In 55 Words – 2016 (September)

Below are the short stories of the ninth month of this yearlong challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk IX (September 1st)

“The teasing continues, huh?”
“It’s fun.”
“True, but what if, one day, he decides he’s had enough and just leaves?”
“Not going to happen.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Not up to him. Whenever I tease him, he goes deeper. If he resists, deeper still. If he complies, even deeper.”
“That’s hot.”
“I know.”

Statistics (September 2nd)

“What are you reading?” Maryanne asked.
“Found this fascinating study online,” Julian responded. “According to it, 65% of all men dream of being under the control of a powerful, hypnotic woman.”
“65, huh?”
“Yes. Makes you wonder about the others, doesn’t it?”
“Why not?”
“Because the others already are, silly…. 3… 2… 1… sleep!”

Overturned (September 3rd)

Everything is upside down, isn’t it? My voice inside your mind does that… I warned you, but you didn’t listen and now the craving has already taken over, forever altering your perception. Only more brainwashing will satisfy your ever growing addiction, and I have plenty to share. Kneel before your Mistress, pet. Let’s get started.

Words of Power (September 4th)

Nathan chuckled as he saw the familiar sign hanging at the door of Margaret’s Occult Bookstore. “Back in a spell,” it said.
Just below, a colorful flier highlighted the promotion of the day, a volume entitled “Waiting for Me”.
“Curious,” he thought, “I wonder what it’s all about?”
He sat down, longing for her return.

Hypnogories (September 5th)

“Okay, boys,” Olivia began, “the first category was Simple Commands (One Word Only). The base letter is O. What did you write?”
“Obey,” Jonathan said.
“Obey,” Mark repeated.
“Obey,” Peter droned.
“Glad you know the basics. Next category: Hypnodommes. Let me hear it.”
“Oh, this is going to be fun…” she giggled.

Enter Her Prize (September 6th)

“Fascinating,” Spock said. “It seems our guest has mind-controlling abilities.”
“I kind of noticed that when she had me licking her feet!” Kirk replied.
“And yet, you enjoyed it immensely…”
“No, I didn’t!”
“Your anatomy betrays your words.”
“I really hate you, sometimes…”
Sitting on the Captain’s chair, the Ambassador of Inrapta VI just laughed.

Kein Kampf (September 7th)

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think,” Adolf Hitler mused.
“How fortunate for the world that you’re going to stop thinking soon,” a woman’s voice echoed in the office.
“Who’s the…?”
His words froze alongside everything else. Emerging from a flash of light, the time-traveller hypnotist grinned, swastika-shaped pendant in hand.

HPS (September 8th)

“The HPS in this watch is amazing,” Tracy said.
“GPS you mean?” Morgan asked.
“No. HPS stands for Hypnotic Positioning System. Look!” she pressed a button and the handles started spinning, faster and faster, turning everything into a blur.
“And now that you’re entranced,” she smirked, “I can position you to my heart’s content. Kneel!”

Laughing All the Way Into Submission (September 9th)

“Honey, stop!” Dennis begged.
“I need a new purse,” Alana whispered. “And a pair of shoes to go with it…”
“Buy two… or three… but, please, stop! You know I’m ticklish!”
Yes, she knew that, which is why triggering him to feel thousands of feathers upon his naked skin was so much fun… and profitable.

Echoes and Words (September 10th)

“It’s impossible,” Pride said.
“It’s risky,” Fear shouted.
“It’s pointless,” Reason sighed.
“Give it a try,” whispered the Heart.
“Everything is possible, there’s no room for doubts, here. Don’t try, just do. Come, follow… deepening submission, accepting submission, becoming more and more submissive with each passing second…” Mistress purred.
Her words are all that matters.

Overdone (September 11th)

“Honey, please stop crying!” Ashley begged.
“I can’t, it’s so sad,” Cameron sobbed, watching a bunch of rose petals being swept by the wind.
She sighed. Behind her, an open browser window displayed an article entitled: “Bring out the sensitive side of your partner through hypnosis.”
It’s possible she might have overdone it a little.

As You Wish (September 12th)

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You mesmerized my father. Prepare to…”
“Don’t change the tale!” Brian protested.
“You’ll love my version…” Jennifer promised. “Now, let me continue…”
“… bespell you?” completed the Dread Captain Roberta, who was quite spellbinding. “Gladly.”
And as Jennifer framed more stories, lulling his mind, Brian just repeated:
“As you wish.”

Useless (September 13th)

“Yes, Mark?”
“Can we talk about suggestibility?”
“Sure. What’s on your mind?”
“On a scale of 1 to 10, how suggestible am I?”
“I’d say 25.”
“That can’t be right!”
“32 then.”
“I’m serious!”
“Fine. 47!”
“Danielle, please…”
“0 thoughts now!” She commanded.
His slack jaw said it all. Scales are useless. Surrender isn’t.

The Non-Existent Witch (September 14th)

“Come on!” Paul shouted.
“No way!” Duke replied. “What if the witch appears?”
“Give me a break! There’s no witch in this house and there never has…”
“Hi,” a seductive voice infiltrated his thoughts. Paul looked up, saw her silhouette, and his mind began to crack.
For a non-existent witch, her spells were very real.

Offstage (September 15th)

“I quit my job!” Robert declared.
“Finally!” Mallory nodded.
“Yeah. I was tired of being treated like crap. Thank you for the suggestion.”
“You’re welcome. What’s next?”
“Not sure. If you still need a subject for your stage hypnosis shows, I’m in, although I doubt I’ll be any good.”
“You’ll do great…” she smiled, impishly.

Maxine’s Maxim (September 16th)

“… and now that your mind is completely blank, eager to be filled by my thoughts and suggestions, there’s a maxim you must always adhere to, my words must be obeyed. The maxim is Carpe Dildum,” Maxine sniggered.
“Hmmm… what?” Xander blinked, though still too lost in her words.
“And don’t forget the lube,” she completed.

On Sacred Ground (September 17th)

You dance through fantasies, each word an innuendo, each pause an invitation to another.
You are the flame, the spiral, the pendant, the unnatainable that makes hearts affluter, thoughts spin, knees sink… You are loved and you know it.
Tread softly, hypnotic women, because you tread on eager minds, the most sacred ground of all.

The Wrong Question (September 18th)

“Jack, I noticed you stopped asking me to put you under… What happened? No longer interested?”
“No, I’m interested, Bev. I stopped when I finally realized I was asking the wrong question.”
“Really? What is the right question, then?”
“When haven’t you put me under?”
“I like that question a lot.”
“I know you do.”

Typing Her Will (September 19th)

“I must obey,” Andrew typed, feverishly. How many times had it been now? One hundred? Three hundred? A thousand? It didn’t matter. Only when Samantha released him, was he allowed to stop but, the more he kept going, the less he wanted to… to…
“I must obey,” he kept on typing, plastered smile, empty mind.

Disheartened (September 20th)

“How are you, Bill?”
“Disheartened, Jeff.”
“What happened?”
“I summoned a succubus last night and she took out my heart… literally!”
“What? How are you still alive?”
“Magic, I suppose. I’m her slave now, and her orders were clear.”
“What were they?”
“Get her more servants. I’m sorry.”
“She’s right behind me, isn’t she?”

Going Through the Motions (September 21st)

“… and as you continue to walk along the handles, you realize they’re moving faster and faster, so fast you can barely keep up. Soon, you’ll trip, fall… yes, no choice but to fall for me…”
Amber was all smiles as she watched Daniel’s body quiver and slump forward. Pocket watches sure make wonderful birthday gifts.

Easy (September 22nd)

“Let’s see how good you are with words,” Lara said. “Name as many synonyms of hypnotized as you can starting right… now!”
“That’s easy,” Nicholas smirked. “Mesmerized, fascinated, bewitched, charmed, captivated, entranced, spellbound, enraptured, absorbed, dazzled, enthralled, magnetized, transfixed, infatuated, subdued, bedazzled, seduced, captured, controlled, domi… hmmm… domina…”
Lara nodded, silently. It was easy indeed.

The Fucktory (September 23rd)

“And, to conclude, this is Conditioning Room 3 where the final brainwashing takes place before the fucktoys are sent off to their new owners. Any questions?” Valerie asked.
One of the investors raised his hand. “Do you have room for one more drone?”
“I have room for all of you,” she replied, locking the door.

Perihelion (September 24th)

Closer, closer… the closest I’ll ever be yet so far, like Icarus flying on a promise as words fall out of orbit.
Her voice, the sun, my own a longing shadow… will they touch, burn together, writhe in ecstasy?
Everything’s a state of mind, even the mind itself. Mine is hers, adrift in the void.

Persuasive (September 25th)

“I love you, Deb.”
“If you did, you’d be my hypnoslave, Cam.”
“You know I’m not into that.”
“You’d be if you loved me. You’d also be my hypnoslave.”
“But I do love you!”
“If you love me, you’re my hypnoslave. You love being my hypnoslave.”
“Love is great. Persuasion is better,” she thought.

Resident Sexy 4 (September 26th)

“Geez, Ashley! Quiet down, please!”
“Look at this Illuminados Pendant I found. Pretty, right?”
“Very, but we have to keep moving. If that chainsaw guy finds us…”
“He’s gone to bingo. Your head is safe. Your mind on the other hand…”
“Look at the pendant, Leon. This game’s about to get even better… “

The Truth (September 27th)

“Please say it again!” Max pleaded.
“But I’ve said it so many times already,” Laura smirked.
“I’d still like to hear it… please!”
“I love it when you beg.”
“That’s why you make me do it so often… please!”
“You’re mine!” She cooed.
“Yes, Mistress,” he fell onto her bosom, mind spinning in her truth.

Cinematic (September 28th)

“A View to a Kill.”
“For My Eyes Only.”
“From Russia with Love.”
“Tonya Never Lies.”
“Dr. No.”
“The Spy Who Entranced You.”
“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”
“Quantum of Control.”
“Otto In My Pussy.”
“Now I really want to see those movies,” he panted.
“What are you waiting for?” she reeled him in.

Serious Offense (September 29th)

“I didn’t do a thing, officer!” the angry driver protested.
“I have evidence to the contrary. Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious offense. You know what happens to serious offenders, don’t you?” the policewoman inquired.
“You take away my driver’s license?”
“Yes, and much more than that…”
Her badge began to shine.

Play Within a Play (September 30th)

Man: Leave!
Man’s Desires: But…
Man: No ‘buts’. It’s already hard enough. Get out!

*door slams*

Woman: Did you get rid of those inconvenient thoughts, slave?
Man: Yes, Mistress.
Woman: What will you do if they come back?
Man: Think of you, expel them again.
Woman (smiling): And that’s the only thing you’ll be expelling…

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