My Favorite Short Stories of 2017 – January

It’s time for a bit of retrospective. As I prepare to start Year 3 of the 55-Words Stories Challenge, I’m looking back at everything I’ve accomplished in 2017. Writers always have their favorite pieces of writing and, for some reason, they often tend to be quite different from the opinion of everyone else.

I’ll be making a post like this for the next 12 days (one for each month) In each one, I’ll highlight three pieces that stand out to me the most and explain the reasons why that is so. Ready? Here are my favorite then.

The first piece is the following:


A submissive man appears.
Debora bats her eyelashes.
The submissive man flees.
Debora sighs.

Another submissive man appears.
Debora equips a Dazzling Ruby.
The submissive man looks at it, quizzically.
Debora uses Charm.
The submissive man is charmed.

Level up!
Debora gains 15 Hit Points, 1 Magic Point, and a new slave to play with.

Why I like it:

Written on January 4th, DQMC is a riff on the Dragon Quest series of video games and I wrote it mimicking the flow of the menus in the game whilst adding the fetish elements I wanted to portray. It’s an unusual approach to story-telling, one I also believe to be quite original and as such, this piece had to be highlighted.

The second piece is the following:


Bob opened his laptop.
“Please, shut it down!” Charles begged.
“Patricia warped my mind, and Internet became dangerous. Browsers do… strange things to me.”
“Really?” Bob winked. He loaded Firefox…
… and Charles wiggled his imaginary tail.
He loaded Opera…
… and Charles began singing Rigoletto.
He loaded Edge…
… and Charles got arrested for indecent exposure.

Why I like it:

Written on January 18th, I believe Browsing is one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever written. It’s somewhat absurd but everything clicks, especially the punchline. I enjoy its dirtiness without really using any dirty words. The meaning of what happens is there, between the lines, and the rest is up to your imagination, I really like things like that which is why this is another favorite of mine.

The third (and last) piece is the following:


“I’m pregnant!”
“Come again?”
“I’m pregnant! My boobs are bigger, I have morning sickness, and I’m craving some pickle juice right now!”
“You’re a man, Jack.”
“My name’s Jackie, Liam.”
“Oh boy… when did your wife finish that hypnosis course again?”
“Three months ago, why?”
“It seems like it was a maternity ago,” Liam grinned.

Why I like it:

Written on January 29th, Misconception is another humorous approach to the fetish realms. Things can get pretty dark and intense when it comes to some hypnotic fantasies but not this one. This is just fun, and punny. We all need a bit of humor in our lives. I know I do because I tend to be more serious than I should in many of my real world dealings. I chose this piece to remind myself of that and with that, I conclude this monthly retrospective.

What about you? Do you have any favorites you would like to share with me? Use this link as a reminder of all I’ve produced in January 2017 and let me know your thoughts in the comments. No observation will go unanswered. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you in advance.


Middle name Creative. Writer and artist with a penchant for themes of Female Domination, Hypnosis and Mind Control. My thoughts are my own except when they’re not.

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