In 55 Words – 2013

The pieces in this page were written between January 8th and November 22nd, 2013 and originally posted in The Garden of MC Forum.


Never Again (January 8th)

“I will not be mind-controlled and told what to do ever again!”
“You can say that again!”
“I will not be mind-controlled and told what to do ever again!”
“You can say that again!”
“I will not be mind-controlled and told what to… hey, hold on a minute, why on earth am I repea…?”


Kicking the Bucket (February 4th)

“So, what happened next?”
“He kicked the bucket!”
“He… died?!”
“No, he literally kicked the bucket and ruined a perfectly good carpet. Unfortunately for him, he got all wet, and you know how my magic water works, don’t you?”
“Humph…  another slave, huh?”
“Yep, it seems I’m ahead by ten, sweetie, but who’s counting, anyway?”

Begin! (August 22nd)

“Is everything ready?” asked the serpentine figure from atop her metallic throne.
“Affirmative, Mighty Empress. All of our sleeper agents are in place. Once they’re activated, they will convert the top leaders of this planet to our cause and soon, we will control everything.”
A joyful hiss was heard in the darkened room.
“Good. Begin!”

Hard to Believe? (August 22nd)

“I’m sorry, Dana, but try as I may, suspension of disbelief doesn’t work for me, here.”
“Huh? Why not?”
“Everything is too outlandish…. Succubi, fembots, white-eyed thralls, and mermaids all together in the same place? And what kind of title is The Garden of MC, anyway?”
“No buts! Write something more plausible next time!”

Purity Control (August 22nd)

“All new personnel, please report to the Doctor’s Office for Purity Control tests.”
“What are those?”
“Standard procedure to check if you’re a virgin and disease free before they sell you as a sex slave….”
“Don’t tell me you didn’t read the fine print!”
“Relax. I’m just joking…”
“… about the virginity part…”

Indecorous (August 23rd)

The latex-clad lady walked inside the central office of Obedient Toys Incorporated with a frown upon her face and said:
“I’ve come to return this slave!”
Immediately, the manager came to greet her and, after being handed the naked man’s leash, asked:
“What happened?”
“The bastard misspoke my title the whole time! I’m nobody’s Mattress!”

Big Words (August 24th)

“So… did you like my erotic story?” Bonnie asked, nervously.
“Hmmm… frankly, I stopped reading right after ‘The Brobdingnagian paramour entered the sweltering halls…'” Sheila answered with a smirk.
“Huh? But that’s only the beginning of the first sentence!”
“I know. It turns out my patience is quite lilliputian when it comes to big words….”

For Starters… (August 24th)

“Bill, I’m tired of doing all the work around here, so it’s time to delegate.”
“I don’t like the sound of this, but… What do you want me to do, Rachel?”
“For starters, you can bathe the cats.”
“The cats?! But I’ll be scratched to no end!”
“Aren’t you the one that loves wet pussies?”

Quite a Collection (August 26th)

“… and this one was acquired in Monaco last week…”
“That’s quite a collection you have here, Miranda!” Stacy said as she admired the naked, lifelike statue that stood before her.
“You’re too kind, Stacy.”
“A question, though: are the serum injections painful?”
“Worry not… works of art feel no pain, my dear.” Miranda smiled, diabolically.

Sunday Crossword (August 27th)

“Hey, Di, a little help, here. I need an eight-letter word for phlegmatic,” Cynthia said, chewing on her pencil.
“That’s easy… Benjamin!” Diana laughed.
“I’m serious!”
“So am I. Look at him, staring at that monitor! Who knew it was so easy to turn an asshole into a lifeless drone?”
“Lifeless… that’s it! Thank you!”

Sexy Game (October 2nd)

“How about a game of Russian Roulette, Tom?”
“Are you nuts, Callie? I’m not going to put a gun to my head just for kicks!”
“Too bad, because I was going to suggest using one of Professor’s mind control bullets! Hmmm, I get so horny just thinking about it….”
“Right… so, where’s the gun, again?”

Motivation (October 4th)

“It’s what I keep telling you, Rachel… I would love to write again, but I’m just not motivated enough!”
“How’s this for motivation?” she said as she stepped out of the bedroom, wearing nothing but a purple lace corset. “Write a story, and I’ll take it off….”
“Will a fifty-five words shortie do? All done!”

Cold Water (November 3rd)

He was drowning.
He knew from the start that trying to escape was risky, but what other choice did he have? Give in to the machine and become another mindless thrall? No, his life was his alone, and so was his death.
While the world above languished in servitude, the cold water set him free.

Correction Needed (November 19th)

“Wow, scorching story as always, Melinda, but I have a few complaints. You’re missing way too many commas, you keep confusing ‘their’ with ‘there’ and… do you even know what a period is? I guess not, because…”
“There you go again acting all feisty, Jo. Enough! Less talking and more licking, slave girl!”
“Yes, Mistress.”

Mass Production (N0vember 20th)

“Damn it!”
“Give it up, Brad. You will never get that thing to work!
“Yes, I will. It may take me ages, but….”

Five years later

“Sally, I did it! My mind control ray gun is complete!
“Really? Hmmm…”
“Hey, what are you…?”
“How may I serve you, Mistress?”
“Let’s talk about mass production….”

Five Reasons (November 22nd)

I am going to give you five reasons why you must obey me.
You are my slave.
You are my slave.
You are my slave.
You are my slave.
You are my slave.
What is that? I only gave you one reason instead of five?
Well, that is the only one you really need, right?

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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