In 55 Words – 2012

The shorties on this page were written between January 17th and December 26th, 2012. It wasn’t a good year for writing, and for me as a whole, as I spent most of it fighting the remnants of a severe depression.

A Hole in the Head (January 17th)

“Why do you have a hole in your head, Brian?”.
“I’m waiting for my Mistress’ new neural implant. With it, I’ll serve her more efficiently.”
“Doesn’t it bother you?”
“Serving her? No!!! I belong to her!”
“I meant the hole, dumbass! It’s been there for three days, now!”
“Well, the drafts are kind of annoying….”

A Moment of Sorrow (January 18th)

She was a pure and enigmatic English rose, the kind of woman one can easily fall in love with, without even trying.
After I gave her a vial of my famous elixir, for a moment I actually felt sorry for turning such beauty into a wild bimbo with boobs the size of Texas.
Yeah, right!!!

Wonderful Opportunities (February 17th)

Jessica Lynch was prone to accidents: a broken window here, a car crash there, and lots of complications everywhere, really!
Of course, sometimes, accidents turn out to be wonderful opportunities, like when she mixed some chemicals and spilled a strange concoction all over herself.
Try googling ‘Mistress Jessica Bitch’ to see exactly what I mean.

Back to the Beginning (February 18th)

Bruno was ecstatic, so very close to winning, but The Garden’s board game had still some surprises left.
When he rolled the die hoping for a three, he got the dreaded quincunx, instead. As he moved to the ‘red pendulum’ square, Rachael said wickedly:
“It’s brainwashing time and back to the beginning with you, pet.”

The Enslaving Angel (March 9th)

The Doctor couldn’t blink or The Weeping Angels would attack mercilessly. He would have succeeded if it weren’t for the statue of a Goddess. Upon seeing her, he gasped, blinked, and then, instead of being sent back in time, found himself kneeling, locked in a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… submissive stuff.

Sentence (April 3rd)

Sometimes, being a Master was troublesome, but that was His cross to bear.
“Cross me again, and you’re dead!” He growled as He watched her squirm, hanging from the ceiling, completely helpless and exposed for everyone to see. Then, He touched her forehead with his cane and sent her once again into deep, obedient trance.

The Cargo (August 31st)

“Are you really going in? It’s going to be a carnage, I tell you!”
“Yes, I am. Feeling jealous, are you?!”
“Hmmph…  See you in ten minutes, then!”
“I think you meant ten hours….”
As the Cargo Bay doors opened, the space pirate rushed to the hands (and tentacles) of twelve horny alien love slaves.

Postmodern Romeo and Juliet (September 26th)

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she.”
“Oh, shut up, slave, and come lick my pussy!”
“Right away, Mistress!”

Retribution (December 26th)

Chained to the ground, the young Mistress was powerless against the insanity happening in front of her eyes.
“I gave you the privilege of serving me and this is how you repay me?” she spat.
“I serve no one… Never have, never will!” he growled.
Baseball bat in hand, he continued to trash her dungeon.

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote in more productive years? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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