In 55 Words – 2017 (June)

Below are the short stories of the sixth month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

Business Opportunity (June 1st)

“I need a new apartment and…”
“I couldn’t help but overhear. Felicia Davies, real estate agent,” a lovely redhead produced a card.
Noel and his brother looked at it, becoming immediately enraptured by the spiraling pattern at the center.
“Oops, wrong card,” she giggled.
The first place she would show them was her private dungeon.

Graduation Day (June 2nd)

“I don’t get it,” Harry remarked. “How come Becky’s graduating when she skipped every class in the whole year?”
“Not all of them,” Oliver corrected him. “I know for a fact she finished one.”
“And that was…?”
“Mesmerism and Mind Control.”
“I see.”
That explained why every teacher knelt in adoration as she passed by.

Gridlock (June 3rd)

“I have come to rescue you, my princess,” Alan declared, head over heels.
“Finally! Oh, my knight in shining armor! What took you so long?” Bridget asked.
“There were giants, witches, and brightly-colored traffic lights and… wait, what?”
“Just relax and go deeper, dear,” she cooed.
Who said being stuck in traffic couldn’t be fun?

Pet Training (June 4th)

“Yes, Carl?”
“I don’t understand,” Andrea insisted.
“Cat got your tongue? Or was it a kitten?”
“I hope you’ll think twice before disobeying me next time. Now, when I snap my fingers, the muzzle will disappear, understood?”
He nodded.
She snapped.
He barked. And howled. And licked her feet.
“Good doggy.”

Hairy Situation (June 5th)

“You’re late again, Jeremy. Why?”
“My girlfriend hypnotized me and had me service her orally, Mr. Dawson.”
“Your excuses keep getting weirder.”
“It’s no excuse. I’m conditioned to always answer questions truthfully.”
“What do you think of my new haircut then?”
“Your toupée, you mean?”
Hair today, gone tomorrow. He didn’t need the job, anyway.

If Michael Bay Directed a Hypnotic Femdom Movie (June 6th)

Another explosion.
Exploding title card.
A sultry woman appears, enslaves a man. His mind is blown meaning…
Even more explosions.
Ridiculous action scene impossible to grasp follows.
It involves explosions.
The end.
Feature Length: 162 minutes.
Budget: $195 millions.
Plot: Excuse me?
The audience remembers nothing of it when it’s over.
Mission accomplished.

Baptism (June 7th)

“Are you a religious man?” She asked, touching the cross around her neck.
“No,” he replied. “Religion is cancer. Faith is for the weak.”
“So you kneel before no God?”
“It’s a good thing I’m a Goddess then,” she smiled, enveloped by an unnatural glow.
Basking in newfound adoration, he grew weaker and weaker…

Licker (June 8th)

“No more…” Albert mumbled.
“I thought you loved licking my boots!” Sheila remarked.
“I do, but not all of them in one sitting.”
“You’re not sitting, you’re kneeling,” she grinned.
“May I stop, please?”
“Not yet. Continue.”
He sighed, eyes glazed, tongue helplessly enslaved.
Fifty pairs danced in his mind…
… but she only wore flats.

Franchise Revival (June 9th)

“Reggie, about that last surprise…”
“Well, Geoff… Samus is back! In Metroid: Other Mistress, she goes looking for a Chozo artifact capable of turning the Space Pirates into mindless servants. Adam also makes a return and, this time, he’s the one needing to ask permissions. What do you think?”
“Shut up and take my money!”

New Language, Same Old Result (June 10th)

“This is in Portuguese,” Adrian said.
“I know,” Joana responded.
“But I don’t understand Portuguese.”
“I know.”
“Are you trying to confuse me?”
“Maybe… is it working?”
“I think so. My head’s starting to hurt.”
“Good to know.”
“Easier to control you this way.”
“You bet. Sleep!”
Hypnosis is hypnosis, regardless of language.

Spree (June 11th)

“One thousand, three hundred and twenty-seven dollars, please,” the shop clerk said.
“For a pair of shoes?!” Liam blinked.
He blinked again, finally noticing the dozen bags on the counter, filled with dresses and sexy lingerie. Behind him, Dahlia toyed with his wallet.
Running into his Hypnodomme while shopping was always a dangerous proposition.

No Need (June 12th)

“Please… I need…!” Harrison implored.
“Need?” Portia scoffed. “No, you want to and you shouldn’t because you want what I want.”
“I want what you want,” he droned, dutifully conditioned.
“Yes, Mistress,” he smiled sheepishly, a warm liquid sliding down his legs.
She was right. He didn’t need to use the bathroom at all.

All Three (June 13th)

“Microsoft won E3!” Paul said.
“Excuse me?” Aaron rebuffed. “Sony won E3!”
“You guys are funny…” Dean laughed. “Nintendo won E3!”
Samantha rolled her eyes, snapped her fingers.
“I win all three,” she declared, pulling them deeper and deeper under her spell.
The performances on the show floor were about to get way more interesting.

Fetish Love (June 14th)

He saw the leather boots. His heart started racing.
“You love these, don’t you?” She hummed.
He did, of course. He loved everything she said he loved. He loved loving his ever growing hypnotic obsession.
“Do you know what else you love?”
Gazing at the mirror, the answer was clear. Shame about the heels though.

Colorful (June 15th)

“How do I know when I’m under?” Hank typed.
“Simple,” Rachel responded. “If you’re seeing red text now, that’s your cue.
“I’m seeing green.”
You’re under as well.
“Now I’m seeing blue.”
That’s because you’re under.
“So I’m always under?”
If you weren’t before, you certainly are now.
Only two hundred and twelve colors left.

A Modern [Hypnotic] Family (June 16th)

“Where have you been, Jeff?” Amanda tapped her foot, angrily. “I’ve been waiting for ages!”
“Well, honey… First, I was on the moon and then ended up licking feet inside a dungeon in Seattle!”
“My sister hypnotized you again, huh?”
“Your cousin was there too,” he shrugged.
“Thank God mother is on vacation!” She thought.

Arabian Trance (June 17th)

“Open, Sesame,” Jasmine said.
“Wrong story, Princess,” Aladdin replied.
“Are you sure?”
“I don’t see a mountain full of treasure around here,” he mocked.
“Don’t need one. Your mind is enough and it’s already mine.”
“Why do you say that?”
“That’s not an apple you’ve been eating, dear,” she purred, opening her legs even more.

Birthday Cake (June 18th)

“I don’t remember asking for this!” Brian protested.
“You said you wanted a lemon cake…” Amber teased.
“I never said anything about becoming one.”
“Hold still, you’re ruining the decoration,” she commanded.
Unable to resist her mesmerizing suggestion, he felt the cold whipped cream spiraling across his manhood.
The mind-controller always gets the first bite.

A Night at the… (June 19th)

The melody echoed far and wide in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s subconscious.
“Nothing really matters… nothing really matters to you…”
Yes, nothing. Nothing except Gina’s voice. Gina’s power. Gina’s control.
“My Queen…” he muttered.
“Music and hypnosis are a perfect combination,” she thought out loud as he nodded, soundlessly.
Time for a kinky rhapsody.

Beautiful Beast (June 20th)

The cup fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.
“What….? What did you do to me?” He growled, hands trembling.
“Isn’t it obvious I drugged your tea?”
“But why?”
“Because it’s time to make a beauty out of you, beastie,” she replied, yellow dress in hand.
Make-up, hair, and nails would follow.

Right and Wrong (June 21st)

“Not again!”
“I know that pendant, Chloe. You’ve used it to get inside my head countless times.”
“You’re mistaken, Stan.”
“Are you really going to try to convince me you never hypnotized me to do your bidding?”
“No. You just got the wrong pendant.”
Lucky for her, the right one was in her pocket.

Upgrade (June 22nd)

The message on the screen read:
“An updated version of your mind is available. Click the button below to download.”
Lester followed the instructions, smiling as the new strings of commands of his Mistress came to life. When it was over, the words “toenail muncher” flashed inside his brain.
Lunch was going to be scrumptious.

All Wrapped Up (June 23rd)

“Yes, General?”
“You should have returned from your mission two days ago!”
“I know but I needed to wrap some things up first.”
“You turned those terrorists into mummies, didn’t you?”
“Maybe?” She giggled before adding “I hope you can make room for a pair of sarcophagi…”
He hung up the phone and sighed.

Wild Party (June 24th)

“Keep it quiet,” Rita demanded. “I’m trying to get some sleep!”
“Sorry sis,” a drunken neighbor replied. “but it’s party time!”
“Oh, You’ll be sorry alright,” she thought as she reached for her iPod and her favorite playlist started playing.
The eager moans of enraptured servants throwing themselves at her feet were the perfect lullaby.

Queen’s Pawn (June 25th)

Mark threw his arms up in the air.
“That’s cheating!”
“No, it’s not!”
“Knights don’t spiral across the chess board, Sandra!”
“And who said anything about playing chess?”
The piece continued twirling as his breathing slowed down, almost crawling to a halt.
He was the pawn. She was the Queen. Checkmate in 3, 2, 1…

Healthy Hydration (June 26th)

“How’s your diet, Jake?” His brother, Anthony, asked.
“Wonderful. Melissa has been helping me with her hypnotic skills. I already lost three pounds in two weeks!”
“Not bad.”
“Jake?” Melissa intervened, dropping her skirt.
“Yes, dear?” He responded, eyes glazing.
“It’s time for today’s fluid intake.”
“Yes, dear,” he immediately knelt.
Who needs water anyway?

Breach of Contract (June 27th)

“Mr. Morgan?”
“Melissa Anderson, HFD Bank. Your mortgage payments are six months overdue. As established in the contract signed with our institution, I’ve come to claim your free will as collateral.”
“No ‘buts’, Mr. Morgan. Please look at this spiral to begin mental readjustment”
“Butt slave? Certainly. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

A Different Story (June 28th)

“And then she hypnotized him and lived happily after,” Marjorie concluded.
“Your stories always end up the same way,” Luke protested.
“That’s not true. Take ours for instance.”
“What about it?”
“I’m not going to do anything to you.”
“Can’t say the same about your mother and sister though. Don’t wait up for me.”

New Experiences (June 29th)

“I’m open to new experiences,” Martin muttered as he entered her dungeon, iridescent lights dulling his senses.
Her trusty cane painted his ass red. That was new.
A humbler made it impossible for him to straighten his legs without pain. That was new.
He would become even more open when the strapon came into play.

Always Summer (June 30th)

Emmett loved to hear Judith laugh. She had a special cadence for every occasion, but they were all irresistible, enthralling.
Victor Hugo once wrote that “laughter is the sun that drives Winter from the human face”, and he could feel the snow in his soul melting with each sound.
It was always Summer around her.

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