Other Stories

This page serves as the index for the bulk of my work throughout the years.

It includes short stories, medium-length stories, larger stories, etc, arranged alphabetically and properly categorized. Most of them are female dominant in nature, with just a few offshoots sprinkled in-between. Because of their length, some stories have been divided into multiple pages, one for each chapter.

The categories list is based off the one present at the EMCSA website, with a few minor modifications, and goes as follows:

– bd: bondage and/or discipline – cb: comic book and/or super-hero/heroine –

– ds: dominance and/or submission – ex: exhibionism – fd: female dominant –

– ff: female/female sex – ft: fetish (usually clothing) – hm: humiliation – ho: horror –

hu: humor – hy: hypnosis – ma: masturbation – mc: mind control – md: male dominant –

– mf: male/female sex – rb: robots – ro: romance –

– sf: science fiction – tr: transformation



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