In 55 Words – 2011

The pieces in this page were written between January 1st and December 10th, 2011, and were originally published in The Garden of MC Forum.

He Never Learns (January 1st)

As a child, Jeremy enjoyed sticking a pencil up his nose. He was repeatedly punished, to no avail.
In college, he met Darcy, fucked her and dumped her after two hours, unaware she was quite a vengeful hypnotist.
Now, he has a pencil up his nose and a dildo up his ass. He never learns.

The Greatest Inventor (January 1st)

They say Nicolas Flamel discovered the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone to turn lead into gold.
Just the other day, my friend Mark found a way to change copper into platinum, believe it or not.
I transform wilful men and women into my devoted, mindless subjects with my computer programs.
Who’s the greatest inventor, huh?

A Flapping Problem (January 3rd)

“What’s the problem in the assembly line, Joe?”
“You better see for yourself, boss.”
So he did. At the center of conveyor belt 8, contrasting with the silvery robots all around, sat a hardly demure redhead, fondling her new glistening fish tail.
“Okay,” he shouted. “Who the hell uploaded the ‘Mermaid’ Virus into the system?!!!”

 Yielding (January 3rd)

Your knee-high boots? No, I don’t like them! That’s all I have to say!
No, the glossy fabric isn’t enticing! Please, leave me alone!
What’s that, the swirling motions? The rhythm of the heels like mystic African drums?
I… no… my tongue won’t… I…
Yes, I understand, now. I live to serve you, my Mistress!

 On the Verge of Extinction (January 4th)

“I win, you lose.” gloated Max, breaking eye contact. “Admit it: in the game of mind control, you’re nothing but an old dinosaur, now.”
Sheila just grinned and took advantage of his distraction to hit him with a hypno-dart.
“If I’m the dinosaur, how come you’re the one whose will is about to be extinct?”

The Alley Behind My House… (January 5th)

People tell lots of stories about the alley behind my house. They speak of vampires, interdimensional portals, claws and tentacles lurking in the shadows.
A lot of them believe in those stories, but it’s only natural that they do so. My post-hypnotic suggestions are so firmly planted inside their brains that they have no choice.

Not What You Expect… (January 7th)

Jennifer and Mara’s green eyes burrowed into mine, leaving me completely helpless.
“Now, you’re under our control, Dave!” Jennifer began.
“You’ll obey every command…” Mara continued.
“You can start by plucking our cherries!” Jennifer instructed, sultrily.
And then…
… I was handed a fruit basket and put to work on the orchard behind the house!

Training Consequences (January 8th)

All the jumping and thumping sounds coming from the adjacent room were starting to get on Bill’s nerves.
“Do you have an oversized rabbit in there or what?!!”
“It’s my new hypnotic slave…” Mark sighed “Yesterday, I decided to train her to act like a kangaroo. Unfortunately, now I can’t seem to make her stop!”

Reshaped (January 9th)

On all-fours inside a vaccum cube, I feel the latex sheets sapping all strength to resist. My arousal is so intense that I can no longer think straight. All I know is I’m being reshaped into the plaything I was always meant to be.
I hear a door swing open. Bliss! My Owner has returned!

No Longer Alone (January 10th)

I used to be sad and alone all the time, lost in meaningless self-imposed thoughts of misery.
Then, I met her. In her words I found solace like no other, and in her spellbinding eyes, I discovered gateways to the endless promises of love.
I’m no longer alone. I wish you all the same luck.

Morals are Nice and All, But… (January 13th)

“This is wrong on so many levels…” he thought out loud.
Then, he took a closer look at his creation. With her long blonde hair, jiggly breasts that defied the Laws of Physics, and more air than brains left, she was the perfect horny bimbo.
After the third blow-job, he sent Morality to kingdom come.

R for Recycling, C for Control (January 13th)

“Hey, this one used to be my pet!” Carla exclaimed after taking a good look at the man licking her feet. “Are you into slave recycling nowadays, Brenda?”
“Something like that, yes.”  Brenda smiled. “I’m also focused on taking out the competition one by one…  I hope my drugged tea was to your liking, dear!”

Stylishly Subtle Score Substitution (January 16th)

“Stupid alliterations!” mumbled Jenny.
“What happened?” her girlfriend, Claire, asked.
“I had a D on my English exam because of the questions about the stupid stylistic device, that’s what!”
“Hmmm… I’ll fix things for you.”


“Congratulations, your D is now an A!”
“Huh? How?”
“Captivating contacts can change a careless conscience, cutie…” Claire confessed.

A Disappointing Theft (January 22nd)

“You were hypnotized by whom?!!” asked a very sceptic police detective.
“The Hamburglar! You know: the one from old McDonaldland! He stole my lunch, my mind, and my virginity!” Sara answered.
“Miss, that’s the strangest thing…”
“It’s true! Everything was just weird and extremely disappointing!”
“Yeah, he didn’t have that much ‘mayo’ to share….”

New Explorations (January 24th)

“You’re leaving again?!! You spend more time in those caves than you do with me!” Niamh protested.
“That’s spelunking for you, dear”, Bob replied.
“Not for long!” she said, pointing a stroboscopic light into his eyes until his thoughts froze completely
“Now then…” she spread her legs wide open. “Time for other kinds of explorations….”

Just the Beginning… (January 27th)

“We are receiving the preliminary results in the aftermath of the bomb detonation, Mistress!” said a latex-clad thrall.
“The mind control gas cloud is spreading fast. Forty percent of the population has already been converted. This number should double in the next three hours.”
“Wonderful,” She smiled, mischievously. New York was just the beginning.

In the Eye (January 27th)

“And now, you’re in the eye of the hurricane, in the dead center of the storm where everything looks calm and peaceful… Look up and see my eyes there staring intently at you and stripping away whatever resistance you may still have left. You WILL surrender, pet!” said the hypnotherapist.
“Yes….” mumbled her new client.

An Ancient Chinese Vessel (January 29th)

“What is this awful thing?!!” Ben asked, outraged.
“Oh… that’s a Ding, dear, an ancient Chinese vessel I just had to buy!” Monica replied.
“Because of its magical properties I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate…”
“Such as…?”
“Come closer and you’ll find out.”
As he did, the water inside the vessel began to glow.

Indoctrination (January 31st)

“What is it that you seek, child?” The Mother Superior asked, candidly.
“Peace… Tranquility… Bliss…” Diana answered, with a hopeful smile.
“You shall have that once your indoctrination is complete!” the older woman exclaimed.
With a snap of her fingers, a dozen rubber-clad Sisters surrounded Diana and hastily escorted her to the convent’s brainwashing chamber.

Unexpected Present (February 7th)

“Do you like your new socks, dear?”
“They are… hmmm… weird… Are those spirals?!!”
“Now that you mention it, yes, it looks like they are… But I could have sworn they were different when I bought them!”
“They seem to be moving…”
“Yes… and they are so pretty…”
“… enthralling…”
“… hard to…”
“… resist…”

One Night Stand (February 11th)

I should have been patient, but failed miserably.
I wanted some action and tried to force myself on her.
She didn’t like it and showed me a spinning disk.
Immediately, I froze, becoming a statue, deprived of movement and will.
She slept like a baby as I watched.
It was my first one night stand….

Magic Rod (February 23rd)

A couple of hours ago, I met a broad that wanted to become a robot.
To make her wish come true, I got inside her head through her pussy and fired my magic rod.
Watching her mind fry before my eyes was a riveting experience.
Now, all I need is a can of silver paint….

Secret Box (February 24th)

This wooden box?! I bought it at an auction for three hundred thousand dollars! It would have been a waste of money, if it didn’t come with a secret… All I have to do is open it up in front of anyone I choose and… voilá! Instant sex slave, eager to please….
Best deal… ever!

Forsaken (February 25th)

It’s been two weeks since the last time we spoke. Oh, why doesn’t she call? The wait and anxiety are killing me!!! I don’t ask for much, really! I just want to hear those sweet triggers again, and drift away into the mindless subservience befitting of a horny pet.
Mistress, why did you forsake me?!

Not All Politicians… (February 27th)

The debate was lively, but Jennifer and Mallory weren’t even looking at the TV.
“I hate Politics,” Jennifer said.
“Me too,” Mallory agreed. “All those pesky remarks and backstage plots… It’s annoying!”
“Luckily, not all politicians are a waste.”
“You’re right!”
They both giggled as the two entranced Senators at their feet kept on licking.

Special Recipe (March 10th)

“These donuts taste… funny!” said Jessica.
“They do, don’t they?” agreed Melanie. “God, I’m feeling so horny, right now!” she continued, as restless hands reached for her pussy.
Behind the shop counter, two men grinned:
“Not bad, Sir Realist….” said one of them. “Your special recipe seems to be a hit!”
“Thank you, Mr. Hyde!”

Cooling off (March 10th)

The appaling scream was heard in every floor of the building.
“Holy Mother of God! That hurt like hell!”
“Of course it did, Adam,” Joan said. “Why do you think I hate waxing? Now, let’s cool you off, shall we?”
“Just look at the pretty lights in the ceiling, my shaved pet…,” she cooed.

Creative Embezzlement (March 11th)

She never liked bankers.
Well, that is until the day she wiped the mind of one, and discovered just how good he was in the art of creative embezzlement without any consequences, whatsoever. That realization changed everything, truth be told.
A year later and now living a luxurious life beyond comparison, she just loves them.

Takeover (March 27th)

“You’re a sassy, little bitch, aren’t you?” asked John angrily as he faced his stepdaughter.
“Yes,” Melissa giggled. “What are you going to do about it?”
“I’m going to stop you! You won’t control my company!”
“Yes, I will, and I’ll control you, too!” she retorted as she pulled the crystal pendant from her cleavage.

The Bet (April 3rd)

The rules of the board game Rachel had chosen were of Byzantine complexity, and Derek was at a loss as to what to do. It was now clear he was going to lose the bet.
“Oh, why did I agree to become her slave for the weekend if I lost?” he thought.
Rachel grinned, sexily.

Disappearing Act (April 19th)

“I hate that you chew gum all the time!”
“Tough luck! What are you going to do about it, Nadine?”
“A bit of magic, obviously! Alakazam! See? All gum is gone, including your secret stash!”
“What the hell?! How did you do that?!!”
“I told you: Magic! Now, wait until I make your mind disappear…. “

 The Z-Gun (April 22nd)

“… and when I fire this Z-Gun, you will all be transformed into zombie slaves!”
Hysteric laughter filled the room.
“If you think we’ll indeed start walking around screaming Braaains!… think again!” someone blurted.
“Zombies can lust for other things…,” she grinned, pulling the trigger.
As she dropped her skirt, the newly converted audience moaned:

Her First Commands (May 3rd)

Mac’s forehead touched the ground in respectful devotion as he heard the sound of clicking heels. His heart was overflowing with joy and, in his mind, there was now only room for the following words:
“I live to serve Mistress Stevie Lou!”
Tingling on the inside and outside, he waited anxiously for her first commands.

Once Upon a Time… (May 9th)

… there was this Martin guy, known for his halitosis and the nasty habit of beating up women.
One day, he met two gorgeous ladies: one gave him some drugged breath mints; the other swung a beautiful pendant.
Nowadays, his mouth is always fresh when he mindlessly services them.
They will all live happily ever after.

What’s the Difference? (June 2nd)

“You’re a Succubus?!!” I asked, dumbfounded, whilst gazing at her red horns and swishing tail.
“Actually, I’m a Succubi,” she replied, sultrily.
“Hmmm,” I gulped. “What’s the difference?”
“Well, if you try really hard, you can resist the charms of a Succubus. Resisting me, however….”
As her eyes glimmered, I mindlessly sank to my knees.

Delicious Meal (July 18th)

“Is the meal to your liking, dear?” She asked, grinning.
Slightly raising his head to look at her, he nodded like the mind-controlled toy he was and said:
“It’s delicious! Can I have more?”
“Naturally… I want more, too! Back to work!” She commanded.
He buried his tongue between her legs and kept on eating.

Unholy Dance (August 7th)

Nuryan lay naked, legs wide open, under the broken statues of the deities of Annazeth.
For centuries, she had protected the temple with her twin swords and the Darkness trembled and hid.
But now that the Bliss of Zarn’Gha had fallen upon her, the shadows danced again, as the thrusting hilts set her flesh ablaze.

What’s the Problem? (August 11th)

“You look troubled, John… What happened?”
“Remember that tonic I devised to heighten Phoebe’s submissiveness? It turned her into a vicious Hypnodomme, instead!”
“Yep, and you have no idea the things she had me do, Darren… the effects only lasted twelve hours, though.”
“So what’s the problem?”
“I’ve forgotten how to replicate the formula!!!”

Relic Unchained (August 14th)

Everybody said the totem was creepy, that it shouldn’t be made available to the public, let alone be the centerpiece of a new exhibit.
However, the Museum Curator thought differently.
When the doors opened on that August night, all feelings of fear vanished as the incantations engraved in the wood overwhelmed everyone with ecstatic surrender.

Perfect Geometry (October 19th)

“What’s the angle, here?” Jeff asked as he saw Deborah strip seductively in front of him.
“No angles… just curves…” she replied as her fingers traced invisible patterns all over her body.
And what an enticing spectacle those were! Before he could even process another thought, the perfect geometry ensnared his senses and his mind.

We’re Not Done Yet! (November 17th)

Clumsily, Samuel Bynes negotiated the underground maze, but each corridor looked the same and, before he knew it, he was back at the dreadful dungeon. The Mistress of Green and The Grey Queen awaited him, their whips cracking the floor.
“We’re not done yet!” they said simultaneously as they dragged him to the conditioning chair.

The Replacement (November 21st)

“Why did you return, Alice? And don’t tell me you missed me because I’m not buying it!”
“You want the truth? My most recent slave became unfit for service and I need a replacement. You’ll do just fine!”
“What are you…? Hey, get that needle away from me!”
“Relax… This will only sting a little….”

So Dumb (December 10th)

“I love it when you lead me astride!”
“I think you meant astray, pet.”
“I now that.”
“That’s know! Gee, if I knew you were going to become so dumb, I would have moderated the dose of my special beverage!”
“I’m sorry…”
“Whatever… Stop talking and start licking! These boots aren’t going to clean themselves.”

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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