Written for a challenge I hosted entitled “Spying Rapture”.

It was the perfect opportunity to give Alexandra Ryder – a.k.a. Agent 47-D – another chance to shine and so I did. Do note that this story may be continued in the future but, for the now, this piece is standalone.

Timothy Henderson felt like the luckiest man alive. The woman sitting in front of him was a slice of heavenly pie and he couldn’t wait for dessert.

If one asked him what he liked best about her, he was sure to have a lot of trouble coming up with a suitable answer. Perhaps it was her auburn hair and the way the restaurant’s lights became subdued when reflecting off a single strand or her hazelnut eyes and the alluring promises within… it could very well be her silky voice with just an extra hint of spice to cause a concert of tingles in the back of his spine or the ensemble of impossibly dangerous curves enveloped by a black dress that acknowledged the beauty of cleavage like no other. He was surprised that a beauty like needed to look for male company via dating websites but he couldn’t really complain as that had brought them together and the night was only getting started.

“So what exactly do you do for a living, Timothy?” she asked, sipping a glass of fine Merlot. “Your profile was kind of vague about it…”

“I’m just an old boring cryptanalyst,” he blurted, immediately regretting both the response and the poor choice of words to articulate it.

“Oh?” She smiled gleefully. “So you go around looking for crypts and such like Indiana Jones? That doesn’t sound boring at all to me!”

“No, that’s not…” and, all of a sudden, he was reminded of the one thing he didn’t particularly like about her. Lexi was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, but she was also kind of dumb. Actually, kind of was probably the understatement of the year, he thought as he recalled some of the things she had said to him when they were still on the exchanging written messages phase. Brushing those memories aside, he tried to focus on the upside: if she were truly smart, that date would have never come to pass so all he had to do was remain focused and go along with her displays of stupidity until they reached the bedroom. Intelligence is a vertical thing. One doesn’t really need it on the horizontal, right?

“I’m confused,” she said, cocking her head.

I’m not surprised, he sighed mentally. Please don’t push the subject. Please don’t push…

“What’s a cryp… I’m sorry, what was the word again?”

“Cryptanalist,” he responded. “It’s… complicated. Let’s just say I study information systems in order to understand their hidden aspects and translate encrypted documentation into”

“Excuse me? Can you explain that to me like I’m a five-year-old?” Lexi asked, setting the glass of wine on the table. She looked positively bewildered.

“I’m a codebreaker, okay?”, he whispered, unsure why he felt the need to come clean about everything. “I work for a private firm contracted by the DoD specialized in dealing with coded transmissions from our enemies across the world and…”

“Oh, my God!” she suddenly shouted in utter delight. “You’re all secrets and such! You’re really a secret agent in disguise, aren’t you?”

“No, but…”

“Because, let me tell you, secret agents are hot! Oh, yes! I grow wet just thinking about them!” She revealed as she brushed one leg against his under the table. “In fact, I’m already wet right now! Tell me, Mr. Secret Agent, are you going to take me in for questioning and try to extract sensible information out of me? Better yet, are you going to do it right now?”

“But we haven’t even eaten yet!” he said, flabbergasted at the sudden horniness in her voice and actions. Geez, you moron! What the hell are you saying? Protested his other brain, getting harder and harder at the thought of “interrogating” her at will.

“So?” She batted her long eyelashes. Her eyes moved downwards signaling she had already chosen her next meal and it wasn’t venison.

“Check, please!” Timothy squealed in-between her aroused giggles.

* * *

The ride to her apartment was fast and furious even more so than any frantic driving scene in the movie franchise with the same title. Lexi had insisted on her place so that he could do “as thorough of a search of her belongings as possible” (her exact words!). He didn’t have to think twice about such offer and defied all speed limits and broke every traffic rule in the book the moment he heard the address. How they got there completely unscathed is a mystery for the ages.

Locked in a game of mutual groping, she opened the front door far and wide and he dragged her across the hallway eagerly trying to get her out of the dress in the process. Lexi bit his lower lip and, with a gracious swirl, escaped from his grasp as he dashed across a flight of stairs. Even in heels, she was a gracious and fast runner and she wanted him to keep up.

Timothy followed her gladly, his whole body consumed by an animalistic sex drive he could no longer hope to contain. As he entered the master bedroom and began to unzip his fly, he saw her bent over a pink laptop atop a nightstand, punching in an uncanny combination of letters on a Word document. He reached for her ass with avid hands but she slipped from him again with acrobatic ease.

“Not so fast, lover!” she teased. “I have something special to put on just for the occasion but, before that, I would like you to do me a favor, okay?”

“What do you want?” he almost huffed because the time for silly games was over. Lexi sat on the bed, stretched her back and pointed at the garbled message on the computer screen.

“Will you crack that for me? If you really are a codebreaker like you say you are, it shouldn’t be too hard…” She responded with the sultriest of smiles he had ever seen. “Meanwhile, I’ll go get changed… deal?”

Timothy approached the laptop, took some time to process the sequence and, even though he really didn’t want to oblige her, he also didn’t want her to change her mind about him.

“Okay, but hurry up!” He exclaimed, the ravenous need clearly audible in his tone.

“Have fun,” Lexi purred as she disappeared behind an adjacent door.

Alone, Timothy examined what she had typed so effortlessly. Dumb as she was, the “code” should be very easy to solve so the sooner he did it the better. Written in capital letters, was the following:


He immediately got to work. His first attempts were hastily thought out and rapidly dismissed mainly because he was having a hard time concentrating. What was she slipping into? And how easy would be to slip out of? His libido levels were still going through the roof and the hole was getting bigger and bigger. A zipper sound came from the room next door, followed by a metallic clang. Recovering from the momentary distraction, he kept looking at the screen and noticed something weird.

There was a slightly bluish tinge to it, unlike any color degradation he had seen on a monitor before. It was accompanied by a subtle but patterned flicker and a buzz between the intervals. At first, it didn’t bother him in the slightest but, as time went by, he realized he couldn’t help but blink in sync with the brief flashes whilst the low-key sound seeped into his brain. His head bobbed, his fingers grew numb, a yawn rolled down his lips. Persevering, he continued to go through the code.

Then, without any sort of notice, it dawned on him. It was really the most basic of ideas, a simple letter swap that made him feel completely ashamed for not realizing it sooner. All it took was replacing the first letter with the second, the third with the fourth and so on to unravel its secrets. He began typing the solution, but at a much slower pace than the one he had at the beginning, almost as if his lifeforce was being slowly drained away every time the screen flickered before his eyes. After an excruciatingly laborious effort that included adding spaces and some punctuation to render the text legible, the answer was revealed:


Lexi stood behind him, repeating out loud the same words he was reading on the screen. She couldn’t have been there for long or so he thought, unaware that two hours already elapsed since he had first entered the bedroom. Two hours of staring, two hours of listening, two hours of a seemingly innocuous mental rewiring of everything he thought he knew. He felt her delicate fingernails trace a spiraling outline on the back of his neck, turned around and dropped to the floor almost instantly, looking upwards like a pet in dire need of attention.

She was now wearing her favorite purple and black latex catsuit with a matching corset and boots so incredibly high they almost hugged her ass.

“You’ve been a very naughty analyst, haven’t you?” She towered over him, keeping him perfectly frozen with her powerful and magnetic gaze.

“I have?” He asked, a small portion of him still trying to fight the now not so covert mental seduction, but clearly losing the battle.

“Don’t play dumb! I know all about your moonlighting activities and so do my employers. Trying to crack open classified documents of The Division wasn’t exactly the best idea you could have had to win an extra buck, you know?”

“Yes, I…” his voice was slowly fading away. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t ha…”

“Damn right you shouldn’t have!” She exclaimed, pushing a pointy heel against his groin. “But treason charges are the least of your worries right now. Some of those files you tried to gain access to contained critical information about me and I don’t like it one bit when people snoop around behind my back! What the U.S. Government has in store for you is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to your mind right now!”

“I’m so sorry, Lexi…” he said almost in tears on account of the weight of her footwear against his throbbing manhood. “Please, I…”

“My name is Alexandra!” She corrected him, sternly. “Alexandra Ryder, but there are plenty of other names you’ll be calling me before the night is done. I also have a new name for you, dumb boy! Slave suits you just fine, doesn’t it? You are my slave, now! Say it!”

Her gaze became even harder to resist, effectively engulfing his field of view. Adrift in a conflicting rush of both pleasure and pain, Timothy visualized in his mind’s eye the letters of his name being swept away and replaced by her designation of choice, pre-cum starting to drip.

“I am your slave,” he muttered.

“Indeed you are. Again!”

“I am your slave,” he repeated.

“Keep going!”

“I am your…”

The sound of his dull voice was interrupted by a vibrant ringtone. Alexandra recognized it on the spot and answered the call.

“General? I’m surprised to hear from you at this hour… Yes, I already took care of that security breach but that’s not why you’re calling, is… Wait, what? When did this happen? Yes, I understand. I’ll be there in no time. Until then.”

The call went dead. When it did, the look on the secret agent’s face was of everything but happiness but, sometimes, she really had to deal with actual crises and, for better or worse, she was still the best woman for the job. It was a shame to leave her new pet so suddenly, though.

“Slave, as much as I would love to play with you right now, I’m afraid duty calls so here’s what you’re going to do…” She added a new code sequence to the mesmerizing screen. “Seeing you already know the basic cipher, I’m sure you’ll crack this one in no time. When you do, you are to type this sentence over and over again until I get back, understood?”

“Yes, Alexandra,” he droned.

“Good. See you soon.” She waved him goodbye and walked out the bedroom and the house. Changing again would have been a bore so everyone at the headquarters would have to settle down for another day in her fetish attire and drool. It was always fun when that happened.

Left to himself again but under her watchful eye in spirit, the slave once known as Timothy confronted the laptop monitor and read:


She was right of, course. The simplicity of it all would never elude him again and, in less than thirty seconds, the solution was rendered visible. Without a single thought of his own, he began typing:






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