In 55 Words – 2017 (November)

Below are the short stories of the eleventh month of this year-long challenge. Please enjoy.

Muse (November 1st)

The room was silent save for the perfect rhythm of the typewriter.
Words of gratitude danced within the lines and between them, growing with each whispered suggestion.
The writer couldn’t see her, nor was he certain the sounds were real but the wondrous feelings remained.
Out of difficulties grow miracles. In trance, they grow immortal.

Paulhouse (November 2nd)

Paul entered the living room. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was something off about it. He looked at the chairs, the sofa, the flat screen TV, the giant pair of green hypnotic eyes at the window…
“Wait a minute,” he thought, suddenly realizing what was wrong.
One chair was dirty, nothing more.

Training Him (November 3rd)

“So you’re the guy that likes to kick dogs?” She asked.
“Release me, bitch!” He spat.
“Bitch, you say? What? You want to kick me too?”
“Don’t tempt me.”
“Far from it. Train you on the other hand…”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
She answered with a hypnotic pendant, a collar and some dog food.

404 Error (November 4th)

Oops… Seeing this page means you either took a wrong turn on the Internet or a powerful hypnotic woman is playing mind games on you at the moment. Should you be lost, please click this link to get back on the right track. If not, look into her eyes and you will be soon enough.

A Place for Him (November 5th)

His house was empty, office overcrowded. The restaurant food tasted of broken dreams. It made his teeth grind, head feel like a ticking bomb.
John drove away from the madness, saw Diana standing in the rain. There was a place for him in the entrancing pools of her eyes. He smiled and opened the door.

Slip of the Tongue (November 6th)

Dean was masturbating furiously, unable to stop.
“This is going to end poorly,” Marjorie cowered in a corner.
“Nonsense. He can’t come until I say the magic word and I’m not going to,” Lydia smirked.
“What if you slip up?”
“I’m not going to say “cannonade” just like… shit!”
The bedroom exploded in creamy white.

Faulty Memories (November 7th)

“You’re very tense today,” Kathryn noted.
“Yeah, feeling a bit stiff,” Alex mumbled.
“Stiff can be good but I know just the thing to help you relax…”
“Don’t do hypnosis, remember?”
“I remember you said otherwise yesterday and the day before that.”
“That’s funny… I don’t.”
He wouldn’t remember staring helplessly at her pendant either.

Trance Recognition (November 8th)

Andrew was confused. The facial recognition wasn’t working, no clue why.
“Were you doing anything different when you activated it?” Dan asked.
“No, I… wait…”
Andrew grabbed his cell, called his girlfriend, Sophia.
“Honey, can you please hypnotize me right now?”
“Gladly,” she cooed.
His eyes widened, his jaw slacked. The laptop started working again.

Pets (November 9th)

“Hmmm… Jackie…”
“Yes, dear?”
The two women stopped in front of a dozen entranced men.
“When you talked about getting a pet, I was thinking about a kitten,” Katrina muttered.
“Look over there,” Jackie pointed to a group of men meowing to their heart’s content. One of them sported a pink bow.
“Perfect,” Katrina smiled.

Electric Rewiring (November 10th)

The sentences inside his brain were meaningless.
“Yes, you’re delusional!” “Obey you? Never!”, “I will die first before calling you Mistress!”, she read.
She turned the knob, adjusted the flow, sent electricity flying, rearranging thoughts. One single mantra to be repeated endlessly.
“Yes, Mistress, I will obey.”
And nothing more was ever heard from him.

Touching Not Allowed (November 11th)

Elliot Ness tried to move but he was transfixed by the beauty of the Femme Fatale before him.
With a smile, the time-traveling hypnotist whispered a powerful suggestion to keep him sexually frustrated at all times, before doing the same to his crime-fighting companions.
And that’s how they came to be known as The Untouchables.

Ewwww… phoria (November 12th)

Hannah’s strapon rocked back and forth, still covered in fluids from the last man she had effortlessly sodomized.
“Gross!” Jonathan gasped, yet feeling attracted to the motion as it slowly penetrated his mind.
Inexplicably, he licked his lips, inching closer to her before the world turned black.
Some things are better left in the dark.

Nothing Different (November 13th)

Hans laid down the plate.
“Gretchen, your meals keep getting worse.”
“Sorry, I changed the hypnotic seasoning.”
“You’ve used that one before.”
“No, I haven’t. Didn’t I just say I changed it?”
“Did you change anything else recently?”
“Don’t know. Notice anything different?”
No. He always had lunch in a furry leotard and silly heels.

A League of Her Own (November 14th)

Having a Lasso of Truth and all was cool but Diana wanted more so she learned Femdom Hypnosis.
Barry Allen went down in a flash.
Aquaman drowned in bliss.
Cyborg became a machine following orders.
Batman broke off his engagement to Catwoman to serve another pussy.
Superman remained boring.
Time to pay Marvel a visit.

Fountain of Pleasure (November 15th)

“You’re leaking,” she said.
“Y-yes,” he mumbled.
“And you can’t control yourself…” she continued.
“No, I can’t.”
“Because I’m in control.”
“Yes, always… oh God…”
“Goddess,” she corrected him. “Stop now.”
And just like that, the fountain dried up. He was a mess though and so was the floor.
Fortunately, his tongue was hypnotized too.

One Way to Clear a Schedule (November 16th)

“Why did you decide to visit a Pro-Domme?”
“Can’t remember.”
“Do you remember choosing me?”
Mistress Angel left the room and called her sister.
“Pam, one of your mind-controlled subjects is here… Richard. He’s completely confused though. What’s he into? Anything I want, huh?”
She hung up and closed the dungeon for the day.

CBH (November 17th)

“Why are you crying your heart out, Bill?” Mandy asked.
“Because…” he gasped. “… you’re crushing my balls.”
She snapped her fingers. “What balls? I’m not seeing any balls. Are you?”
He looked down through the veil of trance and there was nothing there. The pain had subsided too.
Mandy smiled and buried the stiletto deep.

The Wind Blows… Up (November 18th)

“Yes, General?”
“How’s Jerusalem?”
“Jerusalem’s won…”
A blast made the ground tremble. The satellite call went dead for a few seconds.
“Was that an explosion?!!!”
“Yes. The Wailing Wall is safe, General. Can’t say the same about Montefiore Windmill though.”
Hypnotizing misogynistic sects with its spinning blades was great. Suicide bombers not so much.

Home is Where Entrancement Is (November 19th)

Jeremy loved his place. It was perfect.
He loved the carpet where he knelt to lick her boots.
He loved the table where he bent over to receive her cock.
He mostly loved the bed where all of these fantasies (and more) came true.
Headphones on his ears, he drifted once again into mesmeric slumber.

Hypnotic Delirium (November 20th)

“Keep it together,” Peter muttered.
The frenzy was back, such an irresistible urge. At first, he couldn’t grasp it, but now the strings were obvious and so was the pull. He was her forever puppet, but never a beast.
“Keep it together,” he repeated until the sweat was no more.
Only then, he happily complied.

Offer of a Lifetime (November 21st)

“Congratulations! You’ve just won a lifetime offer of mind control sessions by Mistress Empyria. Click the button below to accept it!”
“What the…?” Archie snorted. “Who would be dumb enough to fall for such…?”
He clicked it and forwarded the message before he could finish the sentence. You might want to check your e-mail now.

Resident Sexy 5 (November 22nd)

Chris Redfield saw the “scarab” and shuddered.
“Jill, Sheva, don’t do this, please!”
“Sorry,” Sheva grinned, “but we agreed you should do something useful with those muscles besides punching boulders.”
“What’s brainwashing me and pumping me with drugs got to do with anything?” He shouted.
The answer came during the first sex marathon. Game on!

Fixing Dinner (November 23rd)

“Why exactly am I giving thanks again?” John asked.
“Because, this year, I’m not hypnotizing you into believing you’re a turkey,” Marcia responded.
“Yet, I still have to cook, ” he protested.
“The life of a slave isn’t always glamorous, dear but, if you behave… perhaps you’ll eat pussy tonight.”
He started fixing dinner right away.

It’s Black Friday (November 24th)

Six African-American women gathered near the Electronics section.
“Wow, it really is Black Friday today…” Justin mocked.
“Any problem with that… boy?” A woman replied.
“No. Everything was dark before, but now I see the light.”
“Not yet, but you will,” she said, fiddling with her bracelet.
Promotions last a day, hypnotic enslavement is permanent.

Commision (November 25th)

Jonathan was flabbergasted. “Ten thousand dollars for a story?!!!”
“Not just a story. The best hypnotic story ever. It will leave you breathless, make you mine…” Theresa responded, a quill spiraling in her hand.
“Okay,” he muttered as the need to kneel before her grew stronger and stronger. “Please write it now!”
“I already did.”

A Problem (November 26th)

“Brooke, I think we have a problem,” Gemma said.
“What do you mean?”
“I pushed deep into the mind of your toy and now all he can say is Yes, Mistress.”
“And why is that a problem?”
“Allow me to demonstrate. Slave, does this latex dress make me look fat?”
“Yes, Mistress!”
“Fuck!” Brooke vociferated.

Unstoppable (November 27th)

“What do you mean, I can’t stop?” Clive asked.
“Exactly that,” Alana replied. “You can’t stop. You are hypnotized and under my control. You will continue until you finish the job.”
“Do as you’re told.”
He sighed but obeyed. She was right, he couldn’t stop. Only two hundred and fifty more shirts to iron.

Under (November 28th)

“I used to be a cuckquean…”
“A cuckquean, Trish. I loved watching my boyfriend fuck other women. Now, I’m a Pro at the opposite and get paid big, it’s great. And you? What do you do for a living, nowadays?”
“I put men under every day, Di.”
“Ah… Are you a Hypnodomme?”
“No. Gravedigger.”

Her Latest File (November 29th)

“You look happy, sis.”
“I am, Jake. Just finished recording another erotic hypnosis file.”
“What’s it called?”
“Release the Seeds of Your Manliness at this Moment in Time.”
“Wow… that’s a long title and not sexy at all.”
“You’re right. How about Cum for Me Now?”
His pants agreed. All ten times she said it.

Pay Me Now (November 30th)

“Hello, Jim. I hope you haven’t forgotten that today is payday.”
“I know, Mistress Hannah, but I already pay you every day and…”
“… you’re going to continue doing so, isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Mistress Hannah.”
“Good. Pay me now.”
He opened up his mind and another thought vanished. What does “my wallet” mean anyway?

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