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Photo-Stories Collage 0

Photo-Stories and Manips 2018 #1

The pieces included are entitled The Year of Your Slavery, Something Delicious, Snow White’s Untold Story, and The Hard Way. Have fun.

hole 0


This is a piece about overwhelming desires, primeval needs awakened and constantly reinforced until they can no longer be denied. It’s also a piece about pleasure and pain, about the hole that lingers when the two intersect. Once opened, this hole can never be truly filled until submission becomes more Read More


I’ve been creating photo-stories and manips since 2006. Please use the links below to view all the things I worked with over the years and have fun. Classics (A-H) Classics (I-P) Classics (Q-Z) In 55 Words (and an Image) 2015-2016 Pieces 2017 Pieces



Welcome to my requests/”commissions” page. Want a shortie just for you? Have a concept for a story you’re unable to put into words? Looking for a bit of image fun, a photo-story/manip to suit your fetish desires? Perhaps I can help. Creativity drives me as a person and I’m always Read More

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