In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 326

The following piece is mostly for gaming enthusiasts. During last year’s challenge, I wrote a piece based on Resident Evil 4. You can find it in the 55-Word archive page for September 2016. Look for the entry of the 26th.

It’s always highly entertaining for me to do things like this. At the time, I made a mental note to revisit this Capcom franchise if the opportunity arose, and today it has, I’ve had fun playing Resident Evil games in the past. I have fun turning them into fetish fests too. It’s time for the fifth entry to get its turn under the spotlight.

If you’re familiar with the game and its overall plot, no conceptual explanation is required. However, if you’re not, please read on. The “Scarab” is a piece of tech that’s placed on a person’s chest. It constantly injects a compound called P-30 that renders the subject docile and compliant. At the same time, it also enhances physical capabilities. In Capcom’s adventure, one of the franchise’s main characters is controlled by it. In my piece, the same thing happens but in an FD scenario obviously.

As it usually happens on my fetish reimaginings, an inside joke appears as well. One of the most ridiculous moments in gaming needs to be celebrated. I do just that before turning it upside down. Hey, it’s what I do and, frankly, I think I do it quite well. The door remains open for other Resident Evil deviations. Until then, please enjoy this one.

Resident Sexy 5

Chris Redfield saw the “scarab” and shuddered.
“Jill, Sheva, don’t do this, please!”
“Sorry,” Sheva grinned, “but we agreed you should do something useful with those muscles besides punching boulders.”
“What’s brainwashing me and pumping me with drugs got to do with anything?” He shouted.
The answer came during the first sex marathon. Game on!



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