In 55 Words – 2017 (February)

Below are the short stories of the second month of this year long challenge. Please enjoy.

Possession (February 1st)

“Begone, foul demon!” Father Calhoun exclaimed, holding The Bible.
Emmett ignored him and kept on humping the sofa, growling feverishly.
“Hmmm, Father… I don’t think he’s possessed at all…” the young acolyte intervened, CD case in hand. It read: ‘Hypno-Mistress Lascivia’s Horny Dog’.
“Shit! That’s the third time this week!”
But certainly not the last.

Tradition (February 2nd)

The sun was shining bright. Punxsutawney Phil emerged from the burrow, saw its shadow, and retreated right afterwards.
“Too bad. I guess that’s six more weeks of brainwashing for you,” Wanda whispered on Clive’s ear.
“Do I have to wear the costume again?” he asked, dismayed.
“You’re not going to wear a thing…” she grinned.

Damsel in Distress (February 3rd)

“Help me, please!” Vivian screamed.
Eric, a jogger passing by, ran towards her. She was leaning next to a man’s body.
“What happened?”
“This slave is too heavy for me to carry… would you kindly?” she blew a puff of magic powder into his eyes.
Gladly, he complied and continued doing so all night long.

Plea (February 4th)

Take me. Enthrall my mind, seduce my words, brand my soul.
Take me. Break me down, build me up, make me whole.
Take me. The devotion seeds are fully grown.
Take me. I need to give in, kneel by your throne.
Take me. Freedom is the greatest of chores.
Take me. I surrender. I’m yours.

Multicourse Meal (February 5th)

Paul ironed his best suit, put on a clean shirt, adjusted his tie, fastened the cufflinks, and headed for the restaurant where Marjorie awaited him…
… and when he saw her cerulean eyes, fashion became irrelevant. Being naked, mesmerized, and eating under the table was all that mattered.
The chef, waiters, and a dozen customers agreed.

Horny Devil (February 6th)

“Did you fall from Heaven? Because so did Satan.” Andrew smirked, back against the wall, biker jacket in hand.
“You’re a real devil, huh?” Patricia replied, pushing her long, raven hair to the side to expose even more cleavage.
“And a horny one.” he unzipped. “Do you swallow, baby?”
“I just suck…” her canines glistened.

Mercy (February 7th)

“Please, have mercy,” she waved the white flag.
The soldiers approached her, gnarling, unperturbed.
And so she kept waving, the wind picking up the cloth, making it dance in mysterious ways.
One by one, the man-beasts stopped, entranced, weapons falling to the ground.
She could have easily abused them, killed them…
… but simply walked away.

A Job (February 8th)

“What do you see in this image?” Diana asked.
“A pendant dangling from a woman’s breasts,” Barney replied.
“And in this one?”
“A man drooling at a woman’s feet.”
“I see.”
“Does that mean I get the job?”
“Oh, I definitely have a job for you…”
She unbuttoned her blouse and his eyes became glassy.

Hypnotic Afterlife (February 9th)

“So… you were in a séance last night…” Anna began.
“That’s right,” Damian nodded.
“… to ask your late girlfriend to remove the triggers she used on you when you were together…”
“And what did she say?”
“Anna knows them all,” he gulped.
“I sure do,” she agreed.
Séance was definitely one of them.

Police Lineup (February 10th)

“Remember… they can’t see you,” Alicia said. “Now, can you please tell me which of these women hypnotized and enslaved you?”
“Number Two,” Saul replied. “No… Four… hmmm… Three? Oh, God, I remember now!”
“Remember what?”
“It was all of them!” He trembled. “Including you, Detective.”
“Time for some more law and order…” she grinned.

The List (February 11th)

The exercise was simple: to the left, an assortment of hypnotic themes; to the right, columns for likes and dislikes. Under Janice’s gaze, Bill filled the first three spaces, then returned to the beginning, filled the first three spaces again, then returned to the beginning…
She shouldn’t have placed “Amnesia” so high on the list.

Blow (February 12th)

“Honey, did you really have to hypnotize Lance, today?”
“Why not?”
“It’s his birthday, Liv!”
“Which is why I gave your brother a present, Ron.”
“You made him believe he’s a talking cake!”
“Who wants to blow my candle?” Lance shouted.
Liv laughed. Ron buried his head in shame. His aunts licked their lips.

His Answer (February 13th)

“Yes or no?” Lindsay asked.
“To what?” David scratched his chin.
“I’ll tell you later. Trust me.”
“Then yes.”
“I’m glad you accept the truth.”
“Which is…?”
“Search your left pocket.”
He did and found a note in his own handwriting. It read:
“Am I in a trance right now?”
His answer would never change.

Love (February 14th)

First, she tried the drugged candies. He ate the whole box, without any consequences.
Then, she projected hearts on the wall. He yawned and continued watching the basketball game.
Finally, she kissed him. His eyes widened, his heart raced, his soul begged for more.
Long live love, the most powerful mind control weapon of all.

A Gift from the Heavens (February 15th)

“Tell me you have some good news, Dr. White.”
“Most definitely, Mrs. Perkins. We’ve been studying the compound found at the impact site, and the results have been amazing.”
“Amazing how?”
“All men exposed to its radiation have become docile and obedient. The sample is minimal but, luckily…”
“There’s another meteor shower tonight.”

Understanding (February 16th)

He sat, almost crying, muttering to himself: “You don’t understand me.”
She came to him, seductively, calming his mind with a few, truthful sentences. “Of course I do. More than you know. More than anyone else.”
That night, he understood he needed to be at her feet. It was the best night of his life.

Sexually Binding (February 17th)

“Too much noise, too much clutter?” Tracy asked.
“Yes,” Angelo responded, hands on his head.
“I have the right thing for you, then,” she continued, producing a contract. “Simple rules. No questions. Mindless obedience. Sign on the dotted line, please.”
“In blood?” he gulped, positively terrified.
“Not quite…”
Her heart-shaped tail wrapped around his cock.

Levitation (February 18th)

Stanley and Gina’s teaching habits couldn’t be any more different. He would tolerate no levity in the classroom, while she encouraged levitation.
“What does that even mean?” he asked, one day, as he caught her by the water dispenser.
Choosing hot water, she made bubbles rise before his eyes.
He’s been floating happily ever since.

He Complied (February 19th)

The first Domme commanded: “Lick my boots!”.
He complied.
The second Domme needed an ashtray, pointed at his mouth.
He complied.
The third Domme teased him with rope.
He complied.
The fourth Domme liked mannequins.
He complied.
The fifth Domme said: “Wake up.”
The others in his mind slowly began to fade…
… and he complied.

Symphony (February 20th)

Yekaterina adjusted the frequency, controlled the volume. turned electric signals into sounds and words, amplified by an overactive imagination. Andrei felt the vibrations, reverberations, unyielding conflagrations, twitched, and exploded in a cascade of bubbling bliss.
“No hands, like I promised,” she purred. “Your turn.”

His tongue was no theremin, but the symphony was the same.

In Peach (February 21st)

“Yes, General?”
“Quite the seat there,” he remarked.
“I know. A shame it came in orange.”
“What color did you want?”
“I wanted in peach…” she grinned. “Working on that right now, though.”
“Do I dare ask?”
She snapped her fingers and had her ‘chair’ pose for a picture, readily uploaded to Twitter.

Shaving (February 22nd)

The razor waltzed across Neil’s cheeks, smoothing the surface underneath as Rebecca’s instructions played inside his head.
“One less thought for each hair that comes falling.”
By the time he was finished, the reflection on the mirror captured his defocused eyes. However, something was missing.
The razor waltzed again as it slid inside his briefs…

Duane’s Activity Log (February 23rd)

– Showering (five minutes);
– Having breakfast (five minutes);
– Catching up on Facebook updates (ten minutes);
– Clicking Jenna’s link (one second);
– Watching the pretty colors (one minute… no, three. Or was it thirty? More like three hours and… oh shit, bed time already?);
Tomorrow will be better, he thinks, and he’s right.
She’ll have two links ready.

Impossible? (February 24th)

“Counselor, please explain to me how your client has gone missing!”
“Well, Your Honor, she did claim to be a time-travelling hypnotist…”
“What are you suggesting?”
“That she’s probably changing our timeline as we speak.”
“That’s hot,” he drooled. “Impossible, but hot.”
“Right… your cock ring looks really nice, Your Honor.”
“So does yo… Oh!”

Authority (February 25th)

Matthew rolled down the window.
“Yes, officer?”
“Licence and registration, please,” the policewoman declared.
“What’s this all about?”
“You were trancing at 80 mph when the mesmerising limit is 55.”
“Slow down… relax…”
“O-okay…” he mumbled, eyes falling upon her cleavage.
“… and trust my authority…” she grinned.
He did. Completely. Hypnotic roleplay was fun.

Forgetful (February 26th)

Derek shuddered the moment he saw Melissa approaching.
“What did I forget this time?” he muttered.
“Our anniversary!” She gnarled. “Let’s fix that, shall we?”
As she swung her pendant back and forth, he thought: “Why don’t I ever learn?”
It was the fifty-seventh anniversary he had forgotten already, and the year was just beginning.

Delirious (February 27th)

“Is it bad?” Amy asked.
“Very,” Dr. Woods replied. “He’s completely delusional, saying that dominance is masculine and submission feminine over and over again.”
“How awful. Is it treatable?”
“Perhaps. Re-education is in order, obviously. Electroshock therapy, heavy brainwashing, orgasm control… things like that. We’re going to need your consent, though.”
“Where do I sign?”

The Message (February 28th)

Peter read:
“You are a slave. Send this to a friend right now.”
He obeyed immediately.

Jeremy read:
“You are a slave. Send this to a friend right now.”
“Yeah, right…” he laughed but forwarded it anyway.

Meanwhile, Laura was having a blast because of her mind-controlling text message.
And then she checked her phone…

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