In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 358

8 days to go, folks. Counting last year’s complete run, this is the 724th consecutive piece. Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe myself but it’s true. If I do Year 3, that will mean more than one thousand of these.  😯

Okay, let’s try not to think about that for a while and focus on today’s theme. Christmas is right around the corner and many people are still looking for presents, fighting lines and wrapping paper like their whole lives depended on it. Not me though because I don’t do last minute shopping. I can’t say the same about Joe though. Enjoy and have yourself a Merry Christmas. Until tomorrow.

Last Minute Shopping

“Fancy meeting you here, Joe,” she whispered in his ear.
“G-goddess?” He shivered as her enthralling voice awakened the submissive in him.
“Who else? Doing some last minute shopping?”
“Yes,” he mumbled, wanting nothing more than to drop to his knees.
“So am I but I forgot my purse…”
Fortunately, he hadn’t forgotten his wallet.


Middle name Creative. Writer and artist with a penchant for themes of Female Domination, Hypnosis and Mind Control. My thoughts are my own except when they’re not.

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