In 55 Words – 2017 (July)

Below are the short stories of the seventh month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

Cheesy (July 1st)

“Cheese makes you forget,” Joseph’s mother always told him but he never listened. His favorite was Blue Stilton and a glass of Port. That would never change.
“Cheese makes you forget,” Marguerite whispered, and he listened. He believed everything she told him like a good mindless puppet. That would never change.
Care for a slice?

Changing the Subject (July 2nd)

“Stop changing the subject, Joan!” Clive begged.
“Why would I do that when the subject…,” she paused “… likes to be changed?”
“That’s not what I meant!”
“So you like it when I change your thoughts?”
“I didn’t say that either!”
“Now who’s changing the subject?”
“I… You… don’t know.”
She was counting on that.

House Visit (July 3rd)

“… that concludes our tour, Mr. Marcks. Any questions?”
“Just one, Ms. Davies. You’ve shown me every room except the one behind that door. What’s over there?”
“That’s where the house owner brainwashes anyone that says something bad about her real estate. Any more questions?”
He had none. A list of complaints on the other hand…

A Wish (July 4th)

“Again with the fireworks?” Jeremy vociferated.
“It’s 4th of July, dear,” his wife, Magda, remarked. “What did you expect?”
“Some peace and quiet. I wish we were still under British rule….”
“That can be arranged…” she replied in her most delicate and entrancing accent.
“God Save the Queen…” he muttered.
No one would save him.

Typing Slave (July 5th)

“T-ten thousand lines?” Derrick gasped.
“That’s the price of disobedience,” Cassandra declared.
“But I’ll never be able to…”
“You’ll type ’til you drop… slave!” She hissed.
“Yes, Mistress,” he muttered as he began reproducing her commands.
He dropped into a trance after two hundred lines.
It would only take one before the week was done.

IKD (July 6th)

The calendar atop Marcia’s desk had the following message scribbled in red lipstick: International Kissing Day. What better occasion to test her new mesmerizing lip gloss?
Leaving her office, she kissed three people. They felt compelled to kiss her in return.
Her boss kissed her feet.
His assistant kissed her ass.
His wife kissed her…

Dedication? (July 7th)

“More extra hours?! Your dedication to this company is impressive, Jonathan, ” his boss declared.
“Less dedication and more fear, Mr. Adams.”
“If I go home, my wife is going to hypnotize and enslave… “Mr. Adams, what are you…?” he gulped as he began being dragged across the office.
“Driving you home, you lucky bastard!”

Missing a Deadline (July 8th)

“Clark, where’s that draft you promised me?”
“Apologies, Amelia, but my Hypnotic Mistress has been keeping me busy and…”
“Did you just say ‘your Hypnotic Mistress’?”
“Yeah, kind of hard to write when she keeps playing mind games on me.”
“Really? And does your Mistress have a name, dear?”
“Sure. Her name is Ameli… Shit!”

Sweet Punishment (July 9th)

The inviting dessert lay at arm’s reach.
“Go for it!” Camille teased.
“Can’t… move…” Jonah mumbled at great cost, muscles as stiff as rocks.
“Funny, you had no trouble moving a minute ago when you grabbed a slice without permission.”
True, but at least now he knew what she meant by “special marble cake recipe”.

Hot (July 10th)

“She’s hot!” Cody exclaimed.
“Miss July is hotter,” Sam nodded.
“Bah! September is where it’s at,” Daniel remarked.
“You’ll wake up in three, two, one… *SNAP*” Brianna laughed.
The three men blinked, suddenly becoming aware of her presence again.
“Still find them hot?” She asked.
More than embarrassed, Cody threw the male firefighters’ calendar away.

Obedience Training Gone Wrong (July 11th)

“Apologies, Mrs. Davenport. There have been some… complications,” Dr. Lowell announced.
“Well, I know you hired our services to turn your husband into a good hypno-puppy but…”
John Davenport crawled across the corridor, raised his left “paw” and peed on the Doctor’s leg.
“… you might want to avoid skirts for a while,” she concluded.

Flower Power (July 12th)

Every flower has its meaning. Victor had been taught them all.
Upon waking up that Wednesday morning, he saw the orange blossom Meghan had left him and her conditioning took over.
“Innocence, purity, chastity,” he repeated automatically, erection throbbing yet completely restrained.
Tomorrow, history would repeat itself. It was going to be a long month.

A Break (July 13th)

“What’s wrong, Emil?”
“This thing between us… It can’t be 24/7. I need a break.”
“I know, which is why I’m giving you one minute of clarity.”
“But that’s not enou…!”
“Time’s up. Sleep!”
His mind slammed shut.
“Hmmm… what was I doing?”
“You were about to kiss my shoes, Emily.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

She’s Good (July 14th)

“I don’t get it, Frank. What is it that I’m supposed to be looking at?”
“You’re holding the written account of my last hypnosis sessions will Jill, Clive.”
“All I’m seeing are blank pages.”
“Wow, she’s good!”
“You have no idea.”
“Of course not. We never even met.”
“Oh, Clive…”
“She’s your wife!”

Family Dinner (July 15th)

Deborah looked at her cousin John.
“You haven’t touched your food.”
He nodded in reply.
“Nor your drink.”
He nodded again.
“Afraid to be drugged and turned into my obedient pet? “
“I’m smart enough not to pull the same stunt again…”
“… so I tampered with your seat.”
He wouldn’t stay seated for long.

Slave Arthur and the Knights Under the Round Table (July 16th)

“Come, Arthur…” The Queen of Camelot said, with a grin.
“Guinevere?” he muttered, moving against his will. “What’s the meaning of this?”
“Morgana showed me some tricks…” she responded, strengthening the spell. “You know what to do.”
The Once and Future Thrall crept between her legs and stayed there.
Best version of the legend… ever!

Servant Who? (July 17th)

“This is preposterous!” Steven complained. “How can The Doctor be a woman? What’s next, Gillian Anderson as Jane Bond?”
“I love it,” Chris smiled.
“I know you do.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I’ve seen how Clara hypnotizes you with that sonic screwdriver replica…”
Chris blushed. That was a show definitely not suited for children.

Six (July 18th)

“It’s been six months…” Samantha smiled.
“Really? It only feels like six seconds,” Brian retorted.
“Time flows differently in trance, dear.”
“Huh? But you said you didn’t want to do that to me.”
“I don’t remember that. Surprised you do though.”
“Remember what?”
“Nothing. It’s been six months…”
“Really? It only feels like six seconds.”

Reincarnation (July 19th)

Before she came along, the world was a blur of images rampaging through his mind at two hundred miles per hour.
After the first few words, the picture became clear, streaks of green turning into a garden where he could lie down and relax.
“Slow down and live more,” she said.
And so he did.

Taking Roots (July 20th)

Lance opened his eyes. He stood in a perfectly upright position, feet planted on the carpet, arms semi-outstretched in awkward angles. His skin was coarse. He couldn’t move at all.
Sitting right behind him, Gwen shook her head and facepalmed.
Perhaps she shouldn’t have tried to wake him up from trance with “one, two, tree.”

In Print (July 21st)

“This is your idea of hypnosis?” Patrick grumbled.
“Keep looking, please,” Elizabeth asked.
The printer continued running, bringing to life copies of a boring document. One by one, he saw them emerge, the colors of each new replica beginning to fade as the ink ran dry until everything went blank.
“Let’s begin,” she smirked.

Never on a Saturday (July 22nd)

“Yes, General?”
“Is everything okay? You’re not sick, I hope?”
“No, I’m not. Why do you ask?”
“It’s been ages since I heard of your exploits and…”
“It’s Saturday. I never hypnotize people on Saturdays!”
“Since when?”
“Since next Saturday,” she snapped her fingers, laughing.
She would say the same thing every single weekend.

Trust (July 23rd)

“Carl, we need to talk. You say you want to be my hypno-slave and yet you resist every suggestion I give you. Don’t you trust me?” Andrea asked.
“I do. I just… don’t trust myself,” he responded, ashamed.
“That’s even worse. Come back when you do.”
She turned his back on him and walked away.

The Accident (July 24th)

“Dan, is your report on that bus crash ready?”
“Yes, Mr. Jenkins.”
“Mechanical or human failure?”
“Human success.”
“The driver experienced a hands-free orgasm, courtesy of an erotic hypnosis recording by…” he glanced at his papers. “… Lady Cynthia.”
“You heard that recording on your way here, right?”
“How did you know?”
“Go change, please.”

Lists are Great… (July 25th)

Things every man should do during his lifetime:

– Plant a tree;
– Write a book;
– Have a child;

Things Jeff did every day after meeting Lara:

– Tend to her garden, vacant gaze, preferably naked;
– Buy her books, clothes, jewels… anything!;
– Bring her more subjects, more “children” to teach, enslave;

Lists are great. Mind control is better.

The Hypnotic Element (July 26th)

“How was movie night, Ash?”
“Great, Bob. I finally saw The Fifth Element. My favorite moment was when Diva Plavalaguna brainwashed Korben Dallas into giving her oral sex. So hot!”
“Don’t remember that.”
“I do. Loved it. So did Tracy.”
“Wait… your friend Tracy, the hypnotist, was there?”
“Yeah. Something wrong?”
“No… nothing at all.”

Lost in (Sub)Space (July 27th)

“Danger, Will Robinson!” the robot said.
“Don’t listen to her, Will Robinson! She’s going to turn you into her toy!”
“Will Robinson, please stop grinning like a fool!”
“Are those… puppy eyes? Resist, Will Robinson! You must resist.”
“Sigh… why do I even bother? Sexy alien lady, take good care of Will Robinson, will you?”

Beautiful Lies (July 28th)

“Tell me the truth,” Scott begged. “What exactly did you do to me?”
“What if you don’t like the truth?” Theresa retorted.
“Then tell me beautiful lies I can believe in.”
“I thought I was already doing that…” she smirked.
“Try harder, please.”
“Okay. We’re not really having this conversation.”
You didn’t read this either.

Syndrome (July 29th)

“Are you still crying over Astrid?” John asked.
“Yes,” Ben replied, eyes cast down.
“Why? She drugged you, brainwashed you, and practically ruined your life in the process!”
“I know but she was my Mistress. I miss her.”
“Me too…” John finally admitted.
He sat next to his friend and sighed, thinking of Stockholm nights.

Lost (Over and Over Again) (July 30th)

“Clark, what are you doing?”
“Quiet, Luke. I need to press this button every hundred and eight seconds otherwise I’ll be hypnotized.”
“I see Mallory is taking inspiration from ‘Lost’ episodes nowadays.”
“What’s that?”
“There’s no button. You’re already under.”
“Sorry. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hide from The Smoke Monster.”

Pay Day (July 31st)

“Hmmm… Angela, two-thirds of my paycheck are missing. Where are they?
“In the hands of the Hypnodomme whose services you used during office hours, where else?”
“Crap. You know?”
“Of course. You’re talking to her, sweetie. Now, be a good boy and beg for another session.”
At least he got to keep his empty wallet.

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