Mindless Cleaning

Mindless Cleaning (55 Words Stories Challenge 2018 – Day 13)

Patricia couldn’t believe her eyes. The house was a mess.
“It looks like you and the boys had too many beers last night, Bill,” she scolded.
“I guess…” he nodded. “You don’t mind cleaning up, do you?”
“I do but your mind doesn’t,” she winked.
Cleaning is a chore… unless you don’t remember doing it.

How this story came to be

Don’t you just love housework? Of course, you do, everyone likes it! Heh, I just made a joke with the title of yesterday’s piece in this challenge so… bonus points for me? Okay, nothing particularly special about how this story came to be. I did do some cleaning around the house first thing in the morning but I remember doing it, okay? Unless it’s an implanted memory of some kind and I was actually doing something else… hmmm, that’s both scary and hot at the same time but that’s a whole different can of worms there. Anyhow, this is the gist of it so let’s end this paragraph, shall we?

Seeing I want this year’s challenge to be more interactive than ever, I would love to hear your suggestions for future pieces, themes to explore, etc. Anything goes as long as the basic principles of the challenge are respected. It can be silly, it can be dark, it can be anything. If you want to play along, leave a comment below with your idea. I’ll make note of each and every one, try to incorporate as many as possible in the future, and give you full credit for the inspiration. Until tomorrow.

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