leaned for a kiss. “Wow, you’re even more beautiful than I thought.”

“It’s a pleasure, Sam,” she responded, offering him her rosy, left cheek. “You’re quite handsome yourself, I have to say.”

The initial acknowledgment and flirting were all good and that, but he immediately put his plan underway. Gently nudging her to move to a less central location where the other people wouldn’t notice them, his right hand reached into the inner pocket of his jacket as he said:

“I brought you a gift.” and took out a silver pocket watch.

“Me too”, replied Annabelle unbuttoning her raincoat to reveal an amethyst and diamond necklace that glimmered gracefully when exposed to the sunlight.

An awkward silence fell around them, as they both saw through each other’s intentions and then started laughing out loud like two silly teenagers.

“Oh, my God!” he exclaimed first. “You were going to try to hypnotize me!

“It looks like I wasn’t the only one, you sneaky bastard!” she kept on laughing, and apparently unwilling to stop.

“You’re right on the money! Well, this is somewhat embarrassing….”

“But highly amusing, you have to agree.”

“Hmmm, yes… yes, I do. Unfortunately, this seems to be a no-win situation for both of us.”

“Why on Earth do you say that?” Annabelle asked, playing with her pendant.

“None of your schemes will work now that the cat’s out of the bag. I wanted to control you, and you wanted to control me, but nobody will get to be on top in the end.”

She stopped laughing and her eyes twinkled, clearly stating otherwise.

“Unless we take turns…. My business meeting is only tomorrow, so I do have the rest of the afternoon free, you know?”

“You’re serious?!!”

“It’s up to you to find out, Sam!”

“Tempting, but how are we going to decide who gets to play the dominant role first?”

Rubbing herself gently against his chest, she purred:

“I’ll let you be the first in charge, but only until sunset. The night is all mine!”

Sam bit his lower lip and got even harder than when he dreamt about being Master and Master alone. His heart also skipped a beat, and then another, and another. He knew right away they were perfect for each other.

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