Daily Archive: January 8, 2018

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My Favorite Short Stories of 2017 – August

The retrospective continues full speed ahead and is now cruising past August. Here are my personal favorite short stories from that month.

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Day 8 of Spell…B-O-U-N-D’s Femdom Hypnosis and Mind Control 55 Words Stories Challenge 2018. Apologize is a subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) piece about brainwashing. To know more, you’re going to have to read it.

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In Case You Missed It… #1

Here’s a recap of all the new content that appeared on Spell… B-O-U-N-D from January 1st ’till January 7th, 2018. In case you missed it… here’s your chance to find it. If you didn’t miss it, you can always find it again.

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