My Favorite Short Stories of 2017 – November

The retrospective is nearly over but, before tomorrow’s finale, we still need to cover the month of November. The pieces I enjoyed the most await you a few paragraphs below. Before you move on them, have you been keeping with all the others? If not, use the links below to check out January, FebruaryMarchAprilMay, June, July, August, September, and October.

If you’re reading this, you probably already did that so let’s continue.

The first piece is the following:

Slip of the Tongue

Dean was masturbating furiously, unable to stop.
“This is going to end poorly,” Marjorie cowered in a corner.
“Nonsense. He can’t come until I say the magic word and I’m not going to,” Lydia smirked.
“What if you slip up?”
“I’m not going to say “cannonade” just like… shit!”
The bedroom exploded in creamy white.

Why I like it:

The “dirtiest” part of me likes the idea of random words being used as powerful triggers. Written on November 6th, Slip of the Tongue is a funny piece about one such thing and another proof that even skilled mind-controllers aren’t infallible. Both aspects weighed heavily on my choice.

The second piece is the following:

A League of Her Own

Having a Lasso of Truth and all was cool but Diana wanted more so she learned Femdom Hypnosis.
Barry Allen went down in a flash.
Aquaman drowned in bliss.
Cyborg became a machine following orders.
Batman broke off his engagement to Catwoman to serve another pussy.
Superman remained boring.
Time to pay Marvel a visit.

Why I like it:

Even though I’m not that much of a comics fan, I really think this take on Justice League turned out great in the end. A League of Her Own was written on November 14th but it’s bound to stay in my memory for quite some time. I still haven’t forgotten the punchline. I suspect Marvel’s Avengers will appear in the 2018 challenge in some capacity and I’m certainly looking forward to it. How about you?

The third (and last) piece is the following:


Jonathan was flabbergasted. “Ten thousand dollars for a story?!!!”
“Not just a story. The best hypnotic story ever. It will leave you breathless, make you mine…” Theresa responded, a quill spiraling in her hand.
“Okay,” he muttered as the need to kneel before her grew stronger and stronger. “Please write it now!”
“I already did.”

Why I like it:

Written on November 25th, Commision breaks the fourth wall a little even though it was never meant to be self-referential. Still, if any of you out there wishes for me to write you a story, let me know. Writing about writing is something I’ll always enjoy so I had to choose this one.

What about you? Do you have any favorites you would like to share with me? Use this link as a reminder of all I’ve produced in November 2017 and let me know your thoughts in the comments. No observation will go unanswered. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you in advance.


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