In Case You Missed It… #4

In case you missed it, here’s what was new between February 1st and February 10th on Spell… B-O-U-N-D.

55 Words 2018 Challenge

  • Capitulation (Day 32) – A piece about the awareness that sometimes freedom is harmful and only enslavement can “fix” someone.
  • Her Bunny (Day 33) – Inspired by Looney Tunes, namely Bugs Bunny famous quip.
  • Hypnotik Kombat (Day 34) – This piece bring the humor and heat to the digital arena of Mortal Kombat.
  • Disney After Kink (Day 35) – A piece of History that never happened… maybe?
  • Two for One (Day 36) – This piece involves a debacle between a succubus and a vampire because supernatural stuff is fun.
  • Magic Sentence (Day 37) – Alexandra Ryder and… Picasso?
  • H-Ray (Day 38) – Inspired by a character in a series of popular parody movies.
  • Comic Relief (Day 39) – A humorous piece that involves a museum tour and a very specific work of art.
  • Urine for a Treat (Day 40) – A very dirty piece but at least the title is funny.
  • Fire in the Hole (Day 41) – An unapologetic piece of fetish “poop humor”… and “missing” body parts.

Photo-Stories and Manips

Hypnotic Poetry

New E-book released

Until another recap, happening soon. Have fun.

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