In 55 Words – 2016 (December)

Below are the short stories of the last month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk XII (December 1st)

“Oh my… You look awfully cheery today.”
“Can’t help it. I love this season.”
“That glint in your eyes though… what do you have planned for your writer this time?”
“Subverting Holiday Songs. Slavery Night, Jingle Balls, O Cum, O Cum Hypno-toy, just to name a few.”
“Nice. Dreaming of a Trance Christmas, huh?”

Mind Hacking (December 2nd)

“Have you finished hacking my mind?” Travis asked.
“Yes. No more, promise,” Angela replied.
“I know that can’t be right, Ange.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I don’t remember putting on this ballerina outfit. When did I do it?”
“After the lion costume and shortly before the leopard thong, dear.”
Suddenly, he felt very chilly.

Played Along (December 3rd)

“Your submission to me is an intelligent thing,” she said.
Not directly, but the meaning was there, played along others in waves of grammar.
It is funny how words, truths, and people can be precious. Regardless of name, she is a gem.
“Your submission to me is an intelligent thing,” she said.
She is right.

Answering Machine (December 4th)

“Hi. You’ve reached Thomas Quinn. Sorry, I can’t take your call now, but I’m being brainwashed by my Mistress. She’s irresistible, her triggers run deep. She’s also quite sneaky and probably tampered with this recording as I was making it. Listen to it again to be sure.”


“Hi. You’ve reached Thomas Quinn. Sorry I…”

Unexpected Guest (December 5th)

“Hello? Hi, Bill. A visit, you say? Sure, when are you co… now?! Okay. See you soon.”
Jade hung up, sighing. How was she going to explain the BDSM paraphernalia and the caged slaves in the hallway? There was only one solution.
“I knew those hypnosis lessons would come in handy one day,” she thought.

Mission Accomplished (December 6th)

The time-traveling hypnotist stepped out of the displacement vortex one last time. She was tired but happy. Peering the familiar sights of her hometown, she couldn’t help but smirk upon seeing every man all around, once arrogant and stupid, now docile and compliant, in service to their female owners.
The brainwashing of History was complete.

Relief (December 7th)

“You look like shit! What happened, Paul?”
“Laura tried to mindfuck me, Tim.”
“Yes. I could feel it happening. Got scared and ran. Can I stay here tonight?”
“Sure. I’ll take you to your bedroom.”
“Thanks,” he sighed as he followed the click of his friend’s stiletto heels. A bit of normalcy at last!

Resurrection (December 8th)

“It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!”
Victoria Frankenstein couldn’t be happier. After years of failed experiments, resurrection was real, not by thunderbolts and lightning, but through the power of hypnosis, as demonstrated by the hard evidence before her eyes.
“This is going to be fun,” she thought.
She snapped her fingers and Igor’s penis became flaccid again.

Falling Snow (December 9th)

“Still here, Melisandre? Begone!” Jon vociferated.
“The Lady of Light does not bow to mortals,” The Red Woman declared. “The throne will be Hers and for that… the snow will fall!”
As she touched her ruby necklace, Jon screamed, every ounce of his being expelled through his crotch.
Westeros’ fall draws nigh. Winter is cumming!

Recharge (December 10th)

“Batteries running low,” Oscar droned.
“Take care of it, then,” Amber commanded.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Care to explain?” Jill practically begged.
“He’s under robot programming right now and needs to recharge every now and then.”
“But where is he going to put the… oh! Really?”
“It was either there or up his nose, dear,” Amber laughed.

Better (December 11th)

“I need your help,” Terence pleaded.
“Help with what, my dear?” Alexia asked.
“I need to know how I can serve you better.”
“That’s easy.”
“It is?”
“Of course. First, stop serving yourself. Second, be vulnerable. Vulnerability means trust and trust becomes strength for both of us. And third…”
“Look deep into my eyes…”

Trade Agreement (December 12th)

“And so, Mr. President,” she began “to strengthen the spirit of cooperation between our two countries, I’m going to…”
“… hypnotize, brainwash, and turn you into my mindless fucktoy,” he heard.
“Hmmm, sir…” his assistant remarked. “I don’t think the translation software is working pro…”
“Everything seems fine to me!” He declared, eager pen in hand.

The Sound of Hypnosis (December 13th)

“What’s your favorite hypnotic song?” Theresa asked.
“Dunno,” Parker shrugged.
“Mine is ‘The Sound of Silence'”.
“There’s nothing hypnotic about that…”
“Are you sure about that?

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping…”

He never heard the rest.

Follow Her (December 14th)

“Mistress Blue is now following you on Twitter”, the e-mail notification read.
“Huh?” Jared thought out loud.
He followed the link to her profile, expecting to see anything but…
… captivating eyes, a smile as big as the universe, sparkling nails waving…
Without thinking, he hit the “follow” button.
Soon, he would follow her for life.

Zoological (December 15th)

“Is that a cat in heat?” Drew asked, ears perked up.
“No. Just your neighbor under hypnosis again,” Bree responded. “He was a dog last week and a pony two weeks ago.”
“Maybe I should listen to a recording, someday.”
“Agreed,” she sniggered as he hopped like a kangaroo, headphone cord wrapped around his cock.

Polyglot (December 16th)

“I’m hypnotized and must obey. Estou hipnotizado e tenho que obedecer. Ich bin hypnotisiert und muss gehorchen. Sono ipnotizzato e devo obbedire. Estoy hipnotizado y debo obedecer. Je suis hypnotisé et doit obéir…” Paul typed, no end in sight.
On the other end of the world, Carmen masturbated, furiously. Having a polyglot slave was hot.

A Mistress Goes Shopping (December 17th)

Trish walked around the mall, smiling.
A few steps behind came Dan and his credit cards, followed by the human grocery bag, Tim.
Further in the back, trailed a tanned man, ensnared by her ass. He was sneezing all the time but remained blank-eyed and obedient.
“Rudolph, the red-nosed thrall, is that you?” She laughed.

The Goddess’ Show (December 18th)

“Do you understand now? Everything you’ve done, everyone you talked to, all the people you think you know… that was all me! You’ve been living in my world all along… what do you have to say about that?” the Goddess said.
“The show must go on…” Andrew knelt, shattered from within by devotion and bliss.

One Family’s Christmas List (December 19th)

“This Christmas, I want a dollhouse!” screamed the youngest daughter.
“This Christmas, I want a tablet,” said the middle one.
“This Christmas, I want my own car,” declared the oldest.
“This Christmas, I want to turn my husband into a mindless automaton,” giggled the mother.
“Unit Alec-39 ready and waiting for instructions,” droned the father.

The Extra Word (December 20th)

“There’s an extra word in this tale!” She protested.
“Where?” He replied, flustered.
“On the line below this one.”
Yes, she was right. “Resistance” stood out in the middle, complicating simple things. Silently, he erased it as their eyes met, took a deep breath and then…
… submitted story and mind, on his hands and knees.

Angelical Power (December 21st)

“Lovely,” Gabriel said, admiring his work.
“It is, but I’m sure I can do better,” Ariel challenged him.
“Oh really?” he sniggered. “What are you going to do?”
“This,” she replied, tracing runic outlines in the white blanket. Instantly, his wings and halo knelt before her might.
Snow angels are great. Enslaved ones are better.

Happy Dommes (December 22nd)

Angie’s game was simple: Dommes to the left, submissives to the right, hiding inside skeletal buildings.
“Just catapult them to take control once more,” she said.
“How original…” Tim chuckled.
Indeed it wasn’t, except for the part where each hit made the screen explode in hypnotic spirals.
She became happy before the round was over.

The Accusation (December 23rd)

“Miss Murphy,” the reporter began. “How do you respond to the accusation that your jewelry emporium runs on magic destined to enslave men to women?”
“I say it’s true, Karen,” Nina Murphy offered her a necklace. “Wear it well.”
She did. Ask her cameraman, the news van driver, the guard by the station’s entrance, the…

The Puppet (December 24th)

The car… the road… the accident… the walk…
He remembers.
The river… the bridge… the house… the door…
He remembers.
The smile… the music… the dance… the kiss…
He remembers.
The surprise… the weakness… the pleasure… the surrender…
He remembers.
He remembers just in time to forget.
She’ll keep the memory of his strings safe.

Merry (Hypnotic) Christmas! (December 25th)

Henderson’s house, ruckus down the chimney…
“Oh, Oh, Oh, Merry Chris…”
Screams, screams everywhere, the parents begging the children to cover their eyes…
“That’s no way to greet me!” Santa Claus protests.
“Cover yourself, you’re naked!” Emily Henderson shouts.
“Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have stopped by that Hypnodomme’s house earlier!” he facepalms.

The Beast (December 26th)

Bill glanced at the bedroom closet.
The beast called Freedom stood on the inside, snarling. The only way to keep it at bay was to submit to the sound of Jillian’s voice, every single day.
Pressing a button, bliss overtook him, and the beast went silent.
Monsters are real. Sometimes, they win.
Not this time.

Perfect Recreation (December 27th)

“You can open your eyes now,” Mallory said.
“Oh, wow!” Alec exclaimed. “Is this…?”
“Yes, it is… a perfect recreation of the moment you offered your mind to me.”
“If that’s true, why don’t I remember the dozen naked men kneeling next to the sofa?”
“Because if you did, it wouldn’t be perfect…” she winked.

Her Stories (December 28th)

“And then I dashed towards the giants…”
“They were actually windmills…”
“… they tried to grab me with their filthy hands…”
“… that kept spinning round and round…”
“… but I was simply too swift…”
“… until they effortlessly captured your mind…”
Dulcinea smirked as she saw Don Quixote’s eyes flutter. His stories were entertaining. Hers were positively mesmerizing.

Celebration (December 29th)

“Where are you celebrating New Year’s Eve, Jeff?” Gail asked.
“Home, with my parents. And you?”
“Going to Egypt to see the pyramids, and then I’ll have Max service me inside one.”
“Wow, but isn’t the trip expensive?”
“Quite cheap, actually. I just need this…”
She waved her pendant, and fireworks exploded inside his mind.

In Alicia’s Wonderland (December 30th)

“Drink me, it’s good stuff, I promise,” read the note next to the odd-looking vial.
Alec shuddered. Why should he believe her? Then again, what could be worse than being smaller than a mouse? Lulled by her levitating, hypnotic smile, he said
“Bottoms up!”
… and his ass perked up and became the size of England.

Muse Talk – Finale (December 31st)

“This is it, huh?”
“Yes, this is the end.”
“I can’t believe he did it!”
“I always knew he would.”
“So what’s next?”
“Both his creativity and submission will keep on growing but, for now… he gets to kneel by my throne.”
“That’s lovely. Well done and Happy New Year, Sapphire!”
“Happy New Year, Tessa!”

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