Beta Taster

Beta Taster (55 Words Stories Challenge 2018 – Day 2)

Being her beta tester was wonderful. Stanley listened to Alana’s latest file and drifted, easily.
When he woke up, she sat next to him, smiling.
“Was it enjoyable?”
“Good. Drink this.”
He obeyed. The glass was warm, its contents thick and salty. He went for seconds, then thirds.
He’s her favorite beta taster now.


How this story came to be

I have to thank JustStevenAlexander for this one. Today’s dirty piece had its genesis a few days ago, in the Inraptured site chatroom. I was there, just unwinding a bit when the conversation drifted into the subject of beta testing Hypnodomme’s files. For some reason, Beta Taster came to mind at the time and the idea stuck.

It’s common for submissives to be called “beta” so I’m sure you can understand the irony of the concept “beta taster” when applied to Power Exchange dynamics of any kind. As for the “taste” part, it’s not hard to understand what Stanley ended up drinking so the transition from one idea to another ends up being natural even if a bit… dirty. That’s certainly not a fetish of mine, but this is just a story, and in fiction, one can go places without any guilt whatsoever. I wish I had more to say, but I don’t so this is it.

Seeing I want this year’s challenge to be more interactive than ever, I would love to hear your suggestions for future pieces, themes to explore, etc. Anything goes as long as the basic principles of the challenge are respected. It can be silly, it can be dark, it can be anything. If you want to play along, leave a comment below with your idea. I’ll make note of each and every one, try to incorporate as many as possible in the future, and give you full credit for the inspiration. Until tomorrow.

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