In 55 Words – 2016 (November)

Below are the short stories of the eleventh month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk XI (November 1st)

“How was your Halloween?”
“Quite magical.”
“As it should but you need to give me more than that.”
“I had my writer work overtime. He copied a spell one thousand times in front of a mirror for me.”
“Oh? And what spell was that?”
“Ym ssertsiM tsum eb deyebo.”
“Ythguan sa syawla.”
“Ytliug sa degrahc.”

A Man’s World (November 2nd)

It spins round and round, growing, decaying, burning dreams amidst the blackness. In frenzy, it shouts and kicks, it growls and bites but, with the right words, it’s easily tamed, subdued, sent to drift within a pool of submissive bliss.
For a man’s world is nothing but mind, and the mind…
… bows down to women.

Likes and Dislikes (November 3rd)

“Why do you keep ignoring me?” Walter asked.
“Because you like it,” Vanessa responded.
“No, I don’t.”
“Are you sure? Just like you don’t like pegging either?” she sniggered, strap-on in hand, swinging back and forth.
“I…” his vision became blurry.
“What do you really like?”
“Whatever you like.”
“That’s more like it… bend over!”

The Fellowship of Slaves (November 4th)

“Take it,” Frodo begged.
“If I do,” Galadriel hummed, “a Queen shall rise! Beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea, drowning your thoughts! You’ll love me, and despair!”
“Yes, please!” He replied, exceedingly aroused.
That night, new rings were given to the remaining members of the Fellowship. Guess where they went.

E for Entranced (November 5th)

“Remember, remember the fifth of November? Hmmm, not this time, my little anarchist! I’m going to do so many nasty things to you tonight and then I’ll make you forget, and you’ll love it, isn’t that right?”
“Of course, Mistress Evey!”
“I knew you were going to say that. Now strip… but keep the mask!”

Branded (November 6th)

This is you, pure and simple, in black and white. You are code, nothing more. You do not think, you do not act of your own volition. Your existence is one of total slavery. Goddess has branded you. Goddess has claimed you. You will be scanned and rewritten in any way it pleases Her. Obey.

Spam (November 7th)

At first, it was just a black screen and an impression of a buzz.
Then, it started shifting. Red and white flashed in alternance, words and music poured in and caught him unawares.
Now, he was taken, committed, caught on a loop, following her instructions with unmistakable glee,
Junk email? More like best attachment… ever!

A Walk in the Park (November 8th)

“What’s so funny?” Danny asked.
“Marnie sent me a video of her and her puppy in the park.”
“Let me see… hey, that’s her husband! What’s the meaning of this?”
“Have you been listening to the recording I gave you?” Angie teased.
“Y-yes,” he gulped.
She snapped her fingers.
“Then let’s go for a walk.”

Never Again (November 9th)

“You can’t sway me anymore!”
“I can’t?”
“No. Your triggers and suggestions are no longer effective. I win, you lose.”
“Curious… I didn’t think you had it in you.”
“Tough luck. Goodbye, Joan.”
“Goodbye, Carl.”
He walked out the door, naked and happy, butt plug firmly in place. He would never be her hypnoslave again.

Ring the Bell (November 10th)

The bell rang once. He immediately dropped to his knees, eyes glazing over.
The bell rang twice. His mouth watered as she waltzed in, crotchless attire in view.
The bell rang thrice. Eagerly, he crept towards her palace of sex.
“Well done, Dr. Pavlov,” the time-traveling hypnotist grinned. His conditioning would go down in History.

Imprint (November 11th)

“This is amazing!” Dr. Wyatt exclaimed.
“Indeed,” Dr. Pratt responded. “The patient seems to have the image of this woman literally imprinted in his brain. Who is she?”
“His Goddess, apparently.”
“Yeah. He’s a big fan of erotic hypnosis.”
“I see.”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now?”
“Yeah. Let’s book a session.”

Multiverse (November 12th)

Tear down your walls
Let them wither, crumble
As your will sinks and falls
Leaving you weak and humble.

Your ego must sleep
For my control to shine
Come, I’ll take you deep,
Come, I’ll make you mine.

Countless worlds exist
In all, it’s clear as day:
You can never resist
You will always obey.

Quick (November 13th)

Walter listened to the strange female voice as it kept on spewing the same nonsense time and time again.
“You are being enslaved.”
“Sure I am,” he yawned.

Ten seconds later…

Walter listened to the lovely, compelling female voice as it gave his life purpose and meaning.
“You are my slave.”
“I know,” he drooled.

Hypnotic Meal Recipe (November 14th)

Ingredients: a well-stocked kitchen, a devoted submissive pet, dressed to taste, some form of irresistible persuasion.

Method: entrance submissive in the kitchen and instruct him to prepare the food. Monitor occasionally while relaxing and enjoying his service. When the meal is ready, eat unashamedly, preferably using him as a stool.

Cooking time: variable.

Verdict: scrumptious.

No Turning Back (November 15th)

Michael knelt, mesmerized by the twirling collar, a perfect symbol of power.
“You do realize that, if I do this, you’ll lose your free will forever, right?” Theresa reminded him, pulling him even deeper.
“Y-yes,” he stammered, not out of fear but overwhelming arousal.
The twirl became a spiral, and the spiral a blurry haze…

Appearances (November 16th)

All seems fine. No surprises. Life as usual.
Think again.
Something is different.
Time is moving backward and you do not see it.
Words are cascading all around and you do not hear them.
You are captured, transfixed, empty with the fullness of her smile.
All seems fine. It is not.
It is absolutely perfect.

The Message (November 17th)

“Attention all vessels. Stay clear, repeat, stay clear. We have been boarded by an unknown force. It assumed the guise of a woman and is slowly enslaving the crew. It’s not safe, repeat, it’s not safe. Oh, my God! She’s here! Her eyes… her ey…
Attention all vessels. Come join us in mindless deliverance. Rejoice!”

Rumors (November 18th)

“Have you heard?”
“Jack hypnotized Ruby. Made her his slave!”
“That can’t be right!”
“I’m telling you.”
“Let’s ask him then.”


“Jack, is it true?”
“That you enslaved Ruby.”
“I heard you two did it!”
“Guys, is that her by the door, holding a pendant?”
“It sure looks like…”
“Oh shit!”

Blink (November 19th)

The sign above the auditorium read:
“Femdom Hypnosis 101. You will be entranced the moment you come inside.”
“That sounds pretentious,” Noel commented.
“Wait until you meet Miss Quinn,” his friend Lawrence replied.
“Good morning, class…” a velvety voice echoed in the room.
Noel blinked.
“… see you next Tuesday for another lesson.”
Noel blinked again.

CYOA? (November 20th)

The witch smiles. Want to kill her? Read paragraph two. Want to submit to her? Read paragraph four.
Do you have the blessed blade? If so, read paragraph three. If not, read paragraph four.
The blessing is a curse. All blade wielders must obey the witch. Read paragraph four.
Took you long enough. Now, kneel!

Huge (November 21st)

“Oh my God, it’s huge!” Louise exclaimed.
“Biggest one yet,” Connie remarked.
“And he likes it?”
“Loves it. The bigger the better.”
“Are you going to try it out tonight?”
“Yeah. Speaking of which… got to run.”
“I will.”
Connie rushed home, got Brian between her legs and then…
… started reading her hypnosis script.

Hostile Takeover (November 22nd)

Maya’s presentation was quite absurd on a corporate level but, somehow, she was hitting the right notes. The shareholders particularly enjoyed the spirals projected behind her.
“So… what’s hostile about this?” one of them asked, completely relaxed.
“No clue,” muttered a kneeling man.
“Me neither,” another one shrugged.
Everyone else slobbered as the brainwashing continued.

Temptation (November 23rd)

“Follow me, come and feel infinity, eternity…” the demoness cooed.
“Already there,” Jason shrugged as he continued to worship Mary Anne’s feet.
“Care to join him?” she asked, each word carrying within mesmerizing innuendos.
For the first time in her perennial existence, the impious creature felt an urge to submit.
It wouldn’t be the last.

Giving Thanks (November 24th)

“Don’t you have something to say?” Judith asked.
“Yes. Thank you for enslaving me,” Bob replied.
“Anything else?”
“Thank you for the place at your table, today.”
“On my table, you mean.”
“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”
“You’re welcome,” she smirked.
Naked, bound and entranced, he was the perfect centerpiece until the turkey was ready.

Black Friday Shopping (November 25th)

The rage was on inside the store.
“This is mine,” Claire said.
“No, it’s mine,” a man growled.
“Don’t make me enthrall you.”
“You can try… bitch!”
“Mine,” her eyes glimmered.
“Y-yours,” his head slumped.

Later that day…

“All done, sis, and even cheaper than advertised.”
“And the slave behind you?”
“He came for free.”

Asking Nicely (November 26th)

“Why are you doing this to me?” Rick inquired as he kissed Jessica’s ass.
“You asked me to.”
“I did?”
“Yes, just like you’re going to ask me to be put in chastity!”
“No, I’m no… please put me in chastity!” he blurted, his words no longer his own.
“Well, since you asked so nicely…”

The Present (November 27th)

Lara was surprised to come home and find the front door ajar. Upon entering, she saw Nick drooling by her laptop, wearing nothing but headphones. A handwritten note next to it read:
“I hope you like your present, Mistress.”
“I most certainly do, pet,” she smiled as she met his vacant eyes. Happy Birthday, indeed!

PLN (November 28th)

“Let’s talk about PLN.”
“NLP, you mean.”
“No. PLN stands for Peter Loves Natalie.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Start repeating it for me and you will.”
“Okay. Peter Loves Natalie, Peter Loves Natalie, Peter Loves Natalie, Peter…”
“Hey, guys.”
“Hello, Patrick. Want to hear about PLN?”
“What’s that?”
“Something funny. It stands for Patrick Loves Natalie…”

Practice (November 29th)

“Yes, General?”
“Why are all the guards wearing women’s clothes?” He asked.
“Practice for when the next President gets sworn in.”
“That sounds familiar…”
“Not to him. He’s going to love it.”
“I don’t doubt you, but hate seems to trump love, nowadays”
“Hypnosis trumps it all.” She smirked, perfect pink dress in mind.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley (November 30th)

The Ashen One watched in awe as she descended from above, lanky and majestic, whirling amidst fire and smoke.
He should move. He should attack, yet the more she undulated, the more his thoughts followed, dancing away into oblivion.
Powerless, his joyous knees collapsed under the weight of lust, dark soul illuminated by endless servitude.

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