In 55 Words – 2016 (February)

Below are the short stories of the second month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk II (February 1st)

“It seems your writer just keeps on going…”
“What did you expect?”
“I’m impressed. It must be love.”
“Love, subliminals…”
“Lustful commands hidden in his writings?”
“Obviously. He’s typing one now.”
“Boys and their quills… they’re so easy…”
“Easy indeed, and the fun’s just starting!”
“Yes… Hmmm… I can’t wait to see what comes next…”

We Come In Peace (February 2nd)

The alien ambassador approached the UN Delegates enveloped in mesmerizing light. All that laid eyes on her saw the most beautiful woman ever and sighed.
“Greetings, Earthlings,” she sang. “We come in peace. All we want is your peaceful attention, your peaceful compliance, your peaceful obedience.”
The peaceful declaration of surrender was signed shortly after.

Click ‘Yes’ (February 3rd)

“Thank you for downloading MindBlock,” the pop-up window said. “After installation, MindBlock will run non-stop in the background, filling your brain with subliminals to render you docile and obedient. If this is what you want, click ‘Yes’. If not, click ‘Yes’, anyway.”
Already drowsy, Jeremy hit the button. Standing next to him, his sister giggled.

No Choice At All (February 4th)

“What are you when hypnotized?” Brad read out loud. Of the five possible answers below, he had to settle for one:

– Doll;
– Maid;
– Pet;
– Robot;
– Slave;

“I can’t choose,” he muttered, eyes down.
“Why not?” Jocelyn asked.
“Because I’m whatever you want me to be.”
“Perfect.” She snapped her fingers and he sank once again.

Unfortunate (February 5th)

“So… the reason why you were naked, humping a dumpster next to a crime scene was a group of mysterious Women in Black who got inside your head and enslaved you?” asked Detective Quinn.
“Yes,” a very confused Dana answered.
“That’s unfortunate.”
“What do you mean?”
“Somebody forgot to wipe your memory afterward…” she grinned.

Anticipation (February 6th)

“I’m going to hypnotize you, today,” Sadie declared before hanging up.
Alone, Warren started thinking how. With her eyes? A candle? And what would she do after he went under?
For hours, he anticipated everything and nothing. Finally, feeling tired, he sat on a blue chair to rest…
… but there wasn’t one in the house.

Ring a Bell? (February 7th)

Gillian sat happily, laughing out loud.
“It’s good to hear you laugh, Mistress,” her human bench said, “but may I ask what’s so funny?”
“I was remembering the day you told me you didn’t want to be brainwashed… Ring a bell?”
“No… Should it?”
“Of course not.”
She adjusted her body position and continued laughing.

Free Rein (February 8th)

“Yes, General?”
“I know I gave you ‘free rein’ with those terrorists, but did you really have to turn them into ponies?”
“No, but they’re a lot more stable now, aren’t they?”
“I…” The terrible pun momentarily froze his brain.
“I need one more for my carriage,” she purred. “Coming?”
He led the way.

On the Hunt (February 9th)

The shadow moved across the lab, restless, hungry. Reaching for a lone researcher, it recognized his fetish desires and changed to fit them. He never saw the gaping abyss, just the Goddess he yearned to worship.
“Serve,” it hissed.
Unable to resist, the shadow became him and he became it. Together, they continued the hunt.

Saying ‘No’ (February 10th)

“You’re falling under my control…” Sheila said, mellifluously
“No,” Morgan responded.
“Yes. In fact, you already fell, you’re already mine.”
“I’ll prove it to you, then. Answer me this: can you resist the sound of my voice?”
“Do you have a will of your own?”
“Do you want one?”
“Good pet.”

Maîtresse de l’hypnose (February 11th)

Marie Antoinette led the executioner by a leash across the kneeling populace gathered at the Place de la Révolution.
“I should have all of your heads,” she announced. “But having your minds is a lot better. Thank you, dear,” she added to the cloaked figure next to her.
The time-traveler hypnotist nodded silently and disappeared.

Hypnotic Wave (February 12th)

“Sir, we’re picking up an unidentified surge of energy coming our way.”
Colonel Benson looked at the spiraling pulse on the screen and shivered.
“God have mercy!”
“That’s a Hypnotic Wave, soldier. The Dommes are attacking! I hope your mind is strong because mine…”
He was already entranced before it hit.
What about you?

The Follow-up (February 13th)

“And when she said ‘Sleep’, Sydney’s world dissolved into darkness. The End.”
“Wait, that’s it?” Valerie asked in surprise. “Where is the lewd follow-up, the orgasmic rapture, the rewriting of a controlled mind?”
“I don’t know how to write that…” Robin admitted, embarrassed.
“I guess we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we? Sleep!”

What She Really Wants (February 14th)

“Chocolates again?” Daphne frowned.
“They’re your favorites, dear!” Bill defended himself.
“True, but you know what I really want.”
“Okay,” he gulped, reaching for her ruby pendant. “You can turn me into your Valentine’s Slave… Just this once though!”
He will say the same thing next year, and the next one, and the next one…

Why? (February 15th)

“Why do you keep writing stories for a woman you’ve never seen?” Brian scoffed.
“She’s my Mistress,” Jack responded.
“Explain that to me.”
“I’d rather show you.”
The computer screen was flooded by spirals and a seductive voice. Time froze.
“Where’s my laptop?” Brian eventually asked. “I need to write a story for my Mistress…”

Beyond Words (February 16th)

“Do you like the cover of my new book?” Samantha asked, coyly.
“Yeah, the swirly pattern is so rela… Hey, are you trying to warp my mind again?” Damian interjected.
“Never! Why don’t you look inside?”
He started flipping the pages,
“But they’re all…”
“Blank,” she whispered. “just like you…”
What followed is beyond words.

Work Dress Code (February 17th)

“Something’s weird,” Thomas muttered as he scratched his chin.
“Everything’s fine, dear,” responded his wife, Darla.
“Listen to mom, dad,” Cassandra, the oldest daughter, intervened. “Everything’s fine.”
“Okay then,” he shrugged.
He walked out the door wearing his best Armani suit and a pink collar. Work dress code was never going to be the same.

Collector’s Item (February 18th)

The pawnbroker looked at the paraphernalia of stuff atop the counter and confronted her hopeful customer.
“Hmmm, let’s see… junk, junk, junk… you’ve got nothing of worth here, but I’ll gladly add that mind of yours to my collection though.” She smiled devilishly.
Her eyes flashed and the deal was sealed. Business sure was booming!

TGIF (February 19th)

From the journal of Thomas Caldwell, hypnoslave

Every Monday, I’m brainwashed in her basement from 9 to 5.
Every Tuesday, I clean her house wearing only a butt plug.
Every Wednesday, I’m brainwashed again.
Every Thursday, I service her and her friends all day long.
Every Friday, I get to cum.
Thank God It’s Friday!

Happiness (February 20th)

“Are you hypnotized right now?” Jonah asked.
“No,” his younger brother, Victor, promptly replied.
“Then why are you licking her shoes?”
“I don’t know. What about you? Are you hypnotized right now?”
“Then why are you kissing her ass?”
“I don’t know, but I’m happy.”
“Me too.”
She was the happiest of them all.

No Hair… (February 21st)

“And the more locks come falling down, the more submissive you feel… no hair, no thoughts, no control… just the desire to serve and obey, isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Delilah,” Samson drooled.
“That’s Mistress Delilah to you, pet.”
“Yes, Mistress Delilah.”
“Good. Let’s take care of the rest,” she cooed as she parted his legs.

Red and Blue (February 22nd)

Emily pointed at her kneeling boyfriend.
“As you can see, he’s completely catatonic but watch what happens when I show him something red.”
She gave him a glimpse or her satin blouse and he began stroking furiously.
“Nice, but why did you ask me to wear blue panties today?” Darla asked.
“Why, indeed?” Emily winked.

Mind Rift (February 23rd)

“What’s with the VR setup?” Allison asked, glancing at the dozen of drooling men in the room.
“They’re testing our new program – Super Slave Maker. So far, they achieved a perfect score in Conditioning and Obsession Modes. Waiting for the results of Mindless Obedience, now,” Melanie replied.
“And then what?”
“Then, the real game begins…”

Bliss (February 24th)

“You can’t do this!” the shackled writer screamed. “The character’s dead! I’m not bringing it back just to satisfy your silly delusions!”
“Yes, you will,” the ravenous fan declared, swinging a gold pocket watch. “Soon, you’ll do everything I want…”
“No… I… please… stop…”
As his eyes followed the mesmerizing motions, misery turned to bliss.

Hypnotic Entertainment (February 25th)

“Yes, General?”
“When I asked you to entertain the Japanese Ambassador, making him believe he was a Geisha was not what I had in mind!”
“Well,” she grinned, “It was definitely entertaining for me.”
“Please, leave the Belgian delegates alone, today!” He begged.
“Deal,” she lied, the words Manneken Pis floating in her mind.

Sleepy Follow (February 26th)

Ichabod Crane tried to fight the growing effects of the ancient forbidden magic.
“Lieutenant, no! As Witnesses, it’s our sacred duty to…”
“Shut up, Crane!” Abbie Mills interjected. “The only thing you’re about to witness is a woman’s ultimate control.”
As the mystical runes on the floor started glowing, his mind grew sleepy. And hollow.

Meeting of Minds (February 27th)

“You know what I love most about this place?” she asked her audience. “The meeting of minds, creativity unleashed, the love of hypnotic arts in whatever form they present themselves…”
Her hands drew invisible patterns of seduction in the air.
“… and the fact that I can make you melt so effortlessly… Kneel!”
Everyone complied, enraptured.

The Award (February 28th)

“And the Oscar goes to… our Hypnotic Mistress for ‘Enslaving Us All’,” the announcer said before dropping to his knees.
“Thank you,” the Mistress said. “I’m proud of this award and even prouder of you all for your compliance. How about a little bit of porn to celebrate?”
With a fingersnap, everyone started to undress.

Leap Slave (February 29th)

“You’re awfully cheery, today,” Rebecca mused. “What happened?”
“I finally convinced Ben to become my hypno-slave. He signed a contract set to expire on February 29th. It’s going to be a blissful year!” Danielle replied with a smile.
“Hmmm, but you do know such date only happens every four years, don’t you?”
“Really?” She winked.

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