Sweet Tooth

Day 46 of Spell…B-O-U-N-D’s Femdom Hypnosis and Mind Control 55 Words Stories Challenge 2018. Sweet Tooth has Alexandra Ryder going on vacation in a piece of humorous gluttony.

Sweet Tooth

“Yes, General?”
“How’s Portugal?”
“Cold, but their pastries keep me warm. They’re delicious!”
“Should I expect an astronomical list of expenses on account of desserts?”
“No. Don’t forget I have my ways of getting what I want.”
“So you’re hypnotizing people in exchange for a free sweet?”
“Absolutely not!”
“A dozen, at least.”

How this story came to be

I told you before I’m Portuguese, right? Yeah, it’s true, all of these crazy things come from a mind in Continental Europe who has imagination to spare. Seeing Alexandra keeps on “haunting” my thoughts and dreams with her ever so charming ways, and I had one of these for breakfast, today… well…

Sweet Tooth

Those are Pastéis de Nata by the way, a specialty of ours. I’ll let Wikipedia “talk” for me if you want to know more – Pastel de Nata – but they’re scrumptious, trust me. If you never tried one, you definitely should. And that’s pretty much it.

Do you like Alexandra Ryder? Do you think her hypnotic shenanigans are fun and sexy? You can help me make sure I keep on writing more of her exploits by checking out her “origin story” and considering a purchase. Details below.

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Agent 47-D


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Seeing I want this year’s challenge to be more interactive than ever, I would love to hear your suggestions for future pieces, themes to explore, etc. Anything goes as long as the basic principles of the challenge are respected. It can be silly, it can be dark, it can be anything. If you want to play along, leave a comment below with your idea. I’ll make note of each and every one, try to incorporate as many as possible in the future, and give you full credit for the inspiration. Until tomorrow.

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