In 55 Words – 2009

Here are my first experiments in this particular form of short fiction. The vignettes in this page were written between August 30th and December 29th, 2009, and were originally posted on the Garden of MC Forum.

The Heart’s Betrayal (August 30th)

Her towel was still wet, smelling of roses and unbridled lust. I held the soft fabric against my nostrils and that act alone was enough to send me spinning down through memories of past encounters. It was always like this, my mind lost to the heart’s betrayal. I sank to my knees and she smiled.

There’s No Such Thing… (August 30th)

With a single word from her, everyone inside the diner became frozen, except the two of us. The sight was both disturbing and arousing.
“How do you do that?” I asked .“Is it some form of mind control?”
“There’s no such thing as mind control…” she said, dangling a pendant in front of my eyes.

Miss Reaper (September 1st)

“Miss, I’m immune to every sales pitch in the universe so whatever it is you’re selling, I’m not interested,” he said, angrily.
The red-haired woman gave him half a smile.
“But this is a special vacuum cleaner… Its specialty is sucking souls.”
At the press of a button, the life he knew ceased to exist.

Conversion (September 2nd)

“Be still already! This won’t hurt… much”, said the cold, mechanized voice.
The subject strapped to the alien chair squirmed as the silver syringe was produced, aware that inside it lived millions of microscopic beings whose sole purpose was to invade a host’s body and turn it into a mindless vessel. The screams were brief.

The Punishment (September 4th)

There was silence on the main deck when the Captain emerged, holding a naked stranger by a leash.
“Attention, crew!” she began “We had another stowaway aboard… Its frail intellect has already been dealt with in my quarters, but a punishment is still in order. Do your worst!”
Everyone’s eyes gleamed with overwhelming sexual rapture.

Classic (September 5th)

“There are tastes for everything, sure but when it comes to hypnotic domination I like to do it with class…” she said, playing gleefully with her diamond necklace. The gentle twirls caused kaleidoscopic reflections to bounce off its surface, straight into the eyes of her date. “Are you following me?”
“Always…” she heard in reply.

Paradise Lost Again (September 6th)

“That’s right… Focus all of your attention on the shiny apple… It’s called the fruit of sin, but this one is more than that… it’s the fruit of trance… You know this is true… Now, tell me your name…”
“A-Adam” he stammered, eyes vacant.
“Isn’t that funny? I’m Eve, but you may call me Mistress…”

Education (September 12th)

There was just something about her nail polish. Perhaps, it was the unnatural red color or the way the auditorium lights were drawn to it as if acknowledging the power within… A wave of her hand brought all students to their knees for another reprogramming session:
“Very good, slaves!” she smiled, wickedly. “Today’s topic is…”

Slave (September 13th)

“What are you?” thundered the disembodied voice across the room.
“I…” A powerful electric surge ran across her body. That was the price to pay for insisting in the illusion of individuality. There was no “I” anymore. No name or significance attached.
“Again: what are you?”
“Slave… Nothing more…”
And there was endless bliss.

Behavioral Correction (September 28th)

“You’re late! For the second time in a row! If you don’t get your act together and start being more prompt in the future, I’ll have no choice but to find a new servant to train!”
“Please, no… anything but that! I beg you!”
“Oh, you’ll beg alright, but first… look deep into my eyes…”

Change of Mind (October 6th)

The conditioning had not gone as expected. She’d wanted a more caring and thoughtful lover but, by screwing with the machine’s basic configurations whilst the process was taking place, all she’d gotten was a broken mind, reduced to blind sexual obedience. The end result was unfortunate…

Her mind changed dramatically right after the tenth orgasm.

The Awakening (October 10th)

The chambers glowed eerily, inciting the explorers to enter them and let go… Inside, thoughts slowly melted away, replaced by deviant conceptions of reality. A new purpose was given to them as well as the necessary knowledge to see it through. Upon release, they traveled deeper inside the spaceship, to awaken their Mistresses from stasis.

Revelation (October 13th)

“I have special abilities, you know…” she revealed, with a smirk.
“Such as…? He asked in wonderment.
“I can morph into a powerful vixen and render you helpless to my whims.”
“Oh really?! I’d like to see that.”
Radiant light flowed from her body, enveloping his every thought. Instantly, he knelt and never stood again.

Tea Party (October 17th)

Though the teapot was half-full, the cup on the glass table was already empty. That was a good thing. It meant that the drugs were already running through his system, the first phase in a five-step indoctrination process.
What are the other phases, you ask? Hmm, I’ll tell you only after you finish your cup…

Reminiscences (October 26th)

I never understood the power of her black velvet thigh high stockings but whenever she wore them I knew I had to obey without questioning and go down at her feet, panting like a pet in need of attention.
Those were the days… If only Mistress would come back to light up my life again…

The Only Truth (October 31st)

He was silently dazzled when the computer screen turned black, the sequence of pictures and words gone from view, but extremely vivid within his mind. Next to him, towering in latex and shiny boots, was a striking woman he recognized from her title alone.
“I’m your Owner!” she proclaimed, her words becoming his only truth.

Trick or Treat (November 2nd)

“Trick or treat?” asked the young brunette dressed in a Succubus outfit as she approached a stranger on the street.
Even though it was Halloween, he looked at her somewhat confused and admired her perfect body not knowing what to answer.
“Hmmm… trick?”
Suddenly, her eyes glowed green, engulfing his world.
“Excellent choice!” she purred.

All the Dancing… (November 7th)

I stopped going to the ballet since that night, four years ago. I was watching the mesmerizing whirls of the dancers when, suddenly, I passed out. When I woke up, I was naked in the center of the stage, slavishly kneeling as twelve ravenous women had me do all the dancing, using my tongue alone…

Vampires (November 10th)

There are many kinds of vampires: the blood-sucking ones are well-known in folklore and literature; others prefer sexual fluids as their main course; and then there are those that take control of their victims by feeding off the mental energy required for simple tasks, such as reading a short story.
Thanks for the meal, slaves!

Mistress of Tralee (November 12th)

Her name was Rose and, according to her words, she was “only a poorly paid hotel receptionist”.
One day, everything changed when she stumbled across a sparkling green jewel on her way home, a stone of mesmerizing properties that could bring about anything she desired. And it did.
Everyone calls her Mistress of Tralee now.

Choices (November 17th)

“In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote ‘To be or not to be…’ but the question here is ‘to drain or not to drain your will?”, she said whilst approaching the control panel of her brainwashing machine. Behind her, the newest acquisition squirmed in the silver chair but failed to break free.
“I choose ‘drain’,”she smiled, wickedly.

My Future (November 19th)

“Look at the computer screen!” She exclaimed.
I did so and, surprisingly, I saw a CGI replica of myself kneeling next to a perfect copy of her.
“What’s this?!!”
“Your future…” she cooed as the images on the screen became a mesh of colorful patterns, inviting me to gaze eagerly and surrender.
I did both.

Failed Repentance (November 23rd)

The release of her mind-controlled slaves was to be her final act of contrition before starting a new life. Everything was ready and a simple trigger would set them free.
However, when the time finally came, she thought of the pleasure she would surely miss and temptation spoke louder.
She still rules.
They still serve.

Prey (November 24th)

There was something spooky about what she had drawn. It wasn’t the gothic castle in the background or the blood red moon in the sky but rather the woman in the lower right corner, smiling viciously as if she had just spotted her prey.
When the picture started glowing, I knew the prey was me.

No More Stories  (November 25th)

“That’s it! I’m not writing any more of these fifty-five-word stories for you!”
“Are you sure? I believe that denial of yours will be a temporary one…” she cooed as she put on her special contact lenses and looked me straight in the eyes.
Naturally, I ended up writing another story.
You’ve just read it.

Journey’s End (November 26th)

My journey to The Grey Havens was peaceful but, upon arriving, I felt a great sadness. When I met Cirith, things changed.
“I’ll ease your pain if you ease mine…” she proposed, her supernatural beauty rendering me helpless.
Now, I serve her when she needs me and she does the same.
I’m happy. I’m home!

The Nightmare Begins (November 27th)

It had finally happened. The six sisters were reunited again. The nightmare was about to begin.
“Everything’s so different…” Raelinn mumbled.
“Yes, it is but with time and patience we’ll make this world ours once more!” Vayla growled. “Let’s be on our way… we have some slave ‘shopping’ to do!”
Wings widespread, they flew away.

The 13th Round (November 30th)

“So… are you ready to rumble?” she asked whilst pushing him into bed.
“Sweetheart… I just got out of the ring, I’m tired and…”
“But I want to play…” she cooed. “Look at the ceiling, will you?”
He did and saw a mesh of intertwined spirals that captured his mind.
They rumbled all night long.

Dealing With the Competition (December 2nd)

“You really thought I was going to let you get away with it?” said Deborah to Stephanie, her naked captive. “They’re my slaves, get it? And you’ll become one too as I seriously hate competition!”
Deborah adjusted the helmet to Stephanie’s head, laughing as she struggled against the reprogramming of her brain…
… and failed.

Laundry Day (December 6th)

It was Laundry Day again and everyone in the mansion knew its meaning. All the dutiful slaves hurried to the Conditioning Room in the top floor and, one by one, entered the machine designed to reinforce the feelings of submission towards their Mistress.
The minds of thralls need to be always clean, don’t you agree?

My Kind of Language (December 8th)

“Let’s ignite the sweltering fires of passion, my paramour!”
“Huh? Easy on the big words, Miranda. They’re too annoying! Be a doll and look at this spinning disk for me…”
“Why would I…? Oh, pretty…”
“Yes, it is. Now, what exactly were you trying to say?”
“Let’s fuck hard, stallion!”
“That’s my kind of language!”

In the Promise of Heaven… (December 10th)

Ever since she went away, I’ve been haunted by bittersweet memories and ghosts of ‘what if…’ – I would have gladly sacrificed my life if that meant her smile would still be here to light up the darkness… In the promise of Heaven, I hope to see her once more and, only then, find unending peace…

Just a Fantasy (December 11th)

“This is fun.”
“What?” Johanna asked.
“Reading these short stories…”
“You think so?”
“Purely as a fantasy… I’m glad these things don’t happen in real life!”
“You’re right, dear… they don’t!” Her sapphire eyes glimmered. “It’s time for my daily foot massage, sleepy pet!”
The triggered slave moved away from the computer, eager to serve.

The Core (December 17th)

“You won’t take us!” Jeremy shouted to the apparently empty, white room. He couldn’t see them but felt them there. Holding Helena in his arms, he wasn’t sure if he believed his own words.
“Yes, we will.” responded the voice of one thousand consciousnesses. “You’ll be broken. No one resists The Core!”
And they didn’t.

Chewing Gum Is Bad For the Mind (December 22nd)

I don’t like peppermint gums. Or I didn’t until Martha gave me a taste of the ones her company is about to release. I can’t stop chewing them but, whenever I do so, I feel docile around her and I forget things a lot… What was I saying? Ah yes, I don’t like peppermint gums…

Erotic Sports (December 29th)

“Your resolution is impressive, Jennifer. Your final test was to bring me two new slaves and you entranced an entire football team! Well done!”
“Thank you, Mistress. It was fairly easy. I had the best teacher in the world, after all.”
“That’s true and I do love erotic sports! Now, are you ready to play?”

And that’s it for this particular batch. If you’ve enjoyed these snippets, why don’t you check out the ones I wrote more recently? Please, return to the Index to select another year.

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