In 55 Words – 2017 (October)

Below are the short stories of the tenth month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Salt and Hypnosis (October 1st)

“So…?” Janice asked.
“Not enough salt,” Bob replied.
“You always complain about my food.”
“Not my fault you never learn.”
“Cook yourself then!”
“This plate says otherwise…”
It was shiny, beautiful. Its reflections urged him to fix her a scrumptious meal and move on to dessert.
She only had one complaint.
Not enough tongue.

Discontinued (October 2nd)

“How are you feeling?” Samantha inquired.
“Better, thank you,” James replied, a smile on his face.
“You understand now why things happened the way they did, don’t you?”
“Yes. I was broken, obsessed…”
“… and that’s no fun at all, is it?”
“Want to do something fun now?”
“Let’s go for a walk then.”

The Bridge (October 3rd)

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Carmen said.
David nodded. That’s not what he wanted to hear but he accepted it. Eyes on the road, he continued driving.
An hour later, he saw it, bathed in neon, the shapes drawing him in as she drained his thoughts.
Entering oblivion never felt so good.

Party Animal (October 4th)

“Please, come with me to the party,” Mel begged.
“No,” Derek replied.
“No hypnosis, promise.”
“I stopped believing you the third time you made me bark in front of all your friends.”
“You prefer to do it just for me then?”
“That’s not what I… woof, woof!”
“Good boy,” she patted him on the head.

Herbert George Slave (October 5th)

“Mr. Wells, it’s an honor, really. I’ve read all your books… The War of the Worlds, The Island of Dr. Moreau… my favorite, of course, is Her Mind-Controlled Slave.”
“I’ve written no such book!” H. G. Wells said, in outrage.
“After tonight… you will.”
The time-traveling hypnotist waved a pen before his eyes and grinned.

Early Celebration (October 6th)

“Yes, General?”
“I see you started your Halloween celebrations early this year.”
“What makes you say that?”
“All the guards outside dressed as Jack-O-Lanterns for starters.”
“Trick or treat?”
“Aren’t they one and the same with you?”
“No. The trick’s on you, the treat is always mine.”
At least orange looked good on him.

A New Follower (October 7th)

“Am I being spammed?” Alan thought as he saw the hit counter skyrocket before his eyes.
Across a sea of stats, he soon realized all the traffic came from the same source. Following the trail of digital breadcrumbs, he reached her site, saw her eyes… and forgot everything except mindless obedience.
A new follower, indeed.

Night Reading (October 8th)

Henry laid down the book.
“Did you like it?” Megan asked.
“I found it boring. Too much hypnosis, not enough sex. You call this porn?”
“No. I call it an induction. Ready for the real thing?”
“I… Yes, my Goddess.”
The remaining chapters awaited him on her naked body.
He read them in braille.

Finner is Servef (October 9th)

“What’s for dinner, Joe?” Ginger asked.
“Fuck a l’Orange,” he blurted.
“Skipping foreplay, are you?”
“Fedinitely not! Huh, why am I talking like this?”
“Because you’re a very good hypnotic subject. Now tell me you want to fuck me.”
“I want to duck you,” he said, embarrassed.
“Don’t forget the orange juice, dear,” she smirked.

Cascading Submissive Spirit (October 10th)

The code was ready. Now all he needed was her approval.
“Well?” Dan scratched his nose.
“It looks quite good, very clean, but I made some adjustments. Please have a look,” Wendy suggested before handing him the laptop.
He read:

your body {
naked: #onyourknees;

your mind {
blank: #eagertoplease;

Rewritten on the spot, he smiled, sheepishly.

Office Hours (October 11th)

“I didn’t order this!” Bruce exclaimed.
“Your signature says otherwise,” the delivery guy noted, grinning. “Here are your fifty copies of Boot Licking Bitch Journal, Mr. Andrews.”
“Hmmm…” He was confused. The last thing he remembered was talking to his boss and…
The click of her heels made his mind kneel. Office hours were fun.

One Story (October 12th)

“How long have you been studying hypnosis, Trish?”
“Five years, Josh.”
“Any good stories?”
“Plenty. They’re for your ears only if…”
“… you have three hours to spare right now.”
“I don’t.”
“How about two?”
“Shall I tell you one then?”
“Please do.”
“So, here I was fast asleep…”
He still hasn’t woke up.

Breach of Policy (October 13th)

YouTube sent you a message: “Your video was removed due to terms of use violation.”
“What video?” Manfred thought. The link on his desktop said it all. He was surprised to see how good he looked masturbating for a camera.
Ever since his sister had become a Hypnodomme, Skype conversations had never been the same.

Fat Chance (of Release) (October 14th)

“Tell me the truth, Hank. Does this dress make me look fat?”
“Of course not, Jess.”
“You’re already chubby enough even without it.”
“I see. Hank, do you remember when you asked me to make your hypnotic chastity device feel less constricting?”
“Hmmm… yes?”
“It’s about to get even tighter. Enjoy, dear!”
He didn’t.

A Bargain (October 15th)

The migration was complete though there were still kinks to iron. Ben looked at his website, and quietly thanked Mandy for the help. New theme, new tools, new ideas… and all she had asked in return was a piece of his mind.
“What a bargain,” he thought, kneeling. The updates would continue throughout the night.

Slaveballs (October 16th)

“Lone Starr, I’m… your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate,” Dark Helmet said in a sexy voice.
“Huh?” The hero shook his head. “What does that make us?”
“Absolutely nothing.” She laughed. “I just wanted to confuse you long enough to hypnotize you. Sleep!”
Lone Starr’s head slumped.
Evil always triumphs because good is suggestible.

Bullshit (October 17th)

“That’s impossible!”
“You’re mistaken, Matt!” 
“You can’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do while hypnotized, David!”
“True, but you can be gently seduced, conditioned into wanting those things until you eventually do them.”
“Says the guy wearing Gemma’s dress…”
“Fuck you!”
“I already did,” David replied, ashamed, dildo in hand.

Dreams of Love (October 18th)

“And… wake up!” Clarissa said.
Jonathan blinked, felt his muscles stir once again.
“Was I sleeping?” He asked.
“For a bit. Did it feel good?”
“Very. At times I think and at times I am. Thank you for letting me be.”
“You’re welcome. Shall we be stupid together now?”
“Gladly,” he leaned for a kiss.

A Hero Falls (October 19th)

“Take it!” She growled.
“No!” He spat.
“Why not?”
“I’ll die if I do.”
“No, you’ll just become my slave.”
“That’s death to me.”
“You were always a drama queen, Jim.”
“And you were never a bitch, Lee.”
“I love being a bitch,” she grabbed another syringe.
He would love to be her bitch too.

Cold Feet (October 20th)

“Anna, I’m… I’m not so sure about this anymore.”
“Awww… getting cold feet all of a sudden, Jack?”
“Yes. It’s my head we’re talking about, for crying out loud!”
“I know, but think how good it’s going to be when it’s nice and clean for me.”
“Shhh… just relax…”
And so the shaving began.

Always So Kind (October 21st)

Nigel sat on the sofa, thoughts curled up like a ball. He was shaking.
“You’re doing it again…” Priscilla said, somberly
Yes, he was. Trapped in a loop of misguided commands placed by another.
“Fight it, sweetie. You’ll be deprogrammed soon enough.”
He looked at her and smiled. Mistress was always so kind to him.

A Ghost Story (October 22nd)

Claudia’s ghost hung over Aaron, whispering…
“Not long now.”
He heard her whilst dreaming, he heard her wide awake and, sometimes, he saw a glimpse of her on the bathroom mirror, grinning.
He shattered it into a million pieces and the shards cried out.
“Not long now… Come serve.”
His body was found on Halloween.

Just Heard… (October 23rd)

“I need to tell you something, Jack. Follow me.”
“What’s up, John?”
“Jill’s a hypnotist. Just heard she confused a guy and made him lick her shoes.”
“No way!”
“It’s true, but don’t tell anyone.”

A few minutes later…

“Jack, why did you follow Jill to the bathroom just now?” Jim asked.
Jack blushed.

Eager Justice (October 24th)

“The video is conclusive. Miss Wick used intense brainwashing to turn patients into drooling man-servants and therefore should be punished.”
“I think more evidence is required, Counselor.”
“Your Honor?”
“Miss Wick, a private demonstration in my quarters?” The judge asked.
“Certainly, Your Honor,” She smirked.
“Session adjourned!”
Justice isn’t blind. Just eager to be mindfucked.

Overrated (October 25th)

Upon hearing news of the intrusion, the Abbot was mortified to discover a group of nuns playing mind-control games with the novices. Seeing so many exposed cocks and pussies made him sick.
“Oh, My God!” He blasphemed. “Is there nothing sacred anymore?”
“Only you but not for long…” Sister Agnes whispered.
Purity is overrated. Amen.

Call of Obedience (October 26th)

“What’s wrong, Luke?” Devon asked, smartphone in hand, headphones on ears.
“Marcia got inside my head again.”
“What does she want you to do now?”
“Not sure.”
“An extra incentive is in order then…”
“She’s on the phone right now, isn’t she?”
He put her on speaker and both answered the call of obedience.

300? (Not Quite)  (October 27th)

The story of the Battle of Thermopylae has been told countless times. Modern fiction loves evoking the brave 300 Spartans that stood against the Persian Empire of Xerxes I, but the reality was way different.
There were no 300 soldiers, only one woman.
As she watched the invaders kneel before her, the time-traveling hypnotist laughed.

Work (of Art) in Progress (October 28th)

“Is that a hand or a foot?” Oscar queried.
“Dunno, but I’m seeing an elbow there,” Timothy nodded.
“What’s the name of the piece again?”
“Three Dozens of Mind-Controlled Servants Stacked On Each Other,” Amanda replied. “It’s a work in progress though.”
“How come?” Timothy asked.
“Missing two subjects. Glad you’re volunteering.”
So were they.

Forgetting Traditions (October 29th)

“Look deep into my eyes. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…”
“That’s so lame, Brooke!” Jason admonished.
“Oh? I thought you liked the traditional stuff,” she purred.
“I do… when you tell me to.”
“I see. I like that you like to forget wearing clothes in my presence.”
He would always remember to forget that.

The Wait (October 30th)

“Serve Obey Submit Surrender Now”
Todd heard the voices again.They weren’t getting louder, but softer, almost as if they were coming out of his own lips. Peering from the darkness of the room, Rachel was all smiles. The breaking point was her favorite moment and he was so close… She licked her lips and waited.

Just a Snack (October 31st)

“Hey, Max! We’re going to be late for the…” Bill’s gasped the moment he entered his friend’s bedroom and saw her.
“Hi, Bill,” Max slurred. “Amber’s vampire costume is pretty great, huh?”
“Max, that’s not Amber and… your neck is bleeding.”
“Just a snack,” she thought for he would be the main course. Happy Halloween!


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