In 55 Words – 2016 (January)

As a New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try to write one of these every single day of the year. That’s right, 366 shorties in 366 days.

Guess what? Despite some hardships every now and then, I pulled it off. Given their sheer volume, I’m dividing them into twelve different pages, one for each month. Throughout the year, there will be some recurring characters but the stories will mostly be standalone. All of them are female dominant in nature. Below are the January entries.

Muse Talk (January 1st)

“So… it seems my writer wants more creativity so you know what that means: more innuendos, more suggestions, more surreptitious control.”
“Sounds like a plan. What are you going for?”
“At least one shortie every day of the year to further his conditioning to me.”
“That shouldn’t be hard.”
“True. Look, he already wrote one.”

Repetition (January 2nd)

“Repetition leads to indoctrination,” Sally muttered.
“What’s that?” Brandon asked.
“Repetition leads to indoctrination.”
“I don’t get it.”
“You will if you try it yourself,” she smiled. “Go on, say it: “Repetition leads to indoctrination.”
“Hmmm… Repetition leads to indoctrination?”
“Repetition leads to indoctrination.”
“Repetition leads to indoctrination!”
His vision began to blur…

Mental Keys (January 3rd)

“Honey, have you seen my keys?”
“Which ones?” she grinned, looking at his subdued erection.
“Tawnya, please! I’m already late and…”
“It’s Sunday, Bill. No work today except…”
She touched his forehead, unlocking the doors of his mind.
“How can I be of service?” he murmured.
Tawnya pointed at her feet.
“Let’s continue your training.”

This Is Not Hypnotic (January 4th)

The brochure Brad was given at the entrance was spearheaded by a variation of Magritte’s ‘The Treachery of Images.’
“This is not hypnotic” was displayed on the spiralling canvas but, if that was true, why was he feeling drowsy, powerless and so very, very sleepy?
Standing right next to him, Sheila, the gallery owner, smiled.

Counting Questions (January 5th)

“How many fingers am I holding?” She asked.
“Five,” he replied.
“Two times two equals…?”
“Cock cage, cuffs and a collar… how many objects in total?”
“How many people are in the room?”
“How many have the power to control your mind?”
“What are the chances of you resisting?”

RNG (January 6th)

El-Zanar dashed across the dilapilated alleys, scimitar in hand. A new world record was close at hand and…
A cloaked figure materialized between him and the level’s exit.
“Not Her!” he screamed, but it was too late. The Lovely Maiden’s silvery eyes shone across the screen and both the run and his mind were lost.

Haunted (January 7th)

“My house is haunted,” Travis declared.
“No way!” Bob retorted.
“Way! I keep hearing whispers, hallucinating, objects switch places, and I wake up naked on the floor all the time after something penetrates my mind!”
Bob grabbed his friend’s iPod and began searching his playlists.
“Right… So, whose Hypno-Domme’s recordings have you been listening to?”

The Breakfast Mistress (January 8th)

You are getting syrupy, very syrupy… Feel my honeyed voice cling on to your brain, slowing glazing your thoughts. Yes, the sugary rush is unstoppable… soon, your senses will be flattened, the dough of your persona reshaped and sprinkled with everlasting obedience. It’s breakfast time and your mind is the primary course. Deep syrup now!

Pay-Per-Words (January 9th)

“Did you like my latest 55-word shortie?” Pam asked with a smile.
“I would have liked it if it weren’t only 13 words long.” Miles replied, shily.
“Hmmm… 200 hundred dollars if you want the rest.”
“300 dollars for hesitating.”
“Let’s make it 500 then.”
“Please, just take my wallet.”
“Story’s finished, pet.”

A Lot To Learn (January 10th)

“Robert Benchley once said ‘A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down.’ Well, I say that a boy can learn a lot from a mesmerizing woman: Obedience? Sure. Loyalty? Undoubtedly. But also how to become the perfect little dog, right?”

Time (January 11th)

“What’s your favorite color?” She asked.
“Who do you serve?”
“No one.”
“Give it time,” she cooed, holding a pocket watch.

A few minutes later…

“What’s your favorite color?” She asked.
“Sapphire blue.”
“Who do you serve?”
“I serve you.”
She sat on her throne as he knelt. Time was always on her side.

Her Thrall (January 12th)

Sybill looked at the sigil on the floor and then at the cowering man in the room.
“Such crude work,” she whispered. “Did you really think you could summon me and bind me with that?”
“No, I didn’t… I mean, I don’t want…”
“You don’t want anything anymore!” The succubus gloated.
Her thrall stopped shivering.

Silly Old Me (January 13th)

Scott knelt by the bowl of scented water, naked and collared, and proceeded to wash his wife’s feet. As he did so, he noticed the pile of books on her nightstand and asked:
“Why do you read those when you don’t have the skills to be a hypnotist, dear?”
“Silly old me,” Barbara replied, sultrily.

Episode VII – The Domme Awakens (January 14th)

“Hmmm, Miss? Did you see a droid around here? He’s white and orange, looks like a…”
“You are not looking for a droid,” she replied with a wave of her hand.
He blinked.
“You are looking for a Hypno-Domme,” she continued, smiling. “I’m the one you’ve been looking for.”
“Y-yes, you are,” he replied, glassy-eyed.

The Curious Case Of A Lost Mind (January 15th)

“Where is my mind?” a very confused Michael asked everyone at the park.
Some passersby ignored him, others got spooked, but most giggled and laughed.
“Please, I need to know! Have you seen my mind?” he insisted.
Sitting on a bench nearby, his hypnotic Mistress smiled.
“Outdoors trigger play is so much fun,” she thought.

Junk Status (January 16th)

“Citizens of Gardenia, I hereby inform you that our sovereign credit rating has been downgraded to Junk Status by The Domme Company. With investors backing out left and right, we have no way of upholding our international commitments without your (in)voluntary assistence. Soon, you’ll all be taken into mesmeric thralldom by the Company’s agents. Enjoy!”

Garage Sale (January 17th)

“Are you really getting rid of all your records?” Deanna asked, surprised.
“I prefer MP3s nowadays,” Marvin replied.
“And the classics collection?”
“E-books all the way, no space wasted.”
“Selling your mind too?” she smiled impishly while rubbing his temples.
“You can have it for free,” he muttered, a hint of drool escaping his lips.

Private Lessons (January 18th)

“What is it, Carly?”
“Your husband’s kneeling by the washer,”
“Yeah, the spin cycle gets him every time. He’s programmed to always have his mind clean for me.”
“Are you going to teach me that today?”
“That and so much more. Your boyfriend won’t even know what hit him!”
“Wonderful. When do we start?”

Elementary Indeed! (January 19th)

She sat proudly on her velvet chair, swinging an emerald pendant back and forth.
“Holmes, my old chap, it seems we’re being hypnotized.”
“Actually, Watson, we already are.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Why else would we be naked dancing the Tango together?”
“Well, when you put it that way, that’s…”
“Elementary… yes, I know.”

I Have A (Femdom) Dream (January 20th)

King was unstoppable, eyes ablaze.
“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are brainwashed slaves to women… wait, what?”
Amidst the crowd, a time-travelling hypnotist laughed before vanishing into thin air.

Soon Enough (January 21st)

“Tell me your dirty fantasies,” Bethany whispered.
“I don’t have any,” Sam replied, bashfully.
“I don’t believe you,” she said looking at him straight in the eyes.
“It’s true,” he gulped, his knees faltering. “Except…”
“Being controlled by…”
Her gaze intensified as his mind sank. He would have many more dirty fantasies soon enough.

Last Night’s Movie (January 22nd)

“Man, that scene where the aliens stormed through the sewers was awesome!” Charles grinned.
“Hmmm… Deb?” Janine asked her sister. “What’s he talking about?”
“Last night’s movie on Channel Two.”
“But sci-fi nights are on Sundays not Thursdays… Come on, what did you really see?”
“Memory Implantation 101,” Debra winked. “And the sequel’s even better!”

Administrative Duties (January 23rd)

“A new member has joined your site.”
Sarah Blake opened the familiar e-mail and looked at the profile info within.
“Let’s see: Hip-Noses (really?), likes sexy legs, trigger play, dreams of becoming a mindless drone for someone called Sa… Interesting… I can definitely work with this,” she smirked.
Quietly, she began typing a welcoming message.

One Word (January 24th)

“There’s a word that sums up everything I expect of you, one you must always keep in your heart and mind. Without it, nothing makes sense. Do you know what that word is?” She asked, eyes twinkling.
“Service,” her pet muttered.
“Excellent. Now, act upon it!”
Gently triggered, he bowed down to kiss her hand.

Opposites (January 25th)

“What’s the opposite of ‘falsehood’?” Angela asked as her dance act began.
“Truth,” Jeremy replied, focused on her movements.
“What about ‘hate’?” She twirled with magnificent ease, her whole body singing an alluring song.
“Love,” he sighed.
“And ‘entranced’?” She whispered sultrily.
“There…” he bit his tongue. “… isn’t one…”
The performance continued inside his mind…

Meltdown (January 26th)


Dr. Heard ran to the lab but it was too late. Locked in overdrive, the conditioning program had reduced most of her subject’s brain functions to nothingness. A quick test showed he was only capable of using his tongue and little more.
“Oh well… I needed a new footlicker anyway…” she shrugged.

The Enslaving Truth (January 27th)

Mulder struggled against his binds.
“Scully, stop!” he shouted. “This isn’t you! Wake up!”
Ravenous eyes fell upon him.
“I don’t want to,” she hissed. “Remember how you said the truth was out there and would set me free? You were right but now it’s going to enslave you…”
An alien light filled the room.

Voices (January 28th)

“Masturbate for us,” said the picture of a beautiful woman on the cover of a fashion magazine.
“Yes, do it,” echoed the calendar on the farthest wall.
“And when you cum…”
“… you’ll be our slave.”
Unable to stop the mental onslaught, Derek began stroking, eyes glazing over.
In the apartment next door, Linda grinned.

Too Late (January 29th)

“Look at that knockout, Jeremy!”
“I can’t.”
“Look at her!” David insisted.
Jeremy glanced at the gorgeous redhead.”Yeah, she’s… Ouch!” He screamed.
“What was that for?”
“Wife’s Post-Hypnotic Suggestion. Dirty thoughts about other women and my head almost explodes…”
“Geez… Pamela must never know this, okay?”
“Too late,” David’s girlfriend chuckled from behind him.

Birthday Treat (January 30th)

“Yes, General?” Agent 47-D replied.
“Why are we being charged a private performance by The Metropolitan Orchestra?”
“You had me work on my birthday! I needed a treat.”
He showed her surveillance pictures of the event.
“A naked one?”
“They’re the best kind…” her mesmerizing eyes twinkled.
He had no choice but to agree.

Confession (January 31st)

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been seven days since I was last hypnotized by Goddess. I’ve been having freedom thoughts… Help me!”
“Did you bring your MP3 player, my son?”
“No, I threw it away!”
“Use mine then. The playlist’s set to loop. May your mind become blank for Her again… Amen!”


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