In 55 Words – 2017 (September)

Below are the short stories of the ninth month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

A Beautiful Tale (September 1st)

“0 words, 0 characters,” the counter said.
David sighed. He had promised to write something special for Amber’s birthday but nothing came out.
Nothing except blank spaces. And her eyes peering from behind the screen.
Blank spaces. And her eyes.
Blank. Eyes.
Blank. Eyes.
He sank deep into a beautiful tale of hypnotic surrender.

Numbers (September 2nd)

Eight people sitting around a table.
Seven listening closely to wondrous sounds.
Six feeling the pull intensify on their weary minds.
Five struggling to keep their eyes open.
Four already under.
Three repeating every word they hear, accepting them as real.
Two beginning to strip.
One whispering: “Kneel before your Goddess.”
Which number are you?

Fetid (September 3rd)

“My stomach!” Clark rushed to the bathroom.
“How long are you going to continue punishing him, Marjorie?” Sophia asked.
“Until he admits he cheated on me.”
“Okay, but did you really have to give him constant diarrhea?”
“It’s all in his head,” she waved her pendant.
“Tell that to his ass,” Sophia covered her nose.

Webnosis (September 4th)

Error Code: 032-1820
Cannot confirm the security of the certificate for this page.
Allow connection anyway? (This is not recommended.)

Not much for recommendations, Brad opened the blog, saw the pictures, read the tales, and went to bed, dreaming of spirals. Nothing wrong happened.
Why he woke up wearing makeup and panties he’ll never know.

Vitamins Are Good For Him (And You) (September 5th)

Francis got up and poured himself a glass of water.
For three months now, Johanna’s multi-vitamin cocktail was the only thing that kept him going, and he was so very grateful.
For drinking it every day.
For drifting into subspace without hesitation.
For being fucked senselessly while she laughed over his drooping body.
Want some?

Withdrawal (September 6th)

Another day, another migraine.
Pain. Acute. Intense. Excruciating.
Nathaniel sat at the edge of the bed, missing the impossible.
The tears had dried yet he could still hear them falling.
Her voice was gone, her commands were gone, the bliss was gone.
He remained, mind split open, the wind blowing through.
Another day, another migraine.

Almost Hypnotic (September 7th)

Claudia worked the pole, tirelessly, stripping clothes and inhibitions with a twist of her hips, and a vigorous shake of her ass. She loved taking center stage in every man’s libido and watch them drool in ecstasy.
“You’re almost hypnotic,” Greg muttered, head growing as light as his wallet.
“Almost?” She grinned, pulling him deeper.

Point Blank (September 8th)

“You raped me!” Alex spat.
“You wanted me to…” Lucy mocked.
“No, never! I didn’t consent to that when you hypnotized me.”
“Your subconscious said otherwise.”
“What if I am? There’s nothing you can do about it now.”
He held a gun to her chest. “Are you sure?”
One bullet was all it took.

Procrastination (September 9th)

“I’ll hypnotize you tomorrow,” Janice said.
“Tomorrow, okay?”

The following day…

“My head hurts. I’ll hypnotize you tomorrow.”

The following day…

“Not in the mood. I’ll hypnotize you tomorrow.”

Two-hundred and fifty-two days later…

“I’ve got great news, Bill.”
“Such as…?”
“I’ll hypnotize you tomorrow.”

It’s going to be a very long year.

Acid (September 10th)

“I hate you,” Matt confessed. “You ransack my mind and shatter my thoughts. Your words are pure acid and yet all I want is to follow them into oblivion. Why?”
“Because being deprived of choice…” Kimberly kicked him hard. “… is better than everything else.”
Helplessly humiliated, he knelt to lick the blood off her heel.

Showers (September 11th)

Omar’s journey started with a meteor shower, streaks of light filling the skies.
Then came a hypnotic shower as Piper’s words harmonized with the patterns above. Every single one made sense, becoming a part of who he was. He listened and obeyed.
Soon, the night will end, but the showers begin anew.
She loves gold.

The Plot Does Not Thicken (September 12th)

This tale takes place in a city. In it, a woman hypnotizes a man. The method of control is a covert one. It ends with the man deep in trance, forced to kiss her ass until his lips grow numb. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have used a random plot generator online. Next!

A Whisper of Ink (September 13th)

The snake slithered across her left arm, forked tongue licking the fabric of the universe.
On her right leg, a Chinese symbol spoke of peace and tranquility.
However, what really ensnared him was the spiral on her back, contracting and expanding with each breath.
Gently, he closed his eyes as she branded him for life.

Home (September 14th)

Everything looked better in the pictures. The rooms were bigger, the furniture appeared new, light shone everywhere.
In reality, the divisions were cold, cramped, drowning in vestigial traces of memories long gone.
Only Amber’s paintings had real substance, protruding from the walls into the depths of Jack’s imagination. Her brush, his thoughts.
Home hypnotic home.

Exposure (September 15th)

“This is so weird…” Brian commented.
“What is?” Melissa asked, her legs crossed seductively in front of him.
“Self-promoting. I’m not good at exposing myself.”
“Need some assistance with that?”
“Yes, please.”
“Just relax then…” she cooed, preparing him for trance.
After that day, exposure was never a problem again. Porn sites say “Thank you.”

True Goddess (September 16th)

“Luke, it’s three a.m. Turn off the console… now!”
“But honey… I’m in the middle of the final boss fight!” He replied, holding on to the controller as if it were the Holy Grail.
“I am thou, thou art I…” Bethany whispered in his ear, awakening the slave persona.
The Goddess of Control wins again.

Slave Blogger (September 17th)

Daniel sighed. Blogging was hard when he felt he had nothing to say, and the keyboard mocked him at every turn.
Taking a deep breath, he glanced at the blinking icon on the taskbar. Therein, the gateway to his only source of inspiration.
“Obey,” Janice’s voice penetrated his mind.
He acquiesced and began to write.

Surveys (September 18th)

A recent survey has shown men yearn to be dominated by women.
A recent survey has shown they constantly try to deny this.
A recent survey has shown that the words “a recent survey has shown” are powerful hypnotic triggers.
A recent survey has shown you’re on your knees right now. Do as you’re told.

Far-fetched (September 19th)

Dinah opened the door.
“Is everything okay? I heard screaming…”
“Everything’s fine, Nate. Just torturing a guy.”
“Sure you are.”
“Don’t believe me?”
“Good. It’s the TV.”
“Enjoy the show then.”
“Please come inside.”
“So I can hypnotize you and cage you in the basement.”
“I still don’t believe you.”
He would.

Permanence (September 20th)

“People come and go, feelings change, radiate. Light becomes shadow, bones crumble to dust. Everything that exists now is destined to become something else entirely, except one thing. Do you know what it is?” Katie asked, metal collar in hand.
“Your control,” Andrew responded, eyes fixed on its gleaming reflections.
Permanence is a wonderful thing.

Plan A, B, C… (September 21st)

Attract prospect man-slave with pheromone perfume. If that doesn’t work…
Bash prospect man-slave on the head and use drugs to render him docile. If that doesn’t work…
Coax prospect man-slave with subliminal messages until his brain turns to mush. If that doesn’t work…
Dominate the writer or anyone that reads this. No one will mind.

The Countdown (September 22nd)

“Count down with me,” Mara began. “One hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven, ninety-five…”
“You skipped ninety-six,” Claude noted.
“Did I?”
“Okay. Ninety-four, ninety-three, ninety-two, ninety-one, eighty-nine…”
“You skipped a number again.”
“Oh? Silly me… I’m glad you’re paying attention.”
“Someone has to…” he shrugged. “So when are you putting me under?”
“When indeed?” She smiled.

Odyssey (September 23rd)

“Oh my God, Mario possessed a Goomba!”
“Jack!” Amber protested. “You’ve watched that trailer a million times now! How can you still be surprised?”
“It’s so fucking hype!” He replied.
“Less hype, more fucking please!” She threw her hat at him.
Immediately, his eyes glazed over, much to her surprise.
Mind-controlling odyssey, here we go!

Awesome (September 24th)

Paul looked at her T-shirt.
“Seriously?” You really are full of yourself, Daisy.”
“Not as much as you are filled with me.”
“No way.”
“The fact that you keep staring proves my point.”
“If you think I’m going to wear something ridiculous too…”
“I think you’re not going to wear a thing.”
She was right.

A Question of Time (September 25th)

“What time is it?” Darren inquired.
“It’s half-past seven,” Mandy, the hypnotist, replied.
“Huh? You told me it was half-past seven an hour ago.”
“True, and it’s still going to be half-past seven one hour from now.”
“Are you messing with my perception of Time once again?” He asked, bewildered.
“No, my watch is broken.”

If Only… (September 26th)

“… you loved me the way I loved you,” Harry said, head hanging low.
Claudia averted his gaze.
“I’m sorry, but it was all in your head.”
“You didn’t have to break the spell.”
“So you’d suffer on the inside, holding onto an illusion? Never!”
“I will always serve you.”
“I know. Time to wake up.”

Better than a Patch (September 27th)

“What was the strangest request you ever had, Mistress Delight?” the journalist asked.
“Well… Jacob here,” she pointed at the slave to her right, “told me he wanted to be my hypnotic asstray.”
“Surely you mean ‘ashtray’?
“No. Allow me to demonstrate…”
She lit a cigarette.
The slave bent.
The journalist quit smoking that day.

Family Night (September 28th)

Angela couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Mom? Dad? What the…?”
“Be quiet, please. Your father is almost under,” Denise said.
“Hypnosis, really? That’s your new kink?”
“Not just mine, you know?”
Angela followed her gaze and saw her brother masturbating in a corner.
“Are you mad?”
“More like horny. Pass me the pendant, will you?”

New Policy (September 29th)

“Are you sure this is the new work dress code policy?” Jake asked.
“Positive. Didn’t you read the memo?” Theresa grinned.
“I honestly don’t remember.”
She handed him a copy. The paper smelled of unbridled lust and the letters in it spiraled in and out of sight. It all made perfect sense now.
CFNM rules!

Write ’til You Drop (Into Trance) (September 30th)

“He’s been doing this for nine months straight?”
“Twenty-one if you count last year as well. The conditioning goes smoothly.”
“Yes. The more he writes about female dominance, hypnosis, and mind control…”
“… the more he believes he’s your mind-controlled servant.”
“Exactly. Slave, when you’re done with today’s piece, my boots need polishing.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

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