In 55 Words – 2017 (April)

Below are the short stories of the fourth month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

No Fools’ Day (April 1st)

“Tell me which of the following sentences is a lie,” Melissa ordered.
“Yes, Mistress,” Patrick replied, eyes glimmering.
“You are not my slave. You are not entranced right now. You are not going to lick my feet.”
“They’re all lies, Mistress.”
“Glad I couldn’t fool you…” she purred as his tongue slid between her toes.

Batman ’66… Inches (April 2nd)

“Holy Remote-Controlled Sex Toy, Batman!” Robin exclaimed as he saw the giant dildo.
“It’s not as bad as it looks…” Siren teased The Boy Wonder before beginning to sing. “Give it a try.”
“Holy Mind Control Shenanigans, Batman! You must break free!”
“Actually, I was thinking about… hmmm… going deeper…” Batman responded.
Vroom! Ugh! Fizz!

Confidence (April 3rd)

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence. She wore it proudly.
She was confident every man on the bus was staring at her shiny fingernails.
She was confident they were magnetized by them.
She was confident a single downward gesture would make them crawl.
Confidence is beautiful, indeed. Hypnotic nail polish, too.

Tears (April 4th)

“Please… stop!” Jackson begged as his hands moved against his will.
“No!” Courtney remained firm. “Disobedience equals punishment.”
“I know, but anything but this!” He cried out loud.
“Let this be a reminder of who’s really in charge.” She declared.
Head hanging low, Jackson continued chopping the infinite onions she had placed in his mind.

The Right Thoughts (April 5th)

“Everything’s broken.”
“Are you sure?”
“That’s what my thoughts are telling me.”
“Thoughts are often wrong.”
“Are there any right ones then?”
“I know a few.”
Gently, she touched his face.
“What are you thinking now?”
“What you want me to think.”
“Which is…?”
“You still my mind. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

Mara’s Party (April 6th)

“Wow!” Daphne exclaimed.
“Quite something, isn’t it?” Mara asked.
“Yes. I had no idea this was possible.”
“Anything is possible with the proper mental stimulation. Wait until you see what happens in 3, 2, 1…”
The clock struck and the six naked human statues gushed upwards, simultaneously.
Mara’s party was definitely one worth cumming to.

Apologies (April 7th)

“Please tell me your last session was good,” Drew said.
“It was great,” Bob revealed. “I apologized to my Mistress.”
“Apologised for what?”
“For doubting that pigs have wings, the sun revolves around the Earth and that Justin Bieber is the President…”
“I think your Mistress is messing with your mind.”
“My what?”
“Never mind.”

When In Russia… (April 8th)

“Yes, General?”
“You promised you wouldn’t hypnotize the Russian Ambassador this Saturday.”
“I know.”
“He’s dancing “Kalinka” downstairs and looks pretty hypnotized to me. You broke your promise!”
“Actually, no. I hypnotized him inside the Embassy –  which is Russian soil – and… it’s already Sunday in Russia.”
He rolled his eyes and ordered a Vodka.

Alan’s “Rights” (April 9th)

“You have the right to remain entranced,” Miranda began. “Anything you say will be used to condition you further. You have the right to call your lawyer so I can enslave him too. If you don’t have one, call your doctor, priest, whatever… You will exercise these rights right now. Understood?”
“Yes, Miranda,” Alan droned.

Femmenglish (April 10th)

“The world has changed, gentlemen,” Professor Mackenzie said. “Women completely control the language and our minds with it. English is actually Femmenglish now. My wife taught me the new conjugation of verbs right before this lecture. Here’s an example: I obey, you obey, he obeys, She commands, it obeys, we obey, you obey, they obey…”

101 Submissives (April 11th)

“Mrs. De Vil, how do you respond to the accusations that you’re a mind-controller in disguise?” a journalist asked.
“No comments whatsoever.”
“And yet you seem flustered by the question.”
“No. It’s hot. I’m not even wearing my fur jacket. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”
Dalmatians were démodé. She had 101 submissive men to train.

His Brightest Star (April 12th)

Dan stood by the tombstone, face down, adrift in one last dream.
All around, the world was broken into dull shards of frozen tears. Thoughts were suspended by the realization of the inevitable loss. The trance would fade away, but not the memories of beautiful night skies.
His brightest star was her. Rest in peace.

Open Wide (April 13th)

“So you’ve been experiencing dental pain and massive headaches?” Dr. White remarked. “Let’s take a look inside your mouth… open wide!”
“Ah,” she noted. “Your realignment implant is displaced. Thinking for yourself causes the headaches. Let me just… all done! Feeling better?”
“Fresh and clean,” her patient drooled.
Things would get dirty in no time.

Police Questioning (April 14th)

“Yes,” Katarina began. “I moonlight as a Hypnodomme under the alias Empress Mesmerica and, occasionally, receive clients in my apartment. Not my fault the walls are thin and the neighbors like to eavesdrop. I’m sure His Honor will eventually realize he’s not a horny baboon because trance states don’t last forever. Can I go now?”

Come Back to Me (April 15th)

“3, 2, 1… wake up! Are you okay? It seemed like you went too deep,” Ashley noted.
“I did,” James agreed. “I forgot to breathe, forgot myself.”
“Don’t,” she cuddled him. “Losing oneself for real isn’t fun… You must always come back to me.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he smiled. That would always be his favorite command.

Happy Easter (April 16th)

“What’s taking you so long?” Maria teased. “They’re not that hidden.”
She was right. The eggs were in plain sight and duly painted with swirly decorative patterns of her own design. Mark wanted to pick them up, but staring at them was so much better.
It was going to be a very happy, entrancing Easter.

Creativity (April 17th)

“Slow down a bit,” Annabeth whispered.
“I can’t right now,” Luke responded, filling the canvas with violent strokes of ink.
“If you do, I can create something beautiful,” she continued.
“Like what?”
“Sleep for me now.”
He closed his eyes and her voice unearthed a new brush, painting every corner of his mind with love.

Losing it Again (April 18th)

“I’m a slave to my emotions, to my likes, to my hatred of boredom…” Charles sighed.
“Longing for the innocence of old?” Alice smirked.
“No,” he continued. “I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”
“That’s why we have hypnosis…”
She began by making him lose his clothes.

Liquid Dominance (April 19th)

“Are you sure it will work?” Steph asked, in fear.
“Absolutely,” Dana replied. “My tonic will unleash your innermost desires.”
Steph took a sip and felt the liquid dominance overwhelm her submissive nature.
“Yummy!” She exclaimed.
“I know. Now what?”
“Bend over, slave…”
“Yes?” Dana’s eyes glimmered.
“… and make me a supply for a lifetime!”

Control (April 20th)

“I won’t be controlled by fear, anger or guilt,” Simon said, looking at the mirror. “Begone, insecurities! Begone, poor judgments! Begone, self-loathing!”
“Well done,” Trish snapped her fingers, awakening him from trance. “Don’t let me ever catch you feeling unworthy again!”
“Yes, dear,” he smiled, kneeling.
The only thing that controlled him was her love.

Again and Again (April 21st)

“Come again?”
“Stop saying that, Di!” Mark shuddered.
“Come again?”
“Please stop!” he begged once more.
“Why? It’s not my fault you’re still susceptible to a post-hypnotic suggestion from a decade ago!”
“Come again? You planted that one, yesterday!”
“Made you say it…” she winked as the stain in his pants grew bigger and bigger.

Time to Suck (April 22nd)

“So I couldn’t beat your game, huh?” Harrison gloated. “Well, I just did, Pat… Suck it!”
“I’ll leave that to you… Enjoy the credits!” She grinned.
He looked at the TV, now filled with kaleidoscopic reflections and images of strap-ons flashing in quick succession, and froze.
He would suck big time from that day forward.

The Exam (April 23rd)

“Shit!” Peter exclaimed.
“What’s wrong?” Wanda asked.
“My Human Anatomy exam is tomorrow and I still haven’t studied for it!”
“Listen to one of my relaxation mp3s and you’ll be sure to learn it all, quickly.”
“Definitely,” she nodded, headphones in hand.
He aced all of her practical lessons on his hands and knees.

He Who Protests… (April 24th)

“I’m not wearing THAT, Tess!” Walter yelled, outraged.
“What happened to ‘I’m your slave and I’ll do anything you want’, huh?” She tapped her foot.
“I’m sorry but that’s so… humiliating.”
“You haven’t seen anything yet…” she snapped her fingers.
Between all the naked pictures and the pink tuxedo, the latter would have been better.

Mutation (April 25th)

“Another virus?!” Dr. Gregson said, dismayed.
“It’s the same one, it mutated,” Dr. Allen responded.
“So men are no longer behaving like chickens?”
“Now they think they’re dogs.”
“Have we been able to identify the source yet?”
“Experts are saying The Convention Center.”
“Where that famous hypnotist is performing? You don’t think she…?”

Gemini (April 26th)

“Get that pocket watch out of my face!”
“Hmmm, I love it, but why just one?”
“Stop it already, I don’t want to go under!”
“So good… slipping, falling… please, I need to go deeper.”
“Ah, I told you I would resist you, didn’t I?”
“No power… no will left…”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”

U5 (April 27th)

“Elena, are you okay?” Nathan Drake shouted from atop the pit.
“I’m fine.”
“Do you see anything down there?”
“I see everything! It’s all real, Nate! The Queen of Sheba was real!”
“I never doubted that. Hold on, I’m coming to meet you.”
“Oh wow… this scepter…”
Uncharted 5: A Domme’s Beginning – Coming Soon!

No Labor at All (April 28th)

He had fought lions, bulls, nine-headed monstrosities, captured man-eating mares and stolen sacred apples and an Amazonian belt. He was tired, needed to rest.
“You’re going to sleep for me now,” Megara whispered.
Hercules’ head slumped forward as her words took root inside his mind. Going into trance for her was no labor at all.

Kneeling Men (April 29th)

“Hurry up, slick, if we don’t stop her, she’s going to convince the whole world she’s a Goddess!” Agent K vociferated.
“Nothing wrong with that,” Agent J responded.
“You’re already enchanted, aren’t you?”
“Smile,” he said, pointing the blue light at his face.
Dressed in black or not, men always look good on their knees.

Interruptions (April 30th)

“Is that…?” Ian gulped.
“Yes,” Jade grinned.
“Are you going to…?”
“Definitely,” she reassured him.
“And I won’t be able to…?”
“But of course not.”
“That’s so…”
“Hmmm, yes… and I’m so…”
“God, yes! Should I…?”
“Kneel? Yes, you should.”
Eyes fixed on her pendant, he sank to the floor, all thoughts interrupted.

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