In 55 Words – 2014

The shorties on this page were written between January 1st and October 3rd, 2014, and were originally posted in The Garden of MC Forum.

New Year’s Resolution (January 1st)

“Did you sleep well, pet?”
“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. Huh, why am I calling you Mistress?”
“Because that’s who I am, silly. As a part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I programmed your subconscious mind while you were sleeping, and turned your righteous limits into mindless obedience. Happy?”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good boy.”

Special Announcement (January 2nd)

“Your attention, please” a female voice echoed in the theater. “Due to the recent capitulation of our country’s forces to the Queendom of Mesmeria, the movie you were about to see will be replaced by the looping of our new national anthem, All Serve Mesmeria! Please remain in your seats and learn the lyrics, accordingly.”

A Wonderful Weekend (January 4th)

“How was your weekend, Brenda?”
“Wonderful. I hypnotized Sam, had some fun, and then we switched.”
“Isn’t that too much of a staple for you two by now?”
“Perhaps, but the part with the goat, Mariachi band and you naked was new.”
“Nothing, Di. Forget, now!”
“Forget… huh… So, how was your weekend, Brenda?”

Secret Diet (January 5th)

“Maggie? I swear you never grow old! How can this be?”
“Come with me, Jordan, and I’ll show you”, she smiled.
Back in her house, Maggie opened the basement door, and a winged, demonic creature came forth.
“Meet my pet. He loves human minds. One a day, and I’m young, forever! Want to feed him?”

Class A Emergency (January 5th)

“Madam President, we have a problem.”
“What’s wrong, Dave?”
“Lab 7 has been compromised. A culture of Class A Nano-bots has been inadvertedly released in the ventilation system, and started to rewrite the DNA of everyone in the premises. We sealed off the building, but I’m afraid we’ll need…”
“Say no more! Burn them all!”

What’s Important (January 5th)

“How did the operation go, doctor?”
“We were able to salvage some of his neural pathways, but most of his original persona is irretrievably lost. I’m sorry.”
“I understand. Can I see him, now?”
The moment Jane walked in the room, David muttered:
“That’s right. Good to know you still remember what’s important!”

Believe What You Want… (January 6th)

It was merely a game, he was still master of himself.
He was kneeling naked on the floor because he wanted to, and the moment he decided to get up, he would do so.
The blank face reflected on her glossy boots believed in this and many other things, but that didn’t make them true.

The Long Wait (January 6th)

He was waiting for Her.
Mistress would come. She had said so, and her words were law.
So he waited.
From afar, he caught a glimpse of the highway fire.
And waited.
He saw the frantic police cars and fire trucks.
And waited.
He kept on waiting, oblivious to everything else.
But she never came.

The Alien Landscape (January 6th)

The painting was amazing, depicting a scenery of geometric impossibilities. Unfortunately, no title was visible.
“Excuse me, Miss, can you tell me the name of this painting?”
“Certainly. It is called The Enthrallment of Sean Bigelow.”
“You’re joking, right? That’s my name!”
“Oh… Is that so?”
The alien landscape stirred, awash in a silver glow.

My Delight (January 7th)

“This is an abomination!” said the critic as she looked at the mass of sweaty, fornicating bodies on display.
“You’re wrong. Any work of art has a subversive element in it, a delicious element often. This is my delight, Miss Woods!
“A truly perverted one!”
His eyes glimmered.
“You’ll think differently once you join them….”

Rehabilitation (January 7th)

“How are you feeling, today?”
“Strange… diminished… like a piece of me is missing…”
“And in a way, it is. Those desires of dominance were a major part of your life for a long time. The Process will fix that!”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive. Soon, you’ll be the slave you were always meant to be.”

The X-Files Pilot – Unaired Version (January 9th)

“Tell me the truth, Scully. You’re here to spy on me and debunk my work, aren’t you?”
“On the contrary, Agent Mulder. I’m here to help you prove some of your theories.”
“Such as…?”
“If mind control is possible, for example.”
“How are you going to do that?”
“Let’s start with a bit of hypnosis.”

All He Needed To Know (January 9th)

“What sort of a creature are you?” he asked, looking at the shimmering portal from which she had emerged. “An angel? A demon?”
She slid towards him, naked, cascading raven hair touching the ground, and kissed him.
“I’m yours,” she declared.
He kissed her back, lost in perfect bliss. That’s all he needed to know.

The Right Qualifications (January 14th)

“Congratulations, Number Twelve. You passed the test with flying colors and are now officially qualified to be a horny slave for all eternity, just like you always wanted. Feel free to express the orgasmic satisfaction you’re feeling right now in any way you see fit, preferably naked and on your hands and knees… good girl!”

Preparations (January 16th)

“What do you mean ‘my opinions are irrevelant’? I helped design this thing!”
“We know, Mr. Phelps. However, you don’t get to tell us how we use it. Just be thankful we let you keep your free will.”
He gulped, looking at the apocalyptic machine.
She was right.
Soon, many others wouldn’t be so lucky.

A Patch to Submission (January 17th)

“You can’t hurt me inside this Magic Bubble. I’m invulnerable!” smirked Jennifer.
“Tsk, tsk…that was before Patch 2.47,” revealed Marjorie. “Now, I can do this: Hyper Hypnotic Beam!”
“Huh, what?”
Too late! The multi-coloured light travelled through cyberspace and broke down the VR barriers. Both Jennifer and her avatar fell to the ground.

The End (January 20th)

“Ten seconds for impact, nine, eight…”
“It seems this is the end, everyone. It was a pleasure to serve with you all,” said the Captain trying his best to keep his composure.
“One, ze….”
In a heartbeat, the bomb detonation wiped out the individuality of all men and women in a five hundred mile radius.

Valentine’s Gift (February 14th)

“Will you be my Valentine Slave?”
That’s all the card said, but it was enough to drive him crazy. Stephen read it over and over again, the words growing bigger, everything else shrinking….
Sitting in bed, his sister waited patiently for his submission. It shouldn’t be long now, and she would definitely enjoy her gift.

Straight to Dessert (February 14th)

“Did you bring the sandwiches? I’m starving!”
“Knock yourself out, dear,” Melinda answered as she laid down the picnic basket, and grinned.
“Great, I… What the hell? Sourdough bread? I think I’ll pass, sorry.”
“Shall we go straight to dessert, then?” she asked, revealing her sexy, crotchless leather attire.
She didn’t have to ask twice.

Always the Same (July 28th)

The nights were always the same.
Firstly, her words would lull him into a false sense of security.
Secondly, the world would start to melt.
Lastly, he would relinquish all control and sense of self.
Yes, always the same. The only things that changed were the depravities that ensued.
“Let’s play with electricity,” she cooed.

Reinvention is the Mother of Pleasure (August 5th)

“I can’t believe you’re writing erotic tales!”, Vivianne confessed.
“Yeah, well,” Barry shrugged. “You know I like to reinvent myself from time to time.”
“Still, these mind-control descriptions… they look so… real!”
“That’s because they are,” he winked, as he led her to his private dungeon underneath the garden.
They wrote plenty of stories, together.

A Distinct Possibility (August 17th)

“You know there’s a distinct possibility you won’t leave this dungeon with your mind intact, don’t you?” the villainess asked, rhetorically.
“Uh-huh,” replied the superhero, with a grin.
“It’s almost as if you want it to happen…”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said as he sat down on the conditioning chair.

Reprogrammed (August 18th)

“I’m not Veronika’s slave, I’m not Veronika’s slave, ” droned Sam in the darkness of the room.
“That’s right, pet,” echoed a sultry voice. “She no longer controls you. Forget that snivelling bitch and repeat after me: Bianca owns me, now!”
The new programming immediately kicked in.
“Bianca owns me, now! Bianca owns me, now! Bianca…”

A Recurring Theme (August 19th)

Sophia Blake unbuttoned her blouse, giving the student in front of her a clear view of her taut breasts.
“Andy, I’m noticing a recurring theme in your latest essays. Let’s see… Miss Blake’s Fucktoy, Enslaved by Miss Blake, Licking Miss Blake’s Boots… Why is that?”
“Because it’s true,” Andy replied, entranced.
“Indeed, pet,” she smirked.

Precautions (August 25th)

“Did you honestly think you could escape, Charlie?”
“No, Morgan. I knew that you would always find me… That’s why I took precautions.”
“What sort of precautions?”
“Explosives. Neither of us is going back to the slave farm, tonight!”
With the press of a button, the cold words melted in the heat of the blast.

Experience Sharing (August 28th)

“Yesterday, Master hypnotized me with a riding crop,” Marie said. “He turned me into a pony-girl and rode me all night long. It was amazing! What about you, Stan? What did Mistress do to you?”
“Hmmm… We had a circus session.”
“Yeah. Red balls, blue balls… She’s quite the juggler of Pain and Pleasure….”

What Good Pets Do (September 15th)

The warnings had been clear. Raiding the crypt would have lasting consequences. But he didn’t listen. He never did.
The moment he entered her chamber, The Wolf Queen attacked. Though he tried to resist, the animal spirit proved too strong and the beast took over.
Now, he would always listen. That’s what good pets do.

Brian’s Punishment (September 15th)

Brian stood naked, chained and gagged in the middle of town square. There was no one around except him and Annabelle, but things would change soon enough.
“I told you never to question my commands, didn’t I?” she sniggered. “Now, everyone will see the real you. Enjoy!”
The sun began to rise in the horizon.

The Fall of Annazeth (September 17th)

When the ebony mask fell off, Annazeth let out a surprised gasp.
“You? But you’re The Light Sage! Why are you doing this?”
Kaelinn smiled, and her smile was cold as death.
“I have received The Bliss of Zarn-Gha, Your Majesty, and my slavery set me free. Don’t worry, The Defiler has plans for you, too.”

Awakening (September 18th)

“Any luck?”, Mandy asked.
“No. It is all gibberish,” replied Sean averting his eyes from the tablet. “Wait… I know this symbol. It means awaken… and this one… I believe it means slave.”
“Awaken, slave? Curious….”
“Yeah, hmmm… Mandy, why are you kneeling?”
“I don’t know… Why are you?”
A blinding light enveloped the room.

Remember Your Place (September 19th)

Margaret sat royally on the sofa, her feet dangling back and forth as she sipped a Mai Tai .
“You!” growled Dana. “You’re nothing but a self-centered, conniving, cold-hearted bitch and…”
“And you love me and will always obey me,” Margaret concluded. “Remember your place, pet.”
“I… Yes, Mistress.”
Entranced, Dana knelt to kiss her toes.

A Difficult Choice (September 21st)

Megan Andrews had gone through a quagmire of bureaucracy but it was finally official. She was now allowed to own an hypnoslave and was going to take advantage of it as soon as possible.
The problem was choosing the right person to serve Her properly… Her ex-husband? His younger sister? The Yoga Instructor?
Decisions, decisions.

A Slight Misunderstanding (September 21st)

“Yeah, the building has been derelict for years, so we shouldn’t have problems with… I’m sorry, Victoria. Can I call you again in a few minutes? Thanks!”
Angela hung up the phone and looked at the slave lapping at her pussy.
“You know, I said ‘derelict’, not ‘Derek, lick!’ but since you’re already down there….”

Waiting Simulator (September 23rd)

The company’s new VR program was hardly what Brent hoped for.
For you see, nothing really happened. There was only a chair, a white room and the waiting.
He waited a few minutes, a couple of hours, felt daytime changing into nighttime.
Eventually, he got tired and fell asleep.
And then, the program kicked in…

Nothing Permanent (October 3rd)

Finding a moment of clarity, Ashley stopped cleaning and said:
“You said this wouldn’t be permanent!”
“And it’s not,” Lana checked her watch. “You will only be my slave-maid for the next three hours. Then, bimbo-slave for a week, pony-slave the following week… See? Nothing permanent!”
Overwhelmed by such logic, Ashley sighed and continued cleaning.

Tibetan Relaxation (October 3rd)

“How was your trip to Tibet, dear?”
“Oh, what can I say? Simply wonderful! A truly riveting experience!”
“Did the monks treat you well?”
“More than well, actually. Being around them was so… relaxing. I can still hear their chants in my head and… hmmm… I feel…”
“… ready to obey my will, slave?”
“Yes, Mistress.”

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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