Agent 47-D (Part V)

Personality Changes

Henry Simms had been an insecure man for the most part of his life and only two things in the world helped him overcome that sensation of powerlessness that was glued to his personality.

The first was pretending to be his exact opposite: a strong, self-assured and inflexible character – the fact that he was over six feet two and had a well proportionate body helped him convey that image which he believed to be the correct one for a man with so much power in his hands.

As for the second… well… it was something he wasn’t too proud of and therefore did his best to prevent anyone from finding out.

For some people, certain pieces of clothing are considered magical, somewhat impregnated of an aura of well-being, that passes from body to soul by utterly strange and unexplained ways.

Just like Alexandra’s hypnotic skills, this maniac and superstitious inclination for the use of some clothes ran in the family, mainly on the masculine side. Simms’ grandfather had a peculiar taste for red and black ties; his own father never left home without his dark-blue leather shoes and ended up buried with them so that he could have a safe walk into the world beyond; as for himself, he had diverged a little in his choices and was a fanatic for women’s underwear, which he used every day, very well hidden beneath his normal working outfit.

On the day following his first encounter with Agent 47-D, he was more nervous than ever and none of his relaxation strategies worked on his behalf. Early in the morning, he received a call in his office from The President himself, informing him that he and some other high officials involved in the policies of National Defence would be conducting a visit to the facilities very soon. When he asked what that ‘very soon’ meant in mundane, clockwork time, The President simply answered:

“Tomorrow morning, around ten, we’ll be there… and we expect to see some results, regarding that delicate matter of ours…”

“Of course, Mr. President.” He said while trying not to choke on his words.

A visit from the President was the worst thing that could happen at that time. Amongst other things, it involved: checking the level of coordination between all the sections of the base, presiding boring meetings with the supervisors of each one as well as the indexation of the reports regarding the latest missions complete with elaborated statistics of the resources spent in each one of them and the current situation of the budget that had been allocated to the whole functioning of the organization itself. Adding to that, the so-called results The Chief of Staff was hoping to see – namely, the breaking of the prisoner – had not yet occurred. He was still resisting the need to answer their questions, and for that Simms was forced to think badly of Alexandra’s schemes once again.

At noon, the muslin finally gave in and began talking, revealing the secrets they were so anxious to know. Immediately, the recorders started working trying to capture the largest amount of information possible. When Simms was informed of the occurrence, he was visibly relieved but considered the news to be only a small victory: the truth is there was still too much work to be done in terms of the basic preparations of the visit and he wasn’t sure he could handle it all.

The hours passed him by languidly, bringing along more and more layers of stress that gathered around his shoulders, his hands, and his legs.

When he had everything prepared, all the information compiled and nicely encapsulated in green dossiers, he left the building and proceeded to the black vehicle that was supposed to take him home. He was way too bushed to notice that his designated driver had been replaced by a woman with auburn hair and dozed off while being taken away from where he was supposed to go.

During his sleep, he was convinced he heard some low musical notes being played in his ears. At certain points of the melody, a woman’s voice was introduced. It whispered: “Follow me… follow me, gladly…” Upon opening his eyes, he realized the car was stopped in front of a very feminine house in a fancy neighborhood. Alexandra Ryder was standing at the door, beckoning him with a finger, inviting him in.

“Follow me, Simms,” she said and disappeared inside the house.

“What the…? Am I hallucinating?”

No, he wasn’t. The house was as real as the misty cloud hovering in his brain. He stepped out of the car and walked into the open door, not knowing why he was doing that, or how to break free of the newly discovered obsession of following her. He closed the door as he entered her domains and followed her into her bedroom; the same structure that had held Patrick was now empty, waiting for its new occupant…

“Miss Ryder…” he said, half asleep half awake, hearing his sunken voice as if it were something misplaced, that didn’t belong there. “What’s the meaning of this?”

Follow me gladly,” she answered as her eyes moved to the structure. She guided him to his proper place in her confinement area, tied him up with a series of rapid moves and then sat on the bed, waiting for him to snap out of her small mind game. His eyes became fierce when that happened, but he could no longer move freely and his threats were useless:

“How did you manage to bring me here?” he asked, bewildered and confused, as he caught the first glimpse of her dominant position on the bed and the sexy combination of clothes she was now wearing.

Alexandra looked savage and dangerous enough in her leopard top and black leather pants. The heavy make-up she had applied on her eyes and lips was something he didn’t like seeing in women, although he had to admit she didn’t look too bad in it.

“I simply slipped in a suggestion or two while you slept in the car, and you came. You’re a very receptive person, Mr. Simms, probably the most receptive person I’ve ever met.”

“What do you want from me, Miss Ryder? Are you seeking revenge for our little difference of opinions yesterday?”

“It was more than that. Your diplomacy wasn’t good enough to hide what you truly feel about me. You think I’m dangerous…”

“I don’t think… I know you are dangerous. The fact that you kidnapped me and brought me here proves just that. I suppose you’ll try to hypnotize me, next…”

“Your use of the word trying is ridiculous, to say the least, considering the simplicity in which your mind fell into my trap. You must have been hypnotized before to be so ready and willing to give yourself in just by repeating a couple of phrases into your sleepy head… and you’re the man The President chose to control the proceedings of the Agency… oh, my… what a disappointment you’ve turned out to be!”

“You still haven’t answered my question. What do you want?”

“Keep your voice down. You’re in my house now and screaming at me doesn’t favor your cause much. I’ll answer your question only when I want to. Your delusional authority doesn’t work here. Listen to what I have to say and follow… follow gladly… you will follow gladly every syllable I utter…”

“Let me out of here, 47-D!”

“Only when you follow gladly and not a moment sooner…” She got up, moved silently towards him and placed both of her hands on his virility, grabbing the tortuous mass of engorging skin and pulsating veins. He became completely aroused as she moved her hands, caressing and squeezing his sex at the same time.

“Stop that…” he said, but the rush of sudden pleasure betrayed his voice.

“Why should I stop if you’re obviously enjoying this so very much? Just follow the wave of pleasure as it begins to circle through your body, follow it gladly and don’t hesitate in focusing exclusively on the feeling itself and on me. Don’t hesitate to follow the sound of my voice… follow it so very happily… as it lodges itself within you, in the same way that it happened while you were in the car… but this time, letting it sink deeper… deeper with each word, with each massage in your cock and balls… your mind sinking with it… you free will traveling in the same path… wanting to go away… to escape yourself and follow me… follow me so very fucking gladly into complete dominance and complete control…”

Simms forced the ropes around his wrists. The strength allowed him to move his torso a few inches, with no practical results. Alexandra was firmly grabbed to the only piece of anatomy she was interested in that moment; her nails played with it, shaping the burning flesh into highly alluring hardness. He was beginning to feel enchained by his own reactions as he protested less and listened more… listened and followed her voice … adrift in sexual excitement far beyond his ability to withstand… letting himself go in the promises of her intensifying lust…

“I’m so glad you’re beginning to understand things my way… as you realize that following gladly is just what you need right now… following to become closer to me… you want to be closer to me and closeness is something only the week and submissive to me have a chance to get. So, it’s obvious you need to be obedient, you need to respect me and defer to me… follow me gladly down the stairs of surrender… follow me gladly by feeling your eyelids getting heavier, follow me gladly by wanting to close your eyes for me… good boy… almost ready to accept the need of being trapped by me… close your eyes now and enter the realm of hypnotic enslavement. Continue to follow my voice… gladly assimilating what I have to say… learning the truth about yourself and your existence in the commands you’re about to receive…”

He was already in too deep to try to escape once more. His spirit was in her hands, exposed in its maximum fragility. Alexandra’s first real order was given with a stolen and ironic kiss on his lips:

“Open your hypnotized eyes and face me. I have some things to show you…”

As he obediently opened them, she showed him a couple of Polaroids with images of bizarre sexual explorations between two men whose eyes were completely blank.

“Do you recognize General Hayes? Yesterday, he came to me asking me to put you under my hypnotic control and didn’t mind being brainwashed in order to get what he was after, which is your job of course, in case you didn’t know it already. I’m going to make sure he gets it, because of his attitude. He’s a brave man, a man I can trust. You, on the other hand, are a scumbag in a suit and it’s because of that that you’re now completely mine! Yes, you heard it correctly and will follow gladly… you’re mine, Simms! All that you are now belongs to me… I’m going to let you go and show you what I mean!

She loosened the knots, giving him space to maneuver and ordered him to march towards the bed. Simms walked mechanically into it, unable to do anything to the contrary. Alexandra unzipped her pants and had him smell her ass:

“You were so disturbed by the fact of having that terrorist kiss my ass yesterday, weren’t you? Let’s see what your response is right now. It’s your turn to do the job, slave! Fifty kisses will do… beginning right now…”

Simms lowered his head respectfully and his lips merged with her glimmering skin. The correct compliance with the first set of instructions was always important, as it prevented sudden awakenings and meaningless disobediences. Alexandra knew that wouldn’t happen with him, for he just wasn’t an actual fighter but a lousy actor pretending to be a leader.

“Good job! You’ve learned your role in no time. I see my little massage made you grow a lot… aren’t those pants of yours too tight? I think they’re too tight indeed and that you shouldn’t be wearing them at all… take them off!”

He removed them without a sound and his long kept secret was revealed. The black satin thong wasn’t big enough to contain its exaggeratedly large sexual organs, even bigger than Patrick’s. She devoured them with her eyes, for they meant that the poor bastard had something good after all.

“I really didn’t see it coming… The head of the most secret organization in the world likes women underwear! Are you a pansy, Simms? A faggot?! Answer me…”

“No. I only like women.”

“Then why the thong?! You look absurd with it!”

“Feminine lingerie makes me feel good about myself. I’ve been wearing it ever since I was eighteen…”

“Did someone teach you to like wearing it?”

“No. I simply like it. I can’t explain why but it heightens my masculinity.”

“Okay, I can see you’re quite twisted on the inside, much more than I thought you would be… Now, I want your mind to awaken just enough for you to understand that I can puppeteer you in which way I want, but at the same time, remain completely hypnotized and obedient! On the count of three, you’ll feel this slight change in you. Ready…? One, two, three!”

The final number caused some of Simms’ early anger and indignation to rush in to his face. His lips were invaded with the anxiety of unbecoming words trying to release themselves into the world; two fists were raised to assault her, but froze in mid-air when she spoke again:

“Stop right where you are, human statue of mine! You can’t move unless I give you permission! I will grant you two minutes of this controlled awareness so that you can tell me what you think of my skills now. The clock is already ticking…”

“Your skills are indeed very impressive. You got me right where you wanted, didn’t you? And now I’m totally vulnerable to your programming…”

“That’s exactly right… you’re like a sponge now just waiting to absorb my instructions. Get ready to say goodbye to your old self as your personality will never be the same when I let you walk out of here.”

“Can you at least tell me exactly what you’re going to do with my mind?”

“No, because I haven’t really decided… Although you gave me a few ideas with that thong of yours… I can’t help but laugh seeing you dressed like that…” and she giggled cheerfully.

“Whatever you’re going to do, please do it fast… that’s all I ask!”

“Though I don’t think you deserve such clement attitude, I’ll concede you that. Your lack of struggle and self-esteem bores me to death… it’s time to make some appealing adjustments…”

Simms knew that the two minutes of consciousness were over when he was left without words to say and his thoughts faded away. Only Alexandra’s wishes existed now. Absent-minded and empty, his brain awaited passively the introduction of new contents, majestically heralding the dawn of a new life…

* * *

On the following day, The President of The United States and his most honorable guests arrived at the facilities unprepared for last-minute surprises. Unfortunately for them, there was no escaping to the laughable revelation Alexandra Ryder had cooked up.

Simms received them before they entered the elevator wearing a black hat over a curly blonde wig, luscious red lipstick on his lips and a semi-transparent long dress that occasionally revealed the outlines of the satin thong he loved so much. A pair of plastic sandals completed the shocking outfit.

“Henry…are you feeling alright…? Why in God’s name are you dressed like that?!” The President asked in a frenzy.

“Your question amazes me, Sir.” He answered as if he had been insulted by it. How else would you like for a woman to dress?! And please, Mr. President, my name is and has always been Henrietta! Now, are you ready to begin the tour?”

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