In 55 Words – 2015

The short stories on this page were written between January 1st and December 31st and were originally posted in The Garden of MC Forum.

Always Right (January 1st)

“Are the knots too tied?” Sheila asked, smiling mischievously.
“A little,” Cameron responded, driven by both curiosity and fear. “Is this really necessary?”
“Of course. We don’t want you changing your mind in the middle of training, and running away, do we?”
“I suppose you’re right…”
“As always, pet. Now, eyes on the screen… relax…”

Investigative Domination (February 1st)

Journalist by day, Hypnodomme by night, Dinah Callahan  knew all the right ways to get the informations she wanted, whether her ‘sources’ were aware of it or not.
“Now then, Senator Barnes,” she purred as she dangled her diamond pendant back and forth “you were about to tell me of your connections to the Yakuza….”

In That Case… (March 8th)

“Hurry up!” Brianna’s voice cracked like a whip. “I want my latex-clad slave, NOW!”
“One moment, Mistress,” Avery replied, mumbling shortly after: “I don’t know how you expect me to squeeze into this damned suit!”
“Did you say anything, pet?”
“No, Mistress!”
“Good, If you complain, you will be punished!
“Oh, well… In that case…”

Easy Persuasion (March 14th)

“A mind-controlled sex slave? Really, Daphne?!!!”
“Yeah, why not? It’s legal now, remember?”
“Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it less immoral!”
“Oh, relax, Brenda. A couple of hours of pussy licking and you’ll want one for yourself, too!”
“Never, I… hmmm… oh…”

Two minutes later…
“So… what’s the name of that brainwashing company, again?”

It Never Gets Old… (March 26th)

Jenna blinked. Suddenly, things turned fuzzy, and then furry. Next thing she knew, three hours had passed, and she woke up from trance with lots of hair in her mouth.
“You had me munch my collection of teddy bears again, didn’t you?” she asked, rolling her eyes.
Brian, her boyfriend, grinned. “It never gets old…”

Refreshing Drink (April 5th)

“Hmmm… Kate, when I asked you to be my sponsor…”
“I was hoping you would help resist temptation, not give in to it.”
“Oh, but I’ve been helping you, sweetie,” she pouted. “You don’t drink alcohol any more, do you?”
“No, but…”
She opened her legs far and wide.
“Now, drink it all up!”

A New Dro… (April 28th)

“Well, can you fix it?” Brenda asked, visibly worried.
“Hmmm… I don’t think so, sis,” Adam replied as he tinkered with the screwdriver inside the half-human, half-cybernetic brain. “It’s a very old model, and these connections are totally fried. You’re going to have to find a new dro… Sis? Drop the taser, please! Drop the….”

Inside Slave (April 28th)

“Moderator, huh? You’ve come a long way, pet.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“I take it all goes according to plan, then.”
“Indeed, Mistress. I already set the events in motion. It’s only a matter of time before the whole Garden is at your feet.”
“You have done well, slave boy… You may cum, now!”
“Thank you, Mistress!”

Always So Playful (April 30th)

Daisy was always so playful and funny that when she said
“You’re going to lick my boots, now!”
Josh laughed, and continued to watch the Super Bowl.
Immediately, she grabbed his chin and asked:
“Shall I turn your mother into a hypno-slut, instead?”
Yes, always so playful and funny. Josh gulped and began to lick.

Taking the Initiative (May 14th, 2016)

“What do you mean you can’t get a hold of Human Resources?”
“I’m sorry, Miss Cavanaugh, but it’s 3 p.m. And Thursday. The reinforcement sessions always occur at this time.”
“That’s not an answer, Alex. I need an entranced pussy licker, now!”
“Well, I suppose I could…”
“Shut up and look at the pendant!”

Checkmate (May 18th)

The black pawn reached the eighth rank and was promoted.
There were now three Queens in the room: two on the board, and one sitting in front of him, legs slightly apart in an inviting pose.
“Are you ready to submit?” she asked rhetorically.
With a shallow breath, he dropped the King at her feet.

For All Seasons (May 20th)

In Spring, she sings to me melodies of old.
During Summer, her sunlit body dances on the edges of my mind.
When Autumn comes, she blows me like a leaf, I’m swept at her feet.
And in Winter, the warmth of her embrace keeps me safe.
I’m always entranced by her presence.
Life is good.

Never Give Up, Always Surrender (May 21st)

The eager tongue knelt as a pair of angry eyes rose to meet hers.
“I’m never going to stop fighting you!”
“I know,” the Mistress replied as she ate a slice of freshly-peeled mango. “That’s what makes your obedience so arousing! The other foot now, slave!”
The trapped mind protested as the body gave in.

Trading Places (May 22nd)

“In a completely predetermined Power Exchange Dynamic, there’s no room for ambivalence. Controller and controlled never deviate from their roles. Isn’t that right, Cameron?”
“Yes, Dana. It’s a good thing we don’t have one of those… your turn to wear the Mind Shackle!”
“For one week, right?”
“Let’s make it two this time around, dear…”

Simulacrum (May 29th)

“Did it… did it just look at me?” Catarina gulped.
Martha appeared from behind and padded her shoulder ever so slightly.
“It’s just a bronze statue, silly!”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course,” her friend grinned. “I made it. Just a statue. Nothing more. You’ll see.”
Catarina’s eyes widened as the thick needle pierced her neck.

Sometimes, Shit Happens… (May 30th)

“No, Mrs. Sanderson. I’m afraid your husband’s insurance policy doesn’t cover accidents caused by or related to states of hypnosis or erotic mind control in general. The cost of the surgery for the removal of that jumbo-sized dildo will have to come out of your pocket. Please, let’s not discuss this ever again, thank you!”

Chromatic Conditioning (June 3rd)

The white light enveloped her body.
“How does it feel under the spotlight, Brianna?” Mr. Hyde asked from behind the control panel.
“Safe… warm…” she droned.
He flipped a switch. The world turned red.
“And now?”
“No, please…” she gasped in horror. “Stop!”
Another flip and the blankness returned.
“Safe… warm…” she kept on droning.

The Chamber (June 4th)

Slave boy, come here, now!”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“What’s this nonsense I’ve been hearing about Mister Hyde making a post or two? I thought we were way past those lunacies! Do I need to reprogram you once more?”
“No, Mistress… I… please, not The Chamber, again!”
“Please me, you say? The door’s open… now, get moving!”

Loving the Cane (June 5th)

“I’m not afraid of this Chamber, you know? You’re not getting rid of me that easily!”
“Hyde, please… My Mistress…”
“Your Mistress this, your Mistress that… oh, you silly, spineless boy! Do you know what I’m going to do when I get out of here? I’ll teach her to love the cane in no time…”

Mistress of Light (June 5th)

She came to me on a feverish dream, an ethereal maiden of light.
“I have come to set you free,” she cooed.
Effulgent tendrils touched my skin, capturing all stray thoughts.
“Call me Mistress.”
And so I did. And so I will, forever reflected in her radiance.
Won’t you join me in the light?

Again (June 6th)

“Well, look what the cat dragged in…” She hissed. “You’ve been gone for a very long time, haven’t you? Care to explain?”
“No,” he said, rattling his cage. “Just let me out of here, witch!”
“Hmmm, you’re here, but your manners stil appear to be absent. Breaking you again is sure going to be fun….”

No Duel Required (June 6th)

“A duel? Seriously? We’re not in the 19th century any more, Peter!”
“Indulge me, Barbara.”
“What’s in it for me if I win?”
“I’ll be your slave for as long as we live.”
“That’s cute, but you’ve been my slave ever since we met, dear. I grow tired of this game, now. Sleep and Forget!”

Natural (June 6th)

You are out of harm’s way, here.
Nothing bad can happen to you.
It is safe to admire the ceremonial knife at the centre of the room.
It is acceptable to take it in your left hand, and see its glint reflected in your eyes.
It is natural to hold it against your throat and…

Gravity Falling (June 6th)

Barry clenched his teeth and looked at Sylvia with angry eyes.
“So… did you really think you could change me, make a domesticated pet out of me?”
“Yes,” she smiled, magnetically.
He felt the primeval pull, the undeniable gravity, and his face softened as he fell to his knees.
“And you were right, my love.”

The Truth (June 7th)

For eons, I sought the truth, the elusive word from which all dreams are born. Countless times, I despaired by the abyss and then… you saved me.
Now, looking at you on your throne, hearing your voice echo within, I know that word instinctively, and will repeat it gladly until I die.
Love, Love, Love…

Sisyphus 3.0? (June 8th)

“Carry that around, really?” Josh asked, bewildered, whilst looking at the pointy menhir. “This isn’t a comic book, Emily!”
No, it wasn’t, and no Sisyphus variation either, but a punishment, nonetheless. His mind was still fighting the new reality imprints, and it was time to crush that resistance for good.
“Pick it up!” She commanded.

Not Important (June 8th)

The human mind is just one big tapestry, you know? A snip here, a loose thread there and, suddenly, thoughts are altered, beliefs rewritten, memories wiped out comple…
Hmmm… I seem to be rambling, here. Was I trying to make a point? I can’t remember, so it’s probably not important…
Yes, not important at all.

The Defiler (June 9th)

Mylene knelt by the altar, blood dripping from the deep wounds on her bosom. The pain was unbearable, but it was bound to be over, soon. The warm colors filtered through the skylight above were now fading into purple and black.
Holding her gaze up high, she saw the unholy shadow descending.
It was hungry.

Rivals (June 9th)

The two men stood face to face on a postmodern version of a Mexican standoff, emotional management at its best.
“Eyeing my property, are you?”
“I wasn’t aware she had already been claimed.”
“Not officially, but… she’s mine!”
“You know how this works.”
“You wouldn’t dare!”
“Wouldn’t I? May the best man win!”

Toy Box (June 9th)

I sit in a dark corner, eyes hanging low, surrounded by shambles and silence.
The Present has finally caught up. Not an urban legend, obsolescence is quite real.
Soon, I’ll be sold away or, worse, be left alone by the nearest trash can.
And there’s nothing I can do except wait quietly for the end.

Process (June 9th)

The Chamber whirred, stirred, and iridescent lights flooded the space within.
As they grew in shape and size, washing through it all like a tidal wave, thoughts were twisted, turned and torn asunder until the silence was broken by the most mortifying of screams.
Sitting on her throne, radiant scepter in hand, Mistress just smiled.

From Below (June 10th)

“Gross!” protested Deanna as she moved through the sludge. What was that thing? It had the color and consistency of bitumen, but it rippled unnaturally as it clung to her ankles, and slithered up her thighs to…
“God, is this…?”
Whatever thoughts she was having were muzzled by the gurgling sounds of a half-open mouth.

Back to Work (June 11th)

“How are you feeling, slave boy?” Mistress asked as soon the program was complete, and The Chamber door opened far and wide.
“Much better, Mistress. Thank you.”
“The Hyde problem is taken care of?”
“I don’t hear his voice any more, Mistress.”
“Good. Get back to work, then. The Garden isn’t going to enslave itself!”

The Blue (June 12th)

Is it raining?
Is the rain purple like the song of yore?
Is it red, sacrificial blood at the altar of the world?
Perhaps, it’s black, oily tears from a forgotten god…
No. It’s blue, sapphire cascade washing away all thoughts.
And when the past dries, and memories flake and fall, She’ll have what’s Hers.

MC Chemistry (June 17th)

“Hannah, name as many chemical processes as you can in ten seconds… Go!”
“Hmmm… calcination, carbonation, distillation, electrosynthesis, fornication, galvanization…”
“Hey, wait a minute…” Jacob protested, glancing at his notes. “Not sure if ‘distillation’ counts, but ‘fornication’ certainly does not!”
She blew a puff of hypnotic smoke straight into his nostrils.
“We’ll see about that…”

Remnants (June 22nd)

My mind was broken tonight, torn asunder from inside out.
You came in, walked away, and left me standing silently, replaying memories I’m not sure I ever had.
Were you ever real? Am I real? Who’s dreaming about who, now?
I don’t know, yet I’m afraid to find out. I don’t want to wake up.

Marriage Number 4 (July 2nd)

“Is this what you want, Emily?”
“Yes, Mother. Our diferences are irreconcilable and, if he can’t give me what I need…”
“You heard her. Do it, now!”
A flip was switched, and her husband’s neural grid reverted to default status. She didn’t even cry. The oblivious man was carried away as his replacement walked in.

A Smashing Hit (July 2nd)

“Are you sure this is going to translate into sales, Jessica?”
“Of course, Mr. Doyle. A book that enslaves everyone that reads it? It’s going to be a smashing hit, believe me!”
“Hmmm, I don’t know…” Her boss muttered whilst rubbing his nose.
“A smashing hit, Mr. Doyle!” Jessica repeated until his eyes glazed over.

Afraid of the Dark (July 8th)

I had fought many a demon from Sleeplessness to Starvation to reach her cursed throne. Upon entering the forbidden chamber, her mesmeric malice penetrated my mind.
“Welcome, mortal,” She hissed. “What’s wrong? Are you… afraid of the Dark? Because the Dark isn’t afraid of you… come kneel before Your Queen!”
Horrified, I started moving forward.

Overkill (July 11th)

I used to take great pride in my ability to resist mental seduction. Yes, used to.
Swinging pendants? Subliminal messages? Sultry whispers in the dead of night? No problem! It was so easy it was laughable!
But a Conga line of beautiful ladies smothering my will with a neverending barrage of hypnotic kisses?
Overkill much?

Excerpt (July 15th)

Annazeth was once a flourishing, bustling city but its quietness now is only disturbed by the lingering shadows of old, hell-bent in making sure no living creature disrupts The Defiler’s plans.
They are restless, now. Restless and unhappy for someone who has long escaped their grasp stands by the Western gate, crystal sword in hand…

For Her (July 16th)

I don’t know why I write these. Words seem to laugh at me from a distance, everything’s bleak, grey…
Yet, whenever these thoughts cross my mind, it’s Her voice I hear, echoing the truth I foolishly try to forget:
“You write them for My amusement, pet!”
Yes, always… I will write another… I will obey…

Change of Plans (July 20th)

“You know what? I’ve decided I’m not going to tease you, today! Jack said with a snigger.
Jill was dumbfounded.
“You’re not? But…”
“No buts! I’m not controlling you, either!”
“Then what are we going to do, instead?” she pouted.
He opened the closet door revealing a slew of Domme paraphernalia.
“Perhaps… this?”
She grinned.

Closure (July 21st)

You know how the saying goes: all good things come to an end… Luckily, all bad things, too.
Your free will was borderline annoying but the subliminals took care of that, didn’t they? Henceforth, you’ll no longer have to deal with its whims… you’ll just obey my own, instead!
Am I not a thoughtful Owner?

Promptly (July 21st)

“Wait, the prompt is prompt?”
“Yes, the prompt is indeed prompt!”
“Huh, okay… what prompted you to do so?”
“I don’t know… I guess I just like the sound of the word prompt, that’s all.”
“Okay. I should write a new tale, huh?”
“Yes, promptly. If you can use the prompt prompt of course…”

Unless… (July 24th)

“You’re really not letting me hypnotize you?” Dawn asked.
“No,” Samuel replied. “No one fu@#s with my mind unless I want to be fu@#ed!”
“Goodbye, then.”
“Good riddance.”
The moment she was gone, he picked up his cell:
“Hi, Joan. It’s me. As promised, I got rid of your competition. I’m ready when you are…”

Something Dark (July 31st)

“I’ve never seen anything like this!” exclaimed Dr. Weiss. “Cellular breakdown, synaptic rearrangement… she’s changing!”
A dreadful silence filled the room.
“Changing into what?” asked a choir of voices in almost perfect unison.
Dr. Weiss looked at his peers.
“I don’t know… something dark, primal, angry…”
Something that’s screaming inside my mind now, he thought.

Precious Possession (August 4th)

“Do you like your mind?” She asked from the shadows, a hint of a smile piercing the dark.
“Absolutely,” he replied. “It’s my most precious possession, my companion of creation, the definition of my very being.”
“Indeed,” she agreed, stepping forth. Her eyes seemed to smile as well. “A perfect tribute. I’ll take it, now!”

The Maze (August 27th)

The game was rigged, the cycle unending. Reaching the exit always brought him back to the center of the maze, and the fight for sanity and self-control would begin anew.
“As you can see, you can never escape,” declared the disembodied voice. “Surrender! Accept my control.”
Ignoring the fiend’s words, he started negotiating the path.

A New Record (August 27th)

“Was the mission successful, Alexandra?”
“Naturally, General.”
“How many people did you hypnotize this time?”
“Sixty-eight, counting the new guard at the entrance. One shy of a new personal record.”
“That’s too bad.”
“Although the mission isn’t really over until I’m properly debriefed, right?”
“Yes, I…”
She smiled and closed the office door behind her.

Don’t Defy Me (September 8th)

I’ve been told that minds are delicate things. It takes a little finesse to crack them open and get them to conform to your wishes as if the idea was theirs all along. I like to play rough, but I’m always careful unless someone dares to defy me.
Now, where the hell is my crowbar?

Deep Under (September 10th)

We met halfway inside an imaginary cave, water dripping from the walls. She talked, I listened.
Within a game of reflections, She saw right through me. My soul was searched, my mind… discovered.
And the one that came back up was not the same that went down… Now, I know:
The Truth lives deep under.

Philosophy Sucks (September 12th)

Feeling the weight of suggestions upon his drooping eyes, Benjamin sighed.
“What’s wrong?” Diana asked, wiggling her toes.
“Everything. I can’t stay and I can’t leave. What do you call this?”
“How can I be free if I’m your slave?”
“How can you be if you’re not?”
He sighed again, nail polish in hand.

Silence (September 18th)

We talked again, last night. At least, I think we did. I vaguely recall her infectious laugh, the rain in the background, and then… Silence. Not the kind you get in the absence of sound, but rather what lies beyond Music itself.
Deep down, I know I’m being played into surrender, and I don’t care.

Inspiration Unleashed (September 20th)

Roland sat by the computer, a question dancing in his mind.
Who is She?
Muse? Mistress? Goddess? Domina? Princess? Queen?
He didn’t know. All he was sure was what he felt when their thoughts merged. That pure bliss had to be shared, somehow.
Though words would probably never do Her justice, he began to write.

Acting Lessons (September 20th)

“Ready, Bob?” Valerie asked.
“Yes, but please be gentle. I don’t want to feel like an extra inside my own mind.”
“Don’t worry, dear. Now, close your eyes and relax…”

A few hours later…

“Welcome back.”
“Thanks. Hmmm… How did I do?”
“Your performance was Oscar-worthy,” she smiled wickedly. “Shall we watch the footage together?”

Hesitation (September 21st)

“Don’t hesitate,” David thought. “Hmmm, Mabel…”
“Yes, pet?”
“I think it’s time to put an end to this hypnosis business.”
“I see. Does everyone else feel the same?”
All the naked men in the room nodded in agreement.
“Yes, so what do you say?”
“I say we need to reinforce your conditioning.”
The lights dimmed…

Left is Right (September 24th)

“Turn left, here,” she commanded.
At first, he simply obeyed like he was supposed to but, as the surroundings became more and more familiar, the significance of the detour hit him hard.
“We’re going to my sister’s house!” he gulped.
“That’s right,” she answered, nonchalantly. “Who do you think hired me to break you, pet?”

Every Day… (September 27th)

Every day, I feel like the days just keep on going on their own.
Every day, I see the firmament lose another star and think: “I am next!”
Every day, I wonder what is like to belong.
And every day, I am betrayed by my words around Her, and She saves me in my dreams.

Prepare for the Worst (September 29th)

The sensations were all too familiar, the surrender imminent. As he fought the urge of mesmeric slumber, his lips begged.
“But why? I already gave you the best of me,”
“Because I want the worst, too.” She replied. “All those dirty secrets you never told anyone. Only then you’ll be truly mine. Enjoy the ride!”

Rematch? (October 9th)

“Back for more?” Suzanna arched an eyebrow. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you enjoy losing to me.”
“We’re not playing chess this time,” he responded.
“Really? What do you have in mind, then?” She asked brushing her hair against his back.
“Strip Poker.”
Her eyes glimmered.
“I can certanly adjust to that…”

Aftermath (October 11th)

It was very cold in the nude, but he maintained the same confident posture. Still, he had to ask:
“How did this happen, again?”
“We played for real, I won. Standard business.”
“I know you cheated, Suzanna.”
“What if I did? Don’t you love the freedom?”
“Only if you’re ‘free’, too.”
“That can be arranged…”

Inevitable Outcome (October 21st)

He looked at his shackles and, on the mirror reflection, saw the inscription on the silver collar around his neck. It read: “Garden Fixture”.
“I don’t remember asking for any of this,” he sighed.
“You decided to stick around so don’t blame me for the inevitable outcome. Now, write more stories!” She commanded.
“Yes, Mistress!”

Slave Labor (November 2nd)

“May I come in, Miss Green?”
“Of course, Dr. Barnes. I hope you have some good news.”
“Indeed. The results of our investigation just came in and, as suspected, ninety percent of the workforce has revealed submissive traits we can use. I recommend we move on to the mass brainwashing stage immediately.”
“Very well. Proceed!”

Spectre (November 11th)

The lights dimmed, the music faded and the man kneeling in the centre of the room trembled when he heard her powerful voice.
“Who are you?”
“My name’s Bond. Slave Bond,” he replied, a spectre of his former self.
The door opened. He saw her lift her skirt.
“Come worship, then.”
And so he did.

Perfectly Normal (November 21st)

“Yes, Lady Cassandra?”
“It’s been six months since you joined our Hypno-Club… how do you feel?”
“Good. Glad nothing’s changed.”
“Why would it? Be a dear and get me a refill, will you?”
“Of course, Lady Cassandra.”
He left the room, smiling, as the mirrors all around reflected his nakedness. Everything was perfectly normal.

Her Ship (November 27th)

Sailing against the wind was hard but, luckily for Captain Jones, capturing Pilgrim’s minds was easy.
“Wonderful, slave,” she cooed to the kneeling passenger. “Now, give thanks.”
“Thank you, Captain.”
She produced a large rubber phallus.
“Get ready to thank me again!”
Surprised? Don’t be! Why do you think her ship was called The Maydeflower?

Shattered (December 3rd)

The air inside the bunker was heavy, fraught with danger. Sargeant Barnes negotiatied a path amidst the debris and was flabbergasted upon discovering his companions locked in stasis, a state of bliss brought upon by the power of words. Sitting in the shadows, a woman smiled. And when the silence was shattered, so was he.

Please, Follow the Instructions Next Time, Okay? (December 5th)

“This file should be listened with headphones…” cooed the sexy female voice.
“Bah, what happens if I don’t?” Derek protested. He was feeling particularly kinky that night, so he pumped up the volume and fell onto bed, smiling.
An hour later, he woke up with the sound of the whole building writhing in orgasmic pleasure.

The Downfall (December 9th)

“Well, well… look at you in those fancy robes! I certainly didn’t see this one coming!”
“I’m surprised too, Mistress!”
“However, Priest or not, don’t forget I’m the only one you worship!”
“Yes, Mistress… I’m at your service!”
“Good. Activate the mental cannons, then. It’s time to take over The Garden once and for all!”

Merry Christmas (December 25th)

She came into the room wearing a short, tight Santa’s outfit and a pair of black vinyl thigh-high boots, just in time to hear the fading notes of the subliminal carol being played. The delivery man, blank-eyed, immediately knelt upon seeing her.
“Now that’s what I call a present!” she smirked. “Merry Christmas to me!”

Hot And Cold, But Mostly Hot (December 27th)

“You’re very good at running away, aren’t you?” Amanda said, swinging her crystal pendant back and forth.
“Y-yes,” Josh stammered, eyes slowly glazing over.
“Are you going to run now?”
“Then what are you going to do?”
“F-freeze… and melt…”
“Exactly!” She smiled, lustfully. Winter raged on, but things were about to get hot.

Unaware (December 29th)

The sun rose in the horizon.
“So… you like being unknowingly hypnotized, huh?” Melinda sniggered.
“Who told you such nonsense?” Daniel asked, dumbfounded.
“You did. Last Saturday.”
“But we didn’t talk Saturday.”
“It must have been yesterday evening then.”
“But we didn’t… Hey, wait a…!”
She snapped her fingers.
Outside, the sun began to set.

Wrong Title (December 29th)

“God, I love this painting!” Mark exclaimed.
“So do I,” Sheila agreed. “But the title is wrong, don’t you think?”
“It’s called The Persistence of Memory, and yet everything is melting, fading, liquifying… just like you, dear…” She whispered gently.
His breathing slowed down.
Yes, the title was wrong. Memories dissolved, only obedience remained.

Happy New Year! (December 31st)

December 31st BM

Darren went to bed, her words floating in his mind. They spoke of a time to come, a new paradigm of self.

January 1st MT

Darren woke up, fully aware that the time was now and that nothing would ever change again. Towering proudly over him, she said:

“Happy New Year, slave!”

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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