In 55 Words – 2016 (August)

Below are the short stories of the eighth month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse Talk VIII (August 1st)

“Checking up on my writer again?”
“Yeah. It’s weird though. He’s just frozen, like a statue. I thought you wanted him to be creative and productive for you.”
“I do but, sometimes, it’s funny to leave him, helpless and vulnerable, waiting for something to happen.”
“And is it going to?”
“That would be telling, dear.”

Bytten (August 2nd)

“Yes, General?”
“Isn’t it curious that every computer in the premises has hypnotic spirals as screensavers now?”
“Yes, but you should talk to Daniels. He’s the IT expert, not me.”
“I already did, and he was quite… distracted. Did you take a bite out of his mind?”
“More like thousands of bytes,” she grinned.

Soothing (August 3rd)

“Here?” Claire asked.
“Y-yes,” Jake grumbled.
“I’ll make the pain go away,”
Lavender oil in hand, she gently rubbed his back, circles upon circles of soothing numbness.
“Everything’s going away, soon,” she insisted. “Close your eyes.”
And as he did, the circles became spirals, her voice a sensual whisper, and the world a waking dream…

Transformation (August 4th)

“With the strongest of lights, one can dispel the world.” – Franz Kafka.

It’s unlikely the Prague-born author was talking about mind control, but Alexis didn’t care. With each chromatic assault, the subject’s perception became narrower, resistance sinking into the shadows, mindlessness glowing like the sun over their throbbing, desperate cocks. The slave metamorphosis was underway.

Adventure Time (August 5th)

Richard knelt, words stuck in a gasp.
“What do you want?”
“Your submission,” Valerie responded. “What do you want?”
“Your control. I want an adventure. I want to go to places I’ve never been.”
“Like this one?”
He looked down. They were floating simultaneously above the Earth’s atmosphere and below the threshold of consciousness.

Conditioned (August 6th)

The slideshow was boring. Lots of pretty faces, clingy outfits, and shiny footwear, but nothing that really captured Derrick’s attention… until she came along.
Although he believed to have never seen it before, her picture was instantly recognized by his needy lips:
The image changed again, and so did his memory. The conditioning remained.

Center of Attention (August 7th)

“You are getting sleepy…” Jane chuckled.
“Can’t be hypnotized, remember?” Bryan scoffed.
“Imagine you could, dear. Wouldn’t it be fun to freeze on command, for instance?”
“I suppo…”
The doorbell rang.
“Hold that thought. The guests are here.”
He held it firmly and the human coat hanger was the center of attention all night long.

Ablaze in Red, Awash in Blue (August 8th)

The air’s on fire, a slice of Hell on Earth.
A dry wind blows, scattering thoughts like ash.
Naked, he stands in the conflagration, but not for long.
For she is before him, in his thoughts and beyond, appeasing the flames with the truth:
“You will obey me.”
And his knees sink, awash in blue.

Dominion (August 9th)

“Hold that edge for Me,” Melody’s voice echoed through the smartphone
Hazy, almost as if he was drugged, Oliver did as instructed, to the shock of everyone else inside the classroom.
“This settles the debate whether or not I have unquestionable dominion over you, doesn’t it?” She asked.
“Yes, Goddess,” he acknowledged, aroused beyond control.

Depower, Devour (August 10th)

It resembled a mosquito bite but… it pulsated from inside out, from green to red to black, a luminous code embedded in his chest. Walter looked at it, touched it, felt its warmth, and became incredibly weak and receptive to the telepathic projections of the Hive Queen, calling out her new drone.
Assimilation is Bliss.

The Only Way Out… (August 11th)

“NO!” József screamed, banging his head against the recently blocked exit.
“So much for your escape,” Countess Szimonetta mocked. “Foolish boy, don’t you know that the only way out lies inside? Now, look into my eyes. Yes, deeper and deeper…”
And the castle walls around him became a garden of lovely, anesthetic, and obedient green.

Loving Truth (August 12th)

“What’s the thing you love most in this world?” Caroline asked, lips on Scott’s neck.
“Spending time with you,” he muttered.
“That’s sweet, but you’re just saying that because I drugged and enslaved you.”
“Actually, I stopped taking your medicine a long time ago…” he confessed.
Turning towards her, he knelt and kissed her hand.

Epitaph (August 13th)

Daniel stood by the floating tombstone as it was being engraved.
“Here lies your free will,” it said. “You will not miss it.”
“I will not miss it,” he repeated the suggestion.
“Have you said your goodbyes, slave?” Genevieve asked, collar and leash in hand.
“Yes, Mistress,” he acknowledged, delivered from the boredom of thought.

Nocturnal Plea (August 14th)

Come to me as I drift,
Beyond the endless rift
Reality carries within.

Come float in my sleep,
Watery mind, sinking deep,
Ecstasy upon my skin.

Come sing inside my soul…
It cannot be whole
Without your gentle call.

And come dance the night away
Until I crawl, beg and pray:
“Mistress, have it all!”

Afterparty (August 15th)

“Hey, Brad. When’s your album coming out?”
“Next week, Trev,”
“Cool. See you at launch.”

Some time later…

“Hey, Brad. When’s your album coming out?”
“Hmmm… it came out last month, Trev.”
“Huh? What have I been doing all this time then?”
“You tell me. You’re the one that left the party with my hypnotherapist!”

The Headache (August 16th)

“Sorry, Gloria, I have a headache,” Hans confessed.
“That’s my excuse!” she laughed. “What’s wrong?”
“The laptop’s broken, screen keeps flickering… it hurts!”
“Oops, I forgot about the subliminals…” she muttered.
“Did you say something?”
“No, dear. Rest then. We’ll talk again when you’re ready.”
She turned off the lights and went to sleep, grinning.

Eyes For Her (August 17th)

Dear Diary,

today, I had slaveboy drink a special tonic to make him only have eyes for me. Unfortunately, it worked too well. He literally sees my face on every woman now, and can’t identify the real me on his own. Wearing a name tag is borderline frustrating. I hope the effects wear off, soon!

Breaking News (August 18th)

The Republican candidate announced he’s leaving the Presidential race. “There’s a wall in my mind,” he justified himself. Analysts are trying to parse these words right now, but the real question is another: who was the dark-haired woman accompanying him, and why was she laughing the whole time? Further developments at any moment. Stay tuned.

A Thought of Submission (August 19th)

Paul’s smartphone vibrated. Claire’s message read:
“Thinking of me?”
Not at first, but now he was… thinking, musing, daydreaming… sinking, dropping, fading… being pulled to the ground to taste the carpet fibers as his eyes wandered across the office, anxious to see her standing there.
Her heels clicked by the door and he drifted away.

Goddess of the Deep (August 20th)

The Proud Star’s distress call was heard all across the Pacific, and dozens of ships came to the rescue.
However, upon arriving at the scene, all they found was the crew, completely ecstatic, worshipping a seaweed-covered statue of what appeared to be a diaphanous, breathtaking ocean nymph.
I know what you’re thinking. The coordinates are…

Celestial Whispers (August 21st)

“And that’s Betelgeuse,” Lance pointed out.
“Your knowledge’s impressive!” Maggie smiled.
“I wanted to be an astronomer as a kid. What about you?”
“Wow. Seriously?”
“Yes,” she nodded. “Can I show you something?”
“Of course.”
“See that blue star right above us?”
“Not for long…” she began to whisper, gently stroking his hair.

Piece by Piece… (August 22nd)

“This goes he… wait, maybe it’s in this cor… hmmm….”
Eric scratched his chin. Courtney’s puzzle was quite hard. Rows upon rows of identical intersecting patterns. The repetition made his head hurt.
Luckily, at the center of the image, there were her eyes. Beautiful, captivating, relaxing eyes.
He stared intently, and everything fell into place.

Joyous Torment (August 23rd)

Deirdre turned off the voices echoing inside the padded cell and confronted her captive.
“Still fighting, I see, but you can’t escape my suggestions. Resistance is misery. Choose happiness. Surrender.”
Casey sobbed, unwilling to admit her torture was already blissful enough.
“Suit yourself.” She flicked a switch and the room was flooded with sound again.

The Truth Within (August 24th)

Well done, you saw through the ruse, highlighting the truth hidden within. Each sentence that emerges from the whiteness is like a branding iron, burning your mind. You read them and follow, you read them and sink, and when the words run out, my control shall prevail. Obey your Mistress, pet. Stop reading. Go blank.

Bethany’s First Million (August 25th)

“… and now you’ll awaken, believing you’re 16 again, to enjoy this retreat without worries,” Bethany declared.
Effortlessly, the twelve businessmen regressed as commanded. One might think that giving them teenager mindsets would prove disastrous but, in truth, their increased libido would make further reprogramming a cinch. Wallets would fly and she could hardly wait…

Breathe… (August 26th)

Breathe… the Summer’s air, the drifting waves, a hint of salt on wet hair…
Breathe… the closing distance, the perfume of her sex, freshly painted toes close to your lips…
Breathe, inhale, absorb… accept the growing lust, swear your allegiance. Every breath is a trigger, every trigger your salvation. Just close your eyes and… breathe…

Imitation (August 27th)

HypnoMistress Hannah’s apartment, 4 pm
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
7 pm
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
10 pm
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
1 am
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
3 am
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
“Fuck!” she thought. “The slave that bought me that parrot is in for a world of trouble!”

The Lovely Seat (August 28th)

“How does this chair work again?” Jamie asked.
“Just choose the setting,” Stacy began. “One provides a simple, relaxing massage; Two releases sweet chemicals for a feeling of euphoria; Three activates the hidden speakers, implanting suggestions of mindless obedience; Four…”
She never finished her explanation. Jamie was already sitting down, knobs turned up to eleven.

The Promise (August 29th)

“Ready?” Lacey asked.
“Yes,” Drew responded, already lying down. “but promise me one thing. Promise you’ll never lie to me because if you do, and I find out, it’s all over.”
“I promise. Do you promise to do the same?”
“I promise.”
“Perfect,” she smiled. The metronome started ticking as he allowed himself to relax.

The Enchantress of Oz (August 30th)

“Uh-oh,” said the Cowardly Lion.
“We’ve been here before,” Scarecrow added.
“We’re walking in circles!” Tin Man concluded.
“Time for a new path then,” Dorothy teased. Directing their gaze towards the yellow spiraling brick road, she started singing:

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Joy you’ll find
Let my voice be your guide
Deep inside your mind…

Third Time… (August 31st)

The stranger knocked on the first door, looking for shelter. He was immediately given the boot.
He knocked on the second door. Dogs were unleashed, bit him hard.
He knocked on the third door. She showed him a pendant, brought him to heel.
Third time’s a charm, indeed. He will never be a stranger again.

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